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Saturday, May 19, 2018, 12:36:19 AM- Gig!
The Adore gig was phenomenal! Don't ask me how but i got into.the meet and greet and actually hugged her then got pulled back for a kiss....and not on the cheek lol! My daughter burst into tears when she got a hug, worth everything to see that. Her pleasure and excitement was bubbling over. It was amazing, her performance was everything a gig should be...and more. She signed my arm lol!
I couldn't hear until I was halfway home :D

Best night EVER!!
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"Sounds great, glad you enjoyed yourself!"
- lennynatural

Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 2:34:29 PM- Lunch!
Today I had lunch with not one but two GORGEOUS men. Unfortunately they are a couple...but omg they are good to look at lol. Great time, great chat and catch up, I worked with one of them on the ambulances and we regaled his partner with some seriously naughty tales which were hilarious to us, not so his man, which made us laugh even more. So all in all a good day for me. How about you?
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"Great day here hanging out with my Harley friends seeing oldest and riding home with my friend awesome day like you :-)"
- johnnyel

Monday, May 14, 2018, 9:09:52 PM-

I have wanted to see Adore so much and for so long and on Friday I'm seeing her LIVE!! I'm so excited, I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas...and my own kid is as bad. It's going to be just bloody brilliant and nowhere better to see her than in Brighton....the friendliest town I know!

I'm bouncing lol. The video isn't that great but you get the idea....

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"Three days and counting, have a great time! X"
- reservedgent

Monday, May 7, 2018, 7:37:05 PM- weirdness
A quick update..

I threw the stray out! She got a job a month or so ago and after a few weeks I suggested she contribute to the bills....no chance, it's HER money and not for things like that so....bye bye!! It's awesome to have my home back again :)

In a couple of weeks time I am off to Brighton....I HAVE TICKETS TO SEE ADORE DELANO LIVE!!! And yes, I meant to shout that lol!

I've repainted the whole of my kitchen and laid a new floor, put up some shelves etc and for the cost of just the floor (I had shit loads of paint laying around) it looks so fresh and great again! I am lost when I've nothing to do.

Course work is going well, I am loving it, at the mo we're doing facial reconstruction from a skull...bloody fascinating.

Nothing much else to report to be honest, the withdrawal from the meds is going well even if I am exhausted fairly early....but then I'M OLD!!

Hahaha hope you're all good! xx
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- HughPenis

Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 9:36:56 PM- :D
I'm feeling better, so much better, not just physically but emotionally too. I feel like Lil again now, my confidence is slowly coming back, the future looks sunny and I get to see my son at the weekend.
What more can I ask?/

Are you all doing good? xx
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Most Recent Comment:
- TexAngel

Saturday, April 14, 2018, 6:16:00 PM- Tears
I am SO glad today that my daughter isn't a fan of being out much. This morning her and her friends were at the seafront, but all decided to come home early and I am thanking God that they did.
A car has ploughed into a group of kids a bus stop at the seafront. At least six are in critical condition, one is fighting for their life. It appears the guy who did it had been out drinking in the sun.
My heart is hurting. We're a community here, they are our kids.
Please say a prayer for them xx
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"Done for the children and one more for your recovery from your illness."
- jake5270

Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 3:53:15 PM- Really??
I was sat there earlier doing my course work when I got a sharp pain just under my ear on my jaw line. About half an hour later I got up to make coffee and my daughter looked at me in horror then started laughing.....I didn't laugh. The right hand side of my face is now almost double it's size. I rang the docs and knowing my history I had an appointment 10 minutes later, and guess what? I've got mumps.

Fucking mumps! I'm 48 for fucks sake!!

I look like the elephant man, can't chew or swallow properly (damn!) and am in now under house arrest for five days, if it's urgent to go out I gotta wear a mask. Fuck this!

The doc has taken swabs to send off as it's a notifiable disease but how the hell did I get it? I'm virtually a recluse!!

