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Sunday, April 23, 2017, 7:28:17 PM-
Winters grip is still here, had one, what i would say, a decent hot day, for this time of the year, rest of the time, there has been a cold wind, so many overcast days.

I am, settling into the new job, like going back 30yrs , so backwards, same old practices, from,, that era, but there is, supposedly job security.

I get time with the beautiful Allure, more time, as such, for i finish earlier and i am, never as tired now.

We laugh a lot, share a lot, just live a lot..

How posting a picture on here, gave me so much.

I have had my 4th cold of the year, one was the Flu, they take a lot, out of me, but i try to , just get on, with.

So, i have not posted a picture for while, i had my reason, but a blog is not, a blog, without one.

My blogs, were inspired, by my day, my thoughts, the sights, i saw, i took pictures, for a blog.

This was, on, one of those rare mornings, when the sunrise, set, the sky on fire, it, gave me a few good pictures, but, like in, the old days, this one, i took and thought of posting on here..

Too, each and everyone, I hope the days, weeks, months and years ahead,treat you well.
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"What a beautiful sight to start the day. Thank you for once again sharing the beauty you see through your camera lens."
- TexAngel

Monday, April 10, 2017, 7:50:58 PM-
I was sitting this morning, before,heading out to work and watched the moon as it was setting over, the distant trees, that sit on the hill, outside my village, think it was one of the best sights, i have ever seen,, such wonderful colour, so bright, i think the sun rising in the opposite, direction, was causing this..

It makes me glad, that i am the type of person, that can find, such simple pleasures and enjoy them

Too, each and everyone, I hope the days, weeks, months and years ahead,treat you well.
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"Best wishes in your new job :) sweet man"
- kimberly_1229

Sunday, April 9, 2017, 12:10:03 PM-
How things, can change, i am now, going to, be starting a new job tomorrow, got a phonecall on Thursday, asking, if i was looking for work, went for an interview Friday, got asked to start Monday, it will be more secure,back in a factory, where, for the years, i have known, the place, always, been plenty of work.

I will miss, my old place, being outside and seeing the countryside around me, but i can always walk home at night, strange thing it, would get me home quicker, than travelling by bus, but, i will end up, getting a bike, back on the road and going that way, it is only 4 miles and should take me less, than 30mins.

So this would get me, my outdoor, fix, even more so..

So, what else is going on, well, just taking life, by the scruff of the neck and living it.

My woods are coming alive, been in them, a lot, the place, has more wildlife about, than i have even known, the wildflowers, are coming into bloom and the trees, are getting there summer covering on them as well.

Standing and watching the light, on those emerging leaves is, such a nice sight, how moving a step, can alter the way it all looks.

I have stood, in the river, the flow, going around my boots, the sound, as it comes over the rocks, a little twig flows by, soon the little trout, will be rising on hopefully, the warmer evenings.

Then the coast, where i am so, at home, the sand below my feet, leading to the rocky parts, flat shores, to steep cliffs, with old ruined castles sitting on them.

The wildlife changes too, last time, i saw the first seal in ages, watched it, took its picture, thought how quick it moved from, one part to another, then a second one rose beside it,, lol.

Gannets, drop, like dive bombers, from such heights, to search , for there food, must be plenty, with the amounts, i have seen.

Then the light of day, turns to night and i am perched on a headland, camera aimed, at the sky and as the darkness, comes, the sky twinkles, with the stars.

Breathe taking beauty all, around me, yes, life is good..

Too, each and everyone, I hope the days, weeks, months and years ahead,treat you well.

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"Congratulations on your new job. It's good to read that things are going well :)"
- TexAngel

Friday, March 31, 2017, 6:11:02 AM-
So yesterday, i got told, in a months time, i will be losing my job, not enough work for the summer, was the reason.

Never moaned about , my work, enjoyed going there, had been offered other jobs, stayed loyal,, life is strange thing at times..

To each and everyone,Hope the days, weeks and years, treat you well
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"You get the feeling loyalties wasted! I'm sure karma will find you something better."
- nudiebare

Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 7:11:19 AM-
Getting closer the time, when my premium, runs out, what to do, then has been on my mind a lot, thought of deleting, thought about a name change, yes a lot of thoughts.

