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Is there any better way to start the day than her legs together tight bum prone loving?... ;-)
Category: Fucking  ID: 14712807
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 13-Nov-17
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No. of votes: 39
Days on site: 8
No. of views: 540
Avg. views/day: 97
No. of bookmarks: 2
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17-Nov-17  (4 days ago)
Great sexy action pic :-) Very hot!
16-Nov-17  (5 days ago)
What a perfect way to start the day :)
15-Nov-17  (6 days ago)
Hot couple! Nice ass
14-Nov-17  (7 days ago)
I can think of only one improvement...........
13-Nov-17  (7 days ago)
great heart starter indeed;)
13-Nov-17  (8 days ago)
The position you describe, does, indeed, start the day off right.....but good sir? Ignoring the position for but a moment, take a quick peek at your partner.....SHE is why your day starts and ends so well! SHE is the reason you are always smiling. SHE is the reason my cock is hard 24/7 - as is, incidentally, the penises bong to every male throughout the rest of the known universe! SHE is the reason positions like that were invented, so her beauty, elegance, erotic nature, and simple perfection can be enjoyed time and time and time again. If she were in my bed? Fucking her in that position, or making love to her in missionary in the dark, or just waking up to find her sexy, flawless body wrapped in my arms and my nose buried in her hair so I can smell her neck, her shampoo, her perfume and the faint tang of her pussy juice on my lips? That is all I would need to get me through any day no matter how miserable, dark, dreary or depressing. SHE is a goddess. So yes, you lucky, lucky dog, enjoy fucking her with her legs tightly closed and her lithe, sexy body beneath you....and know each time you penetrate her balls deep, I will be imagining myself doing the same! She is breathtaking!
13-Nov-17  (8 days ago)
We want in
13-Nov-17  (8 days ago)
I would love to start my day balls deep in her gorgeous butt!

13-Nov-17  (8 days ago)
I would enjoy spending lots of time in between both of your legs enjoying the beautiful view of you two fucking and enjoying feeling and licking both of you :)
13-Nov-17  (8 days ago)
Her knees up by her ears is pretty good!!
13-Nov-17  (8 days ago)
13-Nov-17  (8 days ago)
Fabulous pic. I'd love to join you sometime
13-Nov-17  (8 days ago)
I've always loved that, But found that waking up and fucking my gal and her friend was just a little more interesting. Luckily I work from home most of the time.
13-Nov-17  (8 days ago)
Deffently not :)
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