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remember me?
magnersonice's Recent Statuses
Wed, 15-Jun-16 11:17 AM (176 days ago)
Got my 10 year badge! Now I feel old
a most prestigious reward of service to perversion
(176 days ago)
magnersonice and RoxanneS like this
Congrats! And Nick is right. : )
(176 days ago)
magnersonice likes this
Tue, 26-Apr-16 8:46 AM (226 days ago)
Kids at school, wife at work, in the bath perving with the iPad! Lovely xx
newromantic likes this
don't drop it
(226 days ago)
lynskey and magnersonice like this
Sounds like a great day lol
(226 days ago)
think i will have a go
(226 days ago)
Tue, 12-Apr-16 9:05 AM (240 days ago)
Painting naked! Hope this gloss is non drip
Sun, 20-Mar-16 2:02 PM (263 days ago)
Spring has sprung
^^^^^^ show off
(263 days ago)
magnersonice likes this
I must be slipping Mag. I can't even get a rise out of K today
(263 days ago)
Good thing for the internets agent, you almost sound smart, lol just kidding.
(263 days ago)
You get a rise of most of us guys Lizzie 😂
(263 days ago)
silverbackaa likes this
(263 days ago)
magnersonice likes this
Tue, 5-Jan-16 7:44 AM (338 days ago)
Going to the gay/bi sauna in Leicester today! Anyone wanna join me?
Sat, 12-Dec-15 1:29 PM (362 days ago)
Bored at work, need someone to entertain me
*Spins plates*
(362 days ago)
Get back to work ya feckin slackass, it is pervs like you that give pervcrastinators like me a bad name.
(362 days ago)
Agent_K and SlavePiken like this
This bus practically drives itself
(362 days ago)
SlavePiken likes this
Wed, 2-Dec-15 10:04 AM (372 days ago)
Hangover on a Wednesday!
Fri, 20-Nov-15 9:41 PM (383 days ago)
Went to splash in Leicester! Great gay & bi sauna etc. Highly recommend it
Sun, 8-Nov-15 9:40 AM (396 days ago)
Great night here at Butlins, hope for more of the same today
Sat, 31-Oct-15 2:01 PM (404 days ago)
Butlins Minehead next weekend
Hangover looming on the horizon.
(404 days ago)
magnersonice likes this
never mind ....
(404 days ago)
Tue, 13-Oct-15 9:28 AM (422 days ago)
Sky pe chats are awkward when your in-laws phone the house halfway through
Edenside and happy_belle like this
Been caught by the wife like that as well..lol
(422 days ago)
Sat, 13-Jun-15 1:30 PM (544 days ago)
Hello from a rainy and miserable Coventry
Sat, 6-Jun-15 12:16 PM (551 days ago)
Hate working Saturdays when the sun is out ;-(
So sorry mag
(551 days ago)
Sat, 23-May-15 12:28 PM (565 days ago)
Has anyone been to splash leisure in Leicester?
wouldn't touch the place with a 10-foot poll since the nuclear accident; ask in 10 years when the radiation levels are down.
(565 days ago)
Nuclear accident in Leicester?
(565 days ago)
Sat, 2-May-15 9:11 PM (585 days ago)
Anyone fancy a chat on skype? Bored naked and horny
go to the new video chat room and cam their
(585 days ago)
Can't on iPad ;-(
(585 days ago)
Sat, 2-May-15 7:54 PM (586 days ago)
Wife out on the tiles, sat here naked, NN on the iPad sport on the telly 👍
shaved71 likes this
Sat, 11-Apr-15 12:50 AM (607 days ago)
Think I'm pissed
Sun, 5-Apr-15 11:43 AM (613 days ago)
Being sent to Peterborough on business, anyone recommend somewhere good to eat & drink?
Thu, 26-Mar-15 1:36 PM (623 days ago)
anyone wanna skype?
Damn bush your not cheap
(623 days ago)
Well, maybe if I get to pay for it, bush.
(623 days ago)
Hello mag xxoo............... ..............hug and kotc
(623 days ago)
oh you said you wouldnt pay !!! scammer
(623 days ago)
I said for sex. Cam show is a whole other thing.
(623 days ago)
Mon, 23-Mar-15 10:19 PM (625 days ago)
Day off tomorrow, house to myself. Oh what to do???
Sun, 22-Mar-15 8:04 AM (627 days ago)
Morning all you sexy NN'ers
happybelle likes this
didnt happen to see a mad woman wearing a pink panther onsie did you mag??
(627 days ago)
the city centre is a bit lively of a weekend innit?
(627 days ago)
nah,I was nekkid like the rest of 'em
(627 days ago)
No that I recall, can recommend Lunya in Liverpool one. Great food and a lovely Spanish waitress
(627 days ago)
next time,get yerself to either Mathew st, Leece st or Seel st, where the bars and clubs are hun,loads of half nekkid girls there,whatever the weather..
(627 days ago)
Sat, 21-Mar-15 9:08 AM (628 days ago)
Bored at work, thank god for NN and music!
Imagine your hot co workers naked!
(628 days ago)
If you could see who I work with! Jaysus again thank God for NN
(628 days ago)
There has got to be one sexy one?
(628 days ago)
Tue, 3-Mar-15 12:25 PM (646 days ago)
any fellow skype pervs in?
Sat, 21-Feb-15 9:30 AM (656 days ago)
Morning good people of NN land !
akinkycouple likes this
and us bad ones *lix*
(656 days ago)
Of course lix x
(656 days ago)
Tue, 10-Feb-15 11:12 AM (667 days ago)
Who enjoys eating their own cum?
Let me guess...you????
(667 days ago)
eeeeeeeeeeew............ so you even wait till it solidifies??????
(667 days ago)
Man jam on toast?
(667 days ago)
put in the pie
(667 days ago)
*cancels chicken soup for lunch*
(667 days ago)
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