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Reposting with my watermark :-)
Category: NN Stamped  ID: 14971397
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 4-May-18
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No. of votes: 266
Days on site: 166
No. of views: 4642
Avg. views/day: 28
No. of bookmarks: 25
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28-May-18  (141 days ago)
Amazing mmmm
17-May-18  (152 days ago)
17-May-18  (152 days ago)
Take thay butt plug out and let me put my cock there
17-May-18  (153 days ago)
loving your jewelry...
13-May-18  (156 days ago)
I got a replacement for that you might enjoy ;)
13-May-18  (156 days ago)
13-May-18  (157 days ago)
12-May-18  (157 days ago)
Stunning view!
11-May-18  (158 days ago)
that is one hot sexy arse 10+++++
10-May-18  (159 days ago)
I always recognize your butt before I even click on the picture lol. Looking amazing as always!
9-May-18  (160 days ago)
Nice ass
9-May-18  (160 days ago)
9-May-18  (160 days ago)
Dam that plug is buried deep!
9-May-18  (161 days ago)
Amazing, simply amazing. Such a beautiful ass!
8-May-18  (161 days ago)
Love to kiss that sweet butt
8-May-18  (161 days ago)
very nice ass
7-May-18  (162 days ago)
sexy as always
7-May-18  (162 days ago)
you know babe your already so fuckin hot it makes us crazy... now your beautiful ass is plugged with a sexy little jewel to drive us mad... Thank god 4 your pics and that great ass.
6-May-18  (163 days ago)
5-May-18  (164 days ago)
Put the onus on the anus
5-May-18  (165 days ago)
I like the butt plug in your bum.
5-May-18  (165 days ago)
4-May-18  (165 days ago)
What I'd give to have my tongue replace the plug.
4-May-18  (166 days ago)
4-May-18  (166 days ago)
Good girl x
4-May-18  (166 days ago)
Love it
4-May-18  (166 days ago)
Just had to come back and admire you again darling. I just can't stop myself thinking about your lovely, hot and sexy photos; you give me the most wicked urges you lovely naughty girl. You deserve a good spanking for being so naughty. Pity you don't live closer – I’m very, very tempted to spank your lovely hot bottom myself, and then deliver some really good sex punishment to you, you will really hate it. I'd like to bend you over the back of the sofa; and deliver two good hard spanks onto your lovely soft naked bottom. Now you can wait for me to take my time while I explore and feel your lovely curves and start longing to make them really sting, but first I'll take all my clothes off so you can see everything you're going to get later, then I'll run my hands over every inch of your smooth hot body, again and again and again - I'll be thinking about what I'm soon going to do to you, and you can watch me start to erect; you'll know exactly what's on my mind and you will dread it. And then, while you're thinking about it, I'll bend you over my bare legs and slowly deliver another twenty or thirty really good hard spanks on your lovely soft naked bum. Then you'll bend over - hands on knees and take twenty good strokes with my cane, slowly, accurately, and painfully delivered on the lovely beautiful curves of your soft bum to make it really sore. Finally stay bent over, but now stand with your legs apart - while I rub some lubricant in and round your labia. To complete your punishment you are now going to take one hundred powerful strokes from an old man’s hard penis. It's big and long, and I'm going to really love thrusting it hard and deep between your stinging cheeks and into your nice tight pussy. I shall try my very best to make sure that I deliver every one of them, before you make me just have to start throbbing and throbbing and pumping cum into you.
4-May-18  (166 days ago)
What a sexy pic.
4-May-18  (166 days ago)
would love to fuck that tight ass
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