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masterstoy91's Recent Statuses
Thu, 20-Jul-17 1:52 AM (1 day ago)
Na na na na na na naked!!!
deepsea69 and Viviannne like this
(1 day ago)
Wed, 19-Jul-17 2:40 AM (2 days ago)
Duct tape, zip ties, and rubber gloves...
deepsea69 likes this
That's enough to get you 10 to 15 isn't it???
(2 days ago)
urwayhot likes this
Murder kit much?
(2 days ago)
You the Toy or The Master ?
(2 days ago)
Here to clean up the lurkers corner,You?
(2 days ago)
lennynatural likes this
making dolls for the farmers market
(2 days ago)
Fire_brand likes this
Thu, 13-Jul-17 9:35 PM (7 days ago)
This is not what you think it is...
this isn't the bible camp webpage?
(7 days ago)
perves anonymous??
(7 days ago)
Hnbl likes this
Wed, 12-Jul-17 2:15 PM (9 days ago)
fb_for_fun and hard4u6968 like this
are you?!
(9 days ago)
(9 days ago)
Nope. Just came in from letting the dogs run around. naked around 8 dogs is a baaaaad idea
(9 days ago)
Dunno humps depends who has to round em up afterwards
(9 days ago)
happyhumper69 likes this
Too warm for the hounds here
(9 days ago)
Tue, 27-Jun-17 2:19 AM (24 days ago)
They got all hoboish...
Tue, 27-Jun-17 1:31 AM (24 days ago)
steelrat60 and coldfish1 like this
Sun, 18-Jun-17 12:45 AM (33 days ago)
Fear... i smell fear and jizz here...
Jacobite and Talkflirty2me like this
(33 days ago)
(33 days ago)
Fri, 16-Jun-17 12:12 AM (35 days ago)
Stand and deliver!!!
cheekypaul likes this
You want me to stand over your naked body and play? Or is it Adam Ant you want?
(35 days ago)
Wed, 14-Jun-17 2:22 AM (37 days ago)
Hide and seek...
Where can I hide it?
(37 days ago)
Wed, 14-Jun-17 1:45 AM (37 days ago)
Let's get ready to rumble!!!
Wed, 14-Jun-17 1:29 AM (37 days ago)
Like an unsung melody, the truth is waiting for you to find it
KiwiPic and lennynatural like this
Sometimes darkness can show you the light...
(37 days ago)
The night is dark and full of terror.
(37 days ago)
Disturbed "the light" YouTube it
(37 days ago)
Wed, 14-Jun-17 1:22 AM (37 days ago)
Cheer up Emo kid... it's a brand new day!
mikh583 and deepsea69 like this
New day rocks
(37 days ago)
Sun, 11-Jun-17 1:29 PM (40 days ago)
Na na na na na na naked!!!
redz3031 likes this
Hey Hey...
(40 days ago)
Sat, 10-Jun-17 1:54 AM (41 days ago)
Blueberries aka puppy crack... She goes nuts when she smells anything blueberry
Depends on where you live, as far as i know Maine and New Jersey crops are not ready yet
(41 days ago)
Sorry on both states season is over right now... so most places are likely selling green house green
(41 days ago)
Grown ones which tend to be more expensive anyways
(41 days ago)
The NJ blueberry season runs from the beginning of July through mid August.
(41 days ago)
Yes, I believe I am a dog of sorts.
(41 days ago)
Sat, 10-Jun-17 1:08 AM (41 days ago)
Amazing statistic... less then 50% of microchipped pets don't have the chips registered, making the chips useless...
deepsea69 likes this
Don't even register there dog with local government, let alone chip or yap
(41 days ago)
Tag the dog
(41 days ago)
While cats need no government registration a
(41 days ago)
here its law on chip or tatt on dog, not on cats tho
(41 days ago)
thats cuz cats own humans and I wont be chipped arti
(41 days ago)
Sat, 10-Jun-17 12:26 AM (41 days ago)
^^^^^ hooters???
(41 days ago)
deepsea69 likes this
Porkchops and apple sauce.
(41 days ago)
beef brisket and hickory smoke
(41 days ago)
I love the way you think sdredd
(41 days ago)
(41 days ago)
Fri, 9-Jun-17 1:16 AM (42 days ago)
Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz...
powermanp3 and mirekk like this
Double espresso for me please...
(42 days ago)
Wed, 7-Jun-17 1:09 PM (44 days ago)
I try to tell the puppy, No matter how hard you try, you can't look mean with a tiny yellow squeeky pig in your mouth...
She, not he, and grrr and high pitched yap
(44 days ago)
opps sorry she
(44 days ago)
Defiantly a puppy, just wait until she is older and has a pair of your shoes instead....
(44 days ago)
She is gonna get gcc training, and we want to get her training as a therapy dog
(44 days ago)
redz3031 likes this
That's ok ley
(44 days ago)
Tue, 6-Jun-17 8:23 PM (44 days ago)
Follow the bliss, just like a summer song...
hard4u6968 likes this
Tue, 6-Jun-17 1:00 AM (45 days ago)
Sleepy puppy...
Mon, 5-Jun-17 11:42 PM (45 days ago)
Lol... amusing sometimes
oh please share toy, dont leave us in suspension
(45 days ago)
Puppies, poop, and Russians...
(45 days ago)
russians are amusing? or is it russian puppies and poop?...
(45 days ago)
Puppy pooped on floor, came running in living room barked at the kitchen where she pooped, looked at me ran back to said poop, and have me look like "see what the Russians did"
(45 days ago)
ah lol
(45 days ago)
Sun, 4-Jun-17 3:01 AM (47 days ago)
You... you got what i need!!! but you say he's just a friend...
BrightEyes2017 likes this
Oh baby you... got what I need
(47 days ago)
Ooohhhhh baby yuyouuuuu
(47 days ago)
Sun, 4-Jun-17 2:07 AM (47 days ago)
I love, hamlet 2
Sat, 3-Jun-17 1:58 PM (48 days ago)
It's not real...
coldfish1 and Danthaman827 like this
(48 days ago)
real boobies
(48 days ago)
coldfish1 likes this
Fri, 2-Jun-17 2:12 PM (49 days ago)
I'm gonna stick my fist so far up your ass, that I'll be able to use you as a sock puppet... that is such a romantic pick up line
clittylicker likes this
well ok then *bends over* but we better win the best traqulituist act
(49 days ago)
It saddens me that someone would say that to another human being
(49 days ago)
it saddens me more when i see people wearing crocs...with no shame... that just kills me
(49 days ago)
we cant all be wearing high heels, i dont wear crocs, to expensive
(49 days ago)
killa_nuts likes this
crocs on heels..that would be a sight for a machete killa! run bitch run..heel breaks..jason comes over.. takes of mask, aussie accent..'tahts a good croc mate' machete hits..end of scene one, act one
(49 days ago)
Artistic and happyhumper69 like this
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