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magnersonice's Recent Statuses
Tue, 29-Jul-14 8:43 AM (2 days ago)
How do these scam cam people get your skype addy, really annoying!
skype? was MSN was it not? ..... Bot Crawlers, that crawl the internet scouring for information you leave somewhere on the net? .... Junk all email tot block offenders without opening their shit
(2 days ago)
sometimes a person on your contact list gets infected with a scam, the scam servers their machine, to send out junk email, you would be on their contact list, and bingo, the scam has your addy.
(2 days ago)
Bloody tossers! Don't they know we're tossers of a different variety!
(2 days ago)
Wed, 16-Jul-14 12:25 PM (15 days ago)
Quick pre work tug I think
Tue, 8-Jul-14 7:46 AM (23 days ago)
Another fine UK morning! Starting to think summer maybe here!
Thu, 26-Jun-14 9:13 PM (35 days ago)
Anyone naked on skype?
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Thu, 26-Jun-14 8:18 PM (35 days ago)
Kitty has me horny,again. Remembering the last time I sucked cock
Tue, 17-Jun-14 10:09 AM (44 days ago)
Having a new gas meter fitted this afternoon, suppose I better get dressed huh?
(44 days ago)
ty for my shots this morning tho yummy ur so fit
(44 days ago)
Haha you always make me hard kitty xx
(44 days ago)
(44 days ago)
try my best
(44 days ago)
Thu, 12-Jun-14 9:03 AM (49 days ago)
Anyone fancy a chat on skype? Bored naked and horny
Sat, 7-Jun-14 11:10 PM (54 days ago)
iowawantit and shj906 like this
^^ Interesting show.
(54 days ago)
is yes, big fan
(54 days ago)
Wife and I watch it most weeks...usually have to watch it on DVR though
(54 days ago)
The after show "Naked After Dark"...anybody else watch that?
(54 days ago)
Don't get that in the UK, just googled it, looks good
(54 days ago)
Sat, 7-Jun-14 9:17 PM (54 days ago)
Pause in the football, oh what to do
Just got my cock out & it's back on!
(54 days ago)
Fri, 6-Jun-14 8:26 PM (55 days ago)
Friday night in! Wow what to do?
get wild.
(55 days ago)
Tue, 3-Jun-14 9:25 AM (58 days ago)
Anyone fancy a chat on skype? Bored naked and horny
Tue, 3-Jun-14 7:53 AM (58 days ago)
Couple of hours me time, coffee NN and skype!
Sun, 4-May-14 9:34 PM (88 days ago)
Another year of premium
redvs4u and boredmum74 like this
Congrats and thank you for supporting the site
(88 days ago)
Tue, 18-Mar-14 10:24 AM (135 days ago)
Who's naked?
here??? you kidding???
(135 days ago)
Thu, 6-Feb-14 12:41 PM (175 days ago)
Gotta love iPad perving in bed
scotlad6840 and goodcleanfun like this
Thu, 12-Dec-13 1:19 PM (231 days ago)
40 mins before work. wank or eat?
wank and eat, sod work
(231 days ago)
like your thinking lynskey
(231 days ago)
one track mind ...
(231 days ago)
now ive seen your pics, my mind is made up
(231 days ago)
eat then wank lol
(231 days ago)
Thu, 21-Nov-13 2:27 PM (252 days ago)
About to shave my balls, can't decided whether to go completely shaven or not! What do we think?
You don't have any balls unless you use a straight razor....
(252 days ago)
You can do it whatever you want but you should be careful against any problems....
(252 days ago)
Completely, and be carefull !
(252 days ago)
i used to shaved all.. it's more clean when it's get licked..
(252 days ago)
Have mine shaved most of the time feels so much better and keep the rest well trimmed
(252 days ago)
Tue, 19-Nov-13 11:18 AM (254 days ago)
Anyone fancy a skype wank er I mean chat
no, i dont need a cat.
(254 days ago)
Tue, 3-Sep-13 7:08 AM (331 days ago)
Slides into bed naked after night at work looking at NN on my phone
A good sleep is well deserved mag
(331 days ago)
Just need a bit of relief first zip
(331 days ago)
oh most vital for a great sleep clears the head
(331 days ago)
Tue, 3-Sep-13 3:41 AM (331 days ago)
Any fellow UK night shifters?
Mon, 2-Sep-13 7:21 PM (332 days ago)
In Birmingham Tuesday & Wednesday this week. Anyone free for a coffee?
Wed, 21-Aug-13 10:27 AM (344 days ago)
Watching the cricket naked in sunny Coventry, loving this weather
Come on Aussies
(344 days ago)
go the Magpies !!
(344 days ago)
Fuck, And Warner goes out. Spud
(344 days ago)
(344 days ago)
Tue, 20-Aug-13 7:55 AM (345 days ago)
Got the in-laws arriving today for a week! Anyone got a spare bed for me?
(345 days ago)
I feel for you.
(345 days ago)
Tue, 6-Aug-13 8:51 AM (359 days ago)
Alone with iPad and wife's dildo this could be fun
softcell, gusher69 and rhinostool like this
make sure you don't get them mixed up
(359 days ago)
you are not safe, home alone, are ya?
(359 days ago)
Fri, 14-Jun-13 11:11 PM (412 days ago)
Just about to finish work! Do I wank on the way or wait til I get home
but keep your eyes on the road hun
(412 days ago)
I'll pull over first
(412 days ago)
both !
(412 days ago)
that's what's worrying me...
(412 days ago)
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