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Category: Chicks  ID: 14304722
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 18-Mar-17
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No. of votes: 271
Days on site: 216
No. of views: 6286
Avg. views/day: 839
No. of bookmarks: 62
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26-Mar-17  (209 days ago)
can you be quiet while i fuck you senseless?
25-Mar-17  (210 days ago)
nice arse
25-Mar-17  (210 days ago)
Nice ass
25-Mar-17  (210 days ago)
Wonderful, just such perfect sexy curves!
24-Mar-17  (211 days ago)
Well, I'm going to go jack off now
23-Mar-17  (212 days ago)
23-Mar-17  (212 days ago)
I want to experience your ass
22-Mar-17  (213 days ago)
I want to fuck you then blow a load all over that face and those glasses with some thick cum
22-Mar-17  (213 days ago)
Hot stuff and so sexy!!
22-Mar-17  (213 days ago)
very beautiful and sexy lady i really want to lick and suck your sweet pussy
21-Mar-17  (214 days ago)
Ok I will try not to make a sound as i eat your ass and pussy for hours
20-Mar-17  (214 days ago)
I WANNA TAP THAT ASS WITH MY COCK!....such a lovely curvy ass girl!
20-Mar-17  (215 days ago)
Cheeky. xx Lyn xx
20-Mar-17  (215 days ago)
Very good ;)
20-Mar-17  (215 days ago)
throbbing for you
20-Mar-17  (215 days ago)
Nice teaser!
20-Mar-17  (215 days ago)
PLEASE sit on my face!
20-Mar-17  (215 days ago)
20-Mar-17  (215 days ago)
Holly fuck girl are you killing me with that gorgeous ass. I so need to eat that ass and jam my cock balls deep in there and pump it full of cum. you look amazing.
20-Mar-17  (215 days ago)
Now I won't tell a soul were you want me to star
19-Mar-17  (215 days ago)
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
that's one fine ass
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
Trust me I won't tell anybody!
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
Your ass curves are soo very hot....Do show off your 'upper curves' soon, as I'm sure your fine tits are just as delilcious to see too.
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
You've got one gorgeous ass baby and love seeing your feet also got me so hard right now!!
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
Damn, you're gorgeous ;)
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
love your sexy ass and feet!
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
So sexyyy
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
There is nothing more beautiful than a woman's body. It is a landscape of individual uniqueness a world of it's own . . . . it is your curves . . . your own hills and valleys . . . your own scents . . . and tastes . . . it is the nerves of your inner thighs gently stroked . . . your hard nipples swelling with with the touch of lips . . . . it is the spasm of your belly as your clit is licked . . . it is the sweet juice of your arousal on the tongue . . . it is the sound of your sigh or moan . . or the clench of you as you come . . . . it is the curly hairs that cover your most sensitive self or the fleshy soft smoothness of your shaved mons it is your breasts in a loving hand - - the firm hill with a spiky nip. You are the land I want to explore . . you are the world I want to understand in all it's uniqueness . . . teach me to touch you . . . I want to celebrate your body until it sings . . . . . mmmmmm thank you for the fantasies.
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
.....mmmmmmmm...Yes .. my mouth will be much too busy feasting to utter anything more than moans of pleasure naughty girl .......
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
Sweet ass.
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
Awesome butt.
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
Nope - I want to hear you make some noise! :-)
19-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
This is a great pic and shows the curves of her ass so well.
18-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
mmmm wow I want to lick that sweet ass u have such a great ass
18-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
Need to see this girl naked :)
18-Mar-17  (216 days ago)
Delicious :-)
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