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alaun's Recent Statuses
Tue, 22-Apr-14 7:01 PM (2 days ago)
naked for you
Mon, 21-Apr-14 3:02 PM (3 days ago)
naked c2c
Sat, 19-Apr-14 9:47 AM (5 days ago)
just ask
who shot first?
(5 days ago)
Mon, 6-May-13 7:49 AM (353 days ago)
Just once, I 'd like to wake up as eager to start the day as a penis is...
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Fri, 3-May-13 8:04 AM (356 days ago)
Ever had that feeling were you just want to jump out of BED?,,,Me Neither.....,
Fri, 26-Apr-13 8:02 PM (363 days ago)
It's Friday get your Grin on!!!!!
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Tue, 9-Apr-13 7:19 AM (380 days ago)
I wonder if I said Good Morning,how many people would say it back?.Lets try it out. GOOD MORNING...
Godd morning
(380 days ago)
god dammit...ooops morning
(380 days ago)
It back
(380 days ago)
good morning to you but evening here
(380 days ago)
in four hours and 3 mins it will be
(380 days ago)
Tue, 2-Apr-13 11:43 AM (387 days ago)
sun is shinning,must have sneaked back with me from the Canaries,good to be back with all my friends.
Sat, 12-Jan-13 7:37 AM (467 days ago)
Morning all you sexy people
rhinostool likes this
Morning. You're AV pic made me LOL
(467 days ago)
Thanks dirtycppper glad you liked it
(467 days ago)
Alaun!! Xxxx
(467 days ago)
Hi Alaun
(467 days ago)
Wed, 12-Dec-12 8:13 AM (498 days ago)
six more days and counting,then it's off to the sun for a three week perv
Tue, 27-Nov-12 8:47 AM (513 days ago)
morning to all....
Hey gorgeous man xx
(513 days ago)
Thu, 15-Nov-12 8:51 AM (525 days ago)
Morning all you sexy people
hiya ) xxx
(525 days ago)
Hi Safire,x
(525 days ago)
(525 days ago)
Fri, 9-Nov-12 6:51 PM (531 days ago)
Bring on the WEEKEND
Fri, 2-Nov-12 6:34 PM (538 days ago)
Hello FRIDAY,so glad you came,and i see you brought your good friends Saturday and Sunday too,if you see Monday tell him not to FECKIN rush....
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hi there alaun ) xxx
(538 days ago)
Sat, 22-Sep-12 2:47 PM (579 days ago)
afternoon all you sexy people
and thats the only time anyone will ever hear me say
(579 days ago)
never say never
(579 days ago)
It is a pretty big cock
(579 days ago)
mines bigger
(579 days ago)
dammit changed profile pics but its not showing up here..i wasnt bragging just trying for a laff
(579 days ago)
Wed, 19-Sep-12 8:51 PM (582 days ago)
back from my travels missed all my friends hope you were all good when i was away
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Sat, 15-Sep-12 11:53 AM (586 days ago)
back again
Welcome again!!!!!!
(586 days ago)
Sat, 15-Sep-12 9:47 AM (586 days ago)
anyone for cam
freekforpussy likes this
i'll take one, since you're giving them away...
(586 days ago)
greetings alaun
(586 days ago)
Sun, 2-Sep-12 7:40 AM (599 days ago)
just back after a short holiday,will be off again next week to france for another short break,lucky me....
did you take photos will you blog some
(599 days ago)
when i get a bit of time
(599 days ago)
yay and off to france lucky you
(599 days ago)
just a rescue yorkie,my best friend
(599 days ago)
oh how wonderful i bet he/she misses you when your gone my friend
(599 days ago)
Sat, 18-Aug-12 10:15 AM (614 days ago)
how are all my friends
rhinostool likes this
morning Alan
(614 days ago)
morning jane
(614 days ago)
Sat, 18-Aug-12 9:48 AM (614 days ago)
cam anyone
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Sun, 29-Jul-12 7:11 AM (634 days ago)
Another week away,hope the weather is better than the last time.
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sorry alaun I meant to comment...have agood safe wk away and I will have a word with mother nature for you
(634 days ago)
Sat, 14-Jul-12 7:20 AM (649 days ago)
Happy weekend to all,have FUNNNNN
GaurdianShot likes this
Have some fun too! enjoy yourself!
(649 days ago)
Sun, 8-Jul-12 7:30 AM (655 days ago)
morning all ,back after another week away nothing but rain rain rain....
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nice to see you and sorry bout the rain its lovely here alaun
(655 days ago)
I am loving the rain here in TX this week. Highly unusual in July!
(655 days ago)
Tue, 3-Jul-12 6:29 AM (660 days ago)
Happy Tuesday...Don't worry ,Friday is coming!!!!.
didnt you get the memo? Friday was cancelled
(660 days ago)
must be in my in box need to go see!
(660 days ago)
morning alaun
(660 days ago)
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