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Member Since: 24-Aug-09
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Just getting started
  Caught Jacking Off 27-Sep-09
When I was 18, I got accepted in an out of state college, and my mother's brother happened to live nearby.
So Icalled and asked if I could stay with him until I located a place to live. He had an even better idea, he had a loft over his garage that he was turning into a small apartment, and I could stay there rent free if I did the work.
I took the offer and arrived at his house about a week later.
I was talking to him looking around the loft, not bad most of the plumbing was in, just finish and add a few walls.
As I was looking around, my uncle sez,"Ah, here she is.This is my new wife."
I turned around to see a vision of beauty. She was in her early 30's, about 5'2" blonde with perfect b cup titties with dark puffy nipples that showed through anything she wore. This day she was wearing a white cotton shrink top and tight white shorts.
My dick started to get hard. I tried to keep it from happening, but I ended up with a semi.
"Pleased to meet you."She said. then she looked directly at my semi hard dick.
I nearly lost it and spent the next few minutes trying to concentrate on what my uncle was saying.
But they finally left and as they left my "Aunt' looked down at my dick and said,"I know I'll see more of you." and they left.
That was all I could stand, right to the bathroom for a quick jack off.
A few weeks passed by and I was working on the loft, it was rather hot so I walked over to the window to cool off.
There was my "Aunt' sitting on her porch, drinking a beer.
Hard immediately, I decided to take a braek, grab some porn and jack off.
I sat on the couch and just got started when I heard a noise to the right.
I turned, and there was my "Aunt" standing there holding 2 beers.
"I was going to offer you a beer, to take a break, but it looks like you have found something better to do.'
All I could do is sit there holding my rock hard dick and stammer.
Then she said,"That looks like fun, I think I'll join you.' And with that she dropped her shorts to the floor, revealing one of the hairiest blonde pussy's I have ever seen, and plopped down next to me on the couch.
She pulled up her top revealing those lucisious tits and dark puffy nipples.
She began playing with one nipple with one hand and working her clit with the other.
I started jacking and with the show going on next to me, blew an enormous load on my stomach.
My "Aunt" came shortly there after.
After sitting there a bit, she reached over, scooped my cum up with her hand and rubbed on her pussy.
She put on her shorts, and with a twinkle in her eye said."We don't need to tell anyone about this.' And left.
I just sat there holding a semi erect dick in my hand, dumbfounded and wondering if it would happen again.

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Member Since: 19-Jan-05
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I Like to Reflect

you are killing all of us tell what did happen
later with her.

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Member Since: 8-Apr-09
Location: US
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Just getting started

tagged for hopefully a future update

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Member Since: 24-Aug-09
Location: US
Posts: 15
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Just getting started

Sadly no repeat
No repeat of the jo party with "Aunt" but I did try. Even going so far as jacking off in front of the window where she could see me, hoping she would join in. She just sat there enjoying the view and smiling. She blew me a kiss. After a few more attempts, even asking her outright to join in....I gave up and moved on to other adventures(?).

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while you're on the subject
once I was at a slumber party when I was 16 and we were playing "truth or dare"... On a dare I got up and jacked off in front of all my friends... at the peak moment the host kid's mom came downstairs and wondered what the fuck I was doing... I tried to act natural but there wasn't much I could do after she had seen me brandishing my cock...

At another party on a dare I went in to the host kid's mom's bedroom and jacked off while she was sleeping... I groaned a bit too much and she woke up... that was a rough one to get out of... I became notorious after that...

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caught a few times
I was 16 home alone feeling horny. My mom was in a another town visiting. I was on the sofa naked playing with my hard cock when my friend walked in on me. He ended up jacking with me but no touching. I was 17 one time riding my dirt bike though the woods got horny pulled over to the side of the path. I was stroking away when I heard someone step on a branch, looked over it was a couple watching me. They didn't say anything so I didn't stop and shot my load pulled my pants up and left. I was about 25 been going to the xxx drive-in for a few years. I was in my car pants down stroking away. A knock on the window startled me. I looked up there was a older guy looking at me with his thumbs up sign. I wave him in the car, now I was already bi by then. He jumped in the passenger seat, said nice better than the movie, mind if I join u? I said no go for it. Next thing I knew he was sucking my cock. Shot a big load in his mouth. I pushed him back and sucked him till he shot a load in my mouth.

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