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remember me?
AshleyABQ's Recent Statuses
Fri, 24-Aug-12 3:36 PM (1710 days ago)
The only sex I've had in the past 3 weeks has been with myself! :-/ I need a real man to help me out!!!
magnum6913 likes this
raises hand and other parts....
(1710 days ago)
I'm living on wronmg side of pond....
(1710 days ago)
That is not acceptable
(1710 days ago)
I have the same problem..wish we could be each others solution!!
(1710 days ago)
I wish all four of you were here!! Lol
(1710 days ago)
Mon, 20-Aug-12 10:22 PM (1713 days ago)
I'm so horny right now!!!
xxdxxuxxsxxtxxyxx likes this
Play with me?
(1713 days ago)
Wed, 8-Aug-12 8:14 PM (1726 days ago)
My neighbors stare when I tan naked in my backyard
They would be silly not to! God damn!
(1726 days ago)
get your credit cards ready boys...she doesnt do it for free
(1726 days ago)
wish I was there to help u
(1726 days ago)
yeah, and i poke my eye with my cock when i bend over
(1726 days ago)
i wanna be your neighbor!!
(1724 days ago)
Wed, 8-Aug-12 3:28 PM (1726 days ago)
Could really use a good n hard ass pounding right about now who else loves anal and is as horny as me??
magnum6913 and lemoche like this
Wow....not even a drink first? Damn.
(1726 days ago)
super pics Ashley xx
(1726 days ago)
Thanks unzip
(1726 days ago)
I'd love to fulfill your desires...you're hot!
(1726 days ago)
2 bad u ain't in Indiana
(1726 days ago)
Mon, 6-Aug-12 2:07 PM (1728 days ago)
If you could do what ever you wanted with me for 1 hour what would you do???
Xtyler97x and 1hornyguywpg like this
Start by licking then slowly fuck you
(1728 days ago)
pick up some frontier and come over, lol.
(1727 days ago)
pull out my credit card?
(1727 days ago)
beat me too is spicy! i was going to say learn how you use a camera phone so well
(1727 days ago)
be careful in here ashley there are people who will take advantage of you k
(1727 days ago)
Sun, 5-Aug-12 6:34 PM (1729 days ago)
New pics are up.. Enjoy!
Sat, 4-Aug-12 4:45 PM (1730 days ago)
Guess my dildo is going to have to do.. Sigh.. I would really love a mans cock right about now
freakykiwi likes this
dman I'd love to be that cock
(1730 days ago)
How does my dick deep in ur pussy sound?
(1729 days ago)
Sat, 4-Aug-12 4:20 PM (1730 days ago)
Could really use some good hot sex right about now..
Right? damn ur body looks good
(1729 days ago)
Fri, 3-Aug-12 3:27 PM (1731 days ago)
Hmmm.. What should I do today?? It's Friday and I haven't any plans...
bOObzman likes this
Rub one out
(1731 days ago)
play with me toy?
(1731 days ago)
TOF pics?
(1731 days ago)
shaved pussy pics?
(1731 days ago)
Thu, 2-Aug-12 5:15 PM (1732 days ago)
I sucked three cocks this morning and none of them belonged to my husband!! Have a great day y'all I know I will!
how do you take your pics? they look rather grainy
(1732 days ago)
Sorry bout that I take them on my phone
(1732 days ago)
you are very talented with your camera phone, i have to say....
(1732 days ago)
i wish it was my cock,ru ready for more?
(1732 days ago)
I wonder why my female friends are not like you... lol
(1732 days ago)
Wed, 1-Aug-12 8:19 PM (1733 days ago)
So.. My husband actually got mad at me this morning because I wanted to suck his cock and swollow his cum befor work.. Really?? Who turns down morning head??
Fair warning FB, I say sexy things. Hopefully you will be prepared next time.
(1732 days ago)
what a fucking idiot!
(1732 days ago)
Sounds like my girl!
(1732 days ago)
not me fuck that i love anytime head lol
(1732 days ago)
(1732 days ago)
Wed, 1-Aug-12 5:45 PM (1733 days ago)
So horny! Right now I'm fucking myself in the ass with my vibrating dildo! I wish It was a real cock!
cplwantsbi and Mr.Fin like this
Would love to oblige on that one! I'd settle for watching you do this, though
(1733 days ago)
i can give u mine sexy...im me we can talk on private.have u try a latino before?
(1733 days ago)
pm me. we will have fun together.
(1733 days ago)
(1733 days ago)
can u handle mine on ur ass?let me know.
(1733 days ago)
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