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About Me:
"We do not remember days, we remember moments." - Cesare Pavese
My Current Status:
Lotus. That's a lot of pretty for a car, huh? :) Hello everyone!
My Stats:
I am:
Sexual Preference:
Girls & Guys
Am seeking:
No one at the moment
Marital Status:
In relationship with:
NN Status:
I last logged into NN:

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Interesting things to know about me:
My Starsign:
My Favourite posters on NN are:
on my friends' list! :)
Interests I have are:
Movies / Cinema, Museums / Galleries, Music, Nature, Computers / Internet, Dancing, Shopping, Gym / Aerobics, Hiking / Camping, Literature / History
Other Interests I have are:
Overthinking my NN profile, stalking your profile, Googling, holding in the snark...evaluating perception, perspective and projection in this sphere. Laughing till it hurts (in other words, at myself).
I am also up for:
I have been a Member of NN since:
29-Oct-11, and I am a premium member
My Appearance:
Body Type:
Body Shape:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Best Feature: Smile
Pubic Hair:
Tatoos: None
Piercings: None
Bra Cup Size:
My Professional Life:
Education: Uni Graduate
Employment Status:
Job Role:
My Lifestyle:
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially
Food Preference: Non-vegetarian
Sense of Humour: None
Social Behaviour: Shy
Personality: Home body
Libido: High
Kinkiest place
I've had sex:
It's not the place that's kinky. ;-)
Spoken Languages:
My Favourites:
Book: Too many....
Author: Alice Munro, Lee Child, Sophie Kinsella....
Song: The one we make between the sheets.
Band: Quite a few!
TV Show: Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, TBBT
Sport: Fucking.
Drink: Sparkling water.
Food: Candy.
Pastime: Erotic photography.
Thing: Cum, sweat and tears.
Sex Position: That one. In that picture. Yes, yes, THAT one. ;-)
Famous person I'd like
to have sex with:
Self Description:
What makes me happy: Genuine self-expression, genuine connections.
What makes me sad: Shame and oppression
What makes me mad: Pertinent to my NN experience? Non-consensual pics posted with impunity.
My bad habits: are many and glaringly obvious to all who know me. :)
My Final Thought:
If I could change one thing about humanity...
everyone would have empathy.

(Profile last updated: 4-Sep-15)

  Please, do with me what you will:

Chuck-22   Posted: 3-Sep-15  23:11:06 (1 day ago)

I just popped by to tell you that you are amazingly gorgeous!

demonoid13   Posted: 1-Sep-15  12:59:15 (3 days ago)

Just to clarify that it make me sad simply because I'm gonna have to send a mean reply and that takes time from me. Lol

demonoid13   Posted: 26-Aug-15  3:05:45 (10 days ago)

You lady are one hell of a woman. I have missed u quite a bit.

Chuck-22   Posted: 24-Aug-15  13:46:32 (11 days ago)

Hahah I know all those languages trust me :P And you can see I have so many tattoos and piercings lol

Chuck-22   Posted: 23-Aug-15  3:49:08 (12 days ago)

Did I tell you that I do really like prizes? ;)

Chuck-22   Posted: 23-Aug-15  3:16:56 (13 days ago)

lol thank you for liking my new picture ;).....P.S. I'm your 56,000th viewer and you deserve every single one <3

TopCat57   Posted: 21-Aug-15  17:01:43 (14 days ago)

One of NN's wise owls, such a friendly, lovely person, proud to call a friend and cat lover: 0xx

CrunchyPB   Posted: 21-Aug-15  1:23:46 (15 days ago)

I was certain that no one read the notices! If you can't find the uniform I'm sure we can make do!

Chuck-22   Posted: 20-Aug-15  19:04:18 (15 days ago)

Your new picture is stunning it left me speechless ;)

CrunchyPB   Posted: 19-Aug-15  23:44:06 (16 days ago)

Roxy you are visually exquisite but what I love far more is the effort you put into commenting on pictures. Not just mine but everyone's. Thank you!

visible   Posted: 19-Aug-15  19:43:48 (16 days ago)

you haven't, but you're sweet for mentioning its sweetness. :p

ShowysaurusSex   Posted: 19-Aug-15  19:29:33 (16 days ago)

i know i can never really show you how much you mean to me as a friend , or how much i want to hug it out with you ...... i just want you to know you are a special lady and you mean the world to me xx

My_Feral_Urges   Posted: 19-Aug-15  14:25:41 (16 days ago)

Why hello Roxanne

InTheMoment   Posted: 17-Aug-15  14:50:43 (18 days ago)

Visitor number 55,555. Now I'm horny :)

bushofireee   Posted: 14-Aug-15  17:19:28 (21 days ago)

Dreamy! <3

InTheMoment   Posted: 14-Aug-15  15:54:43 (21 days ago)

*gives two rapid claps of hands and summons NN butler with my perving glasses* (that's still sexy) :P

InTheMoment   Posted: 14-Aug-15  15:48:26 (21 days ago)

I want to see the gif. :)

Chuck-22   Posted: 14-Aug-15  5:01:09 (21 days ago)

Roxy I just wanted to thank you for all the comments and nice things you say about me I am lucky to have you as a friend....You are truly beautiful inside and out <3 :)

LuLusBakery   Posted: 13-Aug-15  20:21:01 (22 days ago)

I WAS HOPING YOU WOULD SAY THAT! :) I should probably sit up though, so as not to spill my drink.

LuLusBakery   Posted: 13-Aug-15  17:59:09 (22 days ago)

Rox, you sweet may have anything you want from my profile! ;) XO
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