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birdmunone's Recent Statuses
Wed, 4-Jul-18 12:23 PM (322 days ago)
Am I the only Android user unable to view pics when I click a thumbnail?
Can you not use your other fingers to type ? You must really be pressing hard on your keypad though,just sayin' wink
(322 days ago)
might be its a premium feature?
(322 days ago)
Oddly, I can view images via the mobile profiles. I like the desktop version of the site for most things.
(321 days ago)
Fri, 27-May-16 6:33 PM (1089 days ago)
like birdmunone liked the cam show of skycam
Wed, 25-Nov-15 5:16 AM (1274 days ago)
like birdmunone liked the cam show of goodfellas18
Sat, 19-Sep-15 8:02 AM (1341 days ago)
like birdmunone liked the cam show of srscouple
Tue, 7-Jul-15 9:47 AM (1415 days ago)
like birdmunone liked the cam show of scooter789
Sun, 20-Apr-14 11:17 PM (1857 days ago)
I am NOT digging the new format. No captions. If I want a big page of pics, I can just do an image search.
rockingsaifu likes this
hold your mosue over the thumbnail to see captions
(1857 days ago)
Now, if only as much energy as went in to the redesign, would have gone in to fixing the inability to IM on mobile devices.
(1857 days ago)
Thanks NN
(1857 days ago)
Yes IM on iPad would be so useful! Xxx
(1857 days ago)
Wed, 7-Nov-12 11:21 AM (2387 days ago)
Sorry to see dme123's photos all disappear. sad
nice hair
(2387 days ago)
Shes put some more up mate
(2387 days ago)
@Jubbley: thanks. It only took a couple years smile
(2387 days ago)
Sat, 13-Oct-12 9:15 PM (2411 days ago)
It is a sad day when I can't even manage to spell llama correctly.
I am dyslexic so i have that day every day
(2411 days ago)
Sat, 13-Oct-12 9:12 PM (2411 days ago)
Lamma comment: I updated my profile pic.
Sat, 6-Mar-10 8:46 PM (3363 days ago)
Is it really too much to ask for a response when a PM is sent?
get used to itmate ! too many ignorant fuckers on here
(3363 days ago)
i couldnt agree more
(3363 days ago)
I don't reply to pm's, but my profile does say for guys not to bother pm-ing me. They never listen though sad
(3363 days ago)
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