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Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 4:13:07 PM-
So this week, my little country decides if it wants to be an independant country from the rest of the UK.

Now i am not going to comment to much on my thoughts, i do not like politics,,

Been asked god knows, how many times, how i am going to vote and the answer is always the same,my vote, my choice.
Been told how i should vote by so many times,, but i can make my own mind up and live with it.

The sad thing is, i have seen the bad side, two friends, from babies till now nearly 60 and got into a fight over this,

So no matter what, i feel for a generation, there will still be arguements over this.

So what else is going on,just the usual things, walk, work sleep,,usual thinking.

As i walked today, the thought of why i am single, came into my head, more and more i see, that a lot is to do with me.

I like my own time, too much, can see how that is a problem, i am back doing something i love, but i think this has, made me see that even more.

I just get caught up,on something and i am focused on that, so many other things are forgotten about.

But i am better at balancing things now and spread my time out better, set myself times to do something and just stick to them.

The season is changing, leaves falling and colours are changing, been so dry recently, can not even remeber the last time, we had real rain, it will come, hopefully it will remember to stop this year and not go on, for the months like last year.

I am thinking we will get some snow, this year, got a feeling, never got much last year.

Taken from my side garden, crazy sky, too good a sky to miss.

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"Good luck today on your vote....and a stunning picture too....beautiful sunset xxxx"
- boredmum74

Friday, September 12, 2014, 2:06:06 AM- 2-58am
A first , never done a mobile blog.

Sitting at work thinking, to much down time tonight, dislike nights like this.

Hoping I get to see , something like the sunrise, I saw yesterday, as I walked after work.

Standing in a field, mist, in the valley ,below and an orange globe forcing, its way through, so beautiful.

One of the best I have seen.

But life is so good now, so many smiles, had a few not so good moments recently, but we all have them, how we deal with them, is the main thing.

3-06 am now, time for tea.

Hope everyone is well
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"good to see you xx"
- Ley-dd

Sunday, August 31, 2014, 8:57:39 PM-
Well i think this will be my blog time for the next while anyway, a Saturday or Sunday night..

I never could get on with blogging during the week at around 6pm, no clue why a time would make any difference but it does for me, plus i am just not around the web as much now, one or two know why and no there is nothing wrong in life.

But sometimes a lot off little changes, turn into a whole big one.

Life is truly a great gift,me i am learning that all the time, how running my fingers through soil, i find so pleasurable, but then, i spend a lot of time rolling around on it.

But as i walk down the road,, i see change is truly in the air, leaves on trees, seem to be changing so fast,, walked it twice today and i could swear i seen it change in 12hrs.

I was going to take the first fungi shots in the woods tonight, all the gear ready and what happens,, mother nature decides, she needs to do some watering,, so i adapt, wets on and just go for walk,,rained the whole time, but was so peaceful.

Stopping for a moment to just listen too the sounds, river running below, bird song in the air,, yes this simple man was smiling..

Clouds are so crazy just now,, how they just float on by,,white islands in the sky.

So quick this farmer had one crop harvested and another sown, no rest for him in this little window of weather.

So till next weekend,, hope everyone, has a wonderful week

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"Always good to hear from you. Two great pics. Beautiful blue skies laced with clouds. I do enjoy your photography."
- overshort2

Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 8:51:05 PM-
Hope everyone that reads is well.

Life is ever changing,, spending less and less time on the internet, now a days.

I think i only looked in here twice in the last week,, thanks Nudie for the pm to see if i was ok,, first pm i have had in ages.

But it is not only here that i have stepped back from, the 2 photo forums i was on is now down too 1,, that is enough, but i have spent as much time there as here.

I have just been getting out and about, walks in the fields and once too the sea, took a few pictures, but not a lot..
Been just enjoying life, just keeping try to smile all the time and still learning so much about life.

This morning as i walked from work, i felt the cold , for the first time,, yes it is changing now, time for heavier clothing to be kept in the rucksack again..

Got holidays again, no work at all,, spent the worst night in my working life on MOnday night, sat for 9hrs and not a thing to do. little better last night, had 1hrs worth of work..

I need to be active, for if not i do not sleep, during the day, but, on the bright side, weather has been nice.

So that is about it,,better post a picture..

So till the next time, hope this makes people smile, for i smiled as i was taking it and about another 75 like it ..
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"That's a beautiful shot :)"
- safire19

Wednesday, August 20, 2014, 6:38:57 PM-
Hello everyone,, hope everyone is doing well and they have some smiles in life.

Been a quick week,, loving the feeling of working in the garden again, remembering all the happy memories associated with it and so many smiles as i think.

Work is slow, nothing new there.

Walked one short walk,, summer sun is heading towards autumn sun more and more, suttle changes all around.

Farmers are busy, looks like a good harvest and as i walked i just keep on smiling.
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"hell glad your smiling but where the photo lol :)"
- Ley-dd

Monday, August 18, 2014, 4:41:08 PM-
I was asked once, if there was anywhere in the world, i could live, where would it be, my answer then is still the same as now,, where i live,,i would never want to move from here.

It is more than home to me, it gives me so much more than that, it gives me all the places i walk and take pictures off.

It gives me so many different things with in such a small area, most of all i feel safe and happy here.

I have never been able to sleep well, in the little travelling i have done, never found a bed as comfortable as my own, when i come back from anywhere, when i go to my room and put my stuff away, i just lie on my bed for a few minutes.

