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Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 4:49:52 PM-
I have not had many dreams recently, but today i did, i was in a countryside that i have never been in and it was the most beautiful sights, i saw, there was all the things i like in life, there was trees and rivers, waterfalls cascading and birdsong, this birdsong was not my local ones.

Over by the side of a waterfall, there was a woman, taking a picture of it and she looks over too me and calls me.
I walked and she said "this is the spot you need to be in " i set up and it was so perfect, i can still see me taking the picture and how it came out.

The woman was smiling and she said to me "this is what you have been looking for your whole life and i am going to share it with you"

They say dreams mean something, now just have to wait and see if this one does.

As it gets closer i am looking forward more and more to my break this weekend, got a few things planned and also, some backups, with our weather till the day arrives, you are better waiting and seeing.
I was asked to work on Friday, but i refused, yes i have changed, usually i would, have just said yes, but not now.

Branches of a tree against the new day dawned, life is bursting from the trees now, leaves appearing and birds starting to build nests and some already have, taking pictures and sharing it.

Well another fantastic blog challange and some great imaginative pictures,, great job, that everyone done and thanks to TWL for the idea.

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"The branches look like hands reaching to the sky, trying to grab a bit of it. Another winner!"
- diderot

Monday, April 14, 2014, 4:59:04 PM-
Thank you all for the kind words,i am lucky to have met so many wonderful people on here.
All i really meant was in the eyes of the site owner, who does not know me, why would he listen to me.

Anyway looks like we are in for a period of better weather looking forward to the holiday weekend even more than i was, going to try the sunrise and sunset again.

Seen the first entries in the blog challenge and everyone doing a great job as usual.

I made a deciscion on a lens and it will still be the one i get, but i am going to get the camera first and see, what it is like with the one i have.

I went out on the bike this morning, when i came in and was nice to just go around the local roads, gave me time to think about working on the Sunday nights and even more decided they are not for me, might do the very odd one, but you know what i want my me time even more.

Last night as i was sitting on the bus going to work and all i was thinking was, that i could have been out with my camera.

For all my working life, i put everything second to work, i told myself i loved working and i do, but i never had the balance, i see now how much i need that.

I like who, i am becoming in life, still prefer to keep myself to myself,, but that is who, i am.

I have sat and stared at this picture for a while and i am going to go back, time and time again and see how this scene develops.
I am truly going to work, that scene, i wish there was not massive power cables to the top of the picture,but i am sure there is a screensaver in that scene for me.
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"ah the expanse of the countryside. Isnt it just lovely"
- huddo67

Sunday, April 13, 2014, 4:41:37 PM-
Yesterday was filled with so many smiles, my life changed the day my niece was born and now with her and my little nephew, i realized how blessed i am, for they do make me very happy.

I needed smiles this weekend and how they managed to take my mind of things.

My other course of escape from the world was not available due too the weather.

I was in status this morning and the surround went missing and for the first time in a while i could hang around there,, i find it sore on the eyes normally and i leave after a short while,, but it got sorted and again, i will not be back around the place much.

I use to spend hours in there, now it is minutes, took me a little while to work out why, but then it was obvious, now i am left with just writing and reading blogs.

If i was time to re-new my premium, i would not do so and for the above reason.

I am on a photography site and you have 4 options on how you want to see your pages, i have it set dark and it is perfect for me.

I know,i am a nobody around here and that i will not be missed in status, but that is ok, for i will still have my blogs.

My own personal favourite from Friday, shows my little woods and some of the fields i walk in, where i was standing to take the picture, was once part of the wood as well, it was where i played so much, whole days spent among the trees and never seen another person, i had a little den built in it and no matter the weather i would be there, i built a fire and i would cook something to eat and i made my tea in an old can that i hung over the fire.

I have those memories everytime i stand and walk around there.
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"I am not going anywhere, like you do in life you adapt, so if i need to just pop into status say hello and post a status and then leave again, that is what will just have to happen."
- whokens

Saturday, April 12, 2014, 10:01:57 PM-
So now i have been through a few more of yesterdays pictures and one even made me smile, now that is a thing that never happens.

I did take this after noticing how all over the place i was, as i walked down the hill,, i think a drunken man would have walked a straighter line.
Now i am pretty sure i do know the cause and it is because, my eyes were looking all around to see what the sky was like or maybe the tea i had before coming out was a little strong.
Plus it was still pretty dark at the time,, but who knows, maybe that is the normal way i walk.

Now a picture of an apricot sky as the wonder called it, the sky really was all over the place and it is a while since i have seen it alter as much.
I sometimes just stop and stare as i see the changes before me, when you actually see the sun come up over the horizon and you watch it rise, now that is one special momment for me.

