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Wednesday, October 07, 2015, 8:09:33 AM-
How Sunday mornings have changed.

Just a little thing i noiticed about Sunday mornings

I woke around 6am, little later than normal, but still early, lying next too J, she wakens, soon afterwards, turns to me and we kiss,,say good morningand hold each other tight and then we make love.

Next thing we know it is close to 9am, so i get up and make a cup of tea, for the both of us and then jump back in bed,, now here is the thing, i was gettingto, when i was younger it was the Sunday morning papers in bed, now we both lifted our phones and checked the online world of Facebook..
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"Oh blissful for you :)"
- BraGirl

Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 8:11:34 PM-
The job front is still, very quiet, applied for a couple, just a waiting game.

J says, that it will happen for me, wish it, would a little bit faster, but i know what patience is,learned that a while ago.

I learned from my Uncle, he saw, how impatient i was, took me under his wing and taught me, to be patient, plant a little seed and wait, was the first a short while the cress was there.

Then i planted potatoes with him, helped him, with tomatoes, lesson learned as a 6yr old, still be used to this very day.
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"Things will work out i'm sure. Keep your patience. Wish i had more of it!"
- nudiebare

Sunday, September 20, 2015, 6:24:05 PM-
A challenge, comes in many forms, i make so many, each day i have something.

Today, i was able to end one,, i cut a bunch of flowers from the garden for my Mums birthday tomorrow, to see the smile, said it all.

Now this one, took a few years to just get it right.

My mum is like me, leads a very simple life and enjoys simple things like.

Each year, i ask, what she wants, never does say, but i have got into, the habit of listening and watching too.

Now, one day, when out with the camera, i seen some fish moving at the edge off the rocks, thought at first Salmon.

So i focused the lens over there and i tryed to catch one, must have taken over a 100 pictures and deleted them all, but well patience, is something, i am very good at, so i continued shooting and deleting.

But then, it was just the right time, when Mother Nature, has tested me and deicides to be kind to me..

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"patience paid off hey! great pic! Happy Birthday to your mum!"
- nudiebare

Monday, September 14, 2015, 7:20:05 AM-
So another Monday, tell me why i hate Mondays, song said it on the radio,a few minutes ago.

Thing is, i never ever have, it is just another day in the week, it is like saying it has been, a long day, has the time just increased from the 24hrs, that we all get.

I know off plenty of people, who would have loved to have more Mondays and for too have just another 24hrs in this world.

So blogging how long, it takes from a few minutes to a life time.

I saw my first Robin in the garden yesterday, well heard at first was more like it, the song i have missed all summer is back, it will sit on top of my Greenhouse and sing,when i am in there, i turn off the radio and listen, just sit for a few minutes and get lost in there song.

I walked late last night, had planned in earlier, but we got those out the blue rain showers we get, these ones were very heavy.

But there is great change starting the Autumn colours, can be seen and then standing in a field and watching the Geese fly overhead, large formations as well, numbers in the 100's.

I caught the smell off a Fox in the air, very strong, so close, by the smell.
Then, when i was sitting against a tree, i could see it, walking along the path in the distance, i just sat still and watched, it stopping every so often and smelling the air, i was wondering if it is the one i have seen, a few times now down my woods, but as it got even closer, i saw it was a new one.

The one i have seen before, had the tip off an ear missing.

It then just goes below, a large bush and it gone.

But as i walk in the woods, it is getting darker all the time.

I still stopped by the dam, watched the leaves and little twigs flow over it and on there way to where ever.

24hrs in a day is what we get, it is up to us, how we use that time, i try and make it a day, where i have memories, so that maybe i can write in a blog or in taking a picture to share.

Just one other little thing, not all my blogs now will have a picture, sometimes, i just want to be able to write, but sometimes, i might just post a picture as well, no words added to it, make your own as, you look at them.

So it is Monday, just another day in this simple mans life.

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"Sounds like a perfect Autumn walk. So many changes in wildlife and colour this time of year...mwah xxx"
- Boredmum74

Sunday, September 13, 2015, 7:28:46 AM-
I woke around 5am to rain hitting against the window, lying and listening to it, through an open window.

I think this, is my minds rest time, for it is then i really think about nothing for a short time.

Tine to get up is my first thought.

So now it is gone 3hrs since i rose, already had breakfast,had a cup of tea, medication taken, then too the better things, i like to go outside and just have a little walk around the garden, this time in the rain, it is still dark, but i just like this little 2min stroll.

In summer it takes longer, for i will stop to pull a weed out or water, what plants need it, deadhead a flower, silly little things that need done.

