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Sunday, June 19, 2016, 12:04:02 PM- oh fuck!
so the last week has been one giant head fuck.
I got the CT scan results and its official I have cancer of unknown origins that has spread to my lungs in the form of tiny spots (biggest being 5mm)my lymph nodes and my abdominal lining.

Because it has spread to more than one place it is incurable,any treatment given is with the aim to make me more comfortable and possibly give me little more time with biker and the bratlings.
I currently look about 7 months pregnant due to a massive build up of fluid which my oncologist thinks is coming from my stomach. Combine that with my current skeletal weight and I look like I've already had several rounds of chemo :(

They haven't told me a time frame only that it will kill me sooner rather than later.

We have been looking into cannabis oil as a treatment but being in the uk we don't know if it's possible to get hold of the medical grade cannabis we would need,damn you uk for being so bloody behind the times! if we lived in the states it would be sooo much easier!!!!
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"So sorry to learn this, Bratty. My heart goes out to you and yours."
- RoxanneS

Saturday, June 11, 2016, 9:27:01 AM- The big C
So i had an emergency appointment with one of my cardiologists yesterday and he dropped the bomb shell that my pericardium was sent off for testing (which is routine) and it came back as cancerous.

had a CT scan yesterday to determine if the cause is lung cancer or gastrointestinal cancer.i find out the results on tuesday.

can someone point me in the direct of the refund line as i didnt sign up for this life and i want a fucking refund!
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"hell brat im so sorry love,"
- Ley-dd

Thursday, June 9, 2016, 6:46:56 PM- quicky
going to keep this very short as i am exhausted but the op went well and i no longer have a pericardium. had a few complications so stayed in longer than expected but i came home last night thankfully.

so very sore and so very very tired but still alive which is the main thing!
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"Get better quickly"
- kimberly_1229

Monday, May 16, 2016, 7:17:35 PM- The Answer! and a just in case message!
My cardiologists have FINALLY worked out what is wrong with this old heart of mine!!!

I have Constrictive Pericarditis which is where the Pericardium (aka the sac around the heart) starts to stiffen and calcify which stops the heart from filling properly leading to heart failure.

Since two surgeries to drain fluid haven't worked and my symptoms of heart failure are getting worse the consultants have decided its time for open heart surgery to remove my pericardium (a pericardiectomy) on the 31st of this month.

ahhh shiiiiittttttteeeeeee!!!!

I'm having my surgical pre op tomorrow then admitted on the 30th then sliced n wired back together on the 31st.

Just in case it all goes wrong THANK YOU to the wonderful friends i have made on here over the last 10 years.

If i do croak it know this : life is too short to be unhappy! be happy! smile more! and love with every ounce you can!!

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"good luck, hope all goes well for you"
- super4

Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 7:35:04 AM-
when does the three ring shit storm that is my so called life get any better?!?!?!?!?!
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"I just can't figure out why nice people get the short end of the stick, while bitter and mean people thrive? I surely hope things get better soon."
- tight_wet_lips

Sunday, March 20, 2016, 4:43:15 PM- I was so very wrong
Back in November I posted a blog stating that my Pericarditis I had in 2014 hadn't come back as predicted it would... I was wrong so very very wrong!

Turns out all the other symptoms I've had recently IE 2 stone weight loss,feeling sick,swollen feet/legs,inflamed liver were actually being caused by the Pericarditis coming back :(

Went for an abdominal ultrasound last sunday (13th) in which they spotted the Pericardial Effusion (fluid build up) and sent me for a chest x-ray which confirmed it.
Off to A+E to be booked in for admittance to a ward,several hours and several heart echo`s later i was admitted to the Cardiac Care Unit to await seeing the consultant to discuss the surgical options.

And the winner was : Pericardial Effusion via a 24 hour chest drain :/ gee whizz that was a fun one.not!
hurt like hell and even though I do have a pic of the drain I wont be adding it to this post lol
24 hours on a heart monitor and with the chest drain in then another heart echo which confirmed the fluid is now at miniscule levels (yay!) so out comes the drain,off comes the machines!! I now need a CT scan as well as a MRI scan,plus more blood tests and a 24hour urine analysis (which has been done thankfully) and since all of these can be done as out patient appointments I was allowed home on wednesday!

Turns out there is two theories as to why this has happened again :
I either have constrictive Pericarditis or Restrictive Cardiomyopathy.

Restrictive Cardiomyopathy (RCM) is a rare disease of the myocardium and is the least common of the 3 clinically recognized and described cardiomyopathies.[1] Its principal abnormality is diastolic dysfunction—specifically, restricted ventricular filling. RCM accounts for approximately 5% of all cases of primary heart muscle disease.

The importance of an accurate diagnosis of RCM is to distinguish this condition from constrictive pericarditis, a clinically and hemodynamically similar entity that also presents with restrictive physiology but is frequently curable by surgical intervention. This distinction is difficult to make but crucial because the treatment options and prognoses for the 2 conditions differ drastically.
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"I hope that you have a good doctor who can help you fight this."
- tight_wet_lips

Sunday, February 28, 2016, 1:11:53 PM- DUDE!
For those of you who know of the bratlings....

Dude aka number 1 bratling is 6 today!!! thats right I've managed to keep him alive and well for 6 years?!?!?! unlike my plants but that's another story lol
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"Happy Birthday to your bratling!"
- lennynatural

Saturday, February 20, 2016, 12:17:21 PM- hmph!
doc told me i need to rest my swollen feet/legs as much as possible. ok i can do that since its half term holidays and biker is off work for a week too.

then he prescribes me water tablets that make me pee every half hour for the first 4-5 hours after taking them....
so much for resting!

*sets up camp in the bathroom*
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"A She-wee and a long tube running straight to the loo should sort that out :) x"
- Culwuch

Sunday, January 31, 2016, 1:45:23 PM- got bread?
Well the last two/three weeks have sucked right royally.
Feet swelled up like elephant feet so because I'm diabetic I went and got it checked out,was sent for blood tests as they were questioning my kidney function.
Thankfully my kidneys are fine but the blood tests revealed i have really high liver enzymes so im back to the docs in 2 weeks for more blood tests,this time its all of the different liver function tests -_-
feet are still fricking huge and sore as hell when i walk :( and to add insult to injury I'm now on a low carb diet.
I want,no i *NEED* bread!!! i am not designed for this low carb crap lol pasta i don't mind giving up,rice i dont eat so don't care,potatoes are easily swapped for sweet potato so i don't mind but no bread is killing me!

Also learning about hidden carbs is enough to make your head spin!
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"It sucks, but it's for your own good my dear Brat. Lu and Kim are right when it comes to other recipes. Try them. I do agree about the sucking part. Bread is my weakness as well. But when it comes down to it, in the long run your love for bread and choosing your life is a no brain decision. Choose your life.

- tight_wet_lips

Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 1:18:05 PM-
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