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chocstar's Recent Statuses
Tue, 26-Jun-18 12:05 PM (52 days ago)
Fecking hell it's hot out there. I could feel my bollox frying
Doesnt sound to comfortable
(52 days ago)
30 degrees here at the moment.
(52 days ago)
Thu, 29-Mar-18 1:50 PM (141 days ago)
Time to head for the coast for 10 days... Yeah
maraff and bman5946 like this
git some sand inya crak grin
(141 days ago)
desert for dessert wink
(141 days ago)
Wed, 14-Feb-18 7:22 AM (184 days ago)
My wife suggested we watch a program about the develpoment of robot sex dolls on TV last night. It featured some weird buggers
tinker35 and nosanity like this
I’m waiting for the sheep version to come out
(184 days ago)
Tue, 6-Feb-18 12:10 PM (192 days ago)
I've just opened a package in error meant for my Son. It's an STI test kit....
a wee chat about safe sex???
(192 days ago)
Tue, 16-Jan-18 8:43 AM (213 days ago)
My wife said she like my shirt as it matched my beard. It was a grey shirt....
...at least she didn’t say it matches your pubes...
(213 days ago)
Wodja, NaughtyKat, chocstar and smedium like this
the 51st shade?
(213 days ago)
nosanity likes this
Count yourself lucky that she likes grey....
(213 days ago)
Sat, 13-Jan-18 5:16 PM (216 days ago)
Spanex.. why don't they make them for Men. What about all this equallity stuff
rhinostool likes this
Damn my apologies, Hello Mr Emu smile
(216 days ago)
Hi smed smile
(216 days ago)
smedium likes this
How's your day Sir
(216 days ago)
Good thanks, pub lunch again smile
(216 days ago)
smedium likes this
(216 days ago)
Tue, 12-Dec-17 11:32 AM (248 days ago)
The UK has gone to the dogs.. Just been to hospital for a check up and not even outside A/E has been gritted or had snow cleared and the parking has gone up. Robbing bastrds
bman5946 and Littlewilly66 like this
must be run by amirrycans tongue
(248 days ago)
shy28boy likes this
Move then
(248 days ago)
As if the NHS hadn't got enough business, let's not grit and make even more.
(248 days ago)
nosanity likes this
hopefully McDonalds carpark has been gritted. . thats more important grin
(248 days ago)
So they are rubbing salt into the wounds but not into the paths.
(248 days ago)
metalwork, chocstar and nosanity like this
Thu, 30-Nov-17 11:56 AM (260 days ago)
like chocstar liked the cam show of dresserd
Thu, 30-Nov-17 7:00 AM (260 days ago)
Some people think they are champagne but they are really cold piss
rhinostool likes this
i fort i was hot shit. but terned oot i juss a cold fart warmed up grin
(260 days ago)
Thank yousmile
(260 days ago)
Fri, 16-Jun-17 9:22 AM (427 days ago)
like chocstar liked the cam show of DDAussie
rhinostool likes this
Thu, 4-May-17 11:00 AM (470 days ago)
My wife went out commado for the first time last night. Yeah you may think, but is was with daufgter to slimming club....
Msboom75 likes this
every little helps at weigh in
(470 days ago)
thehawke likes this
Fri, 21-Apr-17 6:41 AM (483 days ago)
Expain this. I weighted myself, had a great shit weighted myself again and I was 3llbs heavier
rhinostool likes this
(2) You were eating a bucket of ribs and chicken while you were doing the thing.
(483 days ago)
chocstar and happyhumper69 like this
(3) You need a better scale.
(483 days ago)
flitterbee and happyhumper69 like this
I hope my explanations help smile
(483 days ago)
@ Lenny .... you nerd ( re #1 ) eek
(483 days ago)
if they all fail then try again
(483 days ago)
lennynatural and chocstar like this
Fri, 31-Mar-17 8:52 AM (504 days ago)
Anyone know what the problem with Videochat is
Dunno, but it's probably being looked at..
(504 days ago)
Been playing up for a while now x
(504 days ago)
Thu, 26-Jan-17 5:14 PM (568 days ago)
It's real cold here. Just taken the dog for a walk and had to pick up steaming shit..
sdredd922 likes this
Nice ohmy
(568 days ago)
Thu, 26-Jan-17 8:58 AM (568 days ago)
I 've lost my favourites button. Am I on my own with this.
No you're not, but you didn't lose anything. Favourites is now called 'following'.
(568 days ago)
You can go to the 'profile' tab and navigate through your follows (favourites) from there smile
(568 days ago)
Hi Shaqila, got it thanks.
(568 days ago)
shaqila likes this
Np smile
(568 days ago)
Tue, 13-Sep-16 2:12 PM (703 days ago)
It must be said fat people are hard to kidnap.... Eat cake
Naaaa........you can lure them into your van with cake. Easy peasy, lemon sqeazy.
(703 days ago)
happyhumper69 likes this
Tue, 14-Jun-16 7:14 AM (794 days ago)
like chocstar liked the cam show of hig1967
Roby4u likes this
Mon, 2-Nov-15 10:38 AM (1019 days ago)
like chocstar liked the cam show of happy_belle
Fri, 9-Oct-15 12:49 PM (1043 days ago)
like chocstar liked the cam show of maria4u
Mon, 24-Aug-15 1:17 PM (1089 days ago)
like chocstar liked the cam show of happy_belle
Tue, 26-May-15 9:25 AM (1179 days ago)
Help, I was foolish enough to weight myself this morning after a weekend away. I then had a piss and a good shit and out of curiosity weight myself again. How come I was 0.8lb heavier
rkrenegade31 likes this
If I get heavier, I tell my wife it's because not enough sex ........ doesn't work though ;o))
(1178 days ago)
*avoids the line about guys being full of shit*
(1178 days ago)
Mon, 27-Apr-15 1:10 PM (1208 days ago)
like chocstar liked the cam show of cuntrygurl
Thu, 23-Apr-15 12:26 PM (1212 days ago)
has anyone been able to access this video chat. i get authorisation fail
PApda likes this
they are working on it. keep trying
(1212 days ago)
Hello chocstar smile smile xxoo......that is all I get too.....smile smile...........hug and kotc
(1212 days ago)
Thu, 16-Apr-15 9:27 AM (1219 days ago)
like chocstar liked the cam show of jizzforfuncouple
Mon, 13-Apr-15 1:48 PM (1222 days ago)
like chocstar liked the cam show of misokindian
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