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magnersonice's Recent Statuses
Tue, 18-Mar-14 10:24 AM (31 days ago)
Who's naked?
here??? you kidding???
(31 days ago)
Thu, 6-Feb-14 12:41 PM (71 days ago)
Gotta love iPad perving in bed
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Thu, 12-Dec-13 1:19 PM (127 days ago)
40 mins before work. wank or eat?
wank and eat, sod work
(127 days ago)
like your thinking lynskey
(127 days ago)
one track mind ...
(127 days ago)
now ive seen your pics, my mind is made up
(127 days ago)
eat then wank lol
(127 days ago)
Thu, 21-Nov-13 2:27 PM (148 days ago)
About to shave my balls, can't decided whether to go completely shaven or not! What do we think?
You don't have any balls unless you use a straight razor....
(148 days ago)
You can do it whatever you want but you should be careful against any problems....
(148 days ago)
Completely, and be carefull !
(148 days ago)
i used to shaved all.. it's more clean when it's get licked..
(148 days ago)
Have mine shaved most of the time feels so much better and keep the rest well trimmed
(148 days ago)
Tue, 19-Nov-13 11:18 AM (150 days ago)
Anyone fancy a skype wank er I mean chat
no, i dont need a cat.
(150 days ago)
Tue, 3-Sep-13 7:08 AM (227 days ago)
Slides into bed naked after night at work looking at NN on my phone
A good sleep is well deserved mag
(227 days ago)
Just need a bit of relief first zip
(227 days ago)
oh most vital for a great sleep clears the head
(227 days ago)
Tue, 3-Sep-13 3:41 AM (227 days ago)
Any fellow UK night shifters?
Mon, 2-Sep-13 7:21 PM (228 days ago)
In Birmingham Tuesday & Wednesday this week. Anyone free for a coffee?
Wed, 21-Aug-13 10:27 AM (240 days ago)
Watching the cricket naked in sunny Coventry, loving this weather
Come on Aussies
(240 days ago)
go the Magpies !!
(240 days ago)
Fuck, And Warner goes out. Spud
(240 days ago)
(240 days ago)
Tue, 20-Aug-13 7:55 AM (241 days ago)
Got the in-laws arriving today for a week! Anyone got a spare bed for me?
(241 days ago)
I feel for you.
(241 days ago)
Tue, 6-Aug-13 8:51 AM (255 days ago)
Alone with iPad and wife's dildo this could be fun
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make sure you don't get them mixed up
(255 days ago)
you are not safe, home alone, are ya?
(255 days ago)
Fri, 14-Jun-13 11:11 PM (307 days ago)
Just about to finish work! Do I wank on the way or wait til I get home
but keep your eyes on the road hun
(307 days ago)
I'll pull over first
(307 days ago)
both !
(307 days ago)
that's what's worrying me...
(307 days ago)
Fri, 10-May-13 9:03 PM (343 days ago)
Fri, 19-Apr-13 1:40 PM (364 days ago)
Who eats their own cum?
I kiss my girl after she sucks me off...does that count?
(364 days ago)
Sat, 2-Mar-13 10:44 PM (411 days ago)
MOTD & NN perfect end to a busy day
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Sat, 2-Mar-13 6:45 PM (412 days ago)
Anyone UK Midlands fancy a pint later?
Sat, 2-Mar-13 1:53 PM (412 days ago)
Would love to be Bunz's 200th friend but she turned me down ;-(
(412 days ago)
You mentioned you weren't on any list here the other day, how about most viewed profiles list.
(412 days ago)
that doesn't mean anything lol
(412 days ago)
You're only means that everyone adores you.
(412 days ago)
I got beef w/ Bunz too but I'm still in love with her.
(412 days ago)
Fri, 1-Mar-13 7:38 PM (413 days ago)
I know I'm 3 days late but love the new pics Lil Bunz xxx
(413 days ago)
(413 days ago)
(413 days ago)
(413 days ago)
You're so cute.
(413 days ago)
Sat, 23-Feb-13 8:02 PM (419 days ago)
Am the only one left in the office, what to do?
rhinostool likes this
tidy up
(419 days ago)
photocopy your ass onto ever sheet in the copier, turn em over nd reload ready for tomorrow...every sheet will have yer butt on the back lol
(419 days ago)
If only I had an ass like yours Bunz xx
(419 days ago)
(419 days ago)
mans arse works better xx
(419 days ago)
Sat, 23-Feb-13 5:38 PM (419 days ago)
Skype anyone?
Sat, 23-Feb-13 4:48 PM (419 days ago)
Any uk midlands folk free tonight?
How much lol
(419 days ago)
10p less than whatever derby charges lol
(419 days ago)
Cheap at half the price!
(419 days ago)
(419 days ago)
I've got a pack of custard creams and an Asda curry I can share?
(419 days ago)
Sat, 23-Feb-13 4:30 PM (419 days ago)
Saturday working, thank god for NN & radio 5 sport
looking forward to the rugby
(419 days ago)
hey xx
(419 days ago)
Hey gorgeous Bunz, & defo GD
(419 days ago)
Thu, 31-Jan-13 10:57 AM (442 days ago)
morning wank
Wed, 30-Jan-13 7:28 PM (443 days ago)
Was gonna have a quick snooze before nightshift starts, made the mistake of looking at Bunz's pics again. Now the little fella is wide awake
awww am sorry! They aren't supposed to scare him stiff!
(443 days ago)
It's ok I'm gonna strangle & shake him in a minute xxx
(443 days ago)
you do that, punish him!
(443 days ago)
Wed, 23-Jan-13 4:33 PM (450 days ago)
Any uk bi guys about? Midlands area??
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