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Sunday, May 23, 2010, 12:12:35 AM- Blogs you should check out...

...if you like, I don't know, naked women.

http://girlcameramirror.tumblr.com/ -- just what it says. Girls, taking pictures of themselves in the mirror.

http://submitmomsnwives.tumblr.com/ -- "For the Love of Moms & Wives" pretty much covers it.

http://ordinary-people.tumblr.com/ -- Again, the title says it all. Ordinary folk, naked.

http://allshapesandsizes.tumblr.com/ -- These Tumblr users sure do know how to pick their URLs, huh?

Tumblr is a wealth of this kind of stuff. So go to it.
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Most Recent Comment:
"didn't know this was allowed. =D impressive list tho! lol"
- kricket187

Friday, March 19, 2010, 1:56:14 AM- PMs

From: [redacted]
To: briareos
Subject: wobble walk


Really nice to see your pics on here

Can I have a clip of your soft cock wobbling like this:
Hold the camera out in front of your soft cock and balls
and move it from the front and sides so I get to see different sides of your cock and then go for a slow walk about the house or garden and let me see how your cock and balls gently wobble and swing with you walking about.

but no touching or wanking at any time and no jiggling just want to see how it gently bounces as you walk that would be lovely...

and you can send the clip to me as an attachment to your message to me there is no file size limit (unlike emails) and you dont have to be a premium member to send the clip

Thank you


My response:

To: [redacted]
Subject: Re: wobble walk


As far as your request goes: no.



Which, actually, I think is not so unkind. I mean, I could have just ignored this person, right? And they did say, "Can I have...?" which implies that they were asking an actual question. I'm simply *answering* it, in the negative. And I did say "Sorry" too!

But what do I get in response?

From: [redacted]
To: briareos
Subject: Re: wobble walk

what a nasty man you are

Wait, what? No, I'm sorry, but FUCK YOU. That's not the way it works.

From: briareos
To: [redacted]
Subject: Re: wobble walk


Me, nasty? And yet, YOU'RE the one who *presumes* that I should be willing -- no, eager! -- to fulfill your whims...and with nary a hello or even the meanest introduction.


Sorry, kiddo -- I'm not here for YOU. If that hurts your feelings, too bad.


Yeah, I know -- the ladies have to deal with this kind of shit ALL THE TIME. And worse, I am totally certain.

But you know, I just don't get the mindset of people who act like this. I mean, to simply demand things, to act so, so selfishly, and to be mean and vulgar and awful and horrible when other REAL LIVE HUMAN BEINGS don't line up to make your little wank fantasy come true.

I say, balls to that.
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"You know, I got spammed from this person too almost daily. The nutcase (aka "it") left an email address in a PM to me asking for the same thing. I did some research (cause I have too much time on my hands!) and the person's name is "John" and not "Mandy". Further research pointed me to the NN ID name of "copgear" being the same person - as evidenced by the same email address posted in his profile and what was in the PM. I think his infatuation with wobbling kind of gives it away too. It took all of about 3 minutes to bust "it" =/"
- RatedM2

Sunday, December 20, 2009, 9:38:24 PM- Merry Xmas

This makes me chuckle.
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"Do me a favor, Santa...do the chuckling while I'm sitting on your lap ;)"
- lu'lu

Thursday, October 29, 2009, 10:34:36 PM- Photos

I try to not just take and post pics of my cock -- I am unexcited by simple cock shots personally, and while I find the *idea* of folk looking at giant pictures of my dick arousing, the execution of such images is rarely even approaching visually interesting. (And substitute any single attribute for "cock," here -- ass, tit, tongue, earlobe...whatever. Single subject pics get boring very, very quickly. To me.)

But every once in awhile I simply cannot help it, and I shove the camera down into my crotch (or behind me into my ass) and snap away.

Such photos are not up to even my own very low standards, but rest assured that they will likely very soon be followed by something more visually appealing. So don't think it's all gonna be hard ons and closeups of my hairy asshole from now on (and I'm sorry if that's your thing).
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Most Recent Comment:
"love your beautiful ass.......ric"
- bunlover2

Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 4:56:31 AM- Toys

Every once and a while, I get an itch to try something a little different. (Nothing crazy, like make new friends, or go on dates or anything like that -- heaven forfend!) Just something a bit new...like shaving the ol' pubic region. (As an update, I am pleased with the results, by and large, though there are both grooming and daily livability issues I had not anticipated that are taking a bit of getting used to.)

I was shopping online for fishnets (long story), and came across a new cock ring at Extreme Restraints. It's called "The Cock Lock Intruder" (which is stupid), and it intrigued me.

