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Can I ride you? ;)
Category: NN Stamped  ID: 14479182
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 27-Jun-17
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No. of votes: 143
Days on site: 147
No. of views: 3581
Avg. views/day: 177
No. of bookmarks: 13
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28-Oct-17  (25 days ago)
My girlfriend and I would love to spend some time with you add me as a friend and we can work out some arrangements for this to happen if you would like
17-Oct-17  (36 days ago)
Yes, I believe you can. :P
22-Aug-17  (91 days ago)
...So on me and ride away....
3-Aug-17  (110 days ago)
Great curves
27-Jul-17  (117 days ago)
Till u drop and pop
19-Jul-17  (126 days ago)
Mmm.......Love your nice juicy tits...!
18-Jul-17  (127 days ago)
Anytime y like
17-Jul-17  (128 days ago)
LOVE it. First my face, then my HARD cock....
14-Jul-17  (130 days ago)
Biteable bulging belly....See what I did there? X
14-Jul-17  (130 days ago)
Lve your extremely sexy belly and awesome breasts!
11-Jul-17  (134 days ago)
love to meet you on a dark night
9-Jul-17  (136 days ago)
of course babe only if u want take me all the way in th ough ;)
9-Jul-17  (136 days ago)
You certainty can!!
7-Jul-17  (138 days ago)
WOW so Stunning
5-Jul-17  (140 days ago)
absolutely....I would love to have you on top of me
4-Jul-17  (141 days ago)
Id love to see that body bouncing on top of me
4-Jul-17  (141 days ago)
Yes you can and in as many ways,places and positions as we can get into
4-Jul-17  (141 days ago)
ride my cock baby
4-Jul-17  (141 days ago)
Yes, yes you may!
3-Jul-17  (142 days ago)
I hope you have good stamina! Certain you have great technique hehe
3-Jul-17  (142 days ago)
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy fun bags.
3-Jul-17  (142 days ago)
Anytime you wish!
2-Jul-17  (142 days ago)
wow love your droopy tits and soft double belly! Just wrap those soft thighs around my face!
2-Jul-17  (143 days ago)
anytime.......as long as you take me bare.....
2-Jul-17  (143 days ago)
Hell yes you can
2-Jul-17  (143 days ago)
Knickers off ma'am!
1-Jul-17  (144 days ago)
Anytime gorgeous!!! Love to suck and kiss your amazing breasts as you ride me til we cum together!!!
30-Jun-17  (145 days ago)
Hop aboard honey let's go for a long ride :-)
30-Jun-17  (145 days ago)
like a cheap mule anytime you want
30-Jun-17  (145 days ago)
Anytime you like to pretty lady x
30-Jun-17  (145 days ago)
Please pretty lady
30-Jun-17  (145 days ago)
Love this pic, it shows that orgasmic tummy! If you straddle me, I would grab your tummy with both hands and cum instantly!
29-Jun-17  (145 days ago)
I want you on my cock soooo bad!
29-Jun-17  (146 days ago)
Giddy up!
29-Jun-17  (146 days ago)
You can ride me anytime and for as long as you want.
29-Jun-17  (146 days ago)
You can only ride my dick, if you first ride my face
29-Jun-17  (146 days ago)
28-Jun-17  (146 days ago)
Oh gawd yes I'd love you to ride my face and dick
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
I would love for you to ride me and bend forward and let my suck on your breast as we fuck balls deep!
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
I'd love it!
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
You sure can.
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
I want to cum all over you.
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
You stand over me . . . your sex wet and swollen . . . promising pleasures of heat and sliding caresses . . . my throbbing clock lurches in lust and I slide my fingers softly up your thighs to hurry you . . . to stop the teasing . . . to bring you lower . . . Your hips drop and your pussy slides back and forth on my cock . . . Ohhh . . I want in you . . . deep in you . . . pounding . . . You reach for my hard thick swollen shaft . . . position the head at your entrance . . . . you slip down and lean forward . . . offering breasts to suck . . . I reach a hand behind you . . . a finger tip circling your sensitive rosebud . . . mmmmmmmm so good . . . I love loving your body . . . I love you riding me . . . .watching you fingering your nubbin as you slide back and forth . . . soon I will send shots of cum deep into you . . . then you can slide up so I can lick you tasting both of our juices then I will tease your nubbin to another orgasm . . . mmmmmm
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
You can ride me anyday.
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
Since you asked so nicely....well.....I suppose I could let you if you really, really, REALLY want to, wee one! But you have to ride me like you mean it, ok? Don't climb aboard and just go up and down a little, show some enthusiasm!!! If you wanna ride my cock - or my face, I'd DEFINITELY let you ride my face any time you wish! - you have to climb on, slide your tight, wet pussy balls deep and you've gotta work it, girl! Press your hands on my chest, those perfect breasts dangling close enough I can fondle and suckle them, and really ride me....up and down, back and forth, around and around and around....stop when I am totally encased in your velvety vagina and rock back and forth so my swollen mushroom head is stirring your sticky gooey insides and each time you move a certain direction, feel it thump against your G-Spot! Can you ride me, most precious one? Abso-fucking-lutely....but I get to teach you how to do it well! Wink! BTW - you are incredibly beautiful and sexy! This is, as always, a very erotic and flawless picture! Encore!
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
yes! please, Im so hard n want you ride...
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
Fuck yes you can! Anytime!
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
Yes please
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
Sure! Anytime!
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
mmmmmmm most definitely! hop on! LOL
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
So beautiful!!
28-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
Wow baby you can ride me hehe
27-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
only if you ride me until you cum
27-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
Climb aboard and have yourself a blast. Or is that have my blast? Semantics I guess.
27-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
Beautiful. I'd love to have you ride me
27-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
love to feel your wet pussy on my cock...
27-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
Anytime baby
27-Jun-17  (147 days ago)
u have a big hairy pussy?
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