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Saturday, August 11, 2018, 9:06:41 PM- Stinky!!
Some of you will remember my stinky pony Oldie and his adventures. When I had the cancer I had to sell him, I couldn't give him the care and attention he needed. I've felt guilty ever since because he rescued me as much as I rescued him and I owed him. Well guess what? He'll be home at the end of this month!! Yes, we've got him back!!
The stinky pony is coming home :D
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"Glad to hear it hun x"
- stealth69

Friday, August 10, 2018, 9:23:12 PM- Blog
I'm blogging so I can be lazy and say 'go see my blog' when I asked why I've been quiet. To be honest I CAN be quiet...sometimes!
I've been busy decorating my Hall/stairs/landing and not enjoying it much. I've taken out the old banister and replaced them with glass, I've stripped the stairs and painted them etc etc...
I'm finally getting results at the hospital as I'm now on the waiting list for spinal decompression surgery and I cannot wait to have it done, imagine....no back pain...ooohhh yeah!
I wasn't quick enough separating the mice and now have 20 babies!
My car now looks perfect again after the whole passenger side has been repaired and resprayed....my daughter stuck it in a very solid 'hedge'....lol.
I broke my thumb.
I've finally got a new bed :)
Moopy puppy was a year old on Wednesday.
I've been out to the beach, the cinema, lunch...
I'm at the hospital weds coming for a scan a rather odd lump that's appeared on top of my foot but I'm not stressing about what it is, I just need it gone because it's affecting my balance on cornering lol!
I've managed to reduce all my medication dosages and now the fight starts to battle the steroid weight.
My hair is growing back really well! :D
I've read a LOT of books, the whole series by Patricia Cornwell, then the whole set by Torey Harden.
I've submitted my final essay on my course on forensic facial reconstruction....wish me luck
So that's it, not been up to much at all :D

You all good? Xx

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"Wow, that's some list...….busy, busy girl !"
- nosanity

Tuesday, July 3, 2018, 9:30:25 PM- Samtzu
For those that remember Samtzu from status way back when, I've had the sad news that he has passed away a short while ago.
Rest in Peace Sam xxx
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"My condolences."
- jake5270

Thursday, June 7, 2018, 7:27:57 AM- Abandoned!
I haven't abandoned status lately....my laptop has gone to the big warehouse in the sky and my.phone has a very small screen which makes it hard work!!
I'm actually very pissed about it because all my coursework for the latest module was on it and due to be emailed in and I can't access it AT ALL!! I've emailed the prof so we shall see..
Save me a seat xx
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"Hello sexy"
- hornyonr

Monday, May 28, 2018, 8:32:28 PM- a week.
What have I done his week? I feel like I've not stopped lol. Last Sunday was the first visit of three to the hospital, my MRI scan on my back, Weds was results day, I'm to have decompression surgery on my lumbar spine once I've had a nerve block to allow the swelling to go down. It's not a new injury lol just an old one that's progressed. Thursday was my daughters blood test which was hilarious. I put some tattoo numbing cream on her and she didn't even know it had been done. Saturday just gone I drove my ex inlaws up to see my son and I didn't let him shoot ANYONE!! It was a brilliant day and yesterday I discovered four tiny baby mice in the cage, our silkies have bred! We have three grey and one white baby and they are SO adorable.

How are you all?
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"busy week there my dear woman. I hope all goes well even with your pet vermin LOL :)"
- hornyman1155

Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 5:47:22 PM- proper day...
It has, it's been a proper day of Bunz fuck ups today.
First, the corset I wore for my pics is a little big and kept slipping so I decide to be clever, after all wig tape is the same as tit tape....right? WRONG!! Yep it held well, so well that it took a couple of layers of skin off and left a nasty purple mark which is probably gonna bruise.
Then I decide I want cherry Tango...so I walk to the shop (see next point for whinge about that), get my bottle, a nice 2ltr one and bring it home. Cherry Tango is bright fucking red. I'm wearing a white t-shirt. I start untwisting the cap and yep, you've got it, it blows everywhere. Like lightning (as much as lightning moves slowly and sluggishly) I retightened the cap and put the bottle behind me while I cleaned up the counter. So I'm wiping away and clip the bottle with my elbow that I hadn't tightened very well and the fucking thing hits the floor and spins like a demented firework, red sticky pop going EVERY FUCKING WHERE!!! It's even inside the cupboards! My new floor is black and white btw...
As for the walking I leant my new qualified driver daughter my car two days ago, funnily enough she's not answering her phone and I want my car back!! I have hospital at 0830 tomorrow.....now I'm getting mad.
Bloody tape.
Bloody pop.
Bloody daughter!!!

*bangs head on door frame storming out*
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"Isnt it rewarding after having a shitting day where what could go wrong does go wrong and more. To a day where things went smoothly and you were even able to score some cute extras from the day"
- CreativeChaos77

Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 12:26:25 PM- Sigh...
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Saturday, May 19, 2018, 12:36:19 AM- Gig!
The Adore gig was phenomenal! Don't ask me how but i got into.the meet and greet and actually hugged her then got pulled back for a kiss....and not on the cheek lol! My daughter burst into tears when she got a hug, worth everything to see that. Her pleasure and excitement was bubbling over. It was amazing, her performance was everything a gig should be...and more. She signed my arm lol!
I couldn't hear until I was halfway home :D

Best night EVER!!
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"Sounds great, glad you enjoyed yourself!"
- lennynatural

Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 2:34:29 PM- Lunch!
Today I had lunch with not one but two GORGEOUS men. Unfortunately they are a couple...but omg they are good to look at lol. Great time, great chat and catch up, I worked with one of them on the ambulances and we regaled his partner with some seriously naughty tales which were hilarious to us, not so his man, which made us laugh even more. So all in all a good day for me. How about you?
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"Great day here hanging out with my Harley friends seeing oldest and riding home with my friend awesome day like you :-)"
- johnnyel

Monday, May 14, 2018, 9:09:52 PM-

I have wanted to see Adore so much and for so long and on Friday I'm seeing her LIVE!! I'm so excited, I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas...and my own kid is as bad. It's going to be just bloody brilliant and nowhere better to see her than in Brighton....the friendliest town I know!

I'm bouncing lol. The video isn't that great but you get the idea....

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Most Recent Comment:
"Three days and counting, have a great time! X"
- reservedgent

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