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remember me?
qfwfq.qfwfq's Recent Statuses
Sun, 5-Oct-14 9:27 AM (690 days ago)
overalls can be so sexy
Sun, 5-Oct-14 7:43 AM (690 days ago)
watching MBE live streaming
I was just watching that myself
(690 days ago)
Sun, 15-Jun-14 1:05 PM (802 days ago)
I'm feeling so submissive right now ... Would you like to make me being your slutty boy?
Sat, 14-Jun-14 1:07 PM (803 days ago)
fordman123456789 likes this
... and horny too
(803 days ago)
Fri, 30-May-14 6:23 PM (818 days ago)
watching game of thrones 4th season
BraGirl likes this
in season 5 the gummy bears show up
(818 days ago)
Sat, 24-May-14 10:25 AM (824 days ago)
planning my slutty Sunday
Sat, 24-May-14 9:46 AM (824 days ago)
just waken up...
Sun, 11-May-14 9:01 PM (837 days ago)
butt plugged... again
guess u set then
(837 days ago)
Sun, 11-May-14 12:46 PM (837 days ago)
I've just discovered somafm ... I love indie pop rock channel
yes, and i also like Radio Paradise, too
(837 days ago)
Sat, 5-Apr-14 2:27 PM (873 days ago)
Right now I'm butt plugged
themuffinboy likes this
my anus is getting sore
(873 days ago)
I've just removed it ... Now my anus looks really inviting but it hurts
(873 days ago)
Sat, 15-Feb-14 11:23 AM (922 days ago)
listening BJM - Give it back!
Sat, 18-Jan-14 12:14 PM (950 days ago)
watching Fringe 3rd season
Yriel likes this
A brilliant series, that didn't last long enough
(950 days ago)
thought she would have grown it out by now
(950 days ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-14 10:58 AM (950 days ago)
browsing my friends pics
I do that a lot, it is fun to check them out. Nice to have hot friends on NN.
(950 days ago)
Pleased to meet you
(950 days ago)
Hi angel ...right now I'm browsing your pics
(950 days ago)
Mm do let me know, I'm all juicy waiting for my sweetheart ... Are you holding your cock? You might see quiite a bit
(950 days ago)
oh yes ... you are getting my dick so hard. I'm gently caressing my knob dreaming you
(950 days ago)
Fri, 3-Jan-14 8:00 PM (965 days ago)
would you like to see another cam show tonight?
rhinostool likes this
Thu, 2-Jan-14 7:25 PM (966 days ago)
naked ... again
rhinostool likes this
...get dressed its winter for gods sake!!!
(966 days ago)
Hi and bye qf
(966 days ago)
but my house is so hot
(966 days ago)
We keep our house warm in the winter...so we can still run around naked
(966 days ago)
...now i found the reason for the global warming...all of u heating houses in winter...crazy
(966 days ago)
Thu, 2-Jan-14 6:21 PM (966 days ago)
I'll be on cam again in few minutes
Thu, 2-Jan-14 5:30 PM (966 days ago)
naked for you
Thu, 2-Jan-14 3:14 PM (966 days ago)
happy new year my naughty friends ... I've just come back from an amazing little vacation
Thu, 26-Dec-13 12:30 PM (973 days ago)
listening The Who - Tommy
north and south likes this
Thu, 26-Dec-13 10:20 AM (973 days ago)
listening Clash - London Calling
top tune !!!!
(973 days ago)
Wed, 25-Dec-13 10:54 AM (974 days ago)
happy xmas to all my NN friends
rhinostool and kimberly_1229 like this
Mon, 23-Dec-13 7:07 PM (976 days ago)
playing FEZ
rhinostool likes this
Isn't that in Morocco?
(976 days ago)
Wasn't Fez the exchange student on "That 70's Show"?
(976 days ago)
no it's an amazing indy game ...see my blog
(976 days ago)
Mon, 23-Dec-13 4:25 PM (976 days ago)
watching masterstoy91 on cam ... she is amazing
bigbrenda likes this
Mon, 23-Dec-13 3:35 PM (976 days ago)
we all have secrets
yeah, no not me. a whole lot of people no a whole lot more about me than they probably should
(976 days ago)
Some are just better than others....
(976 days ago)
yes true...some just have less than others...lol... some people are bold and just go for it
(976 days ago)
... and sometimes the secrets make the people look so interesting
(976 days ago)
oh you are so right about that... NN helps people to share them though...lol
(976 days ago)
Mon, 16-Dec-13 5:51 PM (983 days ago)
thinking about xmas gifts
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