It is relatively expensive, but I bought one anyway. This is what it looks like:

(Bigger: http://www.humantacos.com/images/device.jpg)

Stainless, two-inch, and it fits my cock and balls just great:

(Bigger: http://www.humantacos.com/images/front.jpg)

The ball, as you may have guessed, gets inserted into the ass. This is not my normal mode of play, but it can be fun every once and a while. With this thing? MAN. That thing hits the ol' P-Spot like a champ. Very, very excellent.

(Bigger: http://www.humantacos.com/images/back.jpg)

It can be found at Extreme Restraints here (not clickable, to conform to NN linking rules):

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Most Recent Comment:
"You have the tendency to make me smile wickedly and say things like "FUCK!!" through clinched teeth...do you realize this?"
- lu'lu

Thursday, February 19, 2009, 9:01:40 AM- A Few Comics

I'm not really a "hey, look at this thing I found, ain't it great!" kind of blogger. (Though I'm not sure what kind of blogger I am, either.) But sometimes...well, sometimes you have to make with the linky-link, you know?

This is for Frau, because of her blog post the other day re: masturbation to relieve pain and stress.

Sound advice, really. I've considered giving up masturbation, and even resolved to do so, once. That didn't last very long, I am afraid...I wish I had better self-discipline.

A couple more, just because they amuse me.

Comics stolen from "Bad Gods" by Lore Sjöberg, http://badgods.com/ .
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Most Recent Comment:
- herr spatzle

Sunday, February 8, 2009, 3:40:39 AM- Haircut Highjinks
Got a haircut yesterday. Because I have a degree of social anxiety, getting my gumption up to go out and submit to what is, essentially, public grooming, takes a bit of mental effort. Basically I have to wait until I can't stand the state of my hair any longer, and the discomfort of the hair outweighs the discomfort of getting it cut.

(This is not logical or rational, it's just how it is.)

I went to the place I've been frequenting for the last couple of years. It's a no appointment, kind of alt/indie rocker place that'll serve you a beer while you wait, and though you can request a certain stylist, usually you just put your name down on the list and take whoever is available. That being said, they all do a really great job, and some of the best haircuts I have ever received have come from this place.

(http://www.bishopsbs.com/ if you were wondering...)

So I sit, and fret, and then it comes my turn and the stylist turns out to be this cute little brunette girl. No, scratch that, she was hot. Which is *terrible*, because that makes me even more nervous, and I have to try and describe what I want and I always feel like I'm not using the right words and they're looking at me in the mirror thinking to themselves, "What the hell is this idiot talking about?" But she was super nice, and started cutting my hair and we start what is absolutely the ***worst*** part of the whole thing for me: the small talk.

Because, normally, you have an escape, right? At a bar or a party or wherever, you can escape when things turn sour and uncomfortable. You might have props to help mask silences -- a drink or food or something.

But not in The Chair. You're stuck, staring at yourself in the mirror, sweat prickling on your brow, trying to come up with something interesting to say, or a way to answer the question that you just got asked without making yourself look like a complete knob.

(I'm not very good at small talk, if you couldn't guess.)

So she asks me what I do, and I start to try and describe it, and she kind of know what I'm talking about, which is surprising and slightly gratifying, because no one *ever* knows what I'm talking about, and trying to explain it always makes me just mentally exhausted (even though it's actually really simple). And I ask her a question, and she tells me the answer, and it goes back and forth and she seems to be totally on board with what I am saying...

...and suddenly it dawns on me -- this girl has cut my hair before. Here she is, being all hot and charming, and she has *remembered* me.

So I tell her I feel like an ass, because I didn't remember her, and we chuckle and, really, it got a lot better. We had, for me, one of the best, most relaxed hair cut conversations I've ever had. And the cut turned out pretty good too.

Which is a nice little story about how your anxieties can prove to be completely baseless and lead you into stupid behavior that is unnecessary and foolish. But that's not really the story, for me.

Because I...notice things. Really, I do. But my interpretive faculties are usually pretty impaired in social situations, drowned out by the anxiety and nervousness. So, as is usual for me, now that some time has passed and I've had a chance to think things through, I remember a couple of things about this whole ordeal.

One, I got a kind of flirtatious vibe off of this girl last time she cut my hair (would have been last summer). I actually remember (now) thinking to myself at the time that I was pretty sure she would say yes if I asked her out.

Two, I think that she stalled so she would be the one to cut my hair. She came over to the list, and I was pretty sure she was going to call the next person, but she looked at the list, looked around at the few people waiting, and then she left again. She puttered around, kind of half-heartedly sweeping up some hair and walking back into the office not once, but twice. After another stylist had called up the next customer, she came right over to the desk and called me. (Yes, it could be coincidence -- after all, it made no impression at the time, but like I said, upon reflection...)

