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Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 4:16:36 AM- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Jazz Soundgarden....nice!"
- happyhumper69

Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 1:20:52 AM- I am a christian..... But I embrace my heathen roots.
The Viking way.

Celebration of the Summer Solstice, when the power of the Sun is at its height. It was at this time that most foreign trade was conducted, as well as shipping, fishing expeditions, and raiding. Thus, Midsummer was the festival of power and activity. It was not without its dark side as well. Midsummer was recognized as the longest day of the year; thus, the year began to age after this time and the days grow progressively shorter. The god Baldur is said to have been sacrificed at this time, but is reborn at Jul; the hero Sigurd was also said to have been slain by treachery at Midsummer by his blood-brothers Hagan and Gunthur (Gundahar).
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Monday, June 20, 2016, 11:35:34 PM-
Work out went well. Finally (barely) hit the half mile marker in 10 minutes on lvl 2 resistance on the elliptical.

Was pretty damn proud of myself! Got home and weighed myself.....


WTF? I gained a pound?

True, I didnt work today but I havent eaten much at all! Also, I havent had any fruit to speak of either tho.

Maybe I need to poop?

*head to desk*..........*repeatedly*

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"The two people above me have already said it."
- DubbleStrubble

Monday, June 20, 2016, 6:23:18 AM- Pussy
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Saturday, June 18, 2016, 11:00:17 PM-
Worked out today. Been kinda dreading it since I hadnt worked out in a couple days. In the back of my mind I worried about my weight. No real reason I supose just one of those things where Ive decided to weigh myself only if I work out.

Incentive, I guess.

So, anyhow, did 10 minutes on the eliptical at lvl 2 resistance. I did way better than I actually thought I would.

Did .42 miles in 10 minutes.

I used the weight machines some and considered doing another round on the eliptical. But the last time I did that, my legs and hips screamed at me all night while I tried to sleep and all day the next day at work.

So I did 5 minutes on the treadmill at as fast as a walk as I could go. Honestly, Im not built for running. Im built for lifting stuff. Ya know?

Krick is an awesome cheerleader. That woman is amazing. Shes constantly told me how proud of me she is. I dont really feel like Ive done enough to earn that praise.

I know Ill gain endurance and be able to do more and different things as I go. For now, Im content although I itch to do more than Im doing now.

The best part? When Krick and I got back I weighed myself.

293 pounds. Yeah. That makes me happy!

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"I'm always happy to read about people who make positive changes in their lives, especially taking charge of their health. It can be sooo daunting for so many.

LR and your body are right: forget running. Your body already told you it's not made for it. Lifting? Now that will get in you in fine shape in (almost) no time. Remember that it's not just about your "weight" but how your body is made. I'm sure you're looking to decrease the fat and keep or increase the muscle mass. The number on the scale does not tell that whole story.

Something to consider to help your post-workout recovery is a post-workout drink. Many supplement companies make them. They can be pricey but honestly, I've found them essential. I get strong DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) after my workouts, no matter how short (usually 10 mins) and I find the pain the following days deters me from working out again. These drinks reduce the pain and allow me to get back to it.

kricket is right: baby steps!

Best of luck to you. You're worth it. :)"
- RoxanneS

Saturday, June 18, 2016, 1:19:57 AM-
2 days in a row no workout. My schedule has been changed. I worked till 7 today. Now I have to get up and 330AM and be at work at 530Am. Grrrr

I ate tuna straight outta the can for supper. That should count for something, right?

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"That would account for me hurling. Getting up at 3:30 am wouldn't rate very high on fun things to do either. Hang in there man, seems like it always gets worse before it gets better"
- chargingram

Friday, June 17, 2016, 4:06:58 AM-
Didnt get home till 1030 pm. Have to be at work at 10AM. Clothes to wash, hurting something fierce. Im having OTC meds, icyhot, a beer and a shot before bed. We'll try again tomorrow.
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Thursday, June 16, 2016, 12:51:29 AM- Day 3
I was off work today. Honestly, I didnt do much other than catch up on some sleep. I did go work out tho. I did go work out tho.

This one was longer and Im happy with it. Ive got to get in the habit of timing how long I work out. Pretty sure Im still under an hour but Im getting better.

I did 2 10 minutes intervals on the elliptical. Distance of .56 miles in 20 minutes. Still nowehere what I want it to be. Ill get there. *nod*

In between the two and after the second I used the weight machines and free weights. For now, Im happy with low impact. Honestly, as much pain as I will feel in any given day anyway, Im only inclined to hurt so much during a workout.

