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remember me?
voyuerlover's Recent Statuses
Wed, 27-Mar-19 2:50 PM (55 days ago)
I finally got my Green Shield back!!!!! Look out world!!!
cedar19 likes this
Good for you...enjoy and take care..beer
(55 days ago)
voyuerlover likes this
ty for the friend request, and BRAVO on the green shield! look out indeed! heart
(55 days ago)
voyuerlover likes this
Thu, 14-Feb-19 1:14 PM (97 days ago)
Happy Valentine's Day
Pleasurecpl4U likes this
Mon, 24-Dec-18 8:58 PM (148 days ago)
Merry Christmas and Happy Nude Year!
Lord86, steelrat60, ronno1 and BryanP47 like this
Thu, 22-Nov-18 2:03 PM (181 days ago)
Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends and Happy Nude Day to all!
Tceej and BuxomXhunter like this
Wed, 10-Oct-18 1:47 AM (224 days ago)
Happy Birthday NN!
Fri, 17-Aug-18 6:54 PM (277 days ago)
I LOVE Tits Out Friday!
makes Friday my favourite day of week and leads us all into weekend nicely wink
(277 days ago)
Wish more were about today sad
(277 days ago)
Danthaman827 likes this
bounce bounce
(277 days ago)
Thu, 5-Jul-18 9:59 PM (320 days ago)
Wearing my cock and ball ring at work. Love having this secret right in front of my coworkers.
Wed, 4-Jul-18 11:15 AM (322 days ago)
Happy 4th of July America! Happy Independence Day!!!!
private parts, Tceej and GottaBeMe like this
Sun, 1-Jul-18 1:04 PM (325 days ago)
Happy Canada Day to my friends to the North!
Happy Day... from the PE Islands, to the 'couver waters, this land is made for you and me!! grin wink
(324 days ago)
All hail Woody Guthrie!! tongue
(324 days ago)
Sun, 17-Jun-18 12:18 PM (339 days ago)
Happy Father's Day
Tue, 29-May-18 12:46 PM (358 days ago)
Finally a naughty naked day!!!!
Few and far between now a days for me
(358 days ago)
They have been very few and far between for me lately and only going to get worse as school lets out.
(358 days ago)
Love a naughty naked day grin
(358 days ago)
Fri, 25-May-18 1:52 AM (362 days ago)
I LOVE titties!
deepsea69 likes this
Sun, 13-May-18 1:11 PM (374 days ago)
Happy Mother's Day to all the sexy MILFs and GILFs out there!
smedium and dirtycpl222 like this
Sat, 28-Apr-18 1:14 PM (389 days ago)
Good morning NN friends and neighbors!
Howdy smile
(389 days ago)
(389 days ago)
Morning grin
(389 days ago)
Tue, 10-Apr-18 2:33 PM (407 days ago)
Good morning NN! Hurray for Titty Tuesday! Titties make me smile!
~Wenchie~, cinarc88 and smedium like this
Howdy Voy bounce
(407 days ago)
voyuerlover likes this
Everyday must be titty day!
(406 days ago)
There's some rather nice ones here^^ KB has great ones, so does Freckles,hers are lovely! Mine are not very big but I must say I quite like them toowink
(406 days ago)
Oh I like yours too!wink Woof woof!
(406 days ago)
smedium likes this
(406 days ago)
Sun, 1-Apr-18 11:52 AM (416 days ago)
Happy Easter! My the Easter Bunny stop off at your house for a visit!
smedium likes this
Oh my *runs down stairs unlocks door* Hello bunny bounce
(416 days ago)
NaughtyKat likes this
*leaves a trail of chocolates up the stairs* here bunny bunny tongue
(416 days ago)
NaughtyKat likes this
Bazinga!! LOL
(415 days ago)
smedium likes this
sneaky ^^^ raspberry
(415 days ago)
my dogs would rip him to shreds
(415 days ago)
Mon, 12-Mar-18 4:21 PM (435 days ago)
In the US we have daylight savings time. In the spring we set our clocks forward one hour and set them back one hour in the fall. Hence we spring forward and fall back. Thispast weekend was when we
Has there been a change in the US ?
(435 days ago)
I hate losing the hour of sleep in the spring, but its so worth it for the extra light in the evening hours
(435 days ago)
you loose an hour sleep? well just when clock is set?
(435 days ago)
CONT' sprang forward and normally when I shave for the spring and summer. Due to the snow storm that hit the eastern US, I am going to wait a few days before I do my "spring cleaning" and shave.
(435 days ago)
Ours has changed, its a pointless effort
(435 days ago)
Sun, 18-Feb-18 7:40 PM (457 days ago)
Daytona.....Boogity, Boogity, Boogity! Let's go racin' baby!
Nob_Head and BULL502 like this
It's left..turn left...nooooo...not right....left....feck!
(457 days ago)
smedium likes this
Thu, 15-Feb-18 12:04 AM (461 days ago)
SOAPBOX----I HATE holidays! No matter what I do, what I spend, what I whatever; it's NEVER right and/or good enough. I so sick of having every damn holiday and birthday being ruined. Thank you.
My apologies, and Your Welcome
(461 days ago)
well ,, I ,, you ,, sowwy crying
(461 days ago)
smedium likes this
HAPPY Valentines voysmile smile xxoo..........smile smile.........hug and kotc
(461 days ago)
Wed, 14-Feb-18 3:54 PM (461 days ago)
Happy Valentines Day ladies! Hope you all have a wonderful day.
riverguy likes this
Sun, 4-Feb-18 8:21 PM (471 days ago)
What's worse than having to repair your roof? Having to repair your roof in the rain!
having to to repair drainage around house after a flood?
(471 days ago)
dewberry and Heavy Chevy like this
- - my tent is waterproof - no leaks - -
(471 days ago)
Fri, 19-Jan-18 1:53 PM (488 days ago)
FINALLY! A day all to myself. Let Naughty Naked Day begin!!!!!!
Thu, 4-Jan-18 5:09 PM (502 days ago)
No school today that means family at home. No Naughty Naked Thursday for voyuerlover. sad I'll have to settle for a cock ring and an occasional check in to NN.
Sun, 31-Dec-17 9:45 PM (506 days ago)
Happy New Year to friends young and old around the world! May you be naked, happy and blessed in 2018!
Mon, 25-Dec-17 12:40 PM (513 days ago)
Merry Christmas to all!
owbiglineman likes this
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