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Mon, 17-Nov-14 3:17 AM (75 days ago)
free and easy while i can
Thu, 13-Nov-14 1:32 AM (79 days ago)
well, I normally eat lunch everyday, so I'm guessingI will tomorrow too
(79 days ago)
That would be an expensive lunch, but if you're buying.... Sure. lol
(79 days ago)
flight and five star hotel right? lol
(79 days ago)
That would be an amazing lunch!! I might throw in dessert!
(79 days ago)
Back away from the Aussie Angel
(79 days ago)
Tue, 11-Nov-14 5:21 AM (81 days ago)
Mon, 6-Oct-14 2:51 AM (117 days ago)
BEATIFUL un-skinny girls where are u ?
JG is one very sexy lady! How did your date go?
(117 days ago)
(117 days ago)
I liked when back when I was young there was a term "pretty plus size" wonder what happened to that? Anything but big, fat, huge, umm get the picture?
(117 days ago)
TM I remember that
(117 days ago)
Hey, SMS! Thanks, darling. It was really nice. I posted a blog about it: ) xxx
(117 days ago)
Mon, 6-Oct-14 2:43 AM (117 days ago)
BIG GIRLS where are u ?
(117 days ago)
The left and the right, smartass: p
(117 days ago)
(117 days ago)
(117 days ago)
I know you meant both SETS of cheeks, JG
(117 days ago)
Thu, 21-Aug-14 4:25 AM (163 days ago)
something witty and brilliant !
Tue, 27-May-14 2:15 AM (249 days ago)
horney guy in melb needs a hand, mouth or pussy
Well I am guessing you have a hand and mouth already so as they say 2 out of 3 aint bad
(249 days ago)
If he can suck his own dick I'd be impressed
(249 days ago)
I actually can loooool
(249 days ago)
Didn't say he wanted his cock sucked, just he needed a hand, mouth or pussy
(249 days ago)
Forlarinjojo you suck your own dick, gay that mate hahaha jk
(249 days ago)
Tue, 27-May-14 1:58 AM (249 days ago)
any ladies want a cam date ?
Thu, 6-Mar-14 2:49 AM (331 days ago)
any ladies for cam date ? pm me
Thu, 20-Feb-14 1:21 AM (345 days ago)
Thu, 20-Feb-14 12:07 AM (345 days ago)
Hunger pains! need a fur pie for lunch!
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Mon, 20-Jan-14 6:46 AM (376 days ago)
girl friday wanted ! must be flexible!
(376 days ago)
Tue, 21-May-13 3:41 AM (620 days ago)
Looking for lust in all the wrong places !
oh, there's plenty of that here. Most of it unrequited though. LOL
(620 days ago)
ld look closer at the groinal area...or if you like tits, look up a little *lix*
(620 days ago)
lust in the wind all we are is lust in the wind
(620 days ago)
Fri, 4-Jan-13 8:05 AM (757 days ago)
im back and ready to admire !
Tue, 27-Nov-12 7:01 PM (795 days ago)
6am automatic
Wed, 21-Nov-12 7:30 PM (800 days ago)
glad for friends to return home
Sun, 11-Nov-12 5:21 AM (811 days ago)
brunettes , all of u , i love you
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Fri, 28-Sep-12 3:26 AM (855 days ago)
hotnreadymelb is very hot and ready today !
pity about the rest of Melb, lol
(855 days ago)
Tue, 4-Sep-12 4:51 AM (879 days ago)
nn you tease me so !
Tue, 10-Jul-12 1:57 AM (935 days ago)
nn rocks , definately makes my day bearable !
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Wed, 4-Jul-12 4:57 AM (941 days ago)
whats the best VIBRATOR/TOY for my gf ?
rabbit hands down
(941 days ago)
rabbit unless you can afford a sybian
(941 days ago)
Tue, 3-Jul-12 4:19 AM (942 days ago)
work sucks NN makes it better
so does weed
(942 days ago)
And NN and a smoke really make things better!
(942 days ago)
NN makes everything better
(942 days ago)
Tue, 3-Jul-12 12:22 AM (942 days ago)
looking for fresh un viewed pics ! must be virgin , i want to be first
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good luch with that
(942 days ago)
(942 days ago)
Mon, 2-Jul-12 11:11 PM (942 days ago)
how romantic....
(942 days ago)
careful LB, your sarcasm is showing
(942 days ago)
sorry.... NOT
(942 days ago)
(942 days ago)
Wed, 20-Jun-12 1:07 AM (955 days ago)
hotnreadymelb wants dirty pretty things !
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