Mumps. I can't believe it. Fucking mumps lol
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"Very strange. Didn't know anyone ever got anymore."
- Daffodil888

Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 9:24:56 PM- say hello...
When I'm in status I have a rule for myself. No status goes unanswered. I wouldn't just ignore someone if they walked into a room I was in, so I treat it the same way, and I've made some great friends by just saying hello. Amazing what a little friendliness can do :)
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"Some people in the world just can't help being warm and lovely. And some of them are here on NN. Well, OK, at least one... ;) Seriously tho LB, you are a veritable joy germ - and as hot as hell. x"
- urwayhot

Sunday, April 1, 2018, 10:15:21 PM- Take cover!!
In my house my temper is kinda legendary. I only fully lose it maybe once a year but when it goes, even the goldfish hide!
Last year I did something really stupid that I'm not going into here. My cousin in the states flew me and my daughter out to stay with her for a large part of the summer so I could heal and get better.

This summer I'm going back over, but have been saving for our own flights and I'm damned sick of instant noodles, I can tell you. I've even given up chocolate to get this.money saved!
Anyhow, I was looking up flight prices and discussing dates with my daughter when the stray piped up that I had to get three seats together. Three?? I was like, wtf? So being me, I actually said what the fuck, and the stray says "well I'm coming too, we're family". For you to understand my reaction a little I'll refer you to my blog about Mother's day and her comment that I wasn't her mother and didn't deserve a card even though without me she'd be on the streets. I think my chin hit my chest which with my boobs is a.long way down!
OK, I said, you give me the.money for your flight and I'll book your seat with us. Her father gave her £800 for Christmas. She looked blank and said she thought I was paying her flight. Whaaaaat? Where's your Christmas money gone? asks me. She says she spent it. On what? On fucking what?because you didn't give me a fucking penny after I've kept you in food, clothes and everything you've needed for 15 months!! I spent it on gifts she says. Bullshit says I. All her gifts were from the pound store. By now, I had serious head wobble going and my daughter started to laugh. Bad move when the countdown is on for my.temper. I shot her a deadly look which only made her giggle more. Vicious circle time. The stray then decides it's time to flounce away and slam a door in MY home. And we have lift off!! I was up those stairs like my arse was on fire, reading her the x-rated language version of the rules of my house. It's at that point I spot the carpet in her bedroom has a large burn in it from straighteners. I think if you'd been looking at the sky about an hour ago, you would have seen me flame past!! I gave her it all, how she's selfish, lazy, a pisstaker and that she doesn't need to eat three times a fucking day when she's sat on her arse all day long! This, which is rare for me, at full volume. I could have torn her head off and shit down her neck right then, and all I can hear is my kid crying with laughter. Let's just say that unless she gets a job (she's almost 19 after all) she will not be coming to the states with us this year, and you know what? I'd prefer that.
Downstairs I took one look at my daughter's face, red from sobbing with laughter and my temper broke and I started chuckling with her, she described me as looking like a rabid chicken when I lost it and that really tickled me. The stray came down and ripped into both of us for.laughing at her which increased our laughter because we weren't!
She slammed off to bed and it's lovely and peaceful right now :D
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Most Recent Comment:
"Sometimes you need that release and the stray needs to wake up cause otherwise they just don't get it. Peace and harmony not always possible. Hugs my friend."
- johnnyel

Friday, March 30, 2018, 9:44:31 PM- Just why?
Why do I agree to things I know are probably not going to go to plan?

Tomorrow I've agreed to let my daughter do my make up. Not a splash and dash but a full face, contoured and everything. My daughter is 14, watches make-up tutorials and thinks she knows it all but....and yes, there's a but...she told me tonight the tutorials she's been watching are ALL from the queens on RuPaul's drag race. I love the show, I really do, and don't get me wrong I believe in people doing what makes them happy and being who they are inside but I'm not quite sure I'm drag queen material....more pantomime dame! Watch this space....... :D
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Most Recent Comment:
"Ahem, where's the pics then?"
- misterious6999

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