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Wednesday, August 19, 2015, 8:47:55 PM-
Got my new desktop today and it is all, i wanted and even more, makes waiting 14 months from when i started saving for it, plus,i am never one to rush things, research and even more research.

All set up and running,, fantastic service, by the man who built it for me, really made it so easy for me, which is good.

Walked the beach yesterday, nice and sunny, had an ice cream, paid for it, today with a headache.

Took over a 100 pictures and once i looked at them last night,kept 12, which i will get too.

I just sat on a bit of drift wood,, looking out to sea, watching the swans, could sit all day and watch them.

So much simple pleasures for this simple man.
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"Sorry about the headache, but good news that you got the desktop you have been waiting so long for...enjoy...mwah xxx"
- Boredmum74

Sunday, August 16, 2015, 7:20:32 AM-
Just back in from a morning stroll,, around 7 miles done, left the house,just after 4am, sky was so cloudy, but, you just go.

Monday was the last time i blogged,, how quick 6 days has passed.

So much has happened in that space off time.

Monday and Tuesday, i just done my usual potter around.

Wednesday big day,, new desktop computer finally ordered, built to my needs, will get it this week. I took my time and hopefully got all the things that i need.

After being in the computer shop, went down to the beach and chased Butterflies and Moths among the sand dunes, so much fun was had,, nearly 3hrs and 60 pictures, later, time to head home.

Thursday, was up once again before 3am, had a little date, one that took a little planning and a lot of waiting for, in the end it never really quite worked out, always another time and place.

Best thing about that morning was seeing the Meteor shower, walking and watching the skies at the same time, is a lot of fun.

I missed them at there best but still seen 9 in about 30mins.

My date was in a field of straw bales, just trying to get a picture of them, shooting to where the new day was dawning was a waste of time,, power lines in the way, but plenty of time yet to get some shot, now, that harvest time is here.

How the simple pleasures in life work for this simple man.

This morning sitting on a wall side off the river,waiting and watching, so very peaceful as well,, water crashing over the dam and the birds below and above me singing.

Saw a Salmon turn in the water a few times,, all over the pool, might have been more than one.

I never even had the camera out then, when over at the far bank, i saw an Otter, then another come up and head into the pool,, Mother and a young one,, by the time i had the camera out,, was out of range,, never seen two before in my life and the first one i have even seen in this stretch of water.

People think i am crazy going out when, i do, but for me it is who, i am seeing,, seeing the world at the best time off day,when i can do my thinking, some future planning and too be thankful, how my simple life has turned out.

Where an adventure, really started for me, one that, has been fantastic.
How lucky i have been..

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"oh it so good to hear your blog, glad to hear you in such a high place, i guess you have to be out early to see all the critters, id be so made up if id see the otters :)"
- Ley-dd

Monday, August 10, 2015, 6:30:16 PM-
New chapters in my book of life, are starting all the time. Funny i never really made plans before, now i do, it is nice to.

My world is still a small one, compered to most, but it is getting bigger.

A few new places visited recently, so wonderful they were, like one night on a beach, my only focus, was the sky before, me, how she was changing so fast in front of me and i got a very nice picture, one that will be used in a future project.

But when i stopped, i realised my dress sense was not right for the time of night, middle of summer and the first time, i have felt cold when taking pictures.

Then a few days later and time spent by a lake, vast expanse of water before, seeing a place i had dreamed about.

A wild landscape indeed, but so beautiful, i was in a very happy place.

Life is changing, all for the good, i spend less and less time now around the internet.

Wasted years, were learning years, all too get, too this point in life.

Once i was a lonely simple man, now i am just a simple man, who has been lucky to find something truly wonderful..
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"nice message. I love that you're no longer lonely. D miss ya pics tho! :)"
- nudiebare

Thursday, August 06, 2015, 12:21:21 PM-
Hope everyone, that reads this is well.

life is going great, full of smiles and laughter.

Walking and taking pictures, finding new views and planning for the future times, never had so much fun.

