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Wednesday, December 17, 2014, 4:08:10 PM-
I am at a little junction in life, one that soon, i will need to decide something.
But i am sure it will workout fine.

I work nights, when on my breaks, i usually surf the net,but this week, i decided no internet for the week, back to reading a book, well Kindle, i was reading a book called Carrots at Dawn, about a world i know well, it is nice simple written book with a little naughtiness in it and a few laughs as well, i done a little review, elsewhere on it and was did recomend it.
Now i am onto Scotland in the 40's rural life, 4 books, by the author was only one i was really wanting, but was cheaper for all 4, so will work, my way through them.

Now only 2 nights to go.

I look back at a lot of things at this time of the year, always do.
I set my budgets for the following year, i make a list of things i will purchase at some point in the next year and start a little saving scheme up, just the way i do things.

One other little thing,that has been on my mind, when Northern Star left the site, she took back my promise to not delete from here.
I thought a lot about this, i know if i had not made that promise, i would have left, by now.
I think the thing i see clearer now is,, most of us have a time, when we will leave here, when the time is right, it is right.
I will not be deleting this year, i will promise that, will i be here this time next year,, who knows.

The site changes all the time, i admit it is hard, when the ones, i am close to are not around, they are like a security blanket for me.

I notice people that once commented on my blogs no longer do, once i thought i had done something to upset them, all comments are great and also, all views, but the thing i never forget is, you like a blog for yourself first and foremost.

Like posting pictures, i think, you should do it, for the fun side, not about getting x amount of views and comments and to be on home pages,but we all do, what is best for us at the end off the day.

I got asked , why i don't post pictures of me, answer i gave, i have probably posted more pictures, than most people on here, but if you don't read my blog, you will never see them.

I just do, things my way, ways that i am happy with, ways that are me.

I done my first lot of sit ups today, only 10 to start, will i get back to doing a few hundred everyday, not sure.

Ah well enough ramblings from this simple man,, have a great day, everyone

A place special to someone, a place for me to sit and watch the world go by.

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"Great blog Whockie! I miss Starry too and must admit, like you, i love to see familiar names as it is like a security blanket.

It's sad when ppl dissappear."
- nudiebare

Monday, December 15, 2014, 5:34:48 PM-
Well, 2 blogs in a day, how long since i have done that, think the last time, would have, been one off those black days.

I never miss, those days, but learned a whole lot about me and having inner strength in spades.

I went walking in the dark the other night, was hoping to get some pictures off the stars, was cold, frosty and a night to be,wrapped up well.

But all enjoyment was wasted, with all the muddy fields, kneeling down in the mud to set things up and sinking 4" into, it.

I gave up, not a picture was even taken,first time, i have done that.

The walking back through the woods in the dark ,, well not quite this time, had the headlamp on, when i knew it, i had to be a bit more careful.
Yes, i am learning.

The stillness of the night is a whole different world, how sound carries for a distance, even stepping on a branch is amplified.

I like to sit and listen, sometimes, it is just the noise off, a car or a plane overhead.
Then you might be lucky and hear a fox or an owl, then you try and work out the direction it is.
But sometimes, you just here the unexplainable noise, what these are, makes the imagination, think all the more.

Have i been scared at these times, only once, an unexplained thing indeed, like something going by me at great speed, i could feel it as well.

Only time i have got up and moved quick, but i still walk and sit, will do so till the day, i can no longer do so.

The walks are even better, when, you have the company off a woman and then the sounds off fun are carried in the night, miss those nights.
Julie loved outdoor fun, when we could we would, she loved the thrill off possibly getting caught.
When we got twice by the police, the love making afterwards was truly a fantastic time.

Yes, this simple man, has had a good life.

From a day in July, when i was taking pictures for a special person.
The storm came in fast and the rain was very heavy, i sheltered in an old boat house and had lunch, watched it all happening before me.
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"that's lovely it look like an oil painting to me"
- Ley-dd

Monday, December 15, 2014, 10:16:25 AM-
I don't post youtube videos much,, but this, had me smiling

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"lol...mwah xxx"
- boredmum74

Saturday, December 13, 2014, 10:33:22 PM-
When you come onto NN,at the start, what do you come here for.

All our reasons are different, mines, i have written about a few times, started as a couples things and then lay un used for a while, then one night i logged on, my life changed from that night.