The site, has never really been about the sex side for, me, yes used it like that, but for the most part, well, i blogged, this was like unpaid therapy for me, through, this i met great friends, but i got the best thing of all out , this, Love.

But i have changed a lot, over the last 2 and a bit years, i could feel things changing about 3yrs ago, was just one of those moments.

It was the same, with the blogs, i burnt out, i wrote most days, chased pictures, too add them, it was like a job, it stopped being pleasure, it caused me to become stressed and a little depressI lion, set in , as well.

So i cutback, it hurt people, they missed them, so i tryed blogging again, but now, the honest truth is, it was just not the same, it has never been now.

I love writing always have, my love of taking pictures is greater, than ever, i started another adventure with the photography, the other day, for me, it was what i have been needing to do, but, i take my time, with most things..

Too, each and everyone, i hope the days and years ahead, treat you well
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Most Recent Comment:
"Don't do it to please others. Try not to feel as though is something you have to do. Do it when you want to and share when you want to. It'll be appreciated no matter the frequency. Your friends that you've made would not want you stressed. Take care"
- PApda

Saturday, March 4, 2017, 5:11:35 PM-
Just in , from a little adventure, appreciate, just how lucky i, really am..
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"well whoke you could have told us more, teasing us,:)"
- Ley-dd

Monday, February 20, 2017, 7:08:59 PM-
So, a little catch up. another year older, life is going well, suffering from some illness.

Had some adventures, found some new spots,was able to climb up a mountain..

Too each and everyone, i hope, the days, treat you well.
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"this would be great as you profile pics :)"
- Ley-dd

Sunday, January 29, 2017, 8:03:50 PM-
A few weeks, since the last one, time is passing, very quickly for, that is for sure.

In life we, all can have a bit of a moan, but i work with someone, who, everytime, he speaks it is moan moan moan, he draws the very spirit from you, i have tried talking to him, it makes no difference, how negative a life he has is unreal, it is very very trying, last week, i was so close, to just walking out.

I grasp life, try and do as, many enjoyable things, as possible, we have so little time, seize the day, seize the moment.

On Friday, i was remembered of such, a young woman, was on the bus, i was travelling home on, we got talking, asked me if i remembered what day it was, i did, another year since her dad passed.

She never got to know him, she was so young, no lasting memories of him, she asked me about him, i told, her, about him, he was a good man, taken at 49, not old, too young, for sure, he missed out in seeing his family grow up, missed his grandchildren, being born, but i was reminded , even in the weeks leading up to that fatal day, he was cheery, he was in my house the day before, talking about, how he was going to be 50 in a few weeks, i had to sit a play dumb , for a party had been arranged for him, now i never go to these things, but this was one, i was going too.
But, the next day gone.

We got off the bus and she thanked me for , giving her some memories of her Dad

So just like i do, the next time, i feel like a moan, i try and think how lucky i am, to be here.

Nights are getting clearer, mornings too, now is the time to get out, more and more, chase the light, chase, what Mother Nature, wants to share with me.

I try and walk as much, as i can, this morning, i walked through the woods, all the way to the river, then got the bus home,

My walks are, where i just get lost, in the nature, seeing how skies change, how the buds are swelling on the branches, the first snowdrops are, just about out and the birds, singing, now that is very special.

I sat for a few minutes and just listened, those few minutes, became closer too 20, this is my time, when life is slow, but in reality, if passes the quickest.

You here people say, it has been a long day, now that is some thing i wish, was the case, how maybe, just the day being a little longer, than the 24hrs there is in day, could be a very handy thing for me, but for now, i will just have to live with the 24hrs we all have.

Got a little adventure, planned, with Allure, now that is a name change i like, suits that special lady.

Ah well, better stop for now..

Well Allure, wanted to see a wintery scene,, in the next blog, well i hope, this is ok, last year, when that morning was -4, and the little pond, was covered in ice.
The sunrise that morning was special the colours in the sky, was changing, by the second, then the water, was taking, on that special colour, too.

