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Category: General Close Ups  ID: 14462823
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 18-Jun-17
Note: IF you see any form of Yahoo, Hotmail or such in the title it is most probably someone trying to solicit you for fraud. DO NOT communicate with anyone that leaves a Yahoo, Hotmail or any other email address in the title. Click the Alert Moderator Button instead. Read more...
No. of votes: 632
Days on site: 342
No. of views: 14839
Avg. views/day: 43
No. of bookmarks: 106
Verified Premium Poster
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10-May-18  (16 days ago)
5-May-18  (20 days ago)
That looks awesomely yummy x
28-Apr-18  (28 days ago)
11-Mar-18  (75 days ago)
I see perfect pink paradise
5-Mar-18  (82 days ago)
So wanna slide my cock in there
23-Feb-18  (92 days ago)
Would love to taste you x
21-Feb-18  (93 days ago)
Wonderful pussy!!
12-Feb-18  (102 days ago)
Mmmmmmm...my tongue is twitching to taste you

16-Jan-18  (129 days ago)
just love this pic... brings to mind the view i get just before kissing pussy, licking pussy, ... mmm...
13-Jan-18  (133 days ago)
12-Jan-18  (134 days ago)
Any idea what I could put in there?
6-Jan-18  (140 days ago)
Wow she is so pretty my mouth is watering wanting to slowlick her making her cum hard over and over as u fuck my face and make me lick her clean
3-Jan-18  (143 days ago)
OMG!!!..What a Cock hardening close up, thanks, Kara!!!
26-Dec-17  (151 days ago)
Yum... mouth watering...
26-Dec-17  (151 days ago)
Love it! Rude or not.
11-Dec-17  (166 days ago)
So rude! So deliciously rude Kara! What's even more rude is my desire to dip my tongue into your wetting love pocket! xxx
2-Dec-17  (175 days ago)
*lick* *lick*
16-Nov-17  (190 days ago)
beautiful pussy, and love seeing your urethra
16-Nov-17  (191 days ago)
sweety pussy, wanna lick it
3-Nov-17  (204 days ago)
I see that you are read for me sexy xxx
2-Nov-17  (205 days ago)
Could spend hours liking you there
25-Oct-17  (212 days ago)
hummmm would enjoy there
22-Oct-17  (216 days ago)
Ummm niccce
21-Oct-17  (216 days ago)
Love to slide my tongue into your love hole and lift your clit hood back and suck and lick her then Swallow your love juices Before you feel my cock head parting your lips going deep in xx
20-Oct-17  (218 days ago)
Mmmm...I wanna penetrate you!
18-Oct-17  (219 days ago)
could almost feel what it would be like .... to have that hole wrapped around my cock
3-Oct-17  (235 days ago)
sweet x
3-Oct-17  (235 days ago)
I want to stick my tongue inside and taste your juices
28-Sep-17  (239 days ago)
Love the way you spread yourself open!
28-Sep-17  (240 days ago)
13-Sep-17  (255 days ago)
Yum would love to taste and lick it for hours
8-Sep-17  (259 days ago)
7-Sep-17  (260 days ago)
Love to taste it
6-Sep-17  (261 days ago)
Let me know if you want that munched ..
6-Sep-17  (262 days ago)
I want to slide my tongue as deep as I can get it to suck up your wet hot juices, I want to suck on your clit until it is so hard
5-Sep-17  (262 days ago)
I see breakfast, lunch, and dinner and an Asshole for dessert. YUM!
3-Sep-17  (265 days ago)
OMG.....I so wanna devour your delicious looking pussy n ass so bad right now, you make my cock so hard it's crazy.
1-Sep-17  (266 days ago)
mmmmm Very Nice sexy My cock is ready for you
1-Sep-17  (266 days ago)
Your making my tongue swell
30-Aug-17  (269 days ago)
geez tongue cock finger looks delicious
23-Aug-17  (275 days ago)
Unbelievable. I am imagining being deep deep inside you. I'll be masturbating over this pic for hours!
23-Aug-17  (276 days ago)
Wow! Intensely sensual
21-Aug-17  (277 days ago)
yummy, so wet......i would love to cum in that. then eat you clean..............xoxoxo
21-Aug-17  (277 days ago)
wide open just right for my tongue
19-Aug-17  (280 days ago)
kiss lick eat that sweet pussy for hours and that sweet ass too
17-Aug-17  (281 days ago)
WOW looks very tight I don't think I would wont to hurt you xxxx but it would be nice working it to fit xx
15-Aug-17  (283 days ago)
Can I lick that flower
15-Aug-17  (284 days ago)
id like to eat that
14-Aug-17  (284 days ago)
Hottest pic ive ever seen!
