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Thursday, April 4, 2019, 7:10:29 PM- My dream
So i had a very dirty dream last night and from what i can recall it went like this

Its started off with me being a lodger at some older guys house, and the guy invites me downstairs for a couple of drinks. I go and the next thing i m in my bed unconscious.
So the guy landlord and about 5 of these older guys come in to my room and pull back the sheets to see i am stark naked.
Some of them grab my tits and squeeze them while others fight to suck my nipples (i do not stir)
One of them goes for my pussy and starts to feel all up between my thighs and rub his hands all over my bald pussy. Two of them pull me down to the bottom of the bed so my legs are dangling over and one opens my legs puts his head between them and starts to lap away at my tight young cunt.
One guy comes back from my drawer with some baby oil and squirts it over my cunt, while the other one then with oily fingers slides two fingers up my bum. After a while the other four tell him to stop as the landlord is watching on taking pics.

1 of the 5 guys stands between my legs and gets the other two, to hold me up so i am waist level with him. He pulls downs his trousers and pants and sticks his old cock inside my cunt, he is fucking me really hard as another one is grabbing my tits with his spare hands.

Then they all take turns in fucking me and holding me up so they can get deeper inside me, spunking all in my cunt.
After this they find in my drawer a big fat dildo, that they push up inside me until loads of spunk comes oozing out. They wipe me up with my dirty panties lying on the floor as the landlord asks if he can have them as trophy to lick.

Then i woke up... But i was so horny i had to have a play so i could cum, and i must have been rubbing myself as look at the amount of wetness on my fingers before i played

(picture reference in my gallery)
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"Certainly a very hot dream and can see why you had to play. If I was one of the old guys though I would have been in your butt after it had been so well Lund up by the fingers."
- Sailingguy66

Saturday, December 22, 2018, 1:00:22 AM- Hospital fun
So, around 5 or 6 years ago, I spent 11 months working in a Private care hospital for slightly older residents. It was at a time where I felt I could make a career of caring. The hours were mad and the pay was rubbish but I liked helping people so I gave it a good go. I actually enjoyed the work which was varied and I made lots of friends in the hospital some of which I still chat to. I have always liked the company of older guys and there were a few long term patients in the home that I became especially close with. Some of them had difficulty with certain physical activities because of medical issues and it was these few guys that seemed to enjoy my help most of all.

Because of budgets, you were often asked to carry out duties that normally come under someone else’s responsibilities and one of these that I was sometimes given was giving the guys a bed bath. It was embarrassing at first as I was only about 19 or 20 years old at the time but this seemed to work in my favour.

I had three guys that I always had a laugh with and they were all quick witted and cheeky. One of these guys in particular was around 68 years old called Dave who had a back problem that occasions just stopped him reaching certain area in the bath or shower.

One day, I was asked to look after Daves cleanining needs by giving him a bed bath so I prepared the items I needed and went to his room. I asked him if he wanted a chaperone or if he would prefer a male career to look after him but he said he was happy with me doing it. As I was washing him, we chatted and laughed about stuff as he had a really funny sense of humour. I eventually got down to his genitals and I asked him if he wanted me to continue, Dave said oh yes please with a glint in his eye.

I opened up his gown and was surprised to see an older but really nice looking cock and balls. I soaped up a flannel and gently washed his cock and he said how pleasant it was to feel the warmth of the water. I lifted his cock up to wash underneath and as I used the flannel round his balls, I was surprised again to see his old cock getting hard.

I commented on this to Dave and asked him if he wanted a couple of minutes to “calm down” but he said definitely not and asked me to continue as long as I did not mind. I did not mind so I pulled Daves legs open slightly and then went back to work washing his ball sack and his cock. I could see what this was doing to him and eventually, he gave a sigh and ejaculated into and over the flannel and my hands. I cleaned him up and then carried on with my other chores for the rest of the shift.

This became a regular thing with Dave and I and I enjoyed helping him out as a special favour to him. Eventually, it seemed that most of the time that was allowed to bath the patient was actually only used to wash his old cock and balls. Although I had enjoyed my time in the home, I eventually made the decision to move into another career as the money I was earning was not enough.

