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amancalledpony's Recent Statuses
Wed, 11-Jan-17 3:24 AM (8 days ago)
I love horizontal rain and 50 mph wind gusts. Especially walking right into it.
I was smart enough to not open an umbrella, I would have been flying like Mary Poppins
(8 days ago)
Pony, that would have been a trip, man, you should have done it!
(8 days ago)
Not even with acid lenny, not even with acid LOL
(8 days ago)
Pony, where is your daring-do! Where is your sense of adventure? You big sissy... LOL
(8 days ago)
amancalledpony likes this
Ummmm, walk the other way???
(8 days ago)
Sun, 25-Dec-16 4:34 PM (25 days ago)
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah. May you have peace in your life
To you as well pony!
(25 days ago)
The nicest thing pony has ever said how nice.
(25 days ago)
Merry Christmas Pony
(24 days ago)
Peace on Earth, Goodwill to men (The generic man, never meant to exclude the ladies)
(24 days ago)
Sun, 3-Jul-16 10:58 PM (199 days ago)
Love this rule: "Claiming to be a member of any abrasive or illegal group/club such as "an asshole".... Look out Mark is all I can say
I know toy. I have seen it applied in the past to people holding firearms. Don't remember who it was, but one woman had pics deleted of naked skeet shooting
(199 days ago)
and I was against it being over reacted to in the past, I wont go into my opinions here however other than to say the rule is talking about illegal activities not posing with a gun
(199 days ago)
I argued against it the past for the same reasons as you. I think it got me muted LOL
(199 days ago)
I wondered if it might get deleted as there was a kerfuffle about someone else posting with a gun recently. It was removed because guns aren't legal everywhere.
(199 days ago)
I get tired of pointing out that sodomy isn't legal everywhere ....
(199 days ago)
Sun, 25-Oct-15 4:55 AM (452 days ago)
Time to slip off into the dark abyss of the night. It was a nice day talking with people from here
steelrat60 and Chuck-22 like this
lol steel!! I know!!! hahaha
(452 days ago)
Have a good night pony
(452 days ago)
I'm not complaining now nbi.
(452 days ago)
Nite again everyone.
(452 days ago)
Chuck-22 and steelrat60 like this
good...or else I might have to spank you!
(452 days ago)
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