12-Aug-17  (286 days ago)
Brunch, dinner and supper all rolled into 1 ? I am cumming for you? xxxxxx
12-Aug-17  (287 days ago)
mmmm breakfast
12-Aug-17  (287 days ago)
That is the tastiest looking pussy I have ever seen xx
11-Aug-17  (288 days ago)
Can I lick your Sweet Honey Pot? Email me jayinflathotmail
9-Aug-17  (290 days ago)
I want to be inside of you.
8-Aug-17  (291 days ago)
I wanna fuck your pussy so hard
7-Aug-17  (292 days ago)
Mmmmmm....my tongue is twitching to devour you
6-Aug-17  (293 days ago)
5-Aug-17  (293 days ago)
I just cum to this next to my sleeping gf
24-Jul-17  (306 days ago)
24-Jul-17  (306 days ago)
Very tasty looking
23-Jul-17  (306 days ago)
beautiful open ready for my tongue ?
23-Jul-17  (306 days ago)
love to dip my tongue in there and taste the gravy
19-Jul-17  (310 days ago)
18-Jul-17  (311 days ago)
16-Jul-17  (314 days ago)
Mmmmm would lick and tease your Clit for hours yummy
16-Jul-17  (314 days ago)
Wow beautiful soft pink pussy I want to lick it all day
4-Jul-17  (325 days ago)
you look so ready.
4-Jul-17  (326 days ago)
I have a big hard cock for you
3-Jul-17  (327 days ago)
Magical view! My wand stood up!
1-Jul-17  (329 days ago)
so sweet im in love, big kiss,,,, write me or visit me.
29-Jun-17  (331 days ago)
Need filling and stretching
29-Jun-17  (331 days ago)
Love your pussy
29-Jun-17  (331 days ago)
love your nice pussy
28-Jun-17  (331 days ago)
OMFG, luv the view!
27-Jun-17  (333 days ago)
What a nice sexy and beautiful spread. Pussy you have mind if I lick it please
25-Jun-17  (335 days ago)
Yummy wet pussy ! Would love a taste !
25-Jun-17  (335 days ago)
what a delicious pussy!
25-Jun-17  (335 days ago)
That's so beautiful
24-Jun-17  (335 days ago)
mmmmm...looks yummy
24-Jun-17  (336 days ago)
Can i have a taste
24-Jun-17  (336 days ago)
Hungry now x
22-Jun-17  (337 days ago)
I'd love to bust that open with my thick dick.
22-Jun-17  (337 days ago)
22-Jun-17  (338 days ago)
dam I'd love to tongue fuck that delicious looking pussy and ass. so hot !!!
22-Jun-17  (338 days ago)
Very sexy pussy I want to cum deep inside you
22-Jun-17  (338 days ago)
21-Jun-17  (338 days ago)
I so badly want to lick that hooded clit and slide my fingers over your gspot until you squirt all over my face
21-Jun-17  (339 days ago)
Mmm I'd love to tongue fuck your sweet succulent pussy!!
19-Jun-17  (340 days ago)
OMG great close up pic... you look so moist, may I have a taste?
19-Jun-17  (340 days ago)
Your hot little pussy and ass is making my mouth water! ;o)
19-Jun-17  (340 days ago)
Perfect for licking x
19-Jun-17  (341 days ago)
Would love to watch my husband slide in while I have a lick
19-Jun-17  (341 days ago)
oh I want to nibble on your clit as I finger fuck your tight pussy until you reach a mind blowing orgasm and your body trembles all over x
19-Jun-17  (341 days ago)
Yummy xx
19-Jun-17  (341 days ago)
delicious 😋
19-Jun-17  (341 days ago)
mmmm so pink and juicy what a way to spend a sunday licking your sweet honey pot xx
19-Jun-17  (341 days ago)
Mmmmm tongue and cock ready love to tribute you if I may pm and friend request sent
19-Jun-17  (341 days ago)
mmmm, very tasty indeed. my tongue is watering xxx
19-Jun-17  (341 days ago)
18-Jun-17  (341 days ago)
I'd suck pussy dry
18-Jun-17  (341 days ago)
Looks so fucking delicious
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
Gorgeous!!! I wanna lick!
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
You are still by far my favorite hot as hell
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
love to taste it
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
Pretty pussy.
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
beeeeeautiful delicious love it, big smiles, wink xxx
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
looks so delicious
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
pure poetry
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
I'd give anything to feel your hot little pussy around my throbbing hard cock
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
Very beautiful
18-Jun-17  (342 days ago)
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