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alaun's Recent Statuses
Thu, 21-Aug-14 9:23 PM (8 days ago)
naked on cam now
Sat, 5-Jul-14 9:26 AM (55 days ago)
naked c2c
Wed, 25-Jun-14 6:54 AM (66 days ago)
naked and ready
Clearly not for work
(66 days ago)
Sat, 21-Jun-14 9:13 AM (69 days ago)
naked c2c cum and play
Sat, 21-Jun-14 9:03 AM (69 days ago)
naked c2c ready to play
BraGirl likes this
Thu, 19-Jun-14 9:30 PM (71 days ago)
naked c2c will do anything
Pity I missed all the fun, I have a few ideas !
(71 days ago)
Thu, 19-Jun-14 9:13 PM (71 days ago)
naked c2c
fordman123456789 likes this
i'd like to,but no cam............
(71 days ago)
Hope to catch your next session !
(71 days ago)
Sat, 26-Apr-14 1:35 PM (125 days ago)
It always rains at the weekend
Sat, 26-Apr-14 12:25 AM (126 days ago)
on cam now naked just for you
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Fri, 25-Apr-14 5:52 PM (126 days ago)
on cam now naked
Fri, 25-Apr-14 5:27 PM (126 days ago)
naked on cam
Tue, 22-Apr-14 7:01 PM (129 days ago)
naked for you
Mon, 21-Apr-14 3:02 PM (130 days ago)
naked c2c
Sat, 19-Apr-14 9:47 AM (132 days ago)
just ask
who shot first?
(132 days ago)
Mon, 6-May-13 7:49 AM (481 days ago)
Just once, I 'd like to wake up as eager to start the day as a penis is...
dewberry and justhornyme66 like this
Fri, 3-May-13 8:04 AM (484 days ago)
Ever had that feeling were you just want to jump out of BED?,,,Me Neither.....,
Fri, 26-Apr-13 8:02 PM (490 days ago)
It's Friday get your Grin on!!!!!
boxseat likes this
Tue, 9-Apr-13 7:19 AM (508 days ago)
I wonder if I said Good Morning,how many people would say it back?.Lets try it out. GOOD MORNING...
Godd morning
(508 days ago)
god dammit...ooops morning
(508 days ago)
It back
(508 days ago)
good morning to you but evening here
(508 days ago)
in four hours and 3 mins it will be
(508 days ago)
Tue, 2-Apr-13 11:43 AM (514 days ago)
sun is shinning,must have sneaked back with me from the Canaries,good to be back with all my friends.
Sat, 12-Jan-13 7:37 AM (595 days ago)
Morning all you sexy people
rhinostool likes this
Morning. You're AV pic made me LOL
(595 days ago)
Thanks dirtycppper glad you liked it
(595 days ago)
Alaun!! Xxxx
(595 days ago)
Hi Alaun
(595 days ago)
Wed, 12-Dec-12 8:13 AM (626 days ago)
six more days and counting,then it's off to the sun for a three week perv
Tue, 27-Nov-12 8:47 AM (640 days ago)
morning to all....
Hey gorgeous man xx
(640 days ago)
Thu, 15-Nov-12 8:51 AM (652 days ago)
Morning all you sexy people
hiya ) xxx
(652 days ago)
Hi Safire,x
(652 days ago)
(652 days ago)
Fri, 9-Nov-12 6:51 PM (658 days ago)
Bring on the WEEKEND
Fri, 2-Nov-12 6:34 PM (665 days ago)
Hello FRIDAY,so glad you came,and i see you brought your good friends Saturday and Sunday too,if you see Monday tell him not to FECKIN rush....
Safire13 likes this
hi there alaun ) xxx
(665 days ago)
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