From tomorrow, next phase starts, time to get some more things done, i need to keep busy, sitting around is not my option in life.

Bored is not a thing in my life, far to much to do, too see, to learn.

I hear the little ones say, they are bored and i laugh, can not understand it really, they have so much more in life, than i had growing up.

Even within the confines off the house i was too busy, toy soldiers were my armies, they fought day long battles,when it was just to wet to get out, then the good old Action Man, might get a plastic bag tied to him and thrown off the stairs, to the floor below.

I had no room, filled with the gadgetry, that they do now, so much that is never played with. I am quite happy i never as well.

But like now, the real adventures is, in the outdoors, only difference now is i can go out in, any weather and never get cold or wet, like i did as a little one.

I still smile, when i see the first off something each year, i saw my first Gladioli flower in bloom yesterday and today, i will cut my first bunch off them for the house,, enough were showing colour.

Nearly forgot a picture, one from last year, first time shooting the stars,, now i have better knowledge in what i am doing, so looking forward to a few nights out.

So one last thought,, how long does it take to write a blog, answer in the next one.
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"A wonderful picture whokens; so much to capture on your adventures, day and night...mwah xxx"
- Boredmum74

Saturday, September 12, 2015, 7:08:35 AM- Part 1056
So post a picture time,it sounds easy, but for me, i can take ages, i have so many, so many different things.

How i am feeling at the moment, is how i decide or it was, pictures are all about meaning too me, they carry a message for me, as much as the words i write.

I have had company on, so many off the ones i have taken recently.

When i am taking pictures, i still, forget i am not alone, i smile as i take one, even more, when i check it and decide to keep it, then the best bit, when you share, what you have taken there and then with someone.

My camera kit i complete for now, in the future, i would like to add maybe 1 more lens. I am in no real hurry for that. Plan always was for next year.

Last night, i went back in time, to close to 3yrs ago, to find a picture, now i have, maybe over 10,000 pictures in my files, but i think it took me 3 mins to find it, then send it.

But looking through those early ones, compered to, what i take now, was good for me.

My next great thing to learn is Photoshop, the next months, when the nights are dark and we get a little more rain, than we get in the summer, i will sit and practice.

I never shoot in JPEG much now, always Raw, i did the other week for an organisation i am part off, was asked to take pictures at a National event, with the final picture count going to be over 130 pictures, i did not fancy sitting and editting all them,, so luckily for me, my camera has a dual camera slot.So one set as JPEG and one in Raw for myself.

Pictures were, very well recieved, now i get to shoot some more in 2 weeks time again.

Oh yes now i remember i was only going to post a picture,never meant to write anything.

Sometimes, i never have to venture far, for my garden is now sharing, all the work i have put in, to attract the wildlife now.

The Peacock butterfly that was my focus, i have only seen for the first time in there, this year, one day i had 3 at the same time,, i had 4 species on the bush at one time.

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"I remember seeing a Peacock butterfly earlier this year. It was sitting on a small flower in the sun with its wings wide open, soaking up the heat - looked like it was showing off! So very pretty and a wonderful picture whokens...mwah xxx"
- Boredmum74

Thursday, September 10, 2015, 9:16:29 AM-
So you are not happy with your life, feel like everything is shit, change it,, what i done, moaning and feeling sorry for yourself is not the answer, been there and done that and now sees how stupid it was.

I have in the past, been depressed, even suicidal,the days were dark, waking and wondering what is the point.

I call them the wasted years now.

I have a tree in the garden, that i planted 9yrs ago, i see that as the first sign of getting better.

First blog on here and so many more after, gave me the release i needed, the comments and pms i got as well.

The people that i met here, that have become friends away from here.

Taking my first camera on a walk, then Purr, talking me through, how to post them here, 7 goes it took me, before i got it.

Then on that day, when i sat in one off my quiet places, by the river, the biggest one off all, too celebrate a life, that never got the chance.

On the day my little one was born and died, a very few moments, she spent in this world, so many years ago now, there was no better reason than that.

So i wrote in my little book i carry a year of goals, small ones and a major one.

I am on my third year now.

I do not really write anything that is not possible to do, simple steps for a simple man.

I have found a focus and drive in life again, the tunnel vision that i have is back, desire and passion.

My head is still full of things and races around at a million miles an hour, i never stop, even in sleep sometimes i wake and just write things down.

I have found and know what love is as well now, she knows, that i post on here and has no problems with it and no she will never be part off my world on here, which i am glad about in some ways.
She took a picture off my at the sea, caught me in that moment, my face with a smile on it, that picture means more to me than, i can ever imagine.

