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Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 6:50:53 PM-

How, i love this place and all, its weather, from the odd days of sun, too those wild stormy days.

But as i sit and write this evening, the rain is falling, been a wet old summer here in my little part of Scotland, can only remember 2 dry weeks this year.

Would like a little bit of sun, might be like others and complain of the heat, but knowing me, i would just lap it up and enjoy the heat of the sun on these old bones.

How fast the year, has went by , 8 months in, been a blast, went on a little adventure the other week, travelled by train, well 3 separate trains, i enjoyed it, train was busy, but my time flew by.

A week on Friday and i am on holiday, so many days to spend, with Boredmum, funny thing is, we are never bored, i keep wondering what boredom is actually like, always so much to do and even in those quite times, i am busy.

I am getting old, my body is telling me, more and more now, hard for me to accept, that i will not be the active person i was in, some ways.

I have trouble even climbing a fence now, gone is the young boy, who could put his hand on a fence post and then vault over the fence, i find these things, so hard to get my head around.

But i am fortunate, i still have places to roam, so much to see. I have a drive, it will carry me on,, so what if i wake i all sore, feeling like a 90 yr old for i get the greatest gift of all, each time i do, for i am alive and as long as, i am i adapt and enjoy the world, i live in..
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"Hope you enjoy your holiday.Great to see your blog photos and the stories that go with them."
- sexyeyesblondie1

Tuesday, July 5, 2016, 9:21:30 PM-
Been a while, so many things have happened, but the main thing is, that i am very happy.

Work is going well,could blog about there, everyday, always something..

But now it is only just a small part of life.

The camera and I, have our adventures, we have seem a lot, shared some of it online, but as usual , so much goes untouched.

I bought a bit of new gear, main things, were a very nice tripod and at long last, a long lens.

Used it for some wildlife and also, for my landscapes, the picture i will post at the end, was taken with it.

That time of year for me, to think she would have been 28 now, i still think of her everyday at some point. I never really talk about this, except in my blogs.

Boredmum, came to visit this weekend, she made things, a whole lot easier, for me, just being here, such a special lady.

How lucky i am to have her in, my life.

I carry forward one thing forward into, my life plan for this year, but that is ok,, i was able to tick the rest of them off, so now i am working on this years now.

I have changed, so relaxed now, even a little more confident. Still as shy as anything, that is never really going to change.

I grab each day, try and get as much out of it, as i can, try to be a good person and i stay true, to the values, that are so much, part of me.

This simple man is, still enjoying, those simple pleasures in life..

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"So nice to see you after such a long time, Good to hear life is good, love the new photos so very crisp love it"
- Ley-dd

Thursday, March 3, 2016, 7:04:16 AM-
I woke early on the Sunday morning, looked out the window and the place was white, with frost, turned out it was a nice -5 frost.

Photo gear is ready, quick breakfast and out, local pond, was my choice.

Walking through the quiet of the village, only a few cars pass and the birds singing.

The walk is a short one, but, once out, the village, the beauty of the dawning morning was starting to show, the colours was fantastic on the horizon.

I wish, i had stopped and took a few pictures now, but was on a mission.

I met the owner of the place, when i was just crossing the gate, quick morning and i walked too the waters edge and set up and how vivid the sky was, took some very large panoramas, shoot a lot of them now, 7 images blended together, does give such beautiful detail.

But looking to the left, i saw, what i was hoping for, my beautiful swans, were at the top end, now thoughts of landscapes, are out my mind and i head to them.

Changing lenses to my 70-200 and then, just enjoying my time,down lying on the ground most of the time, so many pictures taken and now i seldom think i take a decent picture, but i got a couple that will be added to my own favourites.

Mother Nature, gave me such beauty once again, when i had got too, the end, when the sun had came up, i am just sitting on the ground and taking in the moments, thinking how fantastic my life really is.

For me this is the moments of wonder, sometimes, i share them now, with BM, she would tell you, I get lost in these moments, it is calming, all other thoughts are gone.

I call this follow me, the lead swan was breaking through the ice for the other ones, the cygnet in the middle, how glad i am , to be there to capture these moments, this simple man, has simple pleasures.

