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Category: Black and White  ID: 15010233
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 31-May-18
Note: IF you see any form of Yahoo, Hotmail or such in the title it is most probably someone trying to solicit you for fraud. DO NOT communicate with anyone that leaves a Yahoo, Hotmail or any other email address in the title. Click the Alert Moderator Button instead. Read more...
No. of votes: 128
Days on site: 46
No. of views: 2313
Avg. views/day: 50
No. of bookmarks: 21
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15-Jul-18  (16 hours ago)
Those are sexy eyes!
6-Jul-18  (10 days ago)
5-Jul-18  (11 days ago)
those eyes......circa mid 1970s' of Bo Derek.....soo very exotic.
29-Jun-18  (16 days ago)
28-Jun-18  (18 days ago)
Wow...I love these eyes :)
26-Jun-18  (19 days ago)
Damn that’s such an enticing gaze, I just want to mmmmmmmmmm twice
25-Jun-18  (20 days ago)
I know those eyes ...
25-Jun-18  (21 days ago)
24-Jun-18  (22 days ago)
Let's see the rest of you!
22-Jun-18  (24 days ago)
sexy look xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
20-Jun-18  (25 days ago)
BEAutifull Eyes...love them
19-Jun-18  (26 days ago)
Like a sorceress, seducingly magnetic.
15-Jun-18  (30 days ago)
I'll gladly accept both winks and a nudge...Aww hell! throw that second nudge in there too for me, you sold me.
13-Jun-18  (33 days ago)
Beautiful look!!
13-Jun-18  (33 days ago)
You have beautiful eyes!
12-Jun-18  (33 days ago)
windows to your soul ;p
12-Jun-18  (34 days ago)
Wow xxx
7-Jun-18  (39 days ago)
“...She a goer? Know wod-I-mean...Know wod-I-mean...”
6-Jun-18  (40 days ago)
5-Jun-18  (40 days ago)
I'm lost...
4-Jun-18  (42 days ago)
A wink is as good as a nod to a blind bat...
1-Jun-18  (44 days ago)
Oh my word! I could get lost in those!
1-Jun-18  (45 days ago)
Say no more, say no more! Pretty eyes ;)
1-Jun-18  (45 days ago)
OMG, what beautiful eyes!!
1-Jun-18  (45 days ago)
i'm feeling...... seduced
1-Jun-18  (45 days ago)
Bright soulful expression
1-Jun-18  (45 days ago)
Insanely captivating!
1-Jun-18  (45 days ago)
1-Jun-18  (45 days ago)
oh the hearts you break and the minds you melt
1-Jun-18  (45 days ago)
Say no more. A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat.
1-Jun-18  (45 days ago)
could get lost looking into those eyes , Gorgeous
1-Jun-18  (45 days ago)
Freckles is a very very very very beautiful lady. Absolutely !!
31-May-18  (45 days ago)
That Gaze is adorable and infectious
31-May-18  (45 days ago)
great pic slave, gorgeous eyes....as long as its not looking at that dick meat lol!
31-May-18  (45 days ago)
31-May-18  (45 days ago)
That's a very sexy pic
31-May-18  (45 days ago)
Enchanting eyes. If eyes are the gateway to the soul, yours must be beautiful indeed.
31-May-18  (45 days ago)
31-May-18  (45 days ago)
WoW! Wish this was a large HD pic. It would be really cool as a "desktop" photo for my monitor.
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
pretty eyes......
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
very beautiful eyes
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
Hypnoteyesing. (Couldn't think of the perfect word to describe those beautiful deep ponds, so I made one up..)
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
Fuck those eyes are so mmmmm
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
WOW - jeg kunne svoemme vaek i dine smukke oejne.....
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
I could gaze in to those eyes for hours
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
Pretty....I like
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
Gorgeous eyes. Who knew eyes could get me hard!
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
Our eyes touch . . . and I feel my cock lurch . . . surrounded by your heat . . . I push to get inside you as far as I can .. . . our warm bellies slide and press . . . your welcoming wetness trickles down and cools my balls . . . your breasts move and I kiss a fleeting nipple . . . all the while our eyes reflect our sexual sensations . . . speaking in silences . . . your eyes say “fuck me, it feels so good” . . . our eyes embrace again . . . and you know I want to fuck you forever . . . Then your eyes close and I feel the clench of you . . . with a smile your eyes open again . . . “mmmmm”, my eyes say “such a sexy cunt you are” . . . no words needed now just our movements, touches, sighs and hums all captured and recorded all highlighted with eyes . . . movie memories to be replayed later . . . driving alone in the car . . . or walking the aisle at Target . . . Mmmmmm . . . . my eyes can never get enough of you . . . .
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
yes.... whatever you just asked me to do... yes
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
Gulp!! WOW!!!!
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
FYI - you only need to wink and nudge once. Actually all you need to do is wink or nudge. honestly, you don't really need to do anything and I'll be there.
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
Wow! *swoon*
31-May-18  (46 days ago)
Eye-eye :) lovely
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