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About Me:
My hair is doing some amazing follicle gymnastics this morning!!
My Current Status:
THIS... *looks around at all the love shown for Mrs. and DC*.... is, in my opinion, the very best that NN has to offer to us.
My Stats:
I am:
Sexual Preference:
Am seeking:
No one at the moment
Marital Status:
United States
NN Status:
I last logged into NN:

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Interesting things to know about me:
My Starsign:
My Favourite posters on NN are:
If friends were flowers, I would have the most glorious garden in all of NN
Interests I have are:
Other Interests I have are:
Laughing and loving life
I am also up for:
I have been a Member of NN since:
3-Apr-12, and I am a premium member
My Appearance:
Race/Ethnicity:Mixed Race
Body Type:
Body Shape:
Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Best Feature: Smile
Pubic Hair:
Tatoos: None
Piercings: Ears
Breasts: Natural
Bra Cup Size:
Bust: 38" (96cm)
My Professional Life:
Education: Uni Graduate
Employment Status: Work at Home
Industry: Artistic / Musical / Writer
Job Role: Professional
My Lifestyle:
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially
Food Preference: Non-vegetarian
Sense of Humour: Clever / Quick Witted
Social Behaviour: Meet people easily
Personality: One of the guys or girls
Kinkiest place
I've had sex:
That is for me to know and you to find out ;)
Spoken Languages:
My Favourites:
Movie: The Shooter
Actor/Actress: Jason Statham not really, but I would do him :)
Book: Anne of Green Gables ( childhood favorite)
Author: too many different ones
Song: Brown Eyed Girl
Band: Abba
TV Show: Flintstones
Sport: Jello wrestling
Drink: tea- do NOT interrupt my morning cuppa!!
Food: All
Pastime: Reading...reading....reading.. and YOU :D
Thing: Life
Sex Position: Whatever feels right in that moment of passion
Famous person I'd like
to have sex with:
Redvs4u....oh wait, I already have!
Self Description:
What makes me happy: My family ( most of the time).Memories of laughter and intimacy. My crazy friends.Mmmmm.......that perfect first kiss. Laying in bed with a sexy man and laughing over everything and nothing. Having inside jokes that no one else understands except for the two of you. You kissing that special spot on my neck. Giggling over something so silly with my friends. The birds singing outside my windows while the breeze rustles the branches on the trees. The sound of water, the bubbling of a small brook or the crashing waves of the ocean or the roar of a waterfall.Kisses. ...mmmmm....kissing is an art form that takes much dedication and practice to perfect. Making you cum over and over and over again until you are exhausted and collapse with a satiated groan.
What makes me sad:
What makes me mad: People not realizing how perfect I am.
My bad habits: None. I am perfect :P
My Final Thought:
The meaning of life is...
Don't break yourself fixing someone else. Open minded people do not impose their beliefs on others. They accept all of life's perspectives, doing their own thing in peace. *********************** A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves you a hundred moments of regret.

(Profile last updated: 5-Sep-15)

  Please, do with me what you will:

amancalledpony   Posted: 4-Sep-15  23:57:17 (16 hours ago)

Whoop there she is. :) Another piece of the puzzle that is NN returns *smiles like an idgit*

MitchandDaisy   Posted: 5-Aug-15  2:02:47 (31 days ago)

Hey, are not forgotten. ;)

JediMasterBater   Posted: 27-Jul-15  5:54:11 (40 days ago)

That's a lovely thought about your friends, it would be a lovely garden indeed!

hackelberry77   Posted: 13-Jul-15  20:36:34 (53 days ago)

Thanks *hugs* :)

VTCali   Posted: 11-Jul-15  0:47:55 (56 days ago)

Best profile pic ever!!!

Georgekuu   Posted: 10-Jul-15  22:30:23 (56 days ago)

You are just funny, plain and simple!

TopCat57   Posted: 10-Jul-15  12:47:56 (57 days ago)

One of my favourite people here:)xox

tight_wet_lips   Posted: 10-Jul-15  4:49:19 (57 days ago)

Holy hell! I am in awe.

Shyguy1976   Posted: 10-Jul-15  0:10:58 (57 days ago)

FYI...your profile pic is a treat on the eyes!! ;)

MarkandLacey   Posted: 8-Jul-15  14:30:19 (59 days ago)

Red Hots - "A powerful cinnamon kaboom in an itty-bitty bite."

big buck hunter   Posted: 7-Jul-15  22:14:47 (59 days ago)

just wanted to say hi and that i love your profile picture! :) hope you're having a good day!

JediMasterBater   Posted: 7-Jul-15  20:02:41 (59 days ago)

Thank you! And thanks for sharing your gorgeous smile with us. :)

Chuck-22   Posted: 7-Jul-15  4:29:35 (60 days ago)

I'm liking those tan lines of yours :P

RoxanneS   Posted: 6-Jul-15  1:39:46 (61 days ago)

Always warms my heart to see your smiling face here. :)

Chuck-22   Posted: 6-Jul-15  1:39:38 (61 days ago)

You hottie!!!

Shyguy1976   Posted: 5-Jul-15  21:23:37 (61 days ago)

One day late but hope you had a great 4th of July always right sext Red :) mwuah!!

mediapro   Posted: 4-Jul-15  21:47:03 (62 days ago)

Love the profile pic . . . best Brit comment I've ever seen!

tight_wet_lips   Posted: 28-Jun-15  5:47:59 (69 days ago)

You post the best! profile pics.

undisclosedid1   Posted: 27-Jun-15  1:52:33 (70 days ago)

All right, I know I just Commented on your Last Sexy Profile Pic, But this one has reached a new Level of Insane Hottness, and it Truly was Done with a Touch of GLASS ;)

undisclosedid1   Posted: 23-Jun-15  0:27:35 (74 days ago)

Damn Your Super Sexy Smile is even Hotter laying down ;)
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