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"For anyone interested in becoming a Premium Member, PLEASE DO. This site has got to be the greatest site I have seen on the net. I have cancelled my memberships on other groups I was in to concentrate on this one full time. This site is just amazing. The messages and responses you get from your profile and pics are just amazing. Even if, for some reason, you are not interested in uploading pictures, this site is still for all persons who want to join a friendly, respectable, and honorable group. I am glad to say that I will be a Premium Member for the lifetime of this fantastic site. Come one, come all, and join this group, YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY. "
- steve7827

"I love being able to view the videos that is one of the best part on NN. Another good quality to being a premium member is being able to take down my own pictures if I want. The big pictures are so cool you an almost feel as though they are there with you. The only way this would be better is if we had smell-o-vision."
- hotmomto3

"I have never even considered becoming a premium member of any site until I found this one. It is still the only place I'd pay to be a member of. It is far and away the best place on the net. "
- layne

"The benefits are many.. 1) pic manager (delete and move your pics) the cool thing is nasty comments be gone! u are in control! 2) big pics and vids are way awesome -get the total NN experience! 3) 5 a day limit for posting isn't for premium members, post up to 15 per day! go premium and enjoy! "
- juicy

"Having been a Premium Member for 9 months gives me a bit of insight on its benefits. The Big Pictures alone are worth the small yearly fee. Add the Videos and Photo Manager to the mix, and I think the folks at NewbieNudes have more in mind for the Premium Members here, and you have a combo thats hard to beat. I can recomend the Premium Membership offer without pause."
- sandman

"I chose to become a premium member because it was a natural progression from enjoying the NN experience as a guest, initially, and then venturing out to become a standard member. I gradually joined the NN community and made friends with most of the great NN celebrities. It is a unique site and one that I would happily pay membership for again. The videos alone are every reason to pay the small membership fee. I couldn't believe how easy it was to join. One word: Brilliant!"
- gemini

"NN i just wanted to say thanks. I was introduced to your site by a complete stranger and browsed it for awhile. After some time I dug deep and decided to become a premium member. It is awesome, the more pics and videos I can see now! Being stationed in Japan and missing out on alot was a bit depressing but NN as now helped me out with that."
- poohbr48

"Tight and hubby haven't been members for very long. But we have learned how to post pics and chat, participate in the notice boards and discussion boards and have a damned fun time overall. We are proud new members of the NN family. This site is an incredible deal for the money. It is honest and not some money scam site like so many others out there. This is the best adult site on the net, hands down... "
- tight_wet_lips

"I have been a premium member only for a few months but WOW !!! it is a fantastic site.
We have passed on the good word to many of our friends & I am surethat many of them will be as impressed as us & will surely have joined."
- bumboarder

"We both make BDSM porn for the internet...and enjoy it in our private life!!!....This is the only internet site that we have paid to join....It is such good value and great fun both appearing and enjoying others!!! The Videos are almost as good as ours!!!!! Go for it!! It costs less than one DVD for a WHOLE year!! "
- frangar

"To the people behind NewbieNudes you have a winner on your hands well done and thanks!! Have been a premium member since Dec 04 the people who post are great and if there is any one thinking of joining the family PLEASE do so its the best site on the web hour and hour of fun and good friends to chat to .... once again well done to you!! "
- hgrin1234

"Hey i just wanted to say this is the first time i have ever paid for porn in my life and it was worth it! this is a great site... please keep it up! :-)"
-The Texan


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