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bOObzman's Recent Statuses
Fri, 18-Jul-14 12:26 PM (4 days ago)
DoubleWhoppers is starting TOF with a bang!
(4 days ago)
Sun, 6-Jul-14 12:24 PM (16 days ago)
Happy horny sleepy Sunday everyone. Coffee time!
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Sun, 22-Jun-14 4:40 PM (30 days ago)
Ok, 12gauge got me motivated to clean my gutters too.
sorry lol
(30 days ago)
Tue, 17-Jun-14 11:14 PM (35 days ago)
It's a hot one and no A/C in the car. So glad to be home and cOOl!
Sun, 8-Jun-14 4:21 PM (44 days ago)
Happy horny Sunday to everyone! Got some smooth jazz on and groovin to all you sweet sexy women.
Fri, 6-Jun-14 2:24 PM (46 days ago)
Happy TGIF and TOF! Off for fun in Chicago today. Cheers to all!
Have fun
(46 days ago)
Fri, 6-Jun-14 3:49 AM (46 days ago)
"She's an icebeg waiting for the Titanic"
I may be the only one in America who didn't see that movie, bOObz; )
(46 days ago)
I was the second - lol - i just saw "most " of it. Cate looked great in it.
(46 days ago)
That makes 2 of us, then; )
(46 days ago)
Good movie...don't remember that line though
(46 days ago)
That was Bruce's reply to Billy Bob when he says something like " She's an incredible woman"
(46 days ago)
Wed, 28-May-14 11:30 AM (55 days ago)
Shower time, then off to make the donuts. Have a Happy Hump Day!
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Night sweetheart xx
(55 days ago)
Sun, 18-May-14 1:14 PM (65 days ago)
Happy horny Sunday to everyone!
bigbrenda and nohairguy like this
you too babe x
(65 days ago)
Happy happy Sunday..mwah xxx
(65 days ago)
Hey 64 and mum- hello you cuties! xx
(65 days ago)
I just got sent a pic in private from our mutual friend b00bzman
(65 days ago)
horny for sure
(65 days ago)
Sat, 17-May-14 1:31 PM (66 days ago)
Mmmmm, cuppa joe and enjoying all the big bOObz!
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Sat, 10-May-14 11:09 AM (73 days ago)
Coffee time and maybe some waffles to go with NN.
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Sun, 27-Apr-14 3:06 PM (86 days ago)
Hello and welcome to the happy horny Sunday morning service!
Fri, 18-Apr-14 5:11 PM (95 days ago)
Love to perv all day but gotta get dressed and get to the yard work. ;(
sounds like fun
(95 days ago)
Hi TWL! Spring has sprung here. xx
(95 days ago)
I like when spring sprungs up
(95 days ago)
It is fun.
(95 days ago)
Sat, 12-Apr-14 9:01 PM (101 days ago)
So long NN, off to the first spring BBQ and hockey game. Cheers!
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Wed, 9-Apr-14 11:11 AM (104 days ago)
Happy Hump Day!
Same to you boobzman
(104 days ago)
Morning un! Going to be a beautiful day in the Midwest-finally!
(104 days ago)
happy dump hay
(104 days ago)
Hi ya Wodes!
(104 days ago)
Woo Hoo! for hump day!
(104 days ago)
Mon, 7-Apr-14 2:59 AM (106 days ago)
Day is done, off to bed. G-nite NN!
ScarlettRose likes this
Night! xoxox
(106 days ago)
Nite Boobzman!
(106 days ago)
Sun, 6-Apr-14 8:10 PM (107 days ago)
NN is working it's magic on me again, I should be out working in the yard but here I sit, lusting away!
Sun, 6-Apr-14 7:34 PM (107 days ago)
Am I just old fashioned that whore and slut are disrespectful names to me?
I am with you on that boobzman, Only by request in my book, and then it still does not feel right. And yes. we may be old fasioned.
(107 days ago)
We have to remember that each person is different. I agree, but I won't fault someone if they prefer it.
(107 days ago)
I feel exactly the same way hun x
(107 days ago)
Agreed TWL. I guess this was something I had to say. To each their own, for sure.
(107 days ago)
well i would be offened if some called me it but some people find its horny but each to thier own i guess
(107 days ago)
Sun, 6-Apr-14 4:10 PM (107 days ago)
NN fun is over, F1 will have to wait. Off to the shower and back to the spring clean up in the yard.
Sun, 6-Apr-14 2:53 PM (107 days ago)
Coffee, NN bOObz, F1, shower and back to the yard work!
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Sun, 6-Apr-14 2:35 AM (107 days ago)
Yard work is done, dinner is over and time for the ......shower!
wetting of the loins *lix*
(107 days ago)
Sun, 23-Mar-14 8:29 PM (121 days ago)
Off to a cozy lil bar in the big city for a Sunday afternoon drink. Cheers!
Sun, 23-Mar-14 5:13 PM (121 days ago)
Illini die by the three pointer - again! (((
Boobs, cheer up.
(121 days ago)
Thank you sweetie! )))))
(121 days ago)
(121 days ago)
Sat, 22-Mar-14 4:43 PM (122 days ago)
Happy horny NN Saturday with a Bloody Mary buzz on!
Sun, 16-Mar-14 1:44 PM (128 days ago)
Top o' marnin' to ya! Time to get ready for the St.Patrick's Parade.
sorcha0922 likes this
I see you keep them in a warm place!
(128 days ago)
Lol I try!!
(128 days ago)
Lucky beads, mmmmmmm!
(128 days ago)
(128 days ago)
Mornin !
(128 days ago)
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