So i am now working sunday night again, yes that lens is getting paid for the way i like doing things, working for it and saving the money.
My brother asked today, why i just don't order one today, but i have a final choice to make, with the extra money i am making working these sunday nights, it brings another lens into the equation,, yes life is really that simple for this simple man.
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"now that's a very different pic lol
oh I love the sky with the dark trees xx"
- Ley-dd

Friday, April 11, 2014, 8:53:36 PM-
So being awake at around 5am and getting up, places to go and take pictures.

The bag was all packed last night and all i had left to do was have breakfast be off, so it was just after 5-30am i set off.

As i walked down the road it was not looking good, was cloudy and i was all for turning back.

As i was just entering the path along the woods, a fox shot across in front of me.

SO then a walk to the field i was going and i knew where the sun was going to rise, so i thought of trying to get some of the little river in the shot, but as i was walking closer, i could see, it was not going to work, but i turned to my left and saw some change in the colour of the clouds, they were turning red and so i chnaged direction and started walking up the hill.

There is a row of trees and i am thinking, now if i can get them in the picture, just maybe, i would get something.

SO i got all set up and started taking pictures.

The clouds changed colour in front of me a took on a kind of apricot colour and then they were more orange, all the time i adjusted my places of shooting and took pictures from all angles.

I got a couple with the actual sun rising, but i think they will get deleted, nothing much to write about.

When i was taking these, i watched 2 deer in the valley, they headed into the woods and will return for these soon, you can see all around here and i even managed to watch a Hare running at full pelt.
I never seen what frightened it and i never saw anyone, so who knows.

Heading back towards the woods and time for something to eat, blueberries and raspberries was on the menu, as i sat against a tree and just watch the world go by, these are my times to think, to make silly little plans.
Sometimes i might even fall asleep, but not today, just as i was getting up, 2 Bullfinches landed on a tree and started feasting on the buds, they were just out of reach with the camera.

But as i rose and started the walk for home, i saw the woodpeckers flying into the woods and had the pleasure of listening to there drumming till i came out the woods.

By now what still had looked like it could be a nice day was changing fast and well this ended up thwarting my plans to add a sunset as well.

But i did have another walk later in the day, so it was not a wasted day.

So as usual mother nature rules and this simple man will have to wait till another day, to try his little challenge.

One of the first shots i looked at today, when i got home and it has colour about it , this was one with a pinky colour to the clouds, with the green of the grass and the tree's i think it all compliments each other.
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"thank you all for the kind words and too those that view.
Mornings like that make it all worth while."
- whokens

Thursday, April 10, 2014, 8:19:00 PM-
SO. i have tonight off, getting everything ready for my challenge, what is it.

Sunrise and Sunset pictures in the same day.

So i am going to just go down the road and take a picture there, well that is the plan, still to have a little look, exactly where the sun will rise, so might alter things a little.
I think it will rise and shine right down the road, just checked and it will maybe, not quite work, so plan b and that means a long walk.

Sunset will have to be on the coast, probably the usual place, weather has been looking ok for this, but here, you never take anything for granted.
Tonight would have been an interesting one and even, 1 hr after sunset there is action in the sky.

So we will see and i have some back up plans incase things change which could happen.

Be nice to just get out, so much turmoil at work again and i need my camera time.

So hopefully, will get some action in the sky, might give a try with the 10 stop again and get some long exposures, pictures like the one i post tonight is what gives me the will to keep doing the things i do to get that picture, seeing how the sky is different in every sunrise or sunset, you just never know, how it is going to look.
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"That sounds like fun Who.. take lots of snacks ;) Lovee that picture"
- Northern Star

Wednesday, April 09, 2014, 5:09:23 PM-
How easy is it to start an arguement at work, just have your own opinion on things.

Last night i was working away, someone came upto me and started talking, general things and then he started talking about Game of Thrones, telling me how great it is and how he enjoys it, then he makes the mistake and asks, if i have seen it.
I told him i had, but i didn't not like it, it was not my cup of tea.
So then he starts on and on telling me i had to like and i must be the only person that has watched it and did not like it.
Saying i am sure i was not, just set him off, he started getting more and more angrier and i just started laughing at hime and this made him even worse.
Eventually i had to tell him to just go away.

We all like different things, me i don't do Sci-Fi or so many other things, but i would never tell anyone what they should or shouldn't like.

More and more in life, i am glad who i am,, people might think i am strange and not a very social person,but i am glad i am so different.

Anyway to all those Game of Thrones fans out there, enjoy the new series.

My scenes might not have the large scale view of so many places, but you work with what you have got.
I have been asked if there was one thing in the world i would like to take a picture off,, but how can you only pick one.
I have seen so many places now and would like to visit, never mind take pictures.

Sorry for all the old pictures, but i hope to get fresh ones the next few days, i only work tonight and weather permitting, i plan on a few trips out with the camera.
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"I have never watched it either"
- Ley-dd

Tuesday, April 08, 2014, 5:05:13 PM-
In life we make choices, some are ones that are harder than others, some are very easy to do.

