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remember me?
misterbgg's Recent Statuses
Fri, 6-Dec-13 1:50 PM (1241 days ago)
COLD outside, but my cock is warm and throbbing. Not too shabby.
Nah, better things to do with it
(1241 days ago)
Adam Sandler...is that you?
(1241 days ago)
Smokin' marijuanica...
(1241 days ago)
Put on your yamaka, it's time for Hunakkah....
(1241 days ago)
...so much funnakah!
(1241 days ago)
Wed, 25-Sep-13 2:59 PM (1312 days ago)
There's something really awesome about meeting a fun, bi girl...
Tue, 3-Sep-13 6:35 PM (1334 days ago)
Horny at work = no bueno. If only I had a nearby FWB gal...
Sat, 17-Aug-13 1:53 PM (1352 days ago)
Recipe for a good start to the weekend: girl sending you pics of her tits. NICE.
bertywaffles likes this
Tue, 6-Aug-13 12:01 AM (1363 days ago)
Too damn hot in DFW this week, need to be around some gals who would like to beat the heat with less clothing!
Sat, 3-Aug-13 4:02 PM (1365 days ago)
Always nice to know someone appreciated your comments on their pics. Now if only *I* could get some nice comments...
Thu, 1-Aug-13 11:45 PM (1367 days ago)
Starting to wonder if I'm too horny for my own good. Is that a thing?
Cover sounds like you either watch a lot of Dr. Drew or had a personal experience!
(1367 days ago)
have you ever woke up hungover late on a saturday morning not knowing where you are only to look over and realize you need to chew you re arm off and get the hell out of there fast?
(1367 days ago)
and before you ask VT...maybe...
(1367 days ago)
LOL...moose....and yes I have. I'm sure some ladies did the same to me!
(1367 days ago)
double so for me...
(1367 days ago)
Wed, 31-Jul-13 1:37 AM (1369 days ago)
Always love seeing new tits of local gals...would be better in person, but...
never seen a female breast i didn't fancy
(1369 days ago)
I've seen a FEW, but it's rare
(1369 days ago)
Sun, 28-Jul-13 2:01 PM (1372 days ago)
Time for a break...
wrist? arm? shin? ankle? not you neck, I hope!
(1372 days ago)
Thankfully, none of the above! LOL
(1371 days ago)
Sun, 28-Jul-13 4:14 AM (1372 days ago)
Wow, I think I may have found the max. number of times I can jerk off over the course of four days.
rhinostool likes this
how many times is that?
(1372 days ago)
Honestly, I lost track, probably close to a couple dozen.
(1372 days ago)
he never met carty lenny
(1372 days ago)
You beat me to it Her
(1372 days ago)
Others' mileage may vary, of course.
(1372 days ago)
Fri, 26-Jul-13 4:09 PM (1373 days ago)
Another lazy vacation day, wish I had a Dallas-area girl to "lend a hand"...
Fri, 26-Jul-13 4:24 AM (1374 days ago)
I think I may have exceeded my recommended daily allowance of jerking off today. On the upside, I got to cum a lot!
elle90504 and jester2000 like this
Wed, 24-Jul-13 8:18 PM (1375 days ago)
Wonder if any DFW gals would be willing to help me fill some free time Thursday or Friday?
That's a great airport for perving.
(1375 days ago)
Ain't it, though?
(1375 days ago)
Wed, 24-Jul-13 2:37 AM (1376 days ago)
Looking forward to some fun with one of my favorite MILFs tomorrow night!
Mon, 22-Jul-13 12:10 PM (1378 days ago)
Day 8 without having cum in any way. Wonder who will get the payoff load?
pick me! pick me!
(1378 days ago)
Oh, Philly, if only you were closer
(1378 days ago)
It could be messy !!!!!
(1378 days ago)
Is it true that everything is bigger in Texas?
(1378 days ago)
Check out my pic and/or vid and you tell me, Philly
(1378 days ago)
Thu, 11-Jul-13 6:56 PM (1388 days ago)
DAMN I hate being horny at work!
Thu, 11-Jul-13 3:12 PM (1388 days ago)
Nothing like hearing about your MILF friend finding a boy toy and it not being you
(1388 days ago)
Wed, 10-Jul-13 1:30 AM (1390 days ago)
Posted my first video in ages, be kind, please!
legz69 and MarkandLacey like this
Tue, 18-Jun-13 9:42 PM (1411 days ago)
Teased by multiple co-workers with great tits. Stupid sexual harassment laws.
Mon, 17-Jun-13 1:02 PM (1413 days ago)
New week, new chances to pump out some cum. Good thing I have plenty to go 'round!
iowawantit likes this
Fri, 24-May-13 7:38 PM (1436 days ago)
In Houston for a couple of nights, wish I had a fun lady to keep me company...
Sat, 18-May-13 12:08 PM (1443 days ago)
Stroking a load out to start the day, wish I had a fun gal working it instead...
Fri, 26-Apr-13 6:34 PM (1464 days ago)
Ever think during the middle of the work day, "Damn, wish I had someone to cum on"?
Wed, 10-Apr-13 2:56 PM (1481 days ago)
I hate it when work gets in the way of jerking off. I love it when a woman gets in the path of my cum, though!
Thu, 21-Mar-13 11:47 AM (1501 days ago)
Looking forward to another day of being teased by a lactating lady at work. Milk does bodies GOOD!
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