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remember me?
YungStud25's Recent Statuses
Wed, 4-Feb-15 6:53 AM (146 days ago)
Was hoping to get some more comments on the new pics
Mon, 2-Feb-15 10:54 PM (148 days ago)
Finally got some new pics up, comments/pms?
Hello 25 xxoo.............................hugs
(148 days ago)
thanks mrs
(148 days ago)
Sat, 1-Feb-14 1:24 AM (514 days ago)
new pic up forgot to post it the other day
msstoner likes this
more arse pleasse*lix*
(514 days ago)
Thu, 23-Jan-14 11:23 PM (523 days ago)
Ladies need your opinion on the new pics
(523 days ago)
prissey you want it in you
(523 days ago)
Wed, 22-Jan-14 11:28 PM (524 days ago)
need more votes and comments on the new pics. pms welcome too
add more pics of just you...*lix*
(524 days ago)
Sun, 19-Jan-14 5:37 PM (527 days ago)
Few new pics up, comments/pms?
luvaniceass likes this
Thu, 16-Jan-14 10:50 PM (530 days ago)
never thought it would be so hard to find a female that likes to play on cam… I'm not even picky id be happy with any one with a vagina but none seem to be into it.
stud, tell me one woman you know who wants to take her pants off for total strangers (headless men with hardons) and wank herself for free for his that what you want??? *lix*
(530 days ago)
there are such sites out there
(530 days ago)
Lol well we're all on a site where we post naked (often headless for both genders), id say most are taking care of them selfs anyways as well so is it such a stretch to believe that?
(530 days ago)
yes, we like to show our pics and vids. so why isnt that enough from a stranger??? prostitutes and cam girls can satisfy your cheap thrills for a price..send your wife to a hotel and get her to cam
(530 days ago)
Theres a cam option for premium members so obviously i'm not the only one trying to do it lol. i'm not looking for a "cheap thrill" I'm looking for someone who can have some fun and enjoy it to.
(529 days ago)
Sat, 23-Nov-13 11:29 PM (584 days ago)
Big dick gonna cum on cam, any ladies wanna watch?
Sat, 3-Aug-13 8:30 PM (696 days ago)
Need some more comments on new pic
rhinostool likes this
Thu, 1-Aug-13 10:29 PM (698 days ago)
finally posted a new pic, please rate and comment!
Fri, 19-Apr-13 4:29 AM (802 days ago)
Had sexy sugar momma gift me a month premium now its done
charming00 likes this
Sun, 4-Nov-12 10:56 AM (968 days ago)
Need ideas for new pics, any suggestions ladies?
l like arse *lix*
(968 days ago)
noosa can hold it for you
(968 days ago)
Thu, 1-Nov-12 8:52 PM (971 days ago)
any ladies wanna see my cock on cam?
I rather see it in person right now
(971 days ago)
oh ya? what would you do with it?
(971 days ago)
Wed, 17-Oct-12 2:52 PM (986 days ago)
gonna rub one out on cam, any ladies wanna watch?
would you like to borrow my eraser?
(986 days ago)
or my rubbers?
(986 days ago)
i couldnt resist that one.
(986 days ago)
Fri, 21-Sep-12 2:29 PM (1012 days ago)
any body else missing the chat tab? wtf
We chat off here all the time.
(1012 days ago)
2 hours or more status wouldnt work for last night
(1012 days ago)
What was it doing?
(1012 days ago)
It wouldn't load & said there was a server error at the bottom of the page. Blogs & forum were the same way
(1012 days ago)
500 error or just wouldnt load
(1012 days ago)
Wed, 22-Aug-12 6:38 PM (1042 days ago)
How many ladies have ever played on cam? even just once? I'm curious why guys are so willing to but barley any girls have even tried it much less done it more than once.
cartman...whiny?....surely not!
(1042 days ago)
ofcrose im being whiney
(1042 days ago)
Ya i haven't got any time! lol
(1042 days ago)
not beng whiney*^
(1042 days ago)
ermmm i've had zero time guys.... my turn next Mya x
(1042 days ago)
Tue, 14-Aug-12 10:42 AM (1050 days ago)
Any ladies wanna play on cam?
Scotia_Sluts likes this
Tiddlywinks or Snakes and Ladders?
(1050 days ago)
Nup its .....naked twister!!
(1050 days ago)
Sink my battleship
(1050 days ago)
^^ lol
(1050 days ago)
Mon, 6-Aug-12 1:32 PM (1058 days ago)
How come alot of older women never play on cam? is there any out there that like to?
tina_71 likes this
it is hard to type and enjoy yourself while on cam...
(1058 days ago)
i guess the workin the cam isn't always the easiest but as far as how u look, if someone likes your pics y wouldnt they like you on cam?
(1058 days ago)
i seen your pics and i dont think there's any way u wouldnt look good on cam
(1058 days ago)
Thank you!!!! I have to say that my pictures are artfully done. I can also arrange myself to camaflogue my self proclaimed "problem" areas. There isn't any hiding that on cam
(1058 days ago)
I know you are going to say there isn't any hiding that while fucking either but it is somehow different in the moment!!!! I could give a shit about the stuff that is jiggly while being fucked!!!!
(1058 days ago)
Mon, 16-Jul-12 9:11 AM (1079 days ago)
nice and hard..need any female to play on cam with
Hard is good
(1079 days ago)
Sat, 26-May-12 12:26 PM (1130 days ago)
Hard cock on cam, any ladies wanna watch? are you ?
(1130 days ago)
very good, and you ?
(1130 days ago)
we are doing very well today
(1130 days ago)
thats good
(1130 days ago)
Tue, 27-Mar-12 11:00 AM (1190 days ago)
wanna show my cock off on cam
PM to Howie1951, please....
(1190 days ago)
and I WANT to watch you....ready? i am xx
(1190 days ago)
u can if u go prem
(1190 days ago)
go for it.....
(1190 days ago)
Mon, 26-Mar-12 9:06 AM (1191 days ago)
Any ladies wanna make me cum on cam?
thats a big one
(1191 days ago)
cum and get it
(1191 days ago)
Thu, 22-Mar-12 1:15 PM (1195 days ago)
I got a cam and a hardk cock, where's any ladies
i will wtch you hun but i wont cam.....type dirty if it helps you cum
(1195 days ago)
Tue, 20-Mar-12 10:52 AM (1197 days ago)
Any ladies wanna play on cam?
hello...the stoners
(1197 days ago)
whats up stoners? sound like my kinda people
(1197 days ago)
hanging on NN...just enjoying a are you?
(1197 days ago)
Lol doing the exact same thing
(1197 days ago)
great...sent you a pm......the stoners
(1197 days ago)
Mon, 2-Jan-12 2:06 PM (1275 days ago)
got pre cum oozing out, about to explode
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