Mines for the most part now are easy ones, just now the only one i am having problems with is the choice of a new lens.

SOmetimes i wish someone would just say get that one, but it is my choice, i can't make a bad choice, for each of the 3 i am looking at are what i want.

It will all work out.

So when i went for my walk this morning and i was joined with the woman i talk about sometimes, she is on holiday and so waited for me.

I am the first to admit, i am not a morning person and i like my own space, but this morning, i was glad off the company.
She is in a very happy place, now and that is good, she laughs and smiles all the time, i wish i could do that.

She told me, how someone asked if we were a couple again and just told them the same as i would have, none of there buisness.
We aren't anyway and just enjoy each others company.

She wishes that things had been different in how things happened, but she was honest and made the right decison when we were together and then decided, it was not the right thing for her.

We stopped sleeping together and well, i have not been , with anyone since, has there been a chances, yes a few.

There is so many thing more in my life i think about.

Maybe i will never make love to a woman again and well the strange things is, that is not something that will bother me.

I have more important things to think about like, what bloody lens to get lol

I know it is a while to the fungi time, but i am already looking forward and i am going to spend longer searching for it.
I saw so many different types and i know where i saw them, but those woods are to explored more and maybe, there is more hidden gems to see.
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"Oh I love it"
- Ley-dd

Sunday, April 06, 2014, 4:57:52 PM-
Late night drunken messages can be fun,, trying to work out what they say, can be hard.

So i went to gtet the dog this morning, someone looking worse for wear waiting and a sorry look in her eyes, me i laugh and get the dogs lead and set off.

When i get o the road, i let her off and she trots away, the rain is falling and the day, has just broke.

I get to the junction and lets, the dog decide, which way, i knew she would want to goo too the woods, so i let her lead on.

The morning chorus is at its best just now and the pheasant the dog rose, added its call as well.

The daffodils have been picked by many people by the looks anf the anenomes, will soon be ready to take pictures of, followed, by the bluebells.

Time to stop and have our biscuit and me my drink.

The dog lies, by my side, we are sheltered from the rain here and i am looking for woodpeckers, i can here drumming in the distance.
Then i see the up and down flight off the woodpecker, heading my way.
Sitting still, i get some of the best views yet, my desire for the camera with a long enough lens to get them is growing to strong now,, i need to make a decision,

It would still be 3 months till, i have saved enough.

My thoughts of why i am going to work the first Sunday night in 20yrs is, so i can put it towards a lens.

I am making so many worthwhile sacrafices just now and yes, end of next month is not far away now.

So with the rain getting heavier and the dog back on her feet we head for home.

So i take her in and dry her off, my treat is waiting before me and just waiting to be eaten.

An early morning sunrise from last September, i hope to get a few like that, had ben wishing the weather had played ball this weekend as i had a special picture planned, but will now have to wait till later in the year or even next year.
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"Oh to be looking at that sky. But the next best thing...looking at it through your eyes!"
- Whispermyname

Saturday, April 05, 2014, 8:20:25 PM-
Ok, will get mishaps of the day out the way, there was only two.

Getting up early and getting ready to go too town, went for the bus, got on the bus, showed my ticket for the bus and went to sit down, you know you get that feeling, yes that one.
I realized i had left my wallet at home, so as calm as you like walked off the bus again.

My mum thought it was so funny, that she has made the most of it all day.

Second one, cutting a piece of wood with a handsaw, just taking my time to start it, saw goes across the back of my knuckle.

SO apart from that, had a great day.

Got more prep to the greenhouse done, finished the last little bit of staging and all set for the potting up of plants tomorrow, compost was all ready the day before.

I love this time of the year,everything is all fresh, the field seem to have held there colour all winter, new shoots and leaves on the trees, are showing more and more.

My friend whose dog i walk sometimes phoned and asked if i would walk the dog in the morning, she is going to a birthday party and her head will be a little tender, i think.
Might get my special treat when i bring the dog back. I really am that easy bribed.

Only down side is the weather to be wet in the morning, nothing new there.

I finally got round to weighing myself at work on friday and i have lost the grand total of 20lbs, since Christmas eve.
I never diet for i really don't eat much, the diabetes took care of the good things, yes once a week, i might have one bit of chocolate or a chocolate biscuit and once a month a little bit of cake.
So for me it is just the walking that has done it, i walk further than i even realize at times, my walks along the beach are what i thought are short, but it is just over 6 miles at a time,plus add on to that the morning walk.

I can now, get into a pair of camoflague trousers, i bought that were the wrong size, yes, every cloud does have a silver lining.

One from November and the coldest morning of the winter and that was only -3,, never knew a winter with so few frosts.

I had hope to get more days like that and snow, i so wanted to get the road i walk, in snow for Northern Star, but looks like it will be next year now, before i get the chance to finish that set of pictures.
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"oh what a lovely pic
- Ley-dd

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