At this time of year, i use too spend about 3 weekends away over a 6 week period,was a great time i had, socializing with like minded people, sitting till it was daybreak the next day sometimes, just talking and others drinking, me i made sure everyone got too there rooms safe.

Next year i am going back to having that, i hope,, where i am in life now means i can,, i have not got the down days now, those ohh so sad days..

Life is so much better,, the road to happiness is one i am on and staying on..

Sometimes, you just try something, sometimes..

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"Im lucky that here is much the same ...such contrasts in a small area I understand your staying where you are :) who would have thought a blade of grass could catch the eye so much :) xxxx"
- safire19

Sunday, August 17, 2014, 8:52:59 PM-
Do you miss something so much in life, that it keeps drawing you back to it, for i am at that point in life nothing bad, all good in fact, just growing vegetables.

Yes, my pleasures in life are that simple.

Weather has been rubbish for 3 days now, fields will be all wet again, mud sticking to boots, make you feel like you are walking in a pair of lead boots, as you try to pull them free at times.

Decided last year, when it gets to bad, i am just going to walk along the coast, chase the sunsets and waves crashing on the shore.

Watch all the drama of stormy seas from a distance, respect the sea to much, too get to close on days of big swells.

Like when my rivers are like that, no more will i walk near them, plenty of places, i can walk that are safe.

I sent another picture yesterday to someone, went from just wanting it as a screensaver to one that will be printed off, to hang on a wall.

Woman does a lot of judging of photoes in competition,more friends with her husband, who i sent the picture too in the first place.

Holiday over for a few weeks, got 5 more days left this year, more than enough for me.

Looked at a new desktop today, plenty of power in it, need it, but not in a hurry for it, good deal on it tempts me, but i never dive in, not my style to do that.

I saw a picture today, reminded me of Julie, long flowing red hair in the wind.
I loved to see that long hair on her, when the wind blowed all over the place, when i covered her breasts, during making love it was all over the place at times.

Funny how the craziest of things remind you of so much.

The birds on the river estuary, the sun hiding in the clouds, giving the colours in the sky and few beams, break through as well.
For all there was a lot of people around it was so peaceful, so perfect in many ways

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"What a cool pic whokens luvvy - I just love it - it looks so calm .... xox"
- Ellefoxie

Saturday, August 16, 2014, 9:12:48 PM-

I took this on Thursday night, been wanting to get a shot like this, nearly got what i wanted, but it gives me something to aim at now.

I think the shot i would really like is riding into the setting sun, not sure i will ever get it, but you never know.

Been a day of very heavy rain and wind, thought about going out, but never bothered in the end, might be better tomorrow
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"Just stunning xxx"
- safire19

Friday, August 15, 2014, 8:46:47 PM-
Been a while since i done 2 blogs in a day.

So been a day of rest, did go for a walk tonight, took the camera and walked down the road, just was to be one of those snap shot nights, been a while since i done that.

How much colder it was tonight, heavy jacket on and thought about my gloves.

How soon it will all change and i will walk below falling leaves, how the colours will all change and i will show my 3rd year of Autumn pictures.

But getting to the bottom of the road and taking the camera out i got a thought,, yes this idiot, never put a memory card in the camera,, so pissed of at myself turned around and went home.

The view from the top of the ruins of the castle.

I never thought it would look like this, was really happy when i saw it did, straight away, i just thought of a sunset, looking down the bay and the sun setting, yes i will stand here a few times and see if i can get it.

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"This is very nice :)"
- Ellefoxie

Friday, August 15, 2014, 9:12:53 AM-
Been ages since i blogged in the morning, so use to doing so at night.

I had such a fantastic day yesterday. So many little highs, make for so many smiles in life.

Had planned in going out early the last 2 mornings, thankfully the sky was not looking good, when i looked out around 4am ish,, yes it can change quick, but might have been need sleep a little more, so went back to bed.

I did go out for the sunset last night, had other plans as well.

Wanted to go into, one of the old castles, i have shared and take some shot.

So as i was walking along the beach, nice breeze blowing and it was starting to rain.

Tide was going out and the beach was covered in seaweed, all washed up in the recent storm.

But i trudged along and got to where you climb up,, well walk up a steep path in parts, but it was an easy walk, no danger along here.

I saw a rocky outcrop and walked out, thought nice place for a picture or two sometime.

Got to the top, you can see more signs of the castle ruins, never been up here before.

Walking to where i think i can see, where the door is and then discover, it had been bricked up,, gutted.

Might need to think of taking a hammer and chisel with me next time, lol
But Health and Safety would be the reason and well that is fine by me.

One thing i did learn, was you could get a real nice sunset from here,, seen loads of pictures of sunsets with the castle in them, but never none from here.

But on the way down, got my first of the year,, nice little patch of fungi growing, never thought it would be here i got it as well.

So lying on the ground and taking a few pictures, seemed the right thing to do.

Had got all the macro gear together for such times and where is it all sitting on a shelf at home.

So now i no, the fungi is appearing and will now start to go off on hunts for it.

Another first one,never sure there of names, keep meaning to get a book.
But for some reason, i am drawn too looking for them, keeping my eyes on the ground mostly, but then you see the gems on the trees growing.

Such simple fun for a simple man

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Most Recent Comment:
"thank you for all the comments and views as well"
- whokens

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