Its a start. Hell, its a short time improvement. Im gonna hit it every day. I know some days I wont hit it as hard as others. But the goal is to always hit it.

Dont get me wrong, Im pushing myself. Where its just tired or winded, I tune it out, keep pushing thru it. But when my knee or shoulder or hip start hurting, I have to back off a little. Give it a few seconds. And then Im back at it again.

Krick took a pic of me and Im gonna post it for reference. With luck, in a few months I wont look like this any more.

Im not getting hung up on weighing myself every day but I am weighing myself every day for a record. Same as I am recording my distance and time on the elliptical and (soon) with a cloth measure tape.

So..... .56 of a mile in 20 minutes on the elliptical and no weight loss today. (297) I wasnt expecting any. Its all good.

I just want to feel better and not look like this any more. This is not the first time that Ive turned things around. The thing is, I cant let myself slide back into where Im at now any more.

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"She does that a lot. lol
- Shotguns&Tattoos

Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 11:50:57 AM-
To address my pain issues:

Its a number of things. None of which Ive had diagnosed by a doctor. So, while I dont have any specifics, it _is_ my body and I know what its been thru better than anyone.

To start out, even now, I use my body harder than I should. Not so much now but in my teens, 20's and 30's I used and abused it. Thats gonna be mainly my back.

About 13 years ago I got rear-ended by a semi. Yeah, that was no fun. Still dunno what the driver was doing but it was NOT paying attention to the highway. Thats gonna be my neck and shoulders.

Pretty sure Im getting arthritis. It would be hard for me to pinpoint what is and isnt affected by this IF thats what it is. (going back to the doc soon to find out) but, for now, I list it as a coverall for all my joint pain, swelling and discomfort.

Like I said, most days I manage it, suck it up and carry on. Some days are rougher than others. I dont take anything stronger than Tylenol and only 2 doses a day of that at most. And I try not to take anything at all.

A few more Dr trips down the road may lead to something to help with all of this. I know that at some point Ill be taking a test for sleep apnea and probably end up with a c-pap (or however ya spell it ) machine.

All of this sounds like Im falling a part. Im not. Im not whining, or crying about it. Just listing stuff thats pertinent. One more reason for me to lose weight.

Im also on a vitamin/mineral supplement called Zeal. It seems to be working well for me. Theres also a dietary side to it which Ill start in a few days.

I was up an absurd hour this morning because I couldnt sleep on my day off because of pain. So I got up, drank water, had some cantaloupe. Now Im gonna have some breakfast sausage with cheese.

*grin* Not perfect but, hey, Im trying.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 1:28:26 AM- Day 2
So, after I did the first lose weight/work out blog, I ended up going and getting a scale. As I said, about 3 weeks ago when I went to the doc, I weighed 307.

I knew Id lost a lil bit just from eating right and not eating junk. My diet is very high in fruits, lots higher in good vegetables (doing well staying away from carby vegetables) and I try to eat lean meats and keeping away from sodium. (Tho I need to work harder on that one)

Anyhow, when I weighed myself (and I know the docs scale and mine wont be in sync, but, still....)

I weighed in and 298. Approximately 9 pounds lost in approximately 3 weeks just from not eating like a fool.

Im happy with this.

I worked all day and, long before quitting time, I started hurting. I have daily pain that I live with. Some days its bearable and I suck it up and keep going.

This afternoon was a bad one. Neck, shoulders, several places in my back (pretty much call it the whole back) my left hip, my right knee, my hands all were hurting.

But I went ahead and did the elliptical. Honestly, if there hadnt been some dude using the weights and preening over himself in the wall mirror, Id have stayed to use those after my ten minute elliptical.

First 4 minutes were alright. By 5 my hip and knee were screaming. But I pushed thru it. Im not happy with the distance for time. I only made ,26 of a mile in 10 minutes. I did .40 yesterday.

I know Ill do better as I keep doing it. No one can be as hard on me as I am to myself.

Kricks gonna get a cloth measure tape tomorrow. A friend of ours has a chart for progress using one. Im not going to get caught up in the weighing scales but, hey, it IS all about losing weight. Hopefully soon Ill be replacing fat with muscle. Thats a good chunk of the goal.

Last and not least, I weighed myself a few minutes ago. 297.

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"Obviously I don't know what the cause of your pain is (but it will improve as you shed weight and get fit) but turmeric is a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory. It's easiest to take in tablet or capsule form, so get yourself to a health food store and buy some to try. I replaced too many ibuprofen with turmeric a couple of years ago, it really does work."
- DubbleStrubble

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