When I told Dave, he was understanding but sad that I was going but asked for a special favour before I went, I had a feeling I knew what he wanted and in the last week before I left, he told me he would love it if I would suck his cock. I agreed but said I would do it in his room so on the day, I went into his room to see him while he was still in bed, I pulled back the covers and opened up his gown and played with his cock for a while. He loved it as I was wearing latex gloves. Once he got semi-hard, I bent over the bed and put his cock in my mouth. His cock got harder but I only sucked him for about a minute before his cock twitched and he cum into my mouth. I kept his cock in my mouth as he pumped his load out and swallowed it all. I was amazed at just how much the dirty old bugger produced.

Dave thanked me and told me he had not had that done to him for twenty years or more but I said it was my pleasure. A week later, I left the home and moved to London, but I still get messages from Dave and some of the other residents.
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"I'm a 50 y/o paraplegic in and out of the hospital love playing with any nurses i love you all MMM ??"
- Needsomebad50

Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 9:01:49 PM- Work Trip
So, a couple of weeks ago i had to go away for a team building business trip with work, and some of the office to meet other people within our company.
Upon arrival at the hotel we checked in and dropped our bags off in our rooms (it was a very nice hotel with big rooms)
We all went to this building and got paired with other people in the establishment. I was paired up this tall older guy, who looked to be in his early to mid fifties.
I like an older guy and he was good looking, so we did the exercises (not the kind i wanted) and had some harmless flirting. I gave him my number and said it was for networking and business prospects.
After the day was finished we went back to the hotel rooms, and got ready for the nights award ceremony.
I had a shower, and got dressed in a long tight black dress, with a split, heels, smart jacket and no panties or tights.
Some of me and my work colleagues had some drinks at the bar until we had to get in the taxis to be taken to the venue.
When we got there we got told we had to mingle with people and sit with different peer groups. I had already knocked back 4 glasses of champagne. I saw the guy i was with earlier that day and sat with him and some others.
As the wine was flowing, so was our conversations. I told him how i had been with a female partner and he seemed to like that. I also told him about my bf and how he couldn't get hard. He told me stuff about his ex wife and how she was boring in bed.
The awards finished at around 11pm and a lot of us all went back and drank some more at the hotel bar area. There were sofa seats and i sat down listening to the conversations, but placed myself opposite Brian (aka the guy) i started to open my legs slightly, away from the view of everyone else, just enough that he could see my shaven plump pussy lips.
He kept glancing and smiling at me, but was trying to be a gentlemen.
I did this for a little while longer then said i was heading up to bed, as we all had to travel home the next day, and by now it was gone half 12am.
As i got in my room, i was sorting my stuff out and i heard my phone go off.
It was a message from Brian, asking if i wanted any company. I said i always want company. He asked for my room number and i gave it to him, but said it was for a night cap only.
A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and he was there with two bottles of beer.
We sat opposite chatting on the hotel room long sofa chairs and chatted (we were both pretty drunk) i then put both my legs up on the table and opened them wide so he could see my gaping cunt. He looked shocked but then smirked and asked if he could get a closer look. I asked him to take a picture on my phone, which he did.
As he got closer he gave me a nice lick, and by then i wanted more.
We took some pics of me in different poses and i got undressed and so did he as we got on the bed. I was on all fours as he gave me a quick finger as i begged him to fuck me hard and to cum in me.
He was such a good fuck, he lasted a while pumping in to me with long strokes, as my free tits hung down jiggling as he got harder and faster. I got could feel my arms start to shake as i cum on his cock. Not long after that he pumped his big load into me, and as he pulled out i could feel it dripping down the back of my leg mmmmmmmm.

We had a little cuddle and i got ready for bed and he went back to his room.
The next day we said goodbye to everyone and checked out, and me and him gave each other a smirk and said thanks for a horny night

I cannot wait until the next team building trip lol
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"And seeing your pussy, I can understand why he wanted more than a quick flash"
- luvamilf

Sunday, September 9, 2018, 8:44:47 PM- Friday fun
So I was asked to go to a hotel with a workmate on Friday to delivery a small bag to someone else. Wh3n we got there I discovered that this was just a excuse to get me up into his room. We had previously spoken about him taking pictures of me as he knew I loved to have my picture taken. I agreed for him to take some pics as long as he have me the SD card although I did agree to allow him some of the pictures to show his old mates.

He posed me in a chair and on the bed in my underwear and then watched closely as I slipped a vibe into my pussy and posed naked. He asked me if he could wank while I watched and I agreed and then as a special treat for him, I sacked him until he cum over my face.

