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I am: Female Age: 35
Seeking: Anyone - Don't care Preference: Girls & Guys
Children: None Member Since: 30-Nov-17
Location: United States Last logged In: 15-Dec-17
Relationship Status: Married
About Me: We love naughty/nasty comments on PM's. Let loose and have some fun. We'd love for you to take a look at her photos, make a comment and don't be afraid to get naughty. Even call her a name or two...you might just make her pussy wet. We're just a normal loving married couple that has been together over a decade. But unlike a lot of couples we like to explore our secret wild side. The male half has loved to take photos of the female half for years! We've never felt comfortable showing them to friends... so we've thought its kind of a shame that the hubby is the only one that gets to see the ever-growing collection. Well, here's a try at fixing that! He likes taking them and she likes posing and we love the idea of other people "enjoying" them as much as he does. She's a submissive bisexual slut who likes to please and be dominated a bit. She loves a wet pussy on a hot fit woman to stick her face in, but also loves giving blow-jobs and can't resist a hard cock inside of her pussy or ass. She gets really wet when a guy or girl calls her names and she also has some submission/humiliation fantasies. He has fucked his hot wife for years and loves taking pictures of her. He's not into the cuckold thing, but loves to see or help her get used and abused by other sexy people. He especially likes it when his wife gets dominated. We're not on this site to meet up with other people but do like communicating with others who like the same things as us.

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I am: Female Age: 25
Seeking: Anyone - Don't care Preference: Girls & Guys
Children: None Member Since: 19-Feb-17
Location: United Kingdom Last logged In: 15-Dec-17
Relationship Status: Single
About Me: I always try to be honest so I will start with the most important thing to me. If we become friends, I expect you to chat when we are both on- line. If you choose not to ever chat or reply, I will delete you as what's the point? I hope you understand............So..........Since I was 16, I have done things with both boys and girls. (I lived with a female partner for four years) I have also been fucked by both younger and older guys. As well, as plenty of white cock, I have also had the pleasure of big black dick right up inside me. I have lots of quite dirty fantasies and I am going to update my blog to reveal them to other lovers of dirtyness. I absolutely love teasing guys and then giving them pleasure. I like to tie them to a chair and bend over in front of them so my pussy and bum is nearly in their face and then pull away. I will then wank them off or suck them dry while they are unable to reach out and touch me. I fantasise about being taken to a pub and then stripped off in front of all the older guys there. I would also like to be taken to a factory, and paraded around on a leash by a guy with just my knickers, stockings and high heels on while they touch me and take pictures. I also love to be tied up and abused. So....I have told you what I like? What do you like and just what do you want from me?

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I am: Female Age: 41
Seeking: No one at the moment Preference: Girls & Guys
Children: Member Since: 9-May-13
Location: United Kingdom Last logged In: 15-Dec-17
Relationship Status: Married
About Me: Happily married MILF. Intelligent. Pretty. Petite. Witty. Curvaceous. Pricktease. I love to write erotic stories some of which I've shared here on my blog. When I'm horny I'm slutty but not a slut, there is a huge difference! I love sex, I love to masturbate and my curves are all 100% natural. I get aroused exposing myself to strangers and extremely turned on sharing naked pics on here. Intelligent conversation makes me weak at the knees... A few people have asked questions about how I began to writing erotic fiction so I thought I’d give you a glimpse in to my real-life to set the scene. I work part time for a small business where I’m an analysis consultant. I have my own office which I share with a female colleague, who for the record I think would have a heart attack in shock if she knew about this side of my personality, and I have to power dress for work, something which I enjoy. I spend a lot of time in meetings with male colleagues and I believe that it’s important for women to be taken seriously in such situations and dressing the part most certainly helps. I have a dress code rule where it’s either legs on show or cleavage, never both at the same time something which never fails to amuse my husband. I love to masturbate when I can’t for whatever reason get some real cock and I enjoy watching porn when I’m in the mood for the quick thrill that it gives me. I have no hang ups regarding the use of swear words or other terms and phrases which some may deem as unladylike, fuck that shit, this is 2017 people! Writing erotic fiction or porn, for want of a better term, however has a much slower and deeper sexual build up to it. When I’m sat in my office, which is where I do most of my writing due to a hectic and fun filled homelife, I get turned on by the fact that my colleagues have no idea what I’m up to and how aroused I get, plus the fact that it’s work time and so I’m technically getting paid for being a perv! ;-) x

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