Tomorrow off, on a little jaunt, meet up with old friends and catch up, on all that has been going on since the last time, an annual thing.

Summer seems to have missed us, this year, been like going from Spring too Autumm, but life goes on and you just alter plans.
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"Thank you everyone."
- whokens

Thursday, July 23, 2015, 12:50:28 PM-
So a little update,i was asked, if i still had an interest in the greenhouses and in gardening.

I am a little in a transition there, one greenhouse,has Sweetcorn in it, no use me even trying to grow, it outside here, to wet, to cold.
So last year, i gave it a try inside and was successful, got a nice crop, that i was able so share, with family and friends, another thing, i do not like.

Greenhouse 2 has tomatoes in this and a couple of Fushcia, well one now, one sits in the house, Mum spyed it and claimed, it , which is good as it was grown for her.

Here is a picture off, one off the flowers, Mandarin Cream it is called and makes a nice plant.

Tomatoes are rubbish this year, weather has done, that, could have heated the greenhouse, but refuse to heat it, after May.

Outside, there is plenty of colour now and for the future.

Just now this Scabious is the best plant in the garden, so many flowers and so many bees on it as well, sat one night, trying to get one, all focused on one flower, only one, they never went on, soon as i took the camera, away one was on, it straight away, i sat and laughed.

Planted more plants, yesterday and will keep on planting a few more, all are planted with nature and picture taking in mind.
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"I loved popping fuschia flowers open ...still do it when i see one :).... Lovely colour of it also
Scabious is a pretty flower too
Fresh home grown corn...yummy:)"
- flitterbee

Wednesday, July 22, 2015, 7:19:08 AM-
How a shopping trip, can cause change,in such a simple way.

I went shopping for a new pair off, boots on Friday, a really good friend took me, to a shopping Mall, a place, that had more people in it, that i am comfortable with.

When i shop, i am usually the first person in the store, always, before things get busy.

But i managed, thought to myself, what is the big deal.

I walked last night, was not going far, legs to stretch and maybe a picture to take.

I looked to the distance, too all the places, i walked and smiled, for they have been places off, great fun, to me.

Not just the fields and woods, i share, but the roads, have been as well and those little parking spots on them, as well.

As i came to a gate, a decision to be made, left or right, around the field or into the wood,, a simple decision, but we all make them, we live by them, for we know, it is the proper one, for us.

My choice was to go along the field. To sit on my favourte stone to sit on, to watch the world before me and too think off some things.

My thoughts changed on seeing the first flowers on the bramble bushes, Blackberries to the rest off the world, once i use to make my own jelly, with them, since being diabetic, i have never made any, another decision made, this September, i am going too, use a sugar substitute and see.

Think my waffling is, long enough now.

A view, i share often, for each time i see, it just now, i can see change.
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"thank you everyone, for all the comments and to all those that read, my blog as well."
- whokens

Monday, July 20, 2015, 6:50:01 AM-
Nowadays, i sometimes, just like, writing without, leaving a picture.

I think i was an early blogger, when at school, you had to write a daily diary,from, when you could write,

So from the around the age of 5, i blogged in a kind of way, for we, were to write about our day.

So like now, i wrote about my day, remember once a teacher, saying i had a vivid imagination, to my mum and she had relpied, saying, she wished it was, just my imagination.

But even then, there is things, that i keep to just me.

My world is, increasing in size now, i am lucky now, to be able to see more.

When at the coast a while back, i was standing, getting to take a picture, when a lady came and sat on a bench, in my shot, she was looking out to sea, so deep in thought,could see, that she needed that time,,strange, how before, i sat there and done the same thing.

I was thinking off, how i burned all my diaries, an act of leaving the past behind, had i done the right thing or not, but now, i can see, that i did, i do not, have the regrets i had then now.

I am now into , year 3 off my life plan, weekend past and i was able to take a huge step for me, it was just so perfect.

I smile, so much now and with all that has been going on, i can still smile. For no matter what, i am not letting, some off the things, from the past, hold me back.