Like most people, i posted a few pictures, looked at a few pictures, left some comments on a few pictures and PMed a few people saying thank you for posting.

I learned what status was and went into chat, got to start knowing a few people.

Then i started blogging, now my blogs are a little different from most, you will find on here.
I used them as therapy, to get things out the system, then i started writing of the places i walked, no pictures on them, then.

Then one day, someone says, how nice it would be too see where you walk.
So with the help of someone, who is no longer on the site and taking 8 or 9 goes managed to post a picture.

From there i got talking by pm, to someome, she helped me a lot.
So easy to talk to, became a real good friend, one of the best people i had met in life.

Now she heard my voice once, could not understand a word, i still laugh to this day about that.

I learned that , there was a lot more, too this place, than met, the eye, there is a community.

You only get out of here, what you put in, i am gld, with what i have got out of here, that is for sure.

But sometimes, there is the bad part, people leave.

Tonight i learned the person,whom i wrote about as much in this blog, has joined the list.

Northern Star has joined the list now, yes, i am gutted, but i am happy as well, for it is time, for Starry,to just move on, i realize, that more and more nowadays on here, there does come that time, when you look at the delete button and it is the right time to press it.

Can only be one picture tonight, my little road, where more than adventures start for me, for it is a place, that gained me a friend in life.
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"You nailed it my friend...I also have been here for years....seen people leave....with true heart ache...I also have had my bouts with cancer and left a few times....I still think of myself as bythesea...not by-the-sea now Spare -change...we will keep on doing what we do"
- Spare -Change

Friday, December 12, 2014, 10:53:45 PM-
My little village, now, has super fast fibre optic internet, maybe not as fast as some,services, but around 78mbs,, not sure if i will bother, for now, can see, some benefits, faster upload is probably of more interest to me, i post Videos, i make elsewhere and it take ages, to just add a few minutes.

I think i am going to wait, till i get the,new desktop for editing, my pictures and videos on, probably around the middle of next year, waiting to see, what the new Windows 10 is like first, before i get a computer built.

I had so much fun, this afternoon, cardboard box and a washing basket involved, yes today was one fantastic day.
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"glad you had a fantastic day xx"
- flitterbee

Thursday, December 11, 2014, 11:09:09 PM-
Been a strange, last couple of days, been stormy for over 2 days, which for us,is even a long time,, experienced, more hailstones,than i have ever seen and had a migraine.

I keep on learning, about myself as well, i had a release of water from, my eyes today, first time in a while.

I got asked, if i wanted to go to a party, next weekend, someones birthday.
I think, they were just being nice, to be honest.

I got to talk, with someone on the other side off the world, which is always great, time to catch up a little.

I learn more and more, just how lucky in life i truly am.
I am happy, i smile and i laugh..

A part of history, made into art, i think this came from the old cranes, that once stood outside where i worked.
I can remember, my papa, taking me into the port as a small boy and seeing them, how they seemed like giants and i would have asked many questions.
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"same here the storm has ended thanks for that,i love old things made in to art lovley photos, glad you are happy x"
- Ley-dd

Tuesday, December 09, 2014, 6:22:37 PM-
I was asked a question, a little while ago, why i don't let people into my world, thought, about it off and on, since then.

I have never been one for doing so,, safety mechanism for myself more than anything, learned from a very early age not all people are nice,probably goes back to that day.

When i do, let people in and we drift away, i find it even harder, to let people get close.

Did i become a loner in life to just feel safe from people, that might be the case.

I am better, than i was, but will never drop the guards much, usually, see, how people act first, before i will even talk.

I think it is why, i never do parties or things like that now, too, much a fish out off water.

Last week, had the chance to talk, with someone, was so nice and relaxed, had talked by IM for over 6 months, but to actually hear the voice, was far better.

The world moves, so quick nowadays, try to keep mine at a slower pace, time to enjoy, time to look all around me and see, the beauty off the places i walk, get the camera set up, look for a picture, frame it up and then click.

I think that is, why i am drawn, to my landscapes, it is a slow process for me.
I shoot on a tripod nearly all the time, shoot in Manual mode, frame the picture up, manually adjust my focus, then maybe add some filters, then the remote release is in the hand, only then i take the picture.

But we must all lead the life, we want, i learn that more and more, as i get older, we all feel trapped sometimes, sometimes we are, sometimes we are only trapped in our own mind, though.

