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remember me?

Viewing Member - robertabruner

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and the next room with three guys...I was "fucking" worn out...but loved it...

431 views in 20 days
First room was 4 guys...all enjoyed my mature pussy!!!..

396 views in 20 days
Christmas Whore would "do" 7 different guys in two different motel rooms in...

391 views in 20 days
Know why I was "The Christmas Whore"???

684 views in 20 days
Roberta...I was not a Christmas whore, I was the Christmas whore, lol!!!

451 views in 20 days
He Called a friend...and I got a better deal!!!!

481 views in 73 days
Called a friend...

392 views in 73 days
me a hat and.....he rode me!

408 views in 73 days
Went to test drive a new car, he gave me a hat and.....

305 views in 73 days
You & your friend going to use those BBC's on this ass????

285 views in 73 days
You want more???

460 views in 73 days
Ok, you asked I cum see you, now what?

379 views in 74 days
Would not believe the places I've shown my ass! Just a dare!!!

275 views in 74 days
Who else "flaunts" tits & pussy on BRP? I do!!!!

814 views in 74 days
Your request...Hot Wet Pussy!!!

667 views in 80 days
Dare me again! I'll flaunt tits & ass all-day!!!!

593 views in 80 days
Whew! This is what happens when you tease a couple of guys wearing a Bikini...

656 views in 81 days
Ok, my tits are out....what next?

643 views in 81 days
Damn Bikini just keeps getting Roberta in trouble!!!!

449 views in 81 days
Bikini got Roberta in trouble!!! Got both my holes filled full of cum!!!!

772 views in 134 days
Bikini got Roberta in trouble!!!

1239 views in 134 days
It's always nicer to share....and I love it!!!! Roberta xoxoxo

572 views in 136 days
If you FUCK me will you share me too????

780 views in 136 days
Love to FUCK me? How many of you would???:)

789 views in 137 days
Roberta, I love to be the star of the party!!!!

456 views in 137 days
The dare was to walk to my friends room without pants and panties...I' lo...

735 views in 171 days
Roberta, been busy....modeling is fun for us older gals!!!

741 views in 171 days
Lol...doggy or backdoor is always open too!!!

698 views in 186 days
I just love to flaunt my old tits & cunt!!!

1101 views in 186 days
They said my ass was showing so I said "here's a pussy peek too", Lol!

769 views in 192 days
So...you really like older Lake Whores???? You keep looking and I'll keep s...

1581 views in 192 days
It's hard being a Lake Whore, but somebody gotta do it...why not me!!!

1377 views in 194 days
Swallowing from a happy load...

960 views in 220 days

866 views in 220 days
Miss Me??? Still fucking the neighbors!

1827 views in 220 days
showing my tits again at the lake.....yesterday!

1014 views in 248 days
Lake James slut ready to party....

1100 views in 254 days
So you like older sluts who wear string Bikinis at the beach and lake????

883 views in 255 days
Slut is a good word!

1403 views in 256 days
At 66 still a Lake James slut!!!

988 views in 256 days
Yes, it is HIGH Mileage pussy...and still adding to the count!!!!

1553 views in 258 days
Sweet when I swallow!

894 views in 262 days
Like big pussy????

1691 views in 262 days
So you like me being the HS whore? I haven't change, now the neighborhood s...

1460 views in 267 days
Having my tits played with keeps'em firm at 66!

872 views in 267 days
Mouth full!!!

556 views in 269 days
Still the Myrtle Beach whore I was in HS!!!

1194 views in 269 days
My 40D's

1017 views in 269 days
This is 2 holes no waiting!!!!

1997 views in 270 days
2 holes, no waiting!

611 views in 270 days
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