A morning, you can , only dream off.

Too each and everyone, i hope, the days, treat you well.

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Most Recent Comment:
"lovely story with the young girl, glad you can fill her with memories she never knew about.

love the photo :)"
- flitterbee

Sunday, January 8, 2017, 8:37:07 PM-
Another weekend, is about done, walked in the woods, found a possible new spot, to take a picture or two.

A quiet spot sit, thinking about, how one i never thought would hurt me, but has, its life, i guess, she is young.

It will sort itself out, one way or another.

These quiet spots are needed at times, still.

A little adventure sorted out today, journey to see, my beautiful one, to feel her arms around me, is, the best medicine, you can get.

Sad to see, that some more are leaving her, and sadder, that one more valued member of the site, could be following soon,, best of wishes to them both.

Now is the time, i can see, the nights getting lighter, for me, i like those light mornings , will be out early a lot , this summer, but will, go to bed, when i come home, but i also, want to shoot the Milky way, so maybe, i will need to camp, out some nights to get those shots, plus i need a lens, that will get the results.

I got a photographic job, someone wants me to do a calendar for them, i have been doing my own one, for a few years, people like it, also, they are going to show, my pictures to a professional photographer, something, might come, from this.

One from an early morning visit, to, that Castle, that changed my life, took it over a year ago, when Boredmum and i had an early morning stroll..

To each and everyone, i hope the days , treat you well.
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Most Recent Comment:
"Have to agree (as much as I hate to) with TopCat.. Best of luck about the photography job.
- OldTroubador

Sunday, January 1, 2017, 7:31:09 PM-
Happy New Year, to everyone, hope, the year is a good one, for everyone.

So my, the start of my 52 year on this planet, what it brings, well, we will have to see.

I do not really make resolutions, i make plans, i have little projects planned, the end of one, means, the start of another.

This new year, started around 6am, for me.

I had planned a sunrise shoot, had checked, the forecast, but on looking out the window, i could see, cloud on the horizon.

I took my time after that, breakfast, medicine and then a cup of tea.

By then, i was ready, it was dry, so i was going out anyway.

Camera gear, is like my go bag, it is ready at all times.

So walking the quiet streets, noticing how few lights were on, thinking about when i was younger and , people would have still been partying at this time, not a person , i saw, either,, times, have truly changed.

I went through the stile and into the dark, how beautiful this first morning of the year is, slight frost, a little biting wind, and i am in my element.

As i walked down the slope, i only slipped once..

I stopped , set up, took 4 pictures and moved on, got the picture for this blog.

Then i doubled back, down a road, climbed a fence, then up a hill to a spot, where , i could sit and just watch the world dawning before me.

First i set , up the camera, i knew, i was wasting my time,, but who cares.

The new little flask, i had bought was brought out the bag, poured out a welcome cup of heat, then just sat back.

My mind wanders so easy, think about the past, thought about some New Year days of the past, some good, some better forgotten.

I think of some people, i have known, how some have just drifted out of my life, at first, this was hard for me, but, i just see, it is part of, your life story now.

I think, i take these changes hard, for i am not one, for letting people get close, i built walls of granite, they were not too be breached, but every once in a while, someone manages, thankfully my beautiful one, did, just that..

But, i could also, see, my old dog running in this field, the twist and turns of her, mesmerising. She has been gone for so long, now, the hurt in,my heart will always be there.

Thoughts of taking a picture, were put aside, another hot drink and just some more things, running in my mind.

My life is, at such, a slow pace now, i love that it is, i take time to look, too listen and too smell, as well..

So 2017, lets just see, what you bring for us..


So here is the picture, first one of the year, well second one, that i took, but the view was the same.
It is a special view for me, these two trees, are so much part of my life, they told me a story.

I have sat beside them, fell asleep, on them, and they have gave some wonderful pictures.

To each and everyone, i hope the days, treat you will

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Most Recent Comment:
"Happy New Year Wockie. Love the pics and your thoughts! Hope 2017 is a gr8 year for all!"
- nudiebare

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