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Category: General Close Ups  ID: 15162546
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 13-Sep-18
Location of Pic:
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No. of votes: 426
Days on site: 225
No. of views: 13167
Avg. views/day: 59
No. of bookmarks: 70
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11-Apr-19  (15 days ago)
OMG!! I wanna fuck this pussy!!!
29-Mar-19  (28 days ago)
Are those noise canceling thighs?
12-Mar-19  (44 days ago)
That pussy looks very loose like its enjoyed being fucked by large cocks and toys
7-Mar-19  (49 days ago)
Well fucked pussy wore out wife looks like she needs a bigger cock now.
18-Feb-19  (66 days ago)
That big pussy looks like it been fucked long and hard
9-Feb-19  (76 days ago)
Yummy yummy
9-Feb-19  (76 days ago)
what a wonderful, sexy, hot, sweet yummy pussy....I would love to fuck you so hard...xoxoxo
2-Feb-19  (82 days ago)
Hot tasty looking bald pussy, looks like it's been used a lot. Those big lips can probably stretch out 4 inches, bet she can take a fist.
31-Jan-19  (84 days ago)
Cannot wait to cum.....
16-Jan-19  (99 days ago)
A bbc would look so perfect against your pale skin
11-Jan-19  (105 days ago)
Mmmmm yum
31-Dec-18  (116 days ago)
Wish I could slide my cock into that.
25-Dec-18  (121 days ago)
a super sexy body more PLEASE!
24-Dec-18  (123 days ago)
Great erotic sexy body more pics please merry xmas from oz
14-Dec-18  (132 days ago)
This is an old, used up pussy. It looks too loose.
10-Dec-18  (137 days ago)
I wanna taste
8-Dec-18  (139 days ago)
That is one big pussy those lip look massive
7-Dec-18  (139 days ago)
WOW! I would love to fuck that pussy.
7-Dec-18  (139 days ago)
7-Dec-18  (139 days ago)
So nice shaved, perfect, hot view on you too
5-Dec-18  (142 days ago)
Look at this huge fat pussy i bet she can take 3 dicks at once in it
4-Dec-18  (142 days ago)
This is my favorite
25-Nov-18  (152 days ago)
Her floppy pussy lips NEED a bbc since they so saggy n shit..lol...
23-Nov-18  (154 days ago)
Look at that sexy wrinkly worn pussy
22-Nov-18  (155 days ago)
thats a veteran pussy ...probably wouldnt look as nice if it was hairy.
12-Nov-18  (164 days ago)
Such a stretched, used hole to fuck and pleasure
10-Nov-18  (167 days ago)
I reckon I could get at least one hand in there, maybe both
23-Oct-18  (184 days ago)
damn! Look at those big pussy lips...you can tell this pussy has seen a lot of cock. you know that things loose as hell!!
21-Oct-18  (187 days ago)
very hot
18-Oct-18  (189 days ago)
Huge ugly dark lip pussy id still fuck the life out it
18-Oct-18  (189 days ago)
Wrinkled flappy pussy. I fucking love it
18-Oct-18  (189 days ago)
Fat big lip cunt
18-Oct-18  (189 days ago)
I could spend a lot of time lick that pussy until you cum many times
18-Oct-18  (190 days ago)
Great pussy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
13-Oct-18  (194 days ago)
Fabulous tits and clit!
13-Oct-18  (195 days ago)
I bet that pussy feels great
12-Oct-18  (195 days ago)
nice pussy, big lips... seems loose and very used... mmmm
11-Oct-18  (196 days ago)
nice shaved pussy kiss for pussy lips
10-Oct-18  (197 days ago)
love to cover you in cum
9-Oct-18  (199 days ago)
Just so hot!!!
4-Oct-18  (203 days ago)
Look at this bid looose used pussy for everyone to use
4-Oct-18  (203 days ago)
Looks so loose like a lot of BBCs have ruined you.
2-Oct-18  (205 days ago)
What a loose looking pussy, you must get pounded on a regular basis to be that loose, the lips look huge and amazing!!!
2-Oct-18  (205 days ago)
that pussy has such nice big sloopy loose lips. they definitely are well used mmmmmmmm
1-Oct-18  (206 days ago)
Love that pussy. I almost came all over myself
1-Oct-18  (207 days ago)
mmmmm so juicy. Lovely lips you have! :P
1-Oct-18  (207 days ago)
Love the big lips and big pussy opening up!
28-Sep-18  (209 days ago)
Sexy! Love your shaved pussy!
26-Sep-18  (211 days ago)
Very smooth mmmm
22-Sep-18  (215 days ago)
Looks like your big lips are stretched out and your pussy is big and used

20-Sep-18  (217 days ago)
this hungry looking cunt would swallow up any and all cocks, especially,BBC's
20-Sep-18  (218 days ago)
what a big looking pussy with huge swollen lips and nice hole ready fro a big cock
20-Sep-18  (218 days ago)
id love to pound the shit out of this big used looking cunt
20-Sep-18  (218 days ago)
Dam nice repose of her large natural breasts!
20-Sep-18  (218 days ago)
Awesome pussy, luv her meaty lips!
19-Sep-18  (218 days ago)
looks so big i doubt id feel it how many cock been there
19-Sep-18  (218 days ago)
someone cut that lunch meat with a axe
19-Sep-18  (218 days ago)
look like so big sweaty black cocks ruined that pussy
19-Sep-18  (219 days ago)
like that fat pussy lips and used up pussy.
18-Sep-18  (219 days ago)
Great pussy...need to see more of yhat phat ass in the air
18-Sep-18  (219 days ago)
What a big looking pussy. Looks like your could take a whole beer bottle no problem
17-Sep-18  (221 days ago)
Great cunt, how about a big fist in that big pissy darlin??
16-Sep-18  (222 days ago)
Terrible looking pussy,...but I'd fuck you anyway
15-Sep-18  (223 days ago)
big black cock in there would look great
13-Sep-18  (224 days ago)
Love seeing your pussy up close and personal!
13-Sep-18  (225 days ago)
Hot pussy
13-Sep-18  (225 days ago)
Amazing pussy lips
13-Sep-18  (225 days ago)
That pussy would feel nice wrapped around my Big Black Cock !!!
13-Sep-18  (225 days ago)
Awesome bald pussy
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