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Thursday, July 31, 2014, 4:24:54 PM-
Yes, the Commonwealth Games are near to me,,bit below 30 miles away,, once i would have been there,, but i have fell out of love with sport to be honest, still watch cycling and that is about it.

Indeed the weather changes as much as Nudie mentioned, even more so,, seen four seasons in an hour or even less.

But it is what makes my little country what it is,,i love my country.

Been raining every morning i have left work,,wets on all the time,getting too that time of year again.

But with the warm weather we have had and then the rain, i am hoping for a good fungi season,,lying in the mud, dam nearly 50 and still i like to get dirty.

Farmers have been busy, harvest has started, winter barley cut and see a few bales off hay this year.

When i see them, i remember the long days stacking them, warm days, back breaking work, but i loved it.

Meal times on the farm was crazy, plates were over flowing, so much came from the farm, but you burned it off, quick.

Each evening i went home,i had eggs and some sort of cake.

Yes memories of days gone by.

Butterflies are a sign of summer for me, hot days, sunshine, chasing them all over the place when i was young, still chasing them yet, now with a camera,, not with a net,, no bought net for me then,, made one myself the only time i had one..

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"Its a beautiful summery picture indeed :) xxxx"
- safire19

Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 5:04:01 PM-
Middle of the week, 2 more nights to work and weekend again,, nice and qucik week again.

How much the weather has changed last week it was 30C and this day it is a high of 15C.

Welcome to a West coast of Scotland summer.

I have been harvesting sweetcorn, never grew it before and it has grown really well, got a couple ready and 2 have been ate, passed the taste test well,, not that i like it lol.

I have only had my short walks this week, took 3 pictures, just a week like that, hope to get more at the weekend.

But still life amazes me and makes me smile, sad days seem to be gone, i am sure once in a while they will appear, but not for long, to many little things in life to smile about and make for one big happy life.

I have looked at this view a few times, never seen it quite right, still not,, but when i seen the cows and the nice evening, i took a picture.

I gave a picture i took to someone at work, well emailed him it, was for his mum, one of the sunset pictures.
He offered to buy it, but i am just happy that someone was nice enough to want one and if his mum likes it, well job done

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"Remember my cow pics Whokes?? I'm kinda thinkin they are the rellies lookin at me!"
- Whispermyname

Tuesday, July 29, 2014, 4:59:22 PM-
First night of work was busy,, seems even later in the morning before it is light, will not be long till it is dark when i am going home and when i go to work.

Season is changing, seems this summer has been flying by,but i think that is just getting older.

I have been nearly 8 months nights,, does not seem like it,, soon it will be a year and we will start all over again.

When on the bus last night, 2 young ladies got on,, sat behind me, heard one saying to the other, can you smell that,, what does that remind you off,, turns out it was the tomatoes i had in a carrier bag,, reminded them of home.
Turns out they were Mormons and were here for missionary type thing,, before here they were in China,, to very well mannered young ladies,, ended up giving them a bag with some tomatoes in it.

Forgot all about this little landscape shot, was walking to get the sunset, stopped for a drink and took the picture.

A very pretty little flower, lying on the ground, got the shot and smiled as i saw all the colours.
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"Nice gesture, giving the girls a bag of tomatoes. Great pics."
- overshort2

Monday, July 28, 2014, 4:52:34 PM-
Start of another working week tonight, can't complain, 4 nights and done, no extra shifts for me, enjoy, my spare time to much now and ye, i need recovery time as well.

Need to get out and shoot some landscape shots, been slacking a little but, will change that at the weekend,,down below 16hrs daylight then and the evening sunsets work , better for catching buses home, so hopefully, will get something over the sea,

For someone who is out in the sun a lot, i never tan much, milk bottle legs for the most part, wear shorts all the time, never sit about a lot, faces and arms to where it meets my tshirt sleeves is all,, never take a tshirt or shirt off.

I wear a hat, one of those floppy bush hat types and always sunglasses, i do wear sunscreen, even have a tiny tube in my camera bag.

When i was small, i was brown all over,,run through fields and woods and played in rivers, shorts and mostly barefoot.
I would make some sandwiches, fill a bottle with water and be off.
Always knew when it was close to dinner time and would head home, fill up and be off again,, that was my holidays.

Would have been a better shot if there was not that single blade of grass.
This was one of the few spots i was able to lye on the ground and get a better angle,most of the path is just wide enought to get through, thick vegetation either side,but so alive with bees and butterflies.
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"When we were young Whokes we really didn't care..but as we get older we wise up. 2 out of 3 people here in Oz will suffer from some form of skin cancer...white is the new brow. I think the grass makes it real :-)"
- Whispermyname

Sunday, July 27, 2014, 9:15:10 PM-
Such a beautiful day it was, woke up early it was raining, stayed in bed and past the time, fell asleep and then woke up to more rain.

Sitting thinking of what to do, decided on some shopping, got new shoes and a few things for a little project.

SO much rain, but so much sunshine in life.

Sometimes when, i am looking through old pictures, i see something i miss, sometimes it happens.

Tonight as i was looking for a picture, i found this one.

I took this in May, around 5am, seems so long ago, might have been the last time i was out as early.