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"I want a calendar with pics from whokens."
- MitchandDaisy

Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 7:05:36 AM-
Hello everyone, catch up time and the usual waffling, as i call it, start to right about one thing and probably will go off, on a tangent.

Birthday has come and gone, best one ever, got the best gift ever, now the owner of a pig called George, BM is getting to know me.

From an early age, i have loved pigs, always wanted one, but, was never allowed, but now i have George, he is a bit like me, i love rolling around on the ground and also enjoy apples.

But he does not, live with me, for George is, in an animal sanctuary, he was a rescue pig.

But that day is one of the very best, so much more, that i could share about that special day.

Work is going well, we are getting hammered with the weather, when working outside, you get effected with it, people moan, me, i just get on with it..

How things, just keep changing, so much in a year. to be truthful.

But the changes are from with in mostly, my year plan, that i make, has changed a little this year, the big one happened, the little ones, that are just little photographic things, are getting worked on.

This weekend, i get the chance to shoot a picture, that i have dreamed of for a few years, next 2 weeks and that is, it till October.

But if not, the chase will go on, if i get it, what then, move to some other plan, that is on the shot list, it is the challenges, that is what it is about.

Woke to Snow this morning, had a bit more, than normal, but still we get so little.

This blog, has been started, 4 times, there, has been a few reasons, that it has been like this, twice, i deleted it, after a visit to status, too much drama going on, stepped away, one, i fell asleep, the last time, like this one it was, all over the place lol.

Now this was a discovery, just off a path i walk, decided to explore, was worth standing in the water, hard place, to shoot, tripod was set up at a crazy angle, but eventually, got it, also the pool, had some debris in it, so i moved it out, but i will explore more, never know, what else, i might find.

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Most Recent Comment:
"Glad to hear you had such a fantastic birthday. And yes, if you get a chance, we would love to meet your pig :)
Absolutely beautiful photograph of this small waterfall and pool. This looks like a stream that is worth exploring along its whole length."
- OldTroubador

Sunday, February 7, 2016, 9:46:26 AM-
It never took long for someone at work to say, he did not like working with me, my crime, when a light shower of rain came on, i never stopped working, oh well.

The nights and mornings are getting lighter, happy that it,is this time of year again.

Like a lot of places over here, even more rain, than last year, when you see other places in the world, that could really do, with it and we get what we get.

I was in the fields yesterday and it was a case of sinking in them, they are totally saturated now, the sheep were going about there day, but they were all looking so tatty, wool so dirty.

My bird count for the year rose one, saw the little Grey Wagtail, having a drink, later than normal to see, one, but well, not been out as much.
I keep no, actual list, last weekend, i did see a Purple Sandpiper, which is quite a rare one for this area, took me a little bit of detective work, to work out, what it was.

I was going to buy a lens for wildlife, this week, my birthday is next weekend, my plan was to add one expensive bit of kit at this time of year, a gift to me, but when i was out yesterday and just thinking how often over the next month i will, get the chance to use it, put it off, for a month or so, unless a offer comes up for it! had the money for it, for a while now, but i like to wait.

THis years best part of my birthday, will be having Boredmum, here to share it with.

Had a cold, for over 3 weeks now, well not really a cold as such nose is the only place, that has it, longest ever in my lift, i think.

Rain lashing on the window and it is the Jackdaws in the tree that are catching my eye, there is usually over a dozen of them, they look as if they are playing tag or something like that.

My woods, were quiet yesterday, not like the Robin that was singing outside my window,at 4-10am yesterday morning, what a wonderful way to waken too.

But still plenty of birds in the trees, just hiding from the dreach day, i suppose, looking down at the nutter, who was walking in it.

But at this time, it is when the changes start, my mission was find, the first one, i really look for.

The mission was successful, the Snowdrops are out and from now on it is change after change, Daffodils will be next then, the next big one is the Bluebells, wonder, how many have walked in the woods early in the morning as the new day is dawning and just sat or lay beside the bluebells and just took it all in,, yes this simple man, does love the simple pleasures of his simple life..
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Most Recent Comment:
"I'm back lol, just to say when I was walking to work the other day iseen some snow drops peek out through the grass made me smile"
- Ley-dd

Sunday, January 31, 2016, 8:49:22 PM-
Was lucky to have a fantastic weekend in the company of Boredmum, was a weekend we both needed, since hearing of the death of her beloved Nan, all i was wanting to do, was give the biggest hug and hold her so tight.

