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magnersonice's Recent Statuses
Wed, 10-Dec-14 11:35 AM (11 days ago)
I love mince pies!!!
naughtyteasel likes this
mince meat pies yes ....fruit mince pies...nope ...
(11 days ago)
Hello mag
(11 days ago)
Hi Mrs UD, hope you're well xx
(11 days ago)
All is well here
(11 days ago)
Hi hun. Me too, Bring them on.... xx Lyn xx
(11 days ago)
Sat, 6-Dec-14 8:15 PM (15 days ago)
Naked Christmas tree decorating! If your near coventry come and play with my baubles
Hello mag we are going to put ours up today, hmm going to do it naked now. Thanks for the idea
(15 days ago)
Fantastic MrsUD xx
(15 days ago)
Sat, 15-Nov-14 8:12 PM (36 days ago)
England is not the country to be a naturist
SuckownBoobs likes this
You can't be naked tonight SuckownBoobs? It's freezing!
(36 days ago)
Sat, 15-Nov-14 11:08 AM (36 days ago)
Check out pics for 'debbiepalmer' if he's 24 his paper round must have been seriously up hill
his profile says 53 , dont see an issue there
(36 days ago)
I'm sure it said 24 half an hour ago! Maybe all these pics are affecting my eyes
(36 days ago)
Sat, 15-Nov-14 10:32 AM (37 days ago)
Help me NN get through the next 6 hours of work
Thu, 13-Nov-14 9:18 PM (38 days ago)
...has man flu! Can't even be arsed to wank! God I must be ill
Aww feel better!
(38 days ago)
Ah thanks GBM xxx
(38 days ago)
Tue, 11-Nov-14 7:43 PM (40 days ago)
Any naturist been to the clover spa in birmingham?
Sat, 8-Nov-14 12:16 PM (43 days ago)
Any UK midlands folk on NN today?
Sat, 8-Nov-14 10:53 AM (43 days ago)
Work + hangover! Praise The Lord for NN & red bull
Sweetsierra and b1johnson like this
^^^ helping to ease the pain! beautiful pics
(43 days ago)
Ta I'm on espresso 5 it's not helping tho .-. Was kept up far too late and early lol
(43 days ago)
Kept up having fun I hope? x
(43 days ago)
Oh aye. Late night out socialising and fucked before n after. And teased to bits this am before he dropped me with my car.
(43 days ago)
Oooo lovely! Lucky girl xx
(43 days ago)
Thu, 16-Oct-14 9:51 AM (67 days ago)
Morning all x
good morning nice
(67 days ago)
Hi Jubbley xx
(67 days ago)
how many times to I have to say it! lynskey, for god's sake, lynskey!!!!
(66 days ago)
oops! I said it in the wrong place.
(66 days ago)
Tue, 14-Oct-14 8:57 AM (69 days ago)
Skype can be great, but there's a few dickheads on there!
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Mon, 13-Oct-14 11:03 AM (69 days ago)
Off to birmingham tomorrow day, anyone free for a pint, lunch and a perv?
nah, very high maintenance hun
(69 days ago)
the Cube should be nearly finished now though,hun
(69 days ago)
Sat, 11-Oct-14 11:05 AM (71 days ago)
Saturday working should be outlawed ;-(
redvs4u likes this
True dat!!
(71 days ago)
Happy birthday red xx
(71 days ago)
Thank you. Sorry you have to work on a Saturday
(71 days ago)
NN & your pics help put a smile on my face x
(71 days ago)
Got that right
(71 days ago)
Thu, 2-Oct-14 10:54 AM (80 days ago)
Sausage batch with reggae reggae sauce is to be eaten with care when naked!
Me1vin likes this
You learned this from experience?
(80 days ago)
Yeah just!
(80 days ago)
Good morning magnersonic
(80 days ago)
Thu, 18-Sep-14 8:48 AM (95 days ago)
Has anyone been to a Butlins weekend? Are they as mad as people say?
Which one u goin to XX
(95 days ago)
Skegness, 90's weekend !
(95 days ago)
Ahhh cool i went to minehead the big renuion was good xx
(95 days ago)
Went to Skegness on Saturday for the day as only 40mins from house, was quite busy, spent a week their before Easter and quite a bit to do included in the price...
(95 days ago)
My God what a weekend!
(91 days ago)
Tue, 16-Sep-14 9:09 AM (97 days ago)
Just in bed having a little time to myself, me the iPad and NN. Bloody window cleaner turns up!
the law of sod
(97 days ago)
Fri, 15-Aug-14 9:25 AM (129 days ago)
Who wants a chat on skype?
Mon, 11-Aug-14 7:13 PM (132 days ago)
Was supposed to be meeting a fellow nudist for a naked stroll later but he's got cold feet!
Told him I'm keeping my trainers on!!!
(132 days ago)
Why would another nudist chicken out to meet another nudist? makes no sense unless he is married and trying to hide the fact.
(132 days ago)
So, he got cold feet before the nude walk, rather than after... I suppose the end effect is the same....
(132 days ago)
Where the hell would you stroll naked in Cov ??
(132 days ago)
Stonleigh, wanna join me Jigsaw?
(132 days ago)
Tue, 29-Jul-14 8:43 AM (146 days ago)
How do these scam cam people get your skype addy, really annoying!
skype? was MSN was it not? ..... Bot Crawlers, that crawl the internet scouring for information you leave somewhere on the net? .... Junk all email tot block offenders without opening their shit
(146 days ago)
sometimes a person on your contact list gets infected with a scam, the scam servers their machine, to send out junk email, you would be on their contact list, and bingo, the scam has your addy.
(146 days ago)
Bloody tossers! Don't they know we're tossers of a different variety!
(146 days ago)
Wed, 16-Jul-14 12:25 PM (158 days ago)
Quick pre work tug I think
Tue, 8-Jul-14 7:46 AM (167 days ago)
Another fine UK morning! Starting to think summer maybe here!
Thu, 26-Jun-14 9:13 PM (178 days ago)
Anyone naked on skype?
Jojoforlarin likes this
Thu, 26-Jun-14 8:18 PM (178 days ago)
Kitty has me horny,again. Remembering the last time I sucked cock
Tue, 17-Jun-14 10:09 AM (188 days ago)
Having a new gas meter fitted this afternoon, suppose I better get dressed huh?
(188 days ago)
ty for my shots this morning tho yummy ur so fit
(188 days ago)
Haha you always make me hard kitty xx
(188 days ago)
(188 days ago)
try my best
(188 days ago)
Thu, 12-Jun-14 9:03 AM (193 days ago)
Anyone fancy a chat on skype? Bored naked and horny
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