Makes me think that, my sleep pattern is changing, but soon i will get back out there at the early times, those oh so special times for me.
I love seeing new days dawning, love watching them ending too, spending time outdoors is where i am at peace, but recently, i have found other things that can give me as much,peace in life.

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"awesome photo"
- Shyguy1976

Saturday, July 26, 2014, 9:06:40 PM-
I was talking to a wonderful friend on here and talk was off omelettes.

My memories of my dad, came too me, he made the best omelettes i have ever tasted.
Too think it is over 17 yrs since i have tasted them now.

But as usual i think of others, now Julie was an amazing cook, one of those really good amateurs cooks that could cook in any restaurant.
She went too so many different cookery schools all over the world, that was her holidays.
So many amazing things did she make, but for me it was what she done to chicken that was my favourite, all i know is she marinated it for 24hrs or so and cooked it,, my mouth is water just now at the thought of it.

Life is just so wondeful just now, been ages since i have cried, one down day, but that was only for a few hours.
No need to go and sit in the woods and cry, to share them to mother nature, she listened so many times too me.

Life is just smiles, from when i wake in the morning or afternoon, each day is a new start, yesterday is exactly that, i only look back on the positive side, negative can kiss my arse.

Now, i heard the buzzing, seen nothing, then peeked in,, waited till it was coming out, seemed to struggle, think it was a case of too much pollen

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"He's just a greedy little piglet! He looks like he just gorged himself on pollen lol. Like Saffy...I love you smiling too! And omelettes?? I love omelettes!"
- Whispermyname

Friday, July 25, 2014, 8:54:13 PM-
Walked the beach after work, very warm, so nice and just chased bees, butterflies and what ever else.

One from today, a little hover fly i think, playing around with a new flash gun, trying to get more detail all the time, need to make a few adjustments.

At that time of the day, so many dog walkers and joggers around, so much room for everyone to do there thing.
Just nice to see people out and about and just enjoying the sun.
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"AKa like the bee in your blog above :D"
- woderwick

Thursday, July 24, 2014, 4:43:51 PM-
Summer weather has been here in all its glory, well till the weekend and then some rain is forecast,, be nice if it is during the night.

I managed out on the bike, done about 2 miles and i have admit, wanted to go farther, but slow and steady.

Might treat myself to a new pair of shoes tomorrow, pair that i can actually walk in and not slide around like i do on the ones i wear just now.

Done my usual thing of reading all blogs as i ate my breakfast, well it was nearer lunch, i slept that long,, bit of a habit now,, i like the variety of blogs you come across, see beautiful pictures and songs i would never heard and read so many interesting things.

I never done much else to be honest, plenty to do over the weekend.

Had a chat with some off my wonderful friends, that is always time very well spent.

One of the first sunflowers in bloom, these are just over 4"across,, nice looking little things, not sure, i could save the seeds to feed the birds from these ones.

Reflections in water, lead to reflections in my mind, memories of things, in the past.

I took ages to take this picture,moved around a lot,adjusted the height of the tripod, so many things, was to bright as well,, so in the end i just took a picture.
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"The reflection shot is surreal. The water is so calm, it's a near perfect mirror. Great shots, Whokes."
- overshort2

Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 8:43:39 PM-
Well, i took things easy again, back to work tomorrow night.

I sat in the sun today, got my Kindle and just sat back, feet up on a pail, now i never sit in the sun, i do not like sitting in the sun as a rule.

But today it just felt right to sit for a little while, was so warm, high of 27C, now that is warm, me i like it.
I usually would have been working away in it, doing something around the garden, i never even notice the heat then, till i stop.

I like my cup of tea even more on the hot days and i was fed up sitting and went and made one.

I sat in the shade of the back of the house and drank my tea, i was thinking, yes, i do a lot of that,it does my little brain good.

Put 2 new tyres on the bike, time for a step on the next phase in my plan.

Tomorrow i hit the road again, hoping this time, that i will be able to get some miles in, hoping my knee holds up, one last try.

If i fail this time, the bike is getting sold, no use keeping the dream alive, will be time to end that chapter.

Life can be like this path, you never know what is around the next bend.
When i was walking towards it, i was remembering the smiles and memories behind me as i walk along it with my feet soaking wet.

SO many of these butterflies around now, this one from the last week, gave me so many pictures.
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"I can't be positive but is that butterfly actually striking a pose for you? You walk so many pretty paths Whokes I envy you so x"
- Whispermyname

Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 8:49:07 PM-
Not the best of days, but still life is full of smiles,, injured my shoulder at work, but things happen like that at time.

So it really was just a day of rest, once i did get up.

So very warm and too be warmer tomorrow, so nice to be like this, we do not see it much and so it is always a case off making the best of it.

I sat tonight in the front garden, stalking bees and butterflies.

So many butterflies and i never got one too keep, but still great fun.

The bees were busy as well,, better luck here.

Just now they are favouring the Dahlias, they are flying around, ever busy doing there thing.

I was walking down the little lane , that leads to the road and on the top of the wall a cat was sitting it run off and stopped and i thought why not, so i got its picture as it was sitting looking at me.

So a nice way to end the day, posting my first pussy cat picture.
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"That cat looks so much like a stray we've adopted.

We call it pusspuss"
- nudiebare

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