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  Females voted and comments 12-Oct-17
I try to chat with females on my friends list no one ever chats, even if 5 to 10 friends are on, and those that do are usually men or couples in the profile. I get way more attention from the guys in the newtransnudes and newbudnudes so I may as well post there for now. Most of the women on here are a big joke, ther are a handful that are excempt but the majority just want a cum tribute and thats all they give nothing in exchange and its like if you wont cum on them then they stop talking. I think the majority of profiles are guys hiding behind a fake female profile a big joke. Then the chat room is another joke, the ration from men to women is like 80 20 and the majority of them just chatting about boring things day in and out, this is a sex site people!!! I had one female say keep it pg, keep it PG? in a sex site sad so sad,,, Then im called fat and told to hit the gym and that cum doesnt matter so I have had enough of you females its like you want a Ken doll or something. I post pictures and jerk off videos yet rarely do I get a comment when I feel my pictures are creative and varied not just cock pics all the time but theres no winning with you ladies if i post a cock pics ``well i dont lik all cock pics``, so i post some body and cock and ass shots ``well it looks too gay`` so there is no winning. My cock and big cum loads is better than most of your hubbies out there even you have said that yet I get few votes and comments. Very few females reply to my messages out of 20 messages I get 1 reply and it is a short 2 word reply that makes no sense and then thats it..you will say oh they are not premium but yes all 20 were. This site is a joke its for couples and single females and thats it. Im a paying premium member for years yet i get no votes, few comments and no appreciation for my content so why should you benefit from my content? Im not saying all the females are like this but id say about 90% of the ones i have delt with are for the exception of a few close and loyal female friends and I would like to thank them for their comments and votes and our chats but the rest can go on and keep playing your stupid games........... ****I will still be around and checking my messages If you would like to swap pictures or see some of mine and some of my videos i will gladly swap on here, yahoo, kik, or skype just send me a message and let me know. If you would like my e-mail let me know as well.... I will be posting on newtransnudes and newdudenudes,bateworld,xtube,eroprofile... as well as i way more appreciated by the men at least they vote, comment and chat regularly so guys hit me up and lets have some fun...

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