My photography, my release, what can i say about that, i continue to learn.

The new computer i got built has helped, all singing and dancing it is, got the new series 6 i7 chip in it and so much more, it makes the editing off the pictures so easy now. Took me a while to work out my needs, but like everything i plan, have a date in mind and pretty much keep to it.

I am now, thinking if, my pictures are good enough to sell, but this is something, that i have no clue about, how to set it up or anything, where to do it,, i know there is not much money to be made in it, but if i made enough to pay for my photography gear over the years to come, that is enough for me.

Still searching for a job, that will work itself out i am sure.

Enough for now i guess and yes, i will post some pictures soon, i have so many that i have never even edited yet,

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"This put a smile on my face :)"
- *sorcha*

Wednesday, August 19, 2015, 8:47:55 PM-
Got my new desktop today and it is all, i wanted and even more, makes waiting 14 months from when i started saving for it, plus,i am never one to rush things, research and even more research.

All set up and running,, fantastic service, by the man who built it for me, really made it so easy for me, which is good.

Walked the beach yesterday, nice and sunny, had an ice cream, paid for it, today with a headache.

Took over a 100 pictures and once i looked at them last night,kept 12, which i will get too.

I just sat on a bit of drift wood,, looking out to sea, watching the swans, could sit all day and watch them.

So much simple pleasures for this simple man.
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"Sorry about the headache, but good news that you got the desktop you have been waiting so long for...enjoy...mwah xxx"
- Boredmum74

Sunday, August 16, 2015, 7:20:32 AM-
Just back in from a morning stroll,, around 7 miles done, left the house,just after 4am, sky was so cloudy, but, you just go.

Monday was the last time i blogged,, how quick 6 days has passed.

So much has happened in that space off time.

Monday and Tuesday, i just done my usual potter around.

Wednesday big day,, new desktop computer finally ordered, built to my needs, will get it this week. I took my time and hopefully got all the things that i need.

After being in the computer shop, went down to the beach and chased Butterflies and Moths among the sand dunes, so much fun was had,, nearly 3hrs and 60 pictures, later, time to head home.

Thursday, was up once again before 3am, had a little date, one that took a little planning and a lot of waiting for, in the end it never really quite worked out, always another time and place.

Best thing about that morning was seeing the Meteor shower, walking and watching the skies at the same time, is a lot of fun.

I missed them at there best but still seen 9 in about 30mins.

My date was in a field of straw bales, just trying to get a picture of them, shooting to where the new day was dawning was a waste of time,, power lines in the way, but plenty of time yet to get some shot, now, that harvest time is here.

How the simple pleasures in life work for this simple man.

This morning sitting on a wall side off the river,waiting and watching, so very peaceful as well,, water crashing over the dam and the birds below and above me singing.

Saw a Salmon turn in the water a few times,, all over the pool, might have been more than one.

I never even had the camera out then, when over at the far bank, i saw an Otter, then another come up and head into the pool,, Mother and a young one,, by the time i had the camera out,, was out of range,, never seen two before in my life and the first one i have even seen in this stretch of water.

People think i am crazy going out when, i do, but for me it is who, i am seeing,, seeing the world at the best time off day,when i can do my thinking, some future planning and too be thankful, how my simple life has turned out.

Where an adventure, really started for me, one that, has been fantastic.
How lucky i have been..

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"oh it so good to hear your blog, glad to hear you in such a high place, i guess you have to be out early to see all the critters, id be so made up if id see the otters :)"
- Ley-dd

Monday, August 10, 2015, 6:30:16 PM-
New chapters in my book of life, are starting all the time. Funny i never really made plans before, now i do, it is nice to.

My world is still a small one, compered to most, but it is getting bigger.

A few new places visited recently, so wonderful they were, like one night on a beach, my only focus, was the sky before, me, how she was changing so fast in front of me and i got a very nice picture, one that will be used in a future project.

But when i stopped, i realised my dress sense was not right for the time of night, middle of summer and the first time, i have felt cold when taking pictures.

Then a few days later and time spent by a lake, vast expanse of water before, seeing a place i had dreamed about.

A wild landscape indeed, but so beautiful, i was in a very happy place.

Life is changing, all for the good, i spend less and less time now around the internet.

Wasted years, were learning years, all too get, too this point in life.

Once i was a lonely simple man, now i am just a simple man, who has been lucky to find something truly wonderful..
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"This warmed my heart, good to hear you are well who."
- TexasCactus

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