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  I Am Maestro and She My Instrument 1-Oct-17
I play her mind, I play her body, I play her soul. I am Maestro and she my instrument.
This is the closing line in my response to another post I responded to here in the forum. After reading it, it got me to thinking that is exactly it in my relationship. I have spent an entire lifetime tailoring my sexual being to the tastes and desires of another...My Wife. It got me wondering how many others feel the same way?
My wife and I both have varied pasts however once together I made a conscious decision to become teacher, and leader to my wife's sexual conditioning. She came from a religious background and was not as comfortable as I. Over a lifetime I have listened to her, held her, made her feel attractive, helped her find confidence all with the desired design that in return I would have a model wife, and the comfortable tailored whore I always fantasized of. This is not a Master\Servant scene. We are equal and both committed to making life together the best it can be while it can be.
It has not all been paradise. In fact it has been often discouraging, felt like it was taking a lifetime, and at time infinitely frustrating however I can honestly say it has finally arrived. I have a beautiful, confident partner, that loves getting off with me.
So how about you, who puts the work in and how is it going. In a healthy sexual relationship it takes two to Tango. How's your investment paying off?

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Member Since: 25-Jun-14
Location: CA
Posts: 157
Forum Level:
Just getting started

Darkness, crickets, night sounds.....all alone in a big open room.

4 Reasons No One Talks To You
Because You?re Not Interesting
Be funny. Be interesting. Post different types of content. Be worth liking. Don?t make posting each day a mindless item to check off your to-do list. Strive to make each post meaningful.

Because They Don?t Know Who You Are
Are you telling your story in a way that makes your fans proud to identify with you and let their friends know it?

Because You?re Not Provoking Them To Respond
If it?s comments you?re looking for, make sure you make it clear by posting irresistible statuses that beg your fans to weigh in.
Some examples include fill-in-the-blanks (e.g. ?The best thing about my job is _______?), one-word answers (?Describe your weekend in one word?Go!?) and photo caption contests.

Because You?re Not Giving Them What They Want
When you do post your own content, make sure you?re able to give your fans a treat once in a while ? it?s what they?re looking for.

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I agree we need more participation so ok here's our story, Angel was married to a really jealous guy, wasn't even allowed to wear a bikini, she bought sexy panties he called her a whore, if she initiated sex or asked to try a position other than missionary he called her a whore, he didn't like to do oral therefore he wasn't good at it, she asked if they could get a vibrator and....he called her a whore, if another guy looked at her he wanted to fight, that could only go on so long before something was bound to happen, we met had an affair and we're still together, now you would think she would be a mental mess but it was the opposite she was very enthusiastic about sex with me and had a personal theory that a man or woman was kept sexually drained wouldn't go looking for sex elsewhere, that's been a win, win for both of us.
cool angel

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