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"Popular believe is that 'Health Nuts' loves and prefer 'natural juice' " .... does this qualify me as a 'Health Nut' .... lol .... I truly hope our NN 'mods' approves ..... kisses, Sun .... xxx
Category: BJs  ID: 14848016
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Date Posted: 11-Feb-18
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21-Dec-18  (30 days ago)
This pic always gives me a huge one.
22-Nov-18  (58 days ago)
I only wish my cock could be their to you could get more sustenance!! ;)
21-Oct-18  (91 days ago)
Hot teaser.
17-Oct-18  (95 days ago)
i love that alot hehehe Luv Cassie
14-Oct-18  (98 days ago)
Kiss me:)
27-Sep-18  (114 days ago)
Good girl ...
25-Sep-18  (116 days ago)
21-Sep-18  (121 days ago)
Id be interested in your extraction methods.
20-Sep-18  (121 days ago)
perfect protein , 24 amino acids...no calories you are fun
18-Sep-18  (124 days ago)
You are such a good girl.
10-Jul-18  (194 days ago)
It's even better when used as a facial cream lol I'd love to apply some for you ;)
6-Jun-18  (228 days ago)
Beautiful girl, share that with me. X
15-May-18  (250 days ago)
Looks good to me!
4-Mar-18  (321 days ago)
Love to see a video of you sucking your hubby's cock and swallowing some of that salty health food!!
4-Mar-18  (322 days ago)
3-Mar-18  (323 days ago)
In my balls I have a factory to produce this "natural juice"...you can come to drink directly from the strand... whenever you want
16-Feb-18  (338 days ago)
I sure do sun and yes cum is very good for you!
15-Feb-18  (338 days ago)
Wow so sexy!!
15-Feb-18  (339 days ago)
Omg!! Wow!! Off the charts hot!
14-Feb-18  (340 days ago)
Look at you, up on the front page..where you belong..
14-Feb-18  (340 days ago)
Natural protein
13-Feb-18  (340 days ago)
Share with me?
13-Feb-18  (341 days ago)
Sun, you naughty girl, you....! :)
13-Feb-18  (341 days ago)
You naughty an dirty little thing you. I love it
12-Feb-18  (341 days ago)
I have a special "concocktion" for you Sun... lol
12-Feb-18  (341 days ago)
yummy I like to give you my cum too !!
12-Feb-18  (342 days ago)
certainly is natural and I have heard it referred to as "Love juice"
12-Feb-18  (342 days ago)
You're certainly looking fit and healthy on it !!
12-Feb-18  (342 days ago)
You are the perfect example of how to stay beautiful with a regular dose of 'natural juice'. If only we could convince every woman that they will look as beautiful as you.
12-Feb-18  (342 days ago)
We......the old farts.....LOVE IT.....PLEASE DRINK ALL THE CUM YOU CAN.......just remember us and get a photo of the load before it goes down your throat.....we love you....wish we could supply some for your cause! Oooops, I just shot it across the desktop computer.....sorry....god.....that’s going to be hard to clean up!
11-Feb-18  (342 days ago)
love to kiss you and take that load into my mouth mmmmmmmmm
11-Feb-18  (342 days ago)
Very hot lady!
11-Feb-18  (342 days ago)
I have a healthy protein shake for you too
11-Feb-18  (342 days ago)
I’d love to add to your heath food diet
11-Feb-18  (342 days ago)
Nuts are always healthy and does a body good
11-Feb-18  (343 days ago)
Love it and you.
11-Feb-18  (343 days ago)
Now that's hot!
11-Feb-18  (343 days ago)
I'll bet it took you no time at all to get that protein shake Sun. Clever girl like you. ;)
11-Feb-18  (343 days ago)
11-Feb-18  (343 days ago)
Very healthy...pure protein!!!! Have fun...
11-Feb-18  (343 days ago)
And low cal, too, Sun - nice!
11-Feb-18  (343 days ago)
MMMmmm I'd give you ALL my Love Juice Sweetie. :OXXXXXXXXXXX
11-Feb-18  (343 days ago)
hot face
11-Feb-18  (343 days ago)
All protein I guess
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