The we spent, from Friday to this morning, is like a dream to me, from the dark days, to the days so full of light.

We went to the coast, we visited once before, was a lot different this time, was so stormy.

I was down too the waters edge in a flash, taking pictures of some birds, but the large waves, that were crashing over the harbour wall, and the rocks, that make up the enterance, were drawing me like a moth too a light.

First thing i will say, is a am always very careful when we have big seas, i bought a long lens, so i could shoot pictures on days like this, yes some looked like the water was coming down on me, but i was 50ft away from there, plus, i stood for an age and watched where the waves were coming over the wall.

I also hugged the seawall, which stands about 6ft tall as well and was down below it as, i was taking the pictures, so how high was some of them, from them hitting the wall, to the peak of the the spray of them over 20ft, i dread to think what they were like the day before, when it was 70mph gusts we were getting, i know one thing, i would not be down there, and yet some people were driving to the very end and then sitting for a little while, crazy.

From there i walked up a little hill, behind the Harbourmasters, shed and set the tripod up as low as possible and took more pictures from the sea side, watching how the waves curled back on there selves, once they hit the wall, was something, i had never noticed before, some times, the gusts of wind made it impossible to keep the camera steady and all this time, the birds were swimming around in the maelstrom of water.

Mother nature was putting on a little show for me, she is so giving to me, now where was Boredmum, while all this was taking place,, sitting in the warmth and shelter of her, car, yes one of us is sensible, that is for sure and it sure was not this simple man..

So here we, have one of my pictures, shows, just a little of the storm, that was raging around me..
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Most Recent Comment:
"Yes I suppose I was sensible staying in the car, but I did make sure the car was nice and warm for when you came back! A wonderful weekend and lots of much needed hugs xxx"
- Boredmum74

Sunday, January 24, 2016, 6:29:42 PM-
It is always from this week, I see the changes, by the end of the week, around 4-45pm, before the sunsets.

But it the sign of the new growth and the first of the wild flowers in colour, i really want to see, first it will be the snowdrops, in the coastal areas, they will be out, have one or two in the garden, showing the white trumpets, did try to take a picture or two, but deleted them all.

Friday turned warm, over 10c, my cold is getting better, but that did not stop me from just getting on with things.

So much to share for the first time, with BM in the coming months.

We have not walked in my little woods yet, but we will soon, will show her, where the grand house once stood, will share the remains that are there.

We have a lifetime to visit, so many places.

My computer is nearly 6months old now, it has been a good investment,in that time, i have taken just over 1800 pictures, but some were from before, i got it.

To be honest, i take less and less, pictures when out now, not because i am falling out of love with photography, but i am just more choosy in what i shoot.

I shot a new waterfall down the river, one that is on a little side stream, 15ft or so from the main path and yet, maybe, it has never been photographed before, but that day, it was all i shot, camera, put back in the case and just sat and had good look at it.

I returned to, an old one as well, again, i could not get it right, posted the picture on a photography group, i am part of and got a message, saying how, that person is, in the same boat, with that place, the thing is, there is one before, that is even tougher , to just get the right composition.

Myself and BM will visit here, maybe a new pair of eyes looking at it, will see it in the right way.

So in the grand scheme of things, life is fantastic, who, would have thought that being a member of this community, could lead to all the changes in this simple mans life, that has helped shape it, in the way, it has..

But in the garden, we do have little colour as well, just now,
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Most Recent Comment:
"Can't wait to see the new waterfall. And the colors on those flowers - explosive :)"
- OldTroubador

Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 7:09:14 AM-
Different place, same questions, the other day at work, after taking one of this years calendars in to work, that i put, together with my pictures, i get asked, are you a professional photographer, laughed and said no.

Sure i have had a few pictures published in magazines and yes a few people have got, my pictures hanging on a wall, but i am purely an amateur.
No claims, here to be a professional.