It was a lovely way to spend our lunchtime but when I got home at night, my BF asked why my underwear was on inside out.....whoops!
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"Wow .. Lucky guy! Would gladly take pics of you any time! Wish I lived closer! You are a goddess!"
- SunTanGuy

Saturday, July 21, 2018, 10:09:26 AM- My plan for my cucky friend
This is the letter explaining the plan for my cuck friend. I hope you like it.

I'm going to to take you out to meet my male friends. I will make you wear shorts with a zip at the front and no pants or boxers on underneath

When you turn up, I will lead you into an abandoned factory near my house with just a chair in the room and some rope. I will order you to sit down and I will tie your hands behind your back. Then I will bring my dirty minded male friends in to meet you.

One of my male friends will come over to you as I had agreed with him before he arrived and will undo your zip on your shorts, reach into them and pull your floppy cock out.

He will then order me to get his cock out, which I will do with great pleasure. He has a massive piece of rock hard cock meat, with big heavy balls and I know that he is a heavy cummer.

He will turn to you and tell you that you are going to be sucking it and before you can object he is going to put his big cock in your mouth and make you suck him, forcing it in. I know that is what you really want as you are such a sissy.

The guys will then surround me and rip off all my clothes while you watch. I will end up naked apart from some heels.

I think that the day will then proceed like this:

You think you will take it all in like you are told and I can see you are getting hard. He won't let me wank you, but he orders me to slap your cock and pull your balls around to make you suck him harder.

Another two of my mates walk in and one grabs your little cock from me and starts to give it a wank to try and make it nice and hard. But he won't let you cum.

The guy you were sucking pulls my tits out in front of you and gives them a squeeze and sucks my nipples as you watch. He then forces me onto my knees to finish him off by sucking him.

Just before he cums, he pulls his cock out and spurts over my pussy. It's such a big load that as it's dripping off he forces me to stand over you and make you catch it in your mouth.

The other two guys untie you and make you stand up pull your shorts down so are fully exposed. They then laugh and start to smack your cock around before making you hold their cocks in each hand and wank them until they cum

They order you to get on your hands and knees and put a blindfold over your eyes. They then slap thier big cocks around your face to further humiliate you.

After doing this, my dirtiest mate let's you stand up and as you do, he puts your now hard and ready to cum cock in his mouth. He statrs to slowly suck you off as the other two guys grab your balls and squeeze them hard. The guy sucking your cock decides to wank you instead, as he tells me to lie on my back underneath you. He wanks you at a steady pace, pulling your foreskin all the way back stretching it to uncover your helmet.

As your legs start shaking he gets faster, and as you shoot your load all over my stomach and pussy, both of the other men start to lick it off me all clean

We will then leave you there with your trousers pulled down as the four of us 4 walk out. Do you like this plan cucky?

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"Wow! I'm not gay or bi, but wish I was this bound guy for you! So hot and has me rock hard envious!"
- SunTanGuy

Monday, June 4, 2018, 10:12:50 PM- A confession to my Boyfriend
Recently, my BF heard some rumours about me so asked me if I had been sleeping around behind his back. He said that he would forgive me if I told him the honest truth.

I have written him a confession that I am thinking about sending him but I want to ask what others think about it before I send it as I don’t want to shock him too much.

Please read what I intend sending him and tell me what you think.


*******, this isn't going to be easy to say, but you have asked me a question and so i will be truthful and tell you I have a confession i need to make to you

For a couple of years i have been fucking ***** behind your back. It started off as just mates and then after that kiss I did tell you about at the club we carried it on behind your back.

I am ashamed to say that told him how you couldn't get hard and he laughed and said he could give me what you couldn't.

The times that I said i was having lunch with other people, i was with him at a hotel getting pounded by his big cock, with his balls slapping my bum from behind.

I have to admit that his cock is just too good to turn down, and yours is just past it now as it does not get hard any more.

When we met up for lunch, we didnt have lunch but we went to a hotel and had 2 hours of pure dirtiness, he made me wank him off as he stood in front of me and then spurted his cum all over my tits. He then licked it off as i watched, it was so horny.

He fingered me faster than you, and his licking makes me so wet, i have to keep pushing his head down to keep him there as he laps at my clit and cunt.

the best part his is rock hard cock, and big balls filled with cum, that he spurts into me when he cums. He did ask me to come back home to you once and let you lick it out of me without knowing, which you have done which I am so sorry about.

