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Guess what I need??
Category: Mature Women  ID: 14408360
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 18-May-17
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No. of votes: 226
Days on site: 396
No. of views: 5091
Avg. views/day: 13
No. of bookmarks: 24
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30-May-18  (19 days ago)
Such a great photo - you look amazing. Would love to give you what you want
25-May-18  (24 days ago)
A Lady to kiss that sweet pussy softly for you xxx
18-May-18  (31 days ago)
Guess what I need? A hot tasty pussy to make cum several times before you mount me cowgirl so you control the tempo and I kiss and suck your lovely tits.
9-May-18  (40 days ago)
My hard cock?
8-May-18  (41 days ago)
mmmmmm im in hexham lol
1-May-18  (48 days ago)
Lay back and let me hold your breasts as I pinch and rub your nipples. My face will be buried in your wet cunt as I make your clit grow to new lengths with my dancing tongue.. When I suck it deep in my lips grab my hair and fuck my face
21-Apr-18  (58 days ago)
I would love to give u anything wanted, u look so sexy
19-Apr-18  (60 days ago)
6-Apr-18  (73 days ago)
No doubt you need a Mature Man!
5-Apr-18  (74 days ago)
A woman going down on that tempting pussy of yours..
2-Apr-18  (77 days ago)
Nice cup of Tea?
20-Mar-18  (90 days ago)
If I guess right what do I get?
23-Jan-18  (146 days ago)
I know what you need and I would give it too. My mouth and tongue first, then my thick cock.
17-Jan-18  (152 days ago)
So hot and fuckable
4-Jan-18  (165 days ago)
Ive got it if you want it! ;) x
1-Jan-18  (168 days ago)
WOW!!!! Absolutely stunning hot sexy view. Xx
23-Dec-17  (177 days ago)
We’ve missed your pussy!!!
29-Nov-17  (201 days ago)
wow, very very sexy..............so hot, may i lick that? xoxoxo baby
25-Nov-17  (206 days ago)
I know what you need, and I need you
14-Sep-17  (277 days ago)
super sexy and a very sweet pussy, love to play with you!
3-Sep-17  (288 days ago)
Still sexy as fuck!! xx
28-Aug-17  (294 days ago)
Omg. So many horny things I want to do to you. XXXXX
22-Aug-17  (300 days ago)
31-Jul-17  (322 days ago)
Not sure what you need but I know what I'd like to give you lol :) - Pete x
17-Jul-17  (336 days ago)
glorious hot sexy body great pic more please
17-Jul-17  (337 days ago)
Suction and Longfellow!
16-Jul-17  (337 days ago)
I would love to fuck you
13-Jul-17  (340 days ago)
Too many to list but love to try supplying them
12-Jul-17  (341 days ago)
you need my stiff dick,
9-Jul-17  (344 days ago)
I guessed 37 different things, and at least 28 are, I suspect, right. Only one of the others would get me slapped silly, the rest may just have to wait!
9-Jul-17  (344 days ago)
A tongue licking that sweet pussy x
26-Jun-17  (357 days ago)
I'll be right there.
24-Jun-17  (360 days ago)
Love to be there right now giving it to you and loads of warm cream in and all over that smokin' body
23-Jun-17  (360 days ago)
Very inviting pussy
17-Jun-17  (366 days ago)
dear god how I'd love to lick those sweet lips and watch you open like a flower for me, mmmmmm
9-Jun-17  (374 days ago)
Just joking around but - were you afraid someone was going to recognize you by your nostrils?
9-Jun-17  (374 days ago)
How many guesses do I get??
5-Jun-17  (378 days ago)
Certainly happy to help since you have been left wet and hanging
5-Jun-17  (378 days ago)
hot fox u have
4-Jun-17  (380 days ago)
Nice pussy!
2-Jun-17  (381 days ago)
My Cock? Love your pussy.........yummy
1-Jun-17  (382 days ago)
A nice big load. I'm ready when you are ;-)
31-May-17  (383 days ago)
still remarkable I see. Still have that spot on the lens though.
30-May-17  (384 days ago)
I'm pretty sure I know. lol I'd love to be the person giving you what you need! ;o)
23-May-17  (391 days ago)
I think that 'little thang' needs a good tongue massage.
23-May-17  (391 days ago)
Deliciously inviting :)
21-May-17  (393 days ago)
My cock!
20-May-17  (394 days ago)
me in you x
19-May-17  (395 days ago)
Lick lick lick xxxx
19-May-17  (396 days ago)
mmmmmmmm yummy xxx
19-May-17  (396 days ago)
you obviously need my willing tongue and big thick stiff shaved 7inch cock, see my naked pics on here please and tell me what you reckon? thanx Brianxoxoxoxxo
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
My dick?
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
Oh, there's no guesswork, I can read you like a book, ideally in braille and in person!!
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
A jolly good seeing to!
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
You read my mind mmmmmmmmmmm
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
Wish I could lick and eat your pussy before I slide in my cock.
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
My mouth? my cock? my wife????
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
kiss those sexy lips xx
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
My tongue on your pussy lips and nipples .
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
I think I might know
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
nice hard cock
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
i hope its me licking your delicious hot pussy
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
Totally hot pussy and super sexy outfit !!!
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
my cum would be perfect!
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
Whatever it is, I'd be happy to give you. Lovely to see you again
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
Mmmm wish I ticked that box lol beautiful body ...very inviting xxx
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
a good tongue and hard dick?????
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
Guess what I have for you?
18-May-17  (396 days ago)
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