Hope, everyone that takes the time, to read my blog, has a wonderful week
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"Reading this makes my day shine and puts a smile on my face. I love when my friends find that peace and their happy place *their NON pervy happy place for all those with their minds in the gutter during this sentimental moment I am having!*"
- redvs4u

Thursday, July 16, 2015, 7:08:27 AM-
Never 2 days the same here, nice and sunny yesterday, today grey as i write this.

Life is just sailing along, had a few bumps in the road, this last little while, but still smiling.

Sat and watched a butterfly, going from flower to flower, sun shining for both of us, the little heat, warming us.

More to added later.
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"Whokes, I really need to adopt your attitude towards life."
- overshort2

Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 6:27:42 AM-
Might try, early in the morning as blog time, this week, see how it goes.

Sleep and me seem at war with each other again, think the big reason is not working, means not getting tired as much.

I keep active, during the day.

Today was up before the sun, not there was much of a sunrise, came as i was sitting among the Sweetcorn, which i grow in a greenhouse, drinking tea, my other addiction in life, goes well with my one for taking pictures.

I use a Canon 5D Markiii to take most off the pictures now, saved for a long while for this one, all the sacrifices i made to get this, was so worth while.

The old Canon 550D, still gets out as well at times,,

Lens collection is building as well,, got 4 now, my trusty 24-105mm F4 was the first real lens, i had, followed that with the macro 105mm, which gets a lot of use at this time of year.

For my birthday this year, bought a 16-35mm F4 and well last week a 70-200mm F4.

Collection of lenses is complete now, then added a whole lot of other things over the years, tripods, ballheads, filters and flashes as well.

I only have a few more things, i will buy just now, need a new backpack, a few more filters.

Best thing off all, is the constant learning, the waiting and seeing ,if you are going to get that special moment when it all come together.

When talking with WHisper, the other day, i reminded her off , when she took a load of my pictures and made them into an album, that little book, still gets looked at, a lot, for it was the start off, a bigger change.

The one constant in all this is, here, the crazy world off NN, it has given, me so much, when that night, i ventured in and posted my first status, my world slowly started to change.

So thank you.
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"Such a happy, smiley blog whokens. Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing pictures, especially with your new lens. NN is a wonderful world and can be life changing...mwah xxx"
- Boredmum74

Sunday, July 12, 2015, 8:09:09 PM-
Been a nice weekend, weather has not be, great, but it is summer in the West of Scotland after all,, you accept it and get on with it.

I tried to walk last night and like Friday night, it rained, ended up in the greenhouse taking pictures, close shots of flowers, simple fun.

When i decided to go today, same it started to rain, but this time, wets on and gone.

Sometimes, you just have to go.

But as soon as i was out the street, it stopped, temperature is below 60f today, not much warmer the rest of the week, i was thinking.

End of a era tomorrow, for me, last meeting at work, the final one, where i get told, it is over.

I am sure i will make it a little easier, after that.

Not been thinking much off it and when i see something to take a picture off, well. it is all forgotten.

My focus changes to the beauty,before me a bee, a butterfly, a flower, or a landscape, i lose myself.

Then, i just sit, think of so many things, today, Eve came to me as i closed my eyes, could see, the blonde hair and could hear, her laugh, probably at me.

The birdsong, took me, away from her, as a blackbird, landed above me and sang, a song for me.

Then as someone was coming along a path above me, stood on a branch and it was gone.

But i sat for a little while, no more thoughts, head a little clearer and stomach was ready for some food.

Time to walk home, smiling and thinking how simple life, really is.

Took this with the new lens, part of the reason for getting it, will be nice to shoot the storms.

Then we have the reason, i went, seems to have been so long, since i chased that special time, sun setting over the sea.
The ship has been there, for just over 40yrs, been through so many storms, since she was beached here, found out it was built over 70yrs ago as well.
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"oh god I love those photos so much, and love your stories as well, could you send me a message saying where you took those lovely pics please xxxx"
- Ley-dd

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