I would love to stop seeing me but it’s like a drug to me so I will meeting him again soon, and i will be carrying this on.

I am his cum slut now and would do anything to suck and wank him, then let him fill me up.

He has laughed about you as i have wanked him telling him how you and your floppy cock dont satisfy me. He cums so much, its just so horny to see.

in the month you are away, i am taking 2 days off and have agreed to spending it with him in a hotel room, getting pounded from behind, until my pussy is sore. It will be all used and abused for you when you come back home.

I hope you are not too mad at me.....sorry.
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"you havent told him do to ?
Even if youre still toghetter or breaking up hou should tell him.!"
- RinoW

Saturday, April 28, 2018, 8:01:33 AM- Dan and his dirty Uncle John
Since my meeting with Dan a couple of weeks ago, we have been exchanging dirty e-mails privately behind my BFs back. I knew that Dan was really up for another meet after I had posed for and then showed him pictures of me in the toilet of a pub we had met in when I was out with the girls. In the middle of last week, I received a strange e-mail from Dan that asked if I would meet him and his uncle for a drink. When I asked why he was bring his uncle, Dan said that he was a dirty old bastard and that he had shown him some of the pics I had sent him. He said that his uncle was a bit of an amature photographer and had said he would like to take some pics of me himself.

I was a little shocked that Dan had showed someone else my private pictures but have to admit that the thought of an older guy looking at my pictures and taking some more was quite horny so I agreed to meet up with them as long as they know it was for pics only and nothing else!!

Dan was pleased that I had agreed and asked if his uncle could suggest an outfit for me to wear and when I said yes, he came back with a list of things he wanted to see me in. He was not really worried about what I was wearing on top, but had specific requests for the underwear he wanted me to dress in. This was getting dirtier by the minute!!

I told my BF that I was going out with my mates on Saturday and then met up with Dan and his Uncle John in a hotel bar in town. I was happy to see Dan again and even more pleased when I saw his uncle John as he was a fit older guy of about 60 who was tanned and fit looking.

We all spent a couple of hours drinking and chatting and John spent lots of time flirting with me. At one stage when Dan was buying yet more drinks, he asked me if I had seen his list of underwear he had asked for and when I said I was wearing it all beneath my dress, his eyes lit up. After we finished our drinks, John said he had booked us a room upstairs.

After we got to the room, Dan sat down in a chair while John got out his camera out of his bag. He said that he had seen the pictures I had taken and showed Dan and asked me if I liked posing for pictures, I said I did and that I loved it when strangers looked at my pics. He asked if I was ready and when I said yes, he asked me to take off my dress.

I stood up and undid the zip down the back of my dress and as I stepped out of it, both John and Dans eyes lit up. I was wearing a black bra and panty set as requested with Black hold-ups and black heels. John then started to take pictures of me while Dan watched.

John started off by posing me standing up against the wall and then went on put one leg on the bed as he moved about snapping away. He then asked me to lay on the bed and carried on taking photographs as he posed me on my back and side. In some pictures, he asked me to take my bra off and pull my panties down and Dan groaned when he saw my pussy hair as he did not know I had let it grow since he had seen the last pictures I showed him.

John then turned me over onto my front and went over to his bag and pulled out a roll of rope!!

He asked me if he could tie my hands behind my back and when I said yes, he pulled my legs up behind me and tied the rope around my ankles and wrists. I felt so horny and I knew the guys were loving it too.

After the bound pics, John asked me to get on all fours on the bed and pull my panties down just a bit over my thighs. I did as I was told and could hear him clicking away with his camera. At one stage, I looked round and the camera was right up near to my bum and I just knew that he was getting very close up pictures of right between my bum cheeks and that he would be seeing my tight little bum hole and my exposed cunt.

After a while, Dan went out to get us some cold drinks and while he was gone, John asked if he could push the boundaries a little bit more and I asked in what way. He said that I had a cunt and arse "to kill for" and that he would like to just slip a finger in to either hole and take some pics. I was not really sure about it but John said he knew I would like it and eventually, I said I would let him just take a couple of pictures like this.

When Dan came back in, John asked him to take a couple of pictures of me and him and Dan asked what he meant. John told Dan that he was going to pull my bum cheeks apart and finger my bum and Dan looked shocked. John went into the bag that Dan had brought back and took out a bottle of Doctor Pepper. He had a couple of mouthfuls and then asked me to open my legs. As I did, Dirty uncle John slid the bottle into my open cunt while Dan just watched and took pictures.

