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Monday, July 30, 2012, 5:32:05 AM- New Orleans....
The French Quarter has always held a unique place for me. I like the idea of a place where the lines of good and bad are blurred. I had a recent night in the quarter where the line vanished…
I was out with the guys having a few, as we walked down Bourbon, I saw a cute girl in the door of one of the many strip clubs there. Others wre ready for bed, but not me, so I stopped and entered. I sat on the far side of the club, away from the bar. I could see anyone entering, and most of the girls who were working that night.
As I drank my beer and watched, I saw one girl who was more acrobatic on the pole than any other. She could grip the pole with her legs and hold her body over me, looking down into my eyes. I wanted to talk to her and no one else.
When her dance was done, she headed straight for me. I think we connected with our eyes because normally they go to who tipped them, and I had not. As she sat in my lap, we talked about many things, not the least of which was her leg strength. She said regardless of her strength, she liked being controlled.
Against my better judgment (I normally don’t pay for private rooms at strip clubs), I agreed to head upstairs. Not sure if it was the drink or her that clouded my judgment, but I followed her.
Once upstairs, she sat astride of me and began to kiss me. Wait till the waitress leaves, then we will be alone she told me. I sat as she rode me till the door opened. We asked for privact and after a tip were assured no one would enter for thirty minutes. Then she kissed me. Most strippers avoid kissing, but there must have either been a connection or she was that brazen.
We had bee talking about control games downstairs. I like being in control, playing, teasing and then making her orgasm the best in can be. So when she told me to take control, I was ready but still apprehensive. I had never done that in a place like this.
I stood with her in my lap and turned laying her back on the couch. I stood and pulled her panties off, revealing her nice shaved pussy. I smacked her on the ass and leaned over to kiss her. As I did, I pull her top down to get access to her hard nipples. I could tell she was excited before we even got started.
I kissed her neck and moved to her breasts, small, but firm, with big nipples, popping out for attention. As I worked down her belly to her critch she moved to provide clear access. I spread her legs and began at her knee working my way to her favorite spot, Once I got close, I nibbled her thigh and moved to the other side. I like to tease.
I finally got to her pussy and licked starting at the base, working my way up between her swollen lips to her clit. She groaned when I finally got there. I sucked her lips and lcit into my mouth, working to get her even more excited. I slapped her ass again and raised her legs up so her knees were at her shoulders.

I began again to lick her wet pussy and moved down toward her little brown hole. I don’t know that she expected it when I began to swirl my tongue around that hole too. I don’t think she had ever had anyone lick her there before. I bathed in it saliva then move back to her clit while my fingers moved up to her ass. I continued my assault of her senses as a finger slid into her anus. At first she was surprised, but then she relaxed and began to move to match my finger’s movements.
As I took her to her first orgasm of the night with my tongue and fingers, her body writhed in joy. To be honest, I had never experienced someone so free.
After she same hard, I leaned back and she stood, telling me to sit on the sofa. She straddled me and kissed me hard. “You’re not supposed to do that in here” she told me. I asked if she was upset, and she kissed me and told me no. But now we will do even worse…
She reached down between her legs to open my pants. She reached in and pulled out my hard cock. After stroking it once or twice she moved over it and slid it into her hot pussy. I know this doesn’t happen most places and probably not here, but she began to ride me. In hindsight I guess I should have stopped her at least long enough to put a condom on, but we were both caught up in the moment.
I put my hands on her ass and began to play. I slid my hands around to pull her cheeks apart while I sucked on her right nipple. As she responded, I slid a finger back into her ass and began to thrust into her pussy. She was riding a wave, one that did not subside quickly, and I was not going to complain. While I was in control earlier, she clearly was in control now.
As I came closer to cumming, she saw it in my eyes and gyrated her hips in earnest to make it feel as good as possible. I was moving in her and playing with her nipples, licking, pinching and twisting to bring her with me to that peak. When it did arrive, she came with me. I could tell she wanted to make noise, but she was afraid of bringing any more attention to us.
As we both settled down she lifted off of me and slid between my legs. “What does a good slave do for her Master?” she asked? I told her to clean me. She smiled and took my softening cock into her mouth and began to clean it. She then licked all around it to make sure no cum dripped onto my body. Then she put my cock back into my pacts and zipped them up.
As we sat together, she offered to meet me the next day, so we made a date. She told me that she really wanted to be used when we met, so we made plans to meet at an adult toy store, then we would head to my hotel afterwards, but that is another story. Regardless to say, I love New Orleans.
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