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Wed, 23-Apr-14 3:16 AM (1 day ago)
mysexymom? WTF.
Thanks mods. You guys rock.
(1 day ago)
What is the problem.. Every Mum sexy. ElleFoxie is a sexy mum oh yes you are.. LOL..
(1 day ago)
It's ok I'm not scared of playin footsies with our boots on
(1 day ago)
(1 day ago)
what the?
(1 day ago)
Sun, 20-Apr-14 11:45 PM (3 days ago)
The redesigns just prove you can't please everyone. Front page is good. Its designed for non members to want to see more of the site. It should stop the bitching about who is on the pic too
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The photo page will just take some getting used to. But I think it is a slight improvement. Now if we could stop the fakes posting. LOL See NN, can't please everyone.
(3 days ago)
Agreed. I think it looks nice and will be good for new business. Those of us that have been around for awhile probably already know what we come here for anyway and don't hit the front page too often.
(3 days ago)
I actually like the front page....except for the 3.7 real members thing at the top. Come on, we all know this isn't totally truthful. A newcomer coming here isn't exactly going to to believe that.
(3 days ago)
bigm - our marketing strength is we enforce "reality" for want of a better term. We have over 3.7 members, we can't exactly guess a number of real real people can we?
(3 days ago)
I understand that, but think about it. A first time user coming here and seeing 3.7 mil as a real number is going to question that. There must be a better way of marketing that.
(3 days ago)
Fri, 18-Apr-14 2:15 AM (6 days ago)
Time to grab some food. Next split time watching the Sharks hockey game and baseball
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cool pony have fun hockey rocks ...mother of all games i recon
(6 days ago)
Sun, 9-Feb-14 7:58 PM (73 days ago)
Who was supposed to be watching me? Whoever it is, they let me buy a watermelon AND cut it up. The morning after I scrubbed the kitchen floor.
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Afternoon, sexy LIzzie: ) xox
(73 days ago)
Yeah Sorry pony
(73 days ago)
is it thursay? x
(56 days ago)
Not for another 2-1/2 hours here. You are safe monkey.
(56 days ago)
Wasn't my turn pony. I have the second Tuesday of each week.
(56 days ago)
Sat, 4-Jan-14 10:11 PM (109 days ago)
North Dakota State wins their third straight FCS Championship!! It likely would be four except for some pesky team from Cheney, WA.
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