John then bent me over the bed and pulled my panties right down and Dan got on his knees on the floor behind me. John licked his finger and slid it into my bum hole as Dan took the pictures. He then pulled my cunt open and Dan took some more pictures of my legs spread. John was telling me how tight I was and that he had just one more request. When I asked what that was, he asked me to turn around. As I did, I saw that John had pulled his cock out of his trousers and that he was hard. He said I am mad him super horny and just asked me to suck his cock while Dan took a couple of pictures for his "private collection".

At first, I though it was very naughty of him to ask and was going to say no but when I looked at his old cock, I thought that maybe he deserved a treat ha ha. I turned around and he pulled his trousers and pants down and I took his cock into my mouth. I also tugged his balls as I was sucking him.

Dan took some pictures and after quite a short time, Johns legs started to shake and he eventually spurted his warm cum into my mouth. As he started to cum, I could feel him trying to pull out of my mouth (which I thought was very polite) but I put my hands on his hips and pulled him back towards me so that I could suck him dry and swallow his load. Once we had finished, I got dressed and we left the hotel for another drink before we all went home to our partners.

The only surprise of the day was that Dan did not ask for the same treatment that his Uncle John had received as I have never know a guy that did not like his cock sucked. The sad thing about it is, that if he had asked me to suck him, I would have stood them side by side against the wall and made them get their cocks out for me to compare size, shape and hardness. I would have also sucked them at the same time and compared the amount of cum they produced. John cum quite a lot but I would imagine Dan could out-cum him!! Maybe next time I will find out. Photographs taken on this day by John and Dan will be posted by me as soon as they are sent to me. I hope you enjoy them. x
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"big fucking smile, loved it, wink xxx"
- BuxomXhunter

Saturday, April 14, 2018, 10:04:41 PM- Meeting up with Dan again
So last night, I met up with Dan again after he sent me a text during the day while I was at work. Dan was the guy I showed pictures to in the pub a couple of weeks ago. I did tell my BF I was going out with the girls after work so I could meet up with him but bizarrely, after waiting in the pub for some time, he turned up with his mate to meet.

Update to follow.
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Most Recent Comment:
"As ever I was enviously hanging on every word of that...I love the way how much you love sucking cock comes across - it clearly is a love of yours x"
- diddee

Sunday, April 8, 2018, 12:59:02 PM- Escort work
A couple of months ago, a female mate of mine called me up to see if I could help her out of a situation. She worked for an agency that supplied escorts to business men and VIP visitors to England. She needed a blond girl as the client was specific about his requirements and she asked if I would do it.

I say no straight away as I thought it was one small step away from prostitution, but she said, no, it was just an escort job to an evening ball for a guy that wanted some "eye candy" on his arm. When she then told me it paid £450:00, I said yes!!

My mate gave over my details to the person wanting the escort including a photo of me and all of my size details. She told me he was very happy with the way I looked.

I was supplied with a fill length black velvet dress which arrived at my house by courier about a week later and then another box arrived with some lovely high heels and a very expensive lacy Bra and panty set and stockings.

I was given instructions relating to what time to be ready and on the date, a car pulled up outside my house to pick me up. My BF was not at all happy as he said there must be more to this but I explained that it was all above board and that the agency was respectable.

The evening was fantastic with lots of food and wine and my partner for the night was very happy. He was 67 and from Canada and owned some sort of shipping company.

A lot of the guys looked at me during the night and I could see them eying me up like I was a prostitute hired by the hour!!

We left at around midnight after the limo had picked us up again and I settled down in the back of the car with the host (Edward) for the journey home.

As we drove along we were chatting (as you do) and Edward was asking me questions about my job and if I was married and where I lived. it was all normal chat until he asked me if I would consider earning a bit more money for the night. I dreaded what he was going to say but asked anyway what he meant.

He said his wife had died and had not had any sexual contact with anyone for about a year. He then said that I was young and attractive and looked stunning.

He asked me if I had the bra and panty set on he had sent and when I said yes, he said he would give me £100:00 to just let him have a look. I needed money so I said yes as what harm could there be. I leaned back in the chair and he pulled the dress up past my knees to look at the panties and stockings.

He then told me he would give me another £100:00 if I slipped the panties off and gave them to him.

He had paid for them anyway so I said yes and pulled them down and gave them to him. He held them to his nose and said I smelt fantastic!!

