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Saturday, September 9, 2017, 9:14:45 PM- Soo...

For those that wanted pics, this is it, just not me in it...yet haha :)

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"Ha ha"
- avaitor757

Monday, July 17, 2017, 7:50:41 AM- Dr Who ...

I know this is putting us women in the laughing stock but it didnt take long for the memes to start lol

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"Women drivers ! :LOL:"
- Raven2005

Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 11:42:50 AM- Am I ? ...
Not Pretty Enough

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"You are a beautiful person. Inside and out! xo"
- TexAngel

Sunday, May 21, 2017, 12:42:38 PM- Well...

I see another hissy fit has happened, and it seems I have blamed for this one because of a reply to a comment was taken the wrong way (as usual) and then, felt it obligatory to express in a blog, that I have no heart, and I am angry all the time and whatever else was said in that blog. Well, anyone that knows me knows that it can’t be further from the truth. Go ahead and blame me, it’s what is always done. NOTHING is ever your fault! you always blame someone else for your own insecurities.
I was going to just let it slide and I probably should have but I felt I needed to have my say. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone on this site but for those that do get to know me, know the real me. I am not some pretend ‘I need to be popular’ with everyone person. I don’t need to make it all about me or think it is either.
So don’t you dare pretend to know who I am or what I am like, because you, of all people, will never get to know me. You can try and turn people against me, I don’t give a shit. And before anyone judges me for writing this, I too can have my say in defending myself, Not that I should have too!

Have a good day everyone and Thank you to those who are my friends, and thank you for all your votes and comments on all my pics and my blogs. They are muchly appreciated, as I have said in the past on many occasions.


PS Have a nice day, I know you will read this even tho you're no longer here ! again ....
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"I have not known you for long but yur a straight shooter and say it like it is... Nothing wrong with that...Yur a kind sensitive person when u need to be...all good..."
- brissyboy56

Thursday, May 18, 2017, 12:16:22 AM- Lets say hello to...
I Just want to say to all those that have left us that may on occasions, pop in to read some blogs n stuff.

Roxy, Hellooooo to you :) miss our chats. you always had the right things to say when needed. :) xxx

Red !! you need to come back too, you are missed here even tho I see you on the other at times, very rare times but at least I do.


Willy, ya butt is missed around these parts ;) Hope ya doing ok :)

I must apologise, although I was only referring to those who left on their own accord, there is others also missed,

Lynszez, you are missed by lots also, hope you are keeping well :) xxx

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"I miss Lyn and Roxy a lot ..."
- SunGod_dess

Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 5:46:51 AM- Out and About
Just thought I would share a few snaps of I have taken lately while out and about.

A little stream with a few cascades flowing over. It is a lovely walk thru the rainforest. Lots of places along the way that are nice and some quiet spots( as long as it is during the week and not on a weekend with all the tourists around ;) haha) to sit and think, take a few photos, listen to nature.

A water supply catchment. Nothing exciting but is a good walk across the wall to the other side and back. Water is still a bit murky from the recent flooding rains last month.

Rainbow Lorikeet feeding on the pollen of the flowers. They can be quite entertaining to just sit and watch their antics with each other.

Enjoy your day and tomorrow is Hump Day !! yayy

:D xxx

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"Oh my gosh. Gorgeous!! We need to teleport for a visit to your whereabouts pronto!"
- MitchandDaisy

Monday, May 8, 2017, 8:50:08 AM- for the Ladies
One more for the ladies on NN ;)

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"We have those all over Texas... I wish!!!"
- TexAngel

Monday, April 24, 2017, 11:33:59 PM- My Tribute

For all the Australians and New Zealanders who fought for our countries, those that died doing it and for the ones who made it home, we shall never forget.

I had no family that fought in any war but that doesnt mean, in any way, I dont have respect those that did. If it wasnt for those who did fight, who knows where we would all be today. I know I wouldnt be around as my father came out from Europe as a child with his family of 4, parents and a sister, after WWII had ended for a better life in Australia. They became Australians and worked hard all their life as Primary Producers.

So to the ones who did fight, I salute you all.

I was only 19 by Redgum

I have always loved this song, and yes, it does send chills down my spine.

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."

Lest we Forget

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Most Recent Comment:
"I've always loved that song. As a Vietnam vet, it speaks volumes to me."
- clittylicker

Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 6:29:11 AM- So,
....for Easter this year I went away for the weekend. It was good, and just what I needed, some peace and quiet of the country without all the hustle n bustle of the city. Maybe not country but in amongst the bush where you wake up to birds chirping and singing their morning tunes, watching the sunrise from my bed and one morning, it was a cracker of a sunrise ( nope no pics cause I couldn't be bothered getting out of bed to take a photo of it haha :) sitting around chatting to a few friends in the sunshine enjoying a cold bevvie or 2 ( or more )

We took ourselves off for a short drive here n there seeing what there was on offer and found a couple of gems. Places I want to go back to and see again, and luckily they aren't that far away from home either. (even better)

All in all it was a nice relaxing weekend, one I wish I could have stayed longer but ...oh well....another time for another adventure.

thought I might share a couple of photos from my trip with you all too, for those that do read this anyway. :)

The photos dont the places justice tho.

:) Hope you enjoy

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"That's what I need - a nice relaxing weekend in the Oz bush."
- clittylicker

Sunday, March 26, 2017, 3:18:09 AM- Books
Here goes ....

There are way too many that judge books by their covers. The content is much more valuable but unless you have that cover, most won’t take that chance to read it.

You see it way too often, in real life and on places or sites like this one, where people only see the beauty in looks. Unless you have that skinny, model, perfect shaped body, you don’t get much of a look in. Some may and will disagree with that but overall, much of the time, it is true. And to find one in the small minority is bloody hard. All books have some sort of imperfections, some fixable, some not. Some are a work in progress to improve so people will want to read them but that can take time, and sometimes money. Then, there are the ones who may joke and laugh with you and seem to get along fine and you think, wow, this one seems keen or interested and you let yourself get close take an interest in them, and over a period of time, one thing leads to another, and the outer covering comes off WHAM! they run because they don’t like what is underneath, and no, I don’t mean what is inside, and that huge guard fence you have is taken down only to have it fall back and hurt you instead.

And before anyone thinks otherwise, this is coming from life experiences from the years gone by, of what has happened to me in the past. And now as the years are slipping by what seems to be faster each year, being on my own for the rest of my life seems inevitable.

I am not writing this for sympathy or any other bullshit some may come at me with, but to try and express myself instead of bottling things up inside, which is what I do. And why don’t I say how I am feeling, because it has never been something I have been able to do, unless it was with my best friend while on the booze and dutch courage takes over. Haha, ironic that I do happen to be half dutch.

So, now, why don’t I feel better for having said this? Because I don’t know, I can’t answer that one either.

And will probably remove this too for feeling silly and embarrassed for spilling my inner thoughts to the world.

For those that do read this and understand, Thank you !!

I love waterfalls, they are so peaceful, and a wonderful place to sit and think


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Most Recent Comment:
"Great blog, thanks for sharing. xoox"
- curiousAdam

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