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NewbieNudes History

What's new @ NN

Since 2006 we have been making feature announcements on the forum:


The notifications below are for reference pre 2006 only.

::PM Email Alerts:: 24 October 2006
You can now receive an email notification when you receive a new PM. This setting can be managed on the "your account" page.
::View profiles from within a PM:: 24 October 2006
The read pm window now has a link to view the sender's profile page.
::New Renewal Page:: 20 June 2006
Added a renewal page for premium members that explains how to renew their premium membership.
::Member Features Comparison Table:: 9 July 2005
The site has so many features now it was getting confusing to remember who could do what. The Members Features Chart is a detailed breakdown of features with links to them and shows who has what.
::More Photo Categories:: 7 July 2005
We added some more categories, Posted Yesterday, Last week, Last 1-2 weeks and so on. Makes looking back through older photos easier.
::New Photo Categories:: 30 June 2005
Today we added three more photo categories, BBW, S&M and Pregnant. We also changed the top 50 to top 1000.
::Further Enhanced Profiles:: 23 June 2005
We have today enhanced dramatically the information stored in profiles. You can even upload an Voice Greeting. We have also added a Browse Profiles page
::Members Only Chat Room:: 3 May 2005
We now have a members only chat room, another reason to become a free member of NN.
::Lifted Blogs out into the open:: 29 Apr 2005
Blogs are such a great feature of the site, but they were a little hidden. Today we moved them out in the open so there is now a dedicated blog section of the site with a main nav bar button. Check it
::More Comment Controls:: 11 Apr 2005
Today we added two extra features relating to comments - a dedictated comment manager that lists all comments on your pics in date order (newest to oldest) and the ability to disallow people to comment on your pics (or restrict it to friends only)
::New Servers:: March 2005
Several non-visable performance tweaks and the addition of 6 servers - taking the total server count to 16.
::New Forum:: 27 Jan 2005
We now have a new forum system that is much more suitable and that will be more familar to those that use message boards elsewhere alot. Enjoy!
::New Web Application Server Live:: 18 Jan 2005
The new web server has been swicthed on today. This more-or-less completes this round of performance upgrades. At the rate the site is growing though - we suspect t won't be long before we are ordering some more servers again!
::New Database Servers Live:: 10 Jan 2005
Well, at last we have another few database servers deployed - things should be a lot snappier now! We are still to introduce another web server - stay tuned.
::Nudles have their own section:: 12 Dec 2004
Nudles have been so popular, we have now given the site a Nudles section on the main nav. In there, you will see links to all things relating to Nudles. Go earn some.
::You can now delete your own account:: 12 Dec 2004
We re-named the preferences section, calling it "your account" instead and also added a feature to delete your account. Use this with caution!
::Only Members Can Post Pics Now:: 24 Nov 2004
As of today - only registered members can post pics. So - if you want to post you better sign up here for free!
::Nudle Racing!!:: 18 Nov 2004
The Great Nudle Race is here! Weekly Prizes for those that earn Nudles the fastest! Check it out here..
::New Voting System!!:: 15 Nov 2004
We have re-engineered the rating system. Votes are now out of 10 and the average vote (after 10 votes have been placed) is the rating. Much more simple to understand!
::Bigger Chat Room!!:: 12 Nov 2004
Launched a new chat room today for those with larger screens. Accessed from the same page - now there is a big or small option Check it out.
::Nudles Top Earners!!:: 1 Oct 2004
We now have a page to track the top earners of Nudles!! Check it out.
::Nudles Launched!:: 29 Sep 2004
Nudles are the new currency for the NewbieNudes.com loyalty program. You can earn Prizes and Memberships by playing with Nudles - Check it out.
::We now Take Checks (Cheques):: 25 Sep. 2004
You can now pay for premium memberships by check.
GO sign up!
::Blog Summary Page!:: 31 Aug. 2004
We have just set up a blog summary page, so you can more easily find interesting blogs to read. Just visit the profiles section and you will see a link to this page.
::Attachments on Private Messages!:: 1 Aug. 2004
Well it has been a while between drinks but our technical mastermind was away for two weeks. Well I have been cracking the whip and we now have Attachments on PMs! Pics or Vids can be sent privately between users! Enjoy..
