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Friday, January 24, 2014, 9:47:35 PM- Thank god for Country!
I have the bestest husband in the world!

He got out of work early yesterday and took over everything for me and made me take a nap. I didn't wake up for 4 hours! LOL Now that's a nap huh? I feel so much better it's crazy. Amazing how good real sleep can make you feel.

Dad's showing some improvement too, so the blood thinners must be doing some good. He's stopped with the random yelling through out the night and has been much more lucid today. Can't wait until Tuesday to see what happens. Obviously I am hoping for more big improvements.

It's been weird living here, it just doesn't feel like home yet I guess. In time I'll get used to it, hopefully.

Maybe taking some new pics will help ;) I'm going to have to try that soon, even though I keep saying that and never actually do it any more. LOL It's not intentional, I'm just always so busy lately, it's hard to feel sexy :(

Poor Country.
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"^^^ ditto"
- tight_wet_lips

Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 11:41:14 AM- Well we're mostly moved in now
and all I want to do is go back to sleep again! Ugh!

Dad's had a rough few days, he had a TIA Saturday morning and now he's acting very weird. He spent half the night last night screaming in his sleep, not night terrors just general yelling. LOL Makes it hard to get any rest around here. Plus I am totally freaked out! They can't get him into surgery until Tuesday to clean out his carotid artery, and he won't agree to stay in the hospital (I honestly don't blame him there) so I am on pins and needles until then I guess.

He's also been caught many times going on nonsensical rants to himself about different nonsensical things. Sometimes flashing back to Nam(Super scary to watch!) and sometimes back to childhood(not good either) The best, most entertaining ones are when he gets on a good political rant. I just can't figure out who he thinks he's talking to though. LOL I'm usually not even in the room!

I know his oxygen supply is being limited to his brain right now; I just hope the surgery gives him some improvement. I wasn't expecting this so fast after moving in and honestly I think I'm too old to do this very long with little to no sleep! We'll have to hire a nurse if this keeps up.

So any of you want to be my sexy night nurse? LOL Not quite what you had in mind huh? ;)
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"That's.."Dont forget to take care of the care GIVER to!""
- Northern Star

Wednesday, January 1, 2014, 2:18:12 AM- Have a happy one!
Enjoy yourselves but please no drinking and driving! We want you all back here, hangovers and all tomorrow.

Luv ya's!
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"Happy New Year Amy! I made it all the way to 10"
- Shotglass

Wednesday, December 25, 2013, 3:14:36 PM- Merry Christmas everyone!
Hope Santa got you just what you wanted this year, no matter what that was ;)

Enjoy your family time. xoxox
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"Merry Christ to you too xxx"
- foxilady

Wednesday, December 4, 2013, 7:04:56 PM- LOL
Nothing gets your kids more interested in wanting to talk to you more then free stuff.

Funny how since we said we're moving and the kids could have whatever furniture we weren't taking with us, they have become so much more sociable. I don't think I have talked this much to my daughter since she moved out! LMAO

Oh well they can use it, we don't need it, and it beats us trying to sell it or have to lug it around LOL I think everything has been claimed now even things we weren't planning on getting rid of! lol

This move is going to be nice and easy cuz we won't have anything left to move! lol
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"I do almost the same thing it's called yard sale
- By-the-Sea

Thursday, November 28, 2013, 11:38:43 PM- /me rolls into blog land
to wish all you Americans a Happy Thanksgiving!

/me ate way too much but boy it tasted good! I think I outdid myself this year :)

/me is off to digest now.
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"Everybody's toilet is working on overtime today. Glad I have a cabinet full of toilet paper. Happy digesting."
- chargingram

Thursday, November 21, 2013, 6:22:20 PM- LOL
We're trying to get my mom into the new century and teach her to text. lol It's been months now and she still struggles.

I just got a weird phone call on my land line that she tried to text me through that!?! HA ha ha!
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"The first text I sent was to my older sister... sitting 3 feet away! lol"
- jake5270

Thursday, November 14, 2013, 12:48:48 PM- Well a lot has changed in a few months
My life is a roller coaster lately :)

Since I last wrote here I've started a new business, which is off to an expected slow yet steady start; so far so good :)

Watched my son get his associates degree, and helped him plan his future path to success. It ends with me being able to say, "My son the Doctor...." How cool is that? I can't wait to rub that in some relatives faces who told me my kid would be shit because I dared be a single mom. My kid is doing better then any of theirs! Not to gloat or anything ;o) LOL

And now the big one for us personally. We're moving in January!

Gulp! That's the first time I've actually said our intentions to anyone besides immediate family. lol Makes it seem more real somehow.

My dad has gotten a lot worse lately, fast. It's becoming too much for me to keep driving back and forth out there, and he really needs someone there at night now. Plus he asked, and that's HUGE! My father never asks for anything. He's old school; the parents provide everything, are always the wiser, etc.

He bought a new house last year, and I think he was already thinking of this because the house he bought has a complete apartment downstairs. He made me help him remodel his kitchen cuz he said I was inheriting the house so it should be the way I want it. I figured it made sense since I'm the only one who actually cooks in it! LOL Unless you count microwave meals....Yuck!

Anyways the plan is to move in with him in January (Why did he have to ask in the dead of winter? LOL) and slowly clean this place out, and fix it up to rent out.

So the bad news is we'll have less privacy, the good news is we have an entire huge beautiful new house to take pics in!

We'll make it work, I'm sure.

I think the move itself will do wonders for me. There is nothing like looking at every item you own, and determining what really matters to you. I think it will be cathartic and am looking forward to a very good and deep de-cluttering of both the stuff, and the brain :) We've been here over 14 years now, raised two babies here; we've accumulated a lot of crap! lol

Looking forward to the future.........
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"Congrats on all the new news!! Having cared for a parent through an illness, it can be extremely tough at times, but. An provide for important rewards in your heart and soul. Best of luck!!"
- zencoach

Tuesday, August 13, 2013, 8:34:15 PM- Wow
Country just pointed out to me that we haven't posted pics in 471 days! OMG lol I guess I really did lose the pic posting bug huh?!

Might have to plan something special for the near future ;)
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"Amy, that would be great!! Glad your posting on your blog as well"
- Shotglass

Friday, August 9, 2013, 7:39:09 PM- Reading comprehension
Does anyone have any anymore? I have my doubts :(
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- lennynatural

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