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kingsize_mpempis's Recent Statuses
Sat, 4-Jul-15 9:30 PM (1172 days ago)
like kingsize_mpempis liked the cam show of scrabblenk
Sat, 17-May-14 11:41 AM (1585 days ago)
going on holidays in less than 3 weeks time to rest and relax.
Wed, 20-Nov-13 1:23 AM (1764 days ago)
it is bedtime night night everyone smile
(1764 days ago)
Tue, 16-Jul-13 2:11 PM (1890 days ago)
its soooo hott and iam working in the sun in 2hours
Fri, 13-Apr-12 7:28 PM (2349 days ago)
another year will be working on my birthday oh well ....
mashford2050 likes this
join the crowd
(2349 days ago)
Sucks doesn't it?
(2349 days ago)
Mon, 12-Mar-12 6:04 PM (2381 days ago)
angela1000 u are so hot babe thanks for earlier on
i'll let u know on pm cant here
(2381 days ago)
iam off gym is shouting at me kingsize move ur butt and go on the treadmill tongue
(2381 days ago)
ok chat soon
(2381 days ago)
take care seb and check ur pm later on xxxx
(2381 days ago)
will do smile
(2381 days ago)
Fri, 30-Dec-11 7:57 PM (2454 days ago)
so horny&hard thanks to pinky_pussy and sexyenglishbabe
Pinky_pussy likes this
Sat, 24-Dec-11 8:28 PM (2460 days ago)
Merry Christmas everyone on nn have a great time today&tomorrow
merry christmas smile
(2460 days ago)
Mon, 6-Jun-11 10:48 PM (2661 days ago)
steve.live you need to check their pics sarah is so attractive and gorgeous with a nice sexy killer body xxxx
Sat, 25-Dec-10 3:48 PM (2824 days ago)
Merry Christmas everyone xx
Fri, 10-Dec-10 12:04 AM (2840 days ago)
iam ill and need some tlc.xxx
Thu, 25-Nov-10 6:10 AM (2854 days ago)
its bed time night night everyone xxx
Good night , sweetie
(2854 days ago)
Sun, 14-Nov-10 10:07 PM (2865 days ago)
shower time xxx
Wed, 27-Oct-10 4:16 PM (2883 days ago)
ironing is done dinner is ready for later on now its gym time.xx
Freckles and halas like this
Tue, 19-Oct-10 6:11 PM (2891 days ago)
off to work cya later everyone.xxx
Thu, 14-Oct-10 3:26 PM (2896 days ago)
gym time peeps.xxx
Thu, 30-Sep-10 4:22 PM (2910 days ago)
gym time see you later nn hotties.xxxxx
Fri, 24-Sep-10 6:37 PM (2916 days ago)
back from the gym now its shower time and work later on cya later everyone.xx
Wed, 22-Sep-10 2:04 AM (2919 days ago)
night night all its bed time.xxx
night xxx
(2919 days ago)
good night, sweetie
(2919 days ago)
Sun, 19-Sep-10 1:43 PM (2921 days ago)
gym time see you all later.xxxx
mmm I love a sweaty man..especially I'm riding his cock
(2921 days ago)
Fri, 10-Sep-10 6:38 PM (2930 days ago)
off to work have a good weekend peeps.xxx
dont work too hard
(2930 days ago)
Wed, 1-Sep-10 3:26 AM (2940 days ago)
good night all xx
Good night
(2940 days ago)
Mon, 23-Aug-10 2:20 AM (2949 days ago)
night night all.xxx
Sun, 22-Aug-10 3:27 PM (2949 days ago)
off to go gym.laters everyone.xxx
Bye Hun xx
(2949 days ago)
Sat, 21-Aug-10 3:05 PM (2950 days ago)
back from holidays and off to the gym and will be back later to catch up all the sexy nn women.xxx
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