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remember me?
rustler244's Recent Statuses
Fri, 12-Sep-14 7:59 PM (354 days ago)
really wanna cam or video tribute someone right now! pm me!
Tue, 12-Aug-14 6:35 PM (385 days ago)
where should i cum?!?!
Did you say "chuck"?
(385 days ago)
Mind ya head!
(385 days ago)
The centrifugal force would be hell on the cum.
(385 days ago)
hey its mork and lacey
(385 days ago)
Exactly right, Bul.
(385 days ago)
Sun, 11-May-14 5:15 PM (478 days ago)
i can just feel the warm cum about to shoot from my shaft, any ladies wanna watch?
by the time i had typed that it would of been over
(478 days ago)
haha no still going
(478 days ago)
must of stopped to type then lol
(478 days ago)
Sun, 6-Apr-14 5:55 PM (513 days ago)
cam? now?
Dano050 likes this
Fri, 4-Apr-14 1:50 AM (515 days ago)
I love when women tell me to cum in them!! mmm
dick.hardagain likes this
i'd love that too.
(515 days ago)
Wed, 2-Apr-14 12:37 AM (517 days ago)
I really want a mature women right now... so hard!
Sun, 16-Mar-14 6:17 PM (534 days ago)
looking to cam now!
Sun, 16-Feb-14 6:08 PM (562 days ago)
i wanna do a video tribute now
and what about photo tribute?
(562 days ago)
of course I would do it
(562 days ago)
mmm... that would make me wet...
(562 days ago)
Thu, 6-Feb-14 12:25 AM (572 days ago)
please pm for a tribute vid!
mmm... that would make me wet...
(562 days ago)
Wed, 22-Jan-14 8:37 PM (587 days ago)
looking to a tribute. pm if interested or comment here please!!
Thu, 9-Jan-14 1:08 AM (600 days ago)
wanting a mature women tonight , pm me
got some more pics rustler???, ld like a better look *lix*
(600 days ago)
Deja view...
(600 days ago)
Thu, 12-Dec-13 9:41 PM (628 days ago)
my balls are filled with cum for you ladies!
Thu, 12-Dec-13 9:20 PM (628 days ago)
I wanna do some tributes now! pm if you want!!
Wed, 5-Jun-13 3:16 AM (818 days ago)
looking to cam
Fri, 31-May-13 3:01 AM (823 days ago)
pm me for a tribute or to cam !!
Sat, 30-Mar-13 7:03 PM (885 days ago)
lets talk dirty, anyone down to cam or pm?
rhinostool likes this
Tue, 26-Mar-13 9:49 PM (889 days ago)
pm me for a tribute vid!
Mon, 25-Mar-13 1:41 PM (890 days ago)
omg this is gonna be such a warm thick load of cum! pm me plz
Lovinsuckandfuck likes this
Sun, 17-Mar-13 9:06 PM (898 days ago)
love dirty messages, I always will get back to you girls!
Funny, I love dirty messages too.
(898 days ago)
never had one *sobs uncontrollably*
(898 days ago)
Mmm me too !
(898 days ago)
^^^^Until now...
(898 days ago)
Sun, 17-Mar-13 8:57 PM (898 days ago)
stroking now. if anyone wants to trade pics or wants a tribute pm me!
Lovinsuckandfuck likes this
Thu, 14-Mar-13 1:12 AM (901 days ago)
who puts a condom on to get a blowjob lol
good to know markandlacy thx!!
(901 days ago)
Someone unclean. In any sense.
(901 days ago)
(901 days ago)
nice ass waerfeles
(901 days ago)
I've heard of those that do, but don't know anyone personally. xo
(901 days ago)
Thu, 7-Mar-13 3:16 AM (908 days ago)
i love to cam, trade pics, and tribtue so get at me!! (on cam now)
Thu, 28-Feb-13 3:13 AM (915 days ago)
Just wanna play with a big pair of tits !! helppp
badsansspouse likes this
Thu, 31-Jan-13 12:51 AM (943 days ago)
I wanna cammmm! hot pms are good too =]
Thu, 24-Jan-13 4:20 AM (950 days ago)
pm me to cam!!
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