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ukdave1978's Recent Statuses
Fri, 17-Aug-12 9:35 AM (1143 days ago)
morning all :0)
hi dave ) xxx
(1143 days ago)
mornin dave
(1143 days ago)
Wed, 8-Aug-12 11:33 AM (1152 days ago)
morning all!! no work again, what to do ???
you found it!
(1152 days ago)
Tue, 7-Aug-12 11:59 AM (1153 days ago)
best get my arse into gear, im off!
Tue, 7-Aug-12 9:46 AM (1153 days ago)
first cock pic uploaded :-/
Tue, 7-Aug-12 7:00 AM (1153 days ago)
Morning all! No work today
hi, dave!
(1153 days ago)
(1153 days ago)
Lucky you
(1153 days ago)
Mon, 6-Aug-12 2:06 PM (1154 days ago)
Why do you allways feel horny as fuck after weekend seshion on the ale!
Sun, 5-Aug-12 7:24 PM (1155 days ago)
top weekend in blackpool, paying for it now though :0(
(1155 days ago)
Sun, 10-Jun-12 2:43 PM (1211 days ago)
afternoon all, who else got massive hangover :0(
nope, not me
(1211 days ago)
(1211 days ago)
nope, I stuck with water and played a classic Ms Pac-Man Namco machine in the bar. Drinks would have threw me off my game LOL
(1211 days ago)
Mon, 12-Mar-12 5:05 PM (1301 days ago)
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