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remember me?
roy_aims2please's Recent Statuses
Fri, 4-Jul-14 4:54 AM (24 days ago)
New pics of Jeannie on my page. She loves your comments and I'm sharing them with her now.
she is hot great body lovely tits
(24 days ago)
Is Jeannie Your Wife?
(24 days ago)
Fri, 8-Nov-13 2:45 PM (261 days ago)
When it rains it pours
Sun, 4-Aug-13 3:19 AM (358 days ago)
I have a thing for blondes.
rhinostool likes this
i have a thing for blondie
(358 days ago)
love Blondie...miss her!
(358 days ago)
I have a thing for verification pics and consenting to having pics posted here. But I am the WEIRDO!!!!!
(358 days ago)
yes you are but we like you
(358 days ago)
Listen rockhard...I've been on this site quite a bit longer than you and play by the rules. I would never post a pic of someone else without their consent.
(353 days ago)
Sat, 27-Jul-13 11:17 PM (365 days ago)
New pics of Jeannie on my page. Tell her what you think! *smile*
You sure?.. Mr A_C
(365 days ago)
Why doesn
(365 days ago)
Why doesn't she get on here and ask this?
(365 days ago)
you know the safe bet answer to this TM
(365 days ago)
Sat, 27-Jul-13 3:11 AM (366 days ago)
It has been a VERY good week.
Run_Dog_Run likes this
Thu, 25-Jul-13 1:55 PM (367 days ago)
Well hello there all you sexy people
Tue, 23-Jul-13 12:55 AM (370 days ago)
I put up some new pics of Jeannie last night. Let her know what you think!
Tue, 16-Jul-13 12:17 AM (377 days ago)
Check out new pics of my hot Jeannie Tell her what you think! *smile*
md_armyguy likes this
Fri, 12-Jul-13 2:02 AM (381 days ago)
New pic of Jeannie on my page. She loves your comments!
Wed, 10-Jul-13 5:09 AM (383 days ago)
I miss Hotstuf88
Wed, 10-Jul-13 4:33 AM (383 days ago)
NN friends are friends to the end
Tue, 9-Jul-13 5:14 PM (383 days ago)
Know what else is sexy? Underboob. Totally
myhotwifeGA likes this
what about side boob?
(383 days ago)
Just as sexy!
(383 days ago)
Mon, 8-Jul-13 3:14 AM (385 days ago)
More pics of Jeannie up. She loves hearing your comments *smile*
thanks for sharing she is hot gets me hard
(385 days ago)
Mon, 8-Jul-13 1:57 AM (385 days ago)
I just shared ALL of your comments with Jeannie and she is SO FLATTERED...and SO TURNED ON *smile*
someone gonna get lucky tonight?
(385 days ago)
she is sexy
(385 days ago)
She told me to say that you all are fucking amazing!
(385 days ago)
I peeked, your lady is smokin sexy hot...
(385 days ago)
Thanks for peeking! She loves the attention. Hoping to fuck her again SOON.
(385 days ago)
Sun, 7-Jul-13 2:28 AM (386 days ago)
Back in Ohio. Woohoo!
Hello Cleveland!! Look...all the knobs go to 11.
(386 days ago)
welcome home!
(386 days ago)
*looks at celtic's profile and revises my earlier statement*
(386 days ago)
ouch! lol
(386 days ago)
Wishing I'd met some sexy South Carolinians while I was away
(386 days ago)
Fri, 5-Jul-13 7:02 PM (387 days ago)
White bikinis are beyond awesome.
SexyBiarch likes this
specially the see through variety?
(387 days ago)
All varieties IMHO. See thru ones are insane!
(387 days ago)
Thu, 4-Jul-13 8:51 PM (388 days ago)
Happy 4th! Any NN'ers in Chatleston, SC wanna say hi? I'm visiting but would live to know y'all are around!
Wed, 3-Jul-13 1:37 AM (390 days ago)
Anyone in the Charleston SC area wanna say "hi"?
Wed, 3-Jul-13 12:41 AM (390 days ago)
New pics of Jeannie on my page. Tell her what you think!
Mon, 1-Jul-13 2:36 AM (392 days ago)
I'm in Kiawah, SC. Any NN folks here as well?
(392 days ago)
Sun, 30-Jun-13 7:09 PM (392 days ago)
I'm on Kiawah SC. Any other NN peeps here?
Thu, 20-Jun-13 5:53 PM (402 days ago)
Any NN'ers at Easton in Columbus today?
I am very close to there right now
(402 days ago)
Thu, 20-Jun-13 3:10 AM (403 days ago)
I love it when my fingers, face, and cock smell like pussy Mmmmmmmmmm
German Girl likes this
it's the best!!!!!
(403 days ago)
I luv to eat my wifes pussy! I woke up with her juices all over my face this morning...
(402 days ago)
Sat, 15-Jun-13 2:29 PM (407 days ago)
Sexy: a snaggletooth. Thoughts?
Thu, 13-Jun-13 3:28 AM (410 days ago)
Some new pics of Jeannie. Let me know what you think *smile*
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