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remember me?
Bigdickbandido's Recent Statuses
Fri, 25-Jan-19 3:56 PM (121 days ago)
Im so horny
Wed, 9-Jan-19 4:58 PM (137 days ago)
Just masturbating lol
Richmot likes this
Confucious he say ;"If you can't laugh at yourself,you can't laugh at anything."
(137 days ago)
Tue, 8-Jan-19 3:29 AM (138 days ago)
Does anyone want to masturbate with me i get lonely sad lol
Is there a Sears store closing around you? You could stop by and purchase a couple manequins to keep you company.
(138 days ago)
Sun, 30-Dec-18 8:46 AM (147 days ago)
I need my cock sucked
Swiftyniftylife likes this
It's the single sausage. People are under the impression there'll only be 1 sausage per person. Rumours spreading to 1 sausage to be shared! scared
(147 days ago)
KiwiPic likes this
It's not a basic dating site, however it's possible :0
(147 days ago)
it might work but I think I might stay with.with the salad on tis one
(147 days ago)
^ with a bit of salad dressing....
(147 days ago)
mojo75nz likes this
Salad undressing maybe
(147 days ago)
Sun, 23-Dec-18 5:13 PM (153 days ago)
Im so horny
"Cue the bugle -- it's reveille!!" tongue
(153 days ago)
Mon, 17-Dec-18 8:50 AM (160 days ago)
I'm so horny
Fri, 9-Nov-18 8:02 AM (198 days ago)
I need a whore lol
Jbbabe likes this
Call 555-hooker
(198 days ago)
Fri, 9-Nov-18 7:28 AM (198 days ago)
Anyone want to trade pics?
no need to trade pics, there is plenty on here to perv on without that trouble... posting pics is the idea of the site just quietly too wink
(198 days ago)
Car boot sale is on Saturdaysmile
(198 days ago)
Wed, 31-Oct-18 2:01 PM (207 days ago)
I need pussy
Tue, 30-Oct-18 6:56 PM (207 days ago)
Stroking my cock...
rhinostool likes this
Thanks for sharing
(207 days ago)
Noted and logged.
(207 days ago)
Sun, 9-Sep-18 11:09 AM (259 days ago)
Sun, 9-Sep-18 6:45 AM (259 days ago)
Hey anyone want to kick?
Sat, 11-Aug-18 4:54 AM (288 days ago)
I'm so horny sad
rhinostool likes this
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