Talking on the beach to some one and i was told, that they never edit a picture, i asked the simple question, you ever crop them, yes all the time,, well i am afraid in my book, you are editing that picture.

End of the day, we do what we do, i never spend a lot of time at a single picture, sometimes,i can return too a picture, many times, i am getting it right in my own mind, how i remember the scene.

I do as little as possible to them, but yes, i will clone out a distraction, in a heartbeat, people, dogs, birds and bits of rubbish all come out, even removed a few boats once.

End of the day, we do what is right for us, just like in life, if it makes us happy, that is the right thing.

Winter returned on Saturday and on Sunday, i went to the fish ponds, this pontoon, is a work in progress for me, keep trying to get the right angle and the more i try, the more, i am seeing the picture, i am seeking is not there..

I done a black and white of this scene and it works better, i think.
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Most Recent Comment:
"I like this picture very much...the colour and the reflection under the pontoon is so detailed xx"
- Boredmum74

Sunday, January 17, 2016, 8:36:27 AM-
Start of another week and what can i say about this weekend,, but fantastic.

The beautiful Boredmum, picked me up fron work on Friday and we were on for some more adeventures.

Friday night, was the usual thing of just spending some time, catching up and shopping.

When we woke on Saturday morning, the weather was dry, was a little frosty, but we decided on a walk along the river, too, that first place, i shared, this time, just as we got there it started to snow.

The river was a lot lower, showed BM, just how high it had been and we walked along the trails, i stopped to take a picture and BM decided to have a little seat on the frost and snow covered bench.

I had said, how funny no bird song, BM saying the snow is keeping them quiet, must have been, for as soon as it stopped, the bird song started and we, started to see and hear them, best of all got to share 3, that i have never seen along here before, which was wonderful.

Walking hand in hand, along the paths, stopping and sharing the things we saw, life is really good.

Plans for the afternoon, were changed the snow, came down heavy now, but after dinner was done, i asked, if BM fancied a little walk, both wrapped up and out the door, the snowballs started straight away, it was so special for me, hearing her laughs, the smile a mile wide across her face.. but then mines was the same.

The little road, was where we went, so beautuful, so special.

I started to roll a ball of snow and kept on rolling it, it was getting bigger all the time, but i still kept it going till, we were half way down, the road, BM, had been rolling a little one as well..

The result of our efforts, but most special of all, that moment shared, one of so many we have shared in this journey of ours..
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Most Recent Comment:
"Glad a great time was had ....Ive said it before and I'' say it again you are one of the most wonderful people here and I couldn't be happier you have found someone to share with ...including snowmen ;) ...hugs n kisses to you both xxxxx"
- safire19

Sunday, January 10, 2016, 10:21:27 PM-
I left the house nice and early yesterday, there was a very good reason, we had snow, first time in a while, any real amount, was only about 3" deeps, but for us, that was a lot.

Walking the roads, to, where i was going to cross into the fields, was interesting, the place was like a sheet of glass at times, but only slipped once, rest of the time, my footwear kept me safe.

Once in the fields, was in ones, i had never walked in before, i usually walk the river path below, me, but for once, i was seeing new views.

The sunrise, was never really happening, where i was, taking some pictures, then walking, stopping and taking a few more.

I came to a point where, there was a nice stone, decided to have a sit there, a little drink of water and a biscuit, but my mind can wander, this was one of those times.

I could hear an Owl in the distance, the Blackbird and the robin singing and in the distance, 3 skeins of geese in flight.

Times like this are special to me, i am just a small speck in a very large world, around me.

A five minute breaks, last 20 minutes and i am having thought of something a little more substantial to eat now and with over a mile to, where i will get the bus, that will take me home, i set off again.

I only stopped once more, after that, took a picture, from a very old path, one that has been walked on , for hundreds of years, but now, not that widely used, the view i took will not be there as well , for there is young beech trees growing, that will soon obscure that view, but for me, i got the lasting memory, that i try to get, when i am,out there chasing the light.

One of the first shots, i took a simple black and white of the snow filled valley, the field so wet, that even the snow, found it hard to cover, this view is one, i will shoot many times, i just have a feeling,, about this view.
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Most Recent Comment:
"Beautiful <3"
- safire19

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