::Sample Premium Membership!:: 23 June 2004
Finally we have a new payment provider and we have got rid of that damn ikobo mob. We also put up a premium sample page so that you can see why it is SO worth upgrading.
::Small Improvements - Big Gains:: 16 June 2004
Recently we have implemented some subtle changes to the way that the site accesses the photo database that have led to significant performance enhancements - enjoy. Also - we have added a "search for member with blog" option to the profiles search.
::Photo Manager Launched:: 6 May 2004
We have now given premium members the ability to manage all their pics and comments with the Photo Manager. So now you can delete pics and pic comments, or move pics into other categories. Another great reason to become a premium member and help support NN
::NN Matchmaker Panel Launched!:: 12 Apr 2004
On the home page and sprinkled around the site you will see the NN Matchmaker panel. This is a quick way of searching for people that are looking for you! Well, people of your sexual preference to be precise.
::Profile search updated!:: 12 Apr 2004
In the profile search you can now look for people that are looking for your sexual orientation. For example, if ur a straight guy you can search for girls seeking "straight guys". ALSO you can now search for only profiles that have a profile pic. - Cool huh - we know ;)
::Profiles, Blogs, Friends Launched!:: 7 Apr 2004
After many weeks of work we now have a profiles section!! This means that members can now search for other members based on all sorts of criteria. We have also added a BLOG feature and friends list. Click on the Profiles tab to check it all out
::New Home Page!:: 18 Mar 2004
New home page layout with information on the many features of NN. Also featuring a new shortcart bar, to make getting to popular places a one-click affair from the home page!
::Private Messaging!:: 27 Feb 2004
Ok - you asked for it - it's now here. You can private message each other - without knowing email addresses or anything else - just the username of who you want to send to. CLICK HERE to try it - and get sending. We will be expanding the functionality of this new feature in the coming days.
::Auto Moderation!:: 27 Jan 2004
Finally, you can get rid of blurry or otherwise inappropriate pics! Just hit the "get this pic off here" button and when it's been hit a few times by different people - the pic will vanish! Please help keep the quality high by doing this if you see a blurry, or inappropriate pic.
::POLL Feature Added:: 26 Jan 2004
Drive the development of NN - vote in the poll - it's on the left of the home page, or click here!
::POST PIX FROM YOUR PHONE!!!:: Jan 7th 2004
Now you have an excuse to use the camera on your new phone! Snap a naughty pic and send it to us to display in the PhonePix category. All you need to do is email the pic straight from your phone to pp@nnpix.com - HAVE FUN!
::New Vids Section at Last!!!:: Dec 29th 2003
Well finally we have done it. We have made changes to the site so that videos are handled just like photos. This means that new vids are on the site the minute they are uploaded. While a few of them will remain free, because they are so expensive to serve to all you guys we have had to make the whole collection only available to premium members. - Have FUN! - NN
::Merry Christmas!!:: Dec 21st 2003
The team here at NN wish you all a Merry Xmas and happy new year! Get into the spirit, why not send us some Xmas pics like the ones here -> Go have a look! Also, today we added an "artistic nudes" category.
::New Auction!!:: Dec 5th 2003
Magicbox's panties are now up fro grabs - two pairs of them!! Go have a look!
::Comp Winners Announced!:: Nov 18th 2003
The winners have been announced - More Info
::Premium Membership!:: August 7th 2003
We now have Premium Membership which allows you to see MASSIVE pics. If you have donated prior to today - you are already premium member until 1 jan 2004, other members - Upgrade Now from the Your Account page. Click here to read more about Premium Membership - Including Help!
::New Comp! WIN $100:: August 4th 2003
New comp - no fucking around now, just a straight cash prize. - GO THERE
::NN TOP SITES!:: July 18th 2003
We have now put in place a link ranking page. Add your link now! - NN TOP SITES
::MEMBERSHIP!:: July 6th 2003
Finally you can join NN - It's free and there are many benefits - find out about it - HERE!
The NN Shop now has a massive range of dildos. lubes, vibrators, penis suckers and heaps more!!
::NN Shop::
Now Available! NN gear. T's, Baby T's, Thongs, we've got you covered. Free NN CD to those that post in their new NN apparel! - NN shop



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