This is one off my favourite pictures, i have taken. conveted to black and white, but looking at it now,, if i had been more over too the right,, i would have got more of the curve off the road.
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"I think we all have a "self-protection" mode with people in our lives. It's just how we are and it's no bad thing to be guarded. Stunning pic - although I have no idea of what "filters" or "remote release" means!...mwah xxx"
- boredmum74

Monday, December 08, 2014, 5:16:35 PM-
9 nights left, to work now. I am looking forward, to this holiday, more than one for while.

People, who read, this blog, know i do a lot thinking, blog helps in, i write them down on here, somethimes, they can not be written.

Sometimes, i just have to sit back and see,it will work out, one way or other.

I was awake at, just after 4am, there was a thunderstorm, great rumbles off thunder and flashes off lightening, if it had not been for the hailstones falling,, might have went out, with the camera, try and catch the lightening.

Rest off the day, has been my usual restful Monday,my one day, where i do very little.

Mostly spent online,, did a little shopping, was on here, for a while and then on the photography forums i go on.

But one day, soon, i am going to have a no internet day, see, how that goes, done it, last year, was weird to be honest, then i realized, just how much time, i spent on it was clear, cutback on my time on it, but probably back too, what it was then.

Phone call today, from a farmer, who once was a good friend,asked if i would come and shoot a troublesome fox, refused, sometimes, you just, here, from people, when they want something, had enough of being used.

Life is about learning,i just keep on learning.

Old sunset,sun set behind the cliffs, learned a lot, about taking pictures from those early days.

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- Ley-dd

Sunday, December 07, 2014, 9:12:22 PM-
Woke at stupid o clock, tried to get back to sleep, ended up, having breakfast and out the door for just after 6am in the pouring rain.

There was never any thoughts off the woods or fields today.

I stayed on the roads all the way.

Walking familiar roads, walked it hundreds of times, once lead to a place of happyness.
Now it just leads to a circuit home.

Water flowing, down the road, like small rivers, wind blowing strong, no shelter here,, hood up and drawn tight, one foot in front off the other and head bowed slighty.

No sign off daylight today, one off those very dark mornings.

I have my usual little flask in my pocket, apple in another and a few digestive biscuits.
Wondering where to have my break, decided to have it inside a tiny little brick building, that once housed the water mains.

I am not the first person to have used it,, gentlemen off the roads and even a man from my village have used it.
The man, from my village used it, in one off the coldest winters we had, buried himself in the straw, the farmer, used to keep it from freezing

Then one day, someone walking found him, near frozen to death,he ended up in hospital, with pnumonia, but he got a house in the village, after that,

Few miles from home and more to walk home, crazy to be out in a morning like, this.

But i just walk on, smiling at some off the places i walk by, wondering about other things,as i walk,, it is just the way it goes, for me.

I get home, wet all the time, not one second off dry weather, ready for my breakfast and nice hot cup of tea.

Colours from, last year, can remember standing on the edge off the cliff, taking the picture, river below, but the magic off the colour catches the eye
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"Stunning pic and thank you for taking us all on your walk...mwah xxx
- boredmum74

Saturday, December 06, 2014, 10:23:12 PM-
Looks, like another week, without picture taking, as such, think the macro gear, will get set up and take some pictures, of the Christmas cactus.

Today, when i got up at around 5-30am, place, was white with frost, by 7am it was gone, day turned to rain.

Tomorrow, snow was forecast, changed now.

Is it to long to have not had any fun, when you are wondering if it was 3yrs or maybe 4yrs, was thinking that today, knew it was December and i do remember who, with!

I can remember all the details, can play it like a movie, in my mind.
Just not the year.

Had a few offers, but all the wrong ones. Many would have just slept, with the women, but not me,, plenty would think i was just crazy,, but i have my own rules off life, i live with.

My mind is never at rest,it has so many things going on in it, way it always has been,, cogs turning all the time.

I managed to finish a few little projects, two, were photography related, those will become known, in a few weeks.

I have a major other one going on,, will be September, when i will know the results off that.

I just have to keep making new challanges in life, even in the dark, days i had them, sometimes it was just to see another day.
Never get those ones now, too many smiles in life, to many people and things that make me smile, everday.

Honestly,if i was to take January out, of the year and one or two other things, could say it has been, the best year of my life.

Taken, over a year ago, posted a similar picture, but it was a break through picture for me, first time, i kind of got this type of thing right.
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"So beautiful <3 xxxx"
- safire19

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