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remember me?
agoodboy469's Recent Statuses
Thu, 21-Jul-16 12:52 AM (583 days ago)
In Toronto tonight, not too late - any of you lovely ladies want to meet?
canadian girls are irresistibly sexy...best of luck.
(583 days ago)
for one thing, canadian women do not fart
(583 days ago)
(583 days ago)
Well some do if you ask politely.
(583 days ago)
hairytits and powermanp3 like this
Sun, 3-Apr-16 3:18 PM (691 days ago)
I love your milf!
Tue, 23-Sep-14 4:42 PM (1249 days ago)
agoodboy469 liked the cam show of masterstoy91
Thu, 13-Mar-14 9:44 PM (1443 days ago)
Spending next weekend in London for work, any of my lovely ladies want to join me for a pint or keep me company?
Thu, 31-Oct-13 10:55 PM (1576 days ago)
girls, PM me for your treat
sassy1980 likes this
Thu, 31-Oct-13 9:59 PM (1576 days ago)
Be my scary girl?
NaughtyJenn and sassy1980 like this
Sun, 27-Oct-13 9:09 AM (1580 days ago)
in a chatty mood this morning, girls IM/PM me
MRPAUK. likes this
Fri, 25-Oct-13 8:56 PM (1582 days ago)
it's not too late to meet at the club tonight in London, shall we go?
err yes you do somebody give ranger a dodgy pint
(1582 days ago)
like stiffler in american pie?
(1582 days ago)
i refuse to drink it now babe
(1582 days ago)
i know and i thank you for it cleaning your own puke up is bad enough never mind someone else's
(1582 days ago)
no good at all, time to tuck it in to bed dude!
(1582 days ago)
Sat, 12-Oct-13 5:58 AM (1596 days ago)
Join me here in bed?
Fri, 11-Oct-13 11:09 PM (1596 days ago)
night alone in London?!?!
dont you encourage him either...
(1596 days ago)
money for jam mom
(1596 days ago)
Where do I find your eldest Lynskey?
(1596 days ago)
Night in Cally sounds wonderful
(1596 days ago)
you found her, ya plonka
(1596 days ago)
Wed, 9-Oct-13 10:37 PM (1598 days ago)
She's up all night for good fun... I'm up all night to get lucky...
sing it
(1598 days ago)
Tue, 8-Oct-13 10:48 PM (1599 days ago)
where are all my lovelies at? missing you!
Sun, 25-Aug-13 10:35 PM (1643 days ago)
I should be sleeping now...
Mon, 10-Jun-13 7:38 PM (1719 days ago)
time to make you all hot and bothered...
Thu, 6-Jun-13 5:01 AM (1724 days ago)
I should be sleeping, but must feed the addiction first; ladies?
Fri, 17-May-13 7:20 PM (1743 days ago)
I'd much rather procrastinate on NN then work on a Friday afternoon
dirkwiggler99 and bitchmom like this
Sun, 5-May-13 3:28 PM (1755 days ago)
Sunday morning play which checking out my NN girls sounds like a fun way to start the day
Wed, 24-Apr-13 6:51 AM (1767 days ago)
no time for formalities, it's time to get down to business!
kimberly_1229 likes this
Tue, 19-Mar-13 9:54 PM (1802 days ago)
I wouldn't ever pay for sex, but I would pay to take you out and have a good time (and then comes the sex)
Aussie_Couple likes this
Thu, 14-Feb-13 11:04 PM (1835 days ago)
Any of you girls want to be my pre-valentines date fun?
Sun, 3-Feb-13 9:17 PM (1846 days ago)
Looking for a girl who likes big things in her mouth...
BustyNurse999 likes this
I know a girl who plays a tenor sax...
(1846 days ago)
Sat, 2-Feb-13 9:43 AM (1847 days ago)
it's too early, I should go back to bed
Waerfeles and MSChaps like this
6pm here...get up! lol
(1847 days ago)
Sat, 2-Feb-13 9:36 AM (1847 days ago)
any of you lovely ladies want to chat? PM me...
Thu, 31-Jan-13 12:44 AM (1850 days ago)
in chester, UK right now - what to do???
Tue, 29-Jan-13 10:02 PM (1851 days ago)
you only live once, may as well enjoy it
handsolo123 and Aussie_Couple like this
hell yeah, no dress rehearsal *lix*
(1851 days ago)
too bloody right!!
(1851 days ago)
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