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Mon, 6-Oct-14 2:51 AM (17 days ago)
BEATIFUL un-skinny girls where are u ?
JG is one very sexy lady! How did your date go?
(17 days ago)
(17 days ago)
I liked when back when I was young there was a term "pretty plus size" wonder what happened to that? Anything but big, fat, huge, umm get the picture?
(17 days ago)
TM I remember that
(17 days ago)
Hey, SMS! Thanks, darling. It was really nice. I posted a blog about it: ) xxx
(17 days ago)
Mon, 6-Oct-14 2:43 AM (17 days ago)
BIG GIRLS where are u ?
(17 days ago)
The left and the right, smartass: p
(17 days ago)
(17 days ago)
(17 days ago)
I know you meant both SETS of cheeks, JG
(17 days ago)
Thu, 21-Aug-14 4:25 AM (63 days ago)
something witty and brilliant !
Tue, 27-May-14 2:15 AM (149 days ago)
horney guy in melb needs a hand, mouth or pussy
Well I am guessing you have a hand and mouth already so as they say 2 out of 3 aint bad
(149 days ago)
If he can suck his own dick I'd be impressed
(149 days ago)
I actually can loooool
(149 days ago)
Didn't say he wanted his cock sucked, just he needed a hand, mouth or pussy
(149 days ago)
Forlarinjojo you suck your own dick, gay that mate hahaha jk
(149 days ago)
Tue, 27-May-14 1:58 AM (149 days ago)
any ladies want a cam date ?
Thu, 6-Mar-14 2:49 AM (231 days ago)
any ladies for cam date ? pm me
Thu, 20-Feb-14 1:21 AM (245 days ago)
Thu, 20-Feb-14 12:07 AM (245 days ago)
Hunger pains! need a fur pie for lunch!
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Mon, 20-Jan-14 6:46 AM (276 days ago)
girl friday wanted ! must be flexible!
(276 days ago)
Tue, 21-May-13 3:41 AM (520 days ago)
Looking for lust in all the wrong places !
oh, there's plenty of that here. Most of it unrequited though. LOL
(520 days ago)
ld look closer at the groinal area...or if you like tits, look up a little *lix*
(520 days ago)
lust in the wind all we are is lust in the wind
(520 days ago)
Fri, 4-Jan-13 8:05 AM (657 days ago)
im back and ready to admire !
Tue, 27-Nov-12 7:01 PM (695 days ago)
6am automatic
Wed, 21-Nov-12 7:30 PM (701 days ago)
glad for friends to return home
Sun, 11-Nov-12 5:21 AM (711 days ago)
brunettes , all of u , i love you
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Fri, 28-Sep-12 3:26 AM (755 days ago)
hotnreadymelb is very hot and ready today !
pity about the rest of Melb, lol
(755 days ago)
Tue, 4-Sep-12 4:51 AM (779 days ago)
nn you tease me so !
Tue, 10-Jul-12 1:57 AM (835 days ago)
nn rocks , definately makes my day bearable !
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Wed, 4-Jul-12 4:57 AM (841 days ago)
whats the best VIBRATOR/TOY for my gf ?
rabbit hands down
(841 days ago)
rabbit unless you can afford a sybian
(841 days ago)
Tue, 3-Jul-12 4:19 AM (842 days ago)
work sucks NN makes it better
so does weed
(842 days ago)
And NN and a smoke really make things better!
(842 days ago)
NN makes everything better
(842 days ago)
Tue, 3-Jul-12 12:22 AM (842 days ago)
looking for fresh un viewed pics ! must be virgin , i want to be first
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good luch with that
(842 days ago)
(842 days ago)
Mon, 2-Jul-12 11:11 PM (842 days ago)
how romantic....
(842 days ago)
careful LB, your sarcasm is showing
(842 days ago)
sorry.... NOT
(842 days ago)
(842 days ago)
Wed, 20-Jun-12 1:07 AM (855 days ago)
hotnreadymelb wants dirty pretty things !
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