Three, I thought it took her awhile to remember me, and that she was only clued in after I answered some questions, but now the...*way* she asked them makes it seem like maybe she knew already. That may seem abstract, and I can't describe it very well, but that's how it reads to me now.

Four...well, I just got that feel, you know? Lots of eye contact, she seemed a little breathless after I paid and gave her a generous tip (I always do that, not just for the hot girls)... And even though it seems MORE obvious to me now, after calming down and being able to reflect, I left there in such a good mood...and I was sure then, just as I was the time before, that she had been flirting with me.

So that, really, is the story. It's not very exciting -- no running back into the salon to ask when she got off work, no stylist chasing me down the stairs to tell me she couldn't let me leave without asking for my number...none of that. Just, again, missed opportunity and mild regret.

Le sigh.
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Most Recent Comment:
"I agree with MD...don't get shaggy, man! Ever 4 to six weeks for a cut. Hell, I'd go back every 1-2 for a shampoo...hint, hint:)
I don't see it as a missed opprotunity! You left there looking good and feeling fantastic, honey?!? Good talk, yummy touch and fabulous flirting...enjoy that shit and think about the "what next." :)
*shampoo! shampoo!*"
- lu'lu

Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 11:52:03 PM- Teardrop
Because the query has been made...well, sort of. I suppose since I am shown wearing the dang thing and my captions sing its praises, I ought to enumerate them here.

The Teardrop is a cockring, but one with a difference. It has all the benefits (and drawbacks, I suppose) of any other cockring, but the extra teardrop shape allows for additional stimulation of the wearer and his partner, depending on the *way* it is worn.

From a product page (in this case, at ExtremeRestraints.com, which has decent prices on such items):

"The Teardrop Cock Ring is worn around the cock and balls, but what makes this metal cock ring different is that it gently massages the perineum (the spot between the balls and anus) and other erogenous zones.

"The Teardrop Cock Ring can be worn in several different ways:

" * The most common position is with the point facing upward to the rear so that it stimulates the perineum.

" * Turn the ring around pointing the tongue tip outward and up to cradle your balls, creating a ledge of support.

" * Turn the ring around pointing the tongue tip outward and down. So when fucking, you will feel the Teardrop Cock Ring grind your balls into your partner with each stroke.

" * With the tongue pointing outward and above, hold your hard shaft against the ring during insertion and gently ease the tip into the hole with your cock to stretch your partner out with the base of each stroke."

My experience of such items is minimal, but I find the teardrop to be massively comfortable (not the case with even a traditional leather snap-style ring), and pleasing in its metal heaviness and *presence*. It was tricky to figure out how to put on, but that's just my inexperience.

Here are some crummy cell-phone pics of mine, with a shiny American quarter for scale (as if that helps those unfamiliar with American currency).

(Edit: They are also available in silicone, but I have never tried one of those.)

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Most Recent Comment:
"I'd like to see you put it on...and then, I'd like to watch you play."
- lu'lu

Tuesday, January 20, 2009, 3:35:33 AM- Depilatory Pursuits

It's been said before, and I have often agreed: the hair down there is a mite out of control. No need for baby's bottom smoothness, I have been assured -- just a trim! Make it a tad less birds' nest like. It was a point made to me again (kindly, make no mistake!) just the other day, so I decided to once again make a go of reigning in the madness.

Now, some like the hair. I like the *effects* of having the hair. Mainly, that when in the past I have attempted to curb it, the whole area itches like a motherfucker for, like, the next MONTH. That's even if I just knock down the length! So I've been wanting to do something, but scratching madly at your groin every five minutes (or suffering in silence) is uncomfortable and off-putting.

But, well, what the hell, right? So I made a go of it. The results are before you. I kind of like the look -- only time shall tell if the comfort level is manageable.
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"I think you look nice. :)"
- mdguy

Thursday, September 25, 2008, 4:34:58 AM- Found Objects
Heard a strange sound from the field beside the shop when I got back this afternoon. A little inspection revealed this little cute bomb maoing and maoing near a stack of conduit.

(Oversize cuteness here: http://www.humantacos.com/images/shopcat.jpg)

No Mum or brothers or sisters to be found, but the little one was lonely and tried to climb the cyclone fence to get to me. My Dad took it inside and let it sit on his lap.

Tiny, tiny, tiny! Maybe five inches (12.5 cms) long.
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Most Recent Comment:
"SOOO cute. I actually saved the larger image :p b/c it's so adorable ;-) xx"
- naughty_but_innocent

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