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Slip-pery when wet
Category: Lingerie  ID: 14625320
Submitted By:
Date Posted: 21-Sep-17
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No. of votes: 282
Days on site: 393
No. of views: 4887
Avg. views/day: 12
No. of bookmarks: 27
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16-Oct-18  (2 days ago)
One of my fav pics sexy
10-Oct-18  (9 days ago)
Love the way you look bent over like this
3-Oct-18  (16 days ago)
So sexy!! I want your ass too!!
22-Sep-18  (26 days ago)
Perfect !
22-Sep-18  (27 days ago)
yum x
19-Sep-18  (29 days ago)
Nice doggy position to fuck that sexy Ass
18-Sep-18  (31 days ago)
Your gallery is fantastic... it lacks bum shots like this... this is unfortunate.
7-Sep-18  (42 days ago)
Would love to make you slip ery
29-Aug-18  (51 days ago)
I would love to feel and taste that
15-Aug-18  (64 days ago)
I want to see your tight sexy butthole
14-Aug-18  (66 days ago)
So damn sexy.
11-Aug-18  (69 days ago)
tell yo lil dick husband bring a camera n watch a real man fuck his sexy lil wife
11-Aug-18  (69 days ago)
imma get behind u baby hit that tight pussy doggystyle
31-Jul-18  (80 days ago)
Such a spankable little butt
28-Jul-18  (83 days ago)
Doggie is the best
27-Jul-18  (84 days ago)
Hmmm my fav.
25-Jul-18  (86 days ago)
I love your seductive roundness . . the soft swell of your butt and how it fits me . . skin to skin . . heat to heat . . my cock stands between your cheeks . . sliding . . teasing . . my hands caress your back and slip down the sides . . seeking the fullness of you breasts and sensitive nips . . thumbs and forefingers . . little pinches little pulls . . you push back hugging my throbbing shaft . . a sigh and hum in your throat . . you spread a bit and slip a hand under . . fingers find your nubbin . . sensitive . . wanting touches . . little shocks . . waves of heat . . I back off a bit . . swat a cheek . . then the other. . your surprise and pleasure are audible . . I move the head of my cock to your slit sliding between your wet lips . . feeling for the indent . . . mmmmm there . . so hot . . pushing . . the head first . . then back . . then in . . over and over . . you wiggle your ass and say. . . “More . . please . . I want it all . . “ My erection loses all sense of control and slams home our bodies slap . . all to fill you . .
23-Jul-18  (88 days ago)
Great bum!!
23-Jul-18  (88 days ago)
Breath taking
15-Jul-18  (95 days ago)
21-Jun-18  (120 days ago)
10-Jun-18  (131 days ago)
Good landing spot for my cum! :-)
7-Jun-18  (134 days ago)
you are so sexy
2-Jun-18  (139 days ago)
You are the complete package!
28-May-18  (144 days ago)
Very pretty! Do men put their cocks in your ass? I certainly would want to - your ass is just delectable!
24-May-18  (148 days ago)
I'd love to put my face right behind you.
16-May-18  (155 days ago)
Now how sexy is that..beautiful
10-May-18  (161 days ago)
Mmmm I have something I would love to slip in
6-May-18  (165 days ago)
Oh, I'll be sure to drive you with caution........trust me!!!
11-Apr-18  (190 days ago)
Love the ass baby
26-Mar-18  (207 days ago)
Such a cute ass
15-Mar-18  (218 days ago)
mwthis is the one i want to cum over.... love to see you show off that ass and those legs for
14-Feb-18  (247 days ago)
Very nice ass
5-Jan-18  (287 days ago)
Mmmm, very inviting
30-Dec-17  (293 days ago)
Love that HOT ass!!!
11-Dec-17  (312 days ago)
do you like anal? because your about to.
7-Dec-17  (316 days ago)
I'm cumming to slide my big cock up between those lovely cheeks xxxx
4-Dec-17  (319 days ago)
Oh hell yeah..And I'm a fan of making puppies too...Love the back shot..:)..
11-Nov-17  (342 days ago)
Jesus, what a tease, you are so sexy!
8-Nov-17  (345 days ago)
How the hell did I ever miss this one. Yummy!
8-Nov-17  (345 days ago)
wiggle that sexy ass
25-Oct-17  (359 days ago)
Great pic
24-Oct-17  (360 days ago)
Love that tight butt. You are in great shape
12-Oct-17  (372 days ago)
Wow, very sexy!
5-Oct-17  (379 days ago)
My favourite view and position
5-Oct-17  (379 days ago)
Hmmmmm...love to see more pics of your gorgeous arse!!!
2-Oct-17  (382 days ago)
Yes please!
25-Sep-17  (389 days ago)
let me feel and taste that :-)
23-Sep-17  (391 days ago)
23-Sep-17  (391 days ago)
mmm Love this sexy view
23-Sep-17  (391 days ago)
wanna kiss your cheeks
22-Sep-17  (392 days ago)
Let me pull your bottom to one side and slide my cock into your wet pussy xx
22-Sep-17  (392 days ago)
I would love to see more of that beautiful ass
21-Sep-17  (392 days ago)
Then lets get you wet!!!!
21-Sep-17  (392 days ago)
love this pic
21-Sep-17  (393 days ago)
Luv to mount up!
21-Sep-17  (393 days ago)
Fuck yeah I'll hold your hips and slide my cock in your wet pussy and bang you all night
21-Sep-17  (393 days ago)
21-Sep-17  (393 days ago)
I should make her wet, then!
21-Sep-17  (393 days ago)
Oh so nice!
21-Sep-17  (393 days ago)
mm mm love your sexy little ass
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