He then said he would give me £200:00 to look and smell my young cunt. I was surprised he used that word but it was apparent he was turned on.

Again, I shamelessly agreed so he turned me round slightly in the seat so I was facing him. He gently lifted up my skirt some more and pulled my legs apart and then bent down and put his face between my legs, I could feel and hear him sniffing around my pussy for a while until I felt his tongue part my lips.

I was about to tell him to stop as it was not part of the deal, but realised that I was quite horny. He pulled my lips apart and licked up and down my lips before going to town on my clit. He might have been an old duffer, but he certainly knew what he was doing.

He stroked the bit of skin between my pussy and my bum and then just as I started to cum, he slid his fingers deep into my pussy which just took me over the top.

After he finished, he simply kissed the front of my pussy twice and pulled my skirt down to cover me up. The driver could not (I hope!) see through the blacked out window separating the front of the car from the back so it gave me time to adjust myself before pulling up outside my house.

Edward licked his fingers and thanked me for a brilliant night. He also paid me all of the money he promised plus a £150:00 "bonus"on top as a gift.

When I got in, my BF was asleep and when I got to bed, he asked me how it went and I said it was "ok"

What a night!!
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Most Recent Comment:
"He was a very lucky chap."
- luvamilf

Thursday, March 29, 2018, 6:37:15 PM- My love of cock and cum (and especially heavy cummers)
I will have to start this blog with a confession:

I love cock and I love cum but what I really love is guys that can pump a heavy load of sticky spunk out when they cum.

There is nothing more horny for me than to see a real big load and even if its on video, its always enough to make my pussy twitch and get wet. One look at some of my pics will let you see the mess in my panties sometimes.

I am quite petite and from the first time I ever held a cock in my small hands, I was hooked on making guys cum.

99% of guys will do anything to be inside a woman so we are always in control, however, you only have complete control when you are on your knees in front of a horny guy with his cock in your mouth or in your hand as you hold him and wank him off.

From the first time I had a cock in my hand, I have had lots and lots of guys dicks and lots of cum inside and over me (more than I will ever tell a boyfriend) and I have loved every one of them even if they had a small dick or were shit at fucking, (my current lover)

Strangly though, it seems that a guys ability to cum loads has nothing to do with age, or cock and balls size. I have had old guys with little dicks cum a huge load and young guys with big cocks just dribble out. If you can get both (big and a huge load) then its the best.

One of the heavest cummers I had was a manager I worked for. (I have fucked a lot of my Managers!!) I was 19 and he was 55. We went out one night and ended up fucking in his car (he was married). I knew from the hot feeling inside me that he had shot a lot of spunk into me. The fact that it then run out of my pussy for hours proved that to me. when I wanked him the next time we went out (in the car again) I was amazed at the power of his spurts which went all over me and the steering wheel.

I have had a couple of others as well but the best and biggest heavy cummer I have had was about 2 years ago when I met and went out with a chief from a local restaurant.

He was tall and well built and about 31. We went out on the piss and ended up back in a local hotel. Judging by the general size of him and his hands, I was hoping for big things and I was not disapointed.

I undressed him and gasped when I saw his big meat and balls and so as a starter, I decided to suck his cock while he watched me.

I got on my knees (My fave position) and started to tug his balls and wank him. I then slipped as much of his cock into my mouth before wanking him some more.

After a while, I felt his balls get tight so carried on until the first blast of spunk flew out. It hit me full in the face so I closed my eyes and carried on wanking him and the spurts just carried on covering me.

Once he had finished, I went to the bathroom and was shocked to see just how much cum was down over my bra, my face, my hair and over my panties and tights (that had been pulled down a bit for easy access).

We spent the night together fucking and sucking each other and I went home sore the next day, however, the next time I went out with him, I made him film himself as I wanked him off. I was amazed at what I saw when he finally played the video back as he spurted at least 8 or 9 really big spurts before he went down to a slow dribble. I used that video many many times after that night to make myself cum.

He is the hardest cummer I have been (so far) with but I am always on the lookout for other guys that can produce "the goods"

If you can spunk a lot, let me see as it really is my thing.

Happy to chat with anyone about my likes and dislikes so feel free to get in touch. xx Dee

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"I've been told I cum a lot, but I don't think I can compete with the chef in your blog post. I posted a few pics if you like to look at them"
- sukebe_gaijin

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