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T4Texas's Recent Statuses
Wed, 12-Feb-14 3:57 AM (652 days ago)
I just now realized I haven't updated my status in two years lol
"globe"...Have you setted down ?
(652 days ago)
hey you ,, long time no see
(652 days ago)
TY good your about
(652 days ago)
did it take that long to clean your room? hey Ty
(652 days ago)
Ty has just said goodnight all in Gracies thread in forum
(652 days ago)
Fri, 5-Oct-12 3:05 PM (1146 days ago)
Happy 10th birthday NN! I have been here for 7 of them and it has made my life better in many ways! Thanks!
Awesome thanks T
(1146 days ago)
thanks NN
(1141 days ago)
Wed, 30-May-12 7:23 PM (1274 days ago)
I am really happy!
lego! xx
(1274 days ago)
hey bunzy, is there an echo in here?
(1274 days ago)
lol gmta....how are you? been missing you x
(1274 days ago)
fine thanks, you? So why are you so happy, t4?
(1274 days ago)
gives txn huge happy badge woo hoo
(1274 days ago)
Wed, 18-Apr-12 4:35 AM (1317 days ago)
New pics from me!
Mon, 16-Apr-12 5:53 PM (1318 days ago)
I posted a funny porn PSA in my blog
Fri, 30-Mar-12 6:02 AM (1335 days ago)
I made it home to Texas!
Oh! Welcome back. Is the weather killing you yet? *hugs*
(1335 days ago)
woo hoo
(1335 days ago)
thanks yall!
(1335 days ago)
hi good to see u
(1335 days ago)
WB Ty hope you enjoy home before your next adventure!
(1333 days ago)
Fri, 23-Mar-12 3:07 PM (1342 days ago)
Off to Bangkok!
NerdCore likes this
Wed, 14-Mar-12 4:46 AM (1352 days ago)
Happy steak and bj day!
Which one do you get first?
(1352 days ago)
Wahoo!!! I actually saw cards for this somewhere
(1352 days ago)
Sun, 19-Feb-12 8:17 AM (1375 days ago)
New pics from me
....Ty your looking good and happy there...
(1375 days ago)
Fri, 17-Feb-12 5:46 AM (1377 days ago)
Its time for some fun
msstoner likes this
(1377 days ago)
Wed, 15-Feb-12 4:05 AM (1380 days ago)
Missystyle's new pics are hott!
djones653 and RoxanneS like this
Mon, 6-Feb-12 7:37 AM (1388 days ago)
Missystyle is awesome
Sat, 4-Feb-12 11:01 AM (1390 days ago)
Hangovers suck!!!
Rocks likes this
IM - Might have 1 in morning..... not looking forawrd to it
(1390 days ago)
Sun, 29-Jan-12 7:20 AM (1396 days ago)
I saw an amazing waterfall today. Bad news? I missed one of the best cam shows from one of the sexiest girls! FML!
You can't be here all the time. I've missed some good ones too but I caught a great one tonight
(1396 days ago)
hangovers suck!!
(1390 days ago)
Tue, 24-Jan-12 5:06 PM (1401 days ago)
It is almost bed time now
foreskin789 likes this
Thu, 12-Jan-12 5:29 PM (1413 days ago)
I just got chili pepper dust in my eye. It hurts!
flush with milk
(1413 days ago)
Ahh D:
(1413 days ago)
Baby soap...
(1413 days ago)
I did about 15 mins of cold water and its a little better now
(1413 days ago)
(1413 days ago)
Sun, 25-Dec-11 5:39 PM (1431 days ago)
Merry Christmas and happy new year!
Same to you T4Texas! .... enjoy your holiday
(1431 days ago)
Happy Hoildays
(1431 days ago)
Fri, 23-Dec-11 5:04 PM (1433 days ago)
Nyresolution is one of the hottest couples on NN!
*sorcha* likes this
Fri, 23-Dec-11 2:52 AM (1434 days ago)
I posted my first new vid in almost 7 years!
happyhumper69 likes this
plukin hell ... thats awesome ... can I has a look
(1434 days ago)
Thu, 22-Dec-11 1:56 AM (1435 days ago)
Missystyle rocks my world!
lvs2wtch and happyhumper69 like this
Aww babe
(1435 days ago)
and I know hahaha
(1435 days ago)
Wed, 21-Dec-11 4:21 AM (1436 days ago)
new pics from me today!
GottaBeMe and Ellefoxie like this
Was that taken at Hippy Hollow
(1436 days ago)
woooohoooo go you. Miss A_C
(1436 days ago)
Sun, 11-Dec-11 12:34 AM (1446 days ago)
long time no see.. Mr A_C
(1446 days ago)
Fri, 9-Dec-11 3:46 PM (1447 days ago)
I will be back in Thailand soon!
Mon, 14-Nov-11 2:12 AM (1473 days ago)
I made it to Bangkok.
Congratulations! And how fitting for a NN status update. Love you, Ty!
(1473 days ago)
Well you take care luvvy xox
(1473 days ago)
ladyboy time ! .......beware
(1473 days ago)
Well, that's a bit closer to NZ lol
(1473 days ago)
Have fun Ty!
(1473 days ago)
Tue, 1-Nov-11 6:31 PM (1485 days ago)
I just posted new pics!!
woo hoo
(1485 days ago)
Good progress, keep it up!!
(1485 days ago)
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