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Sunday, May 24, 2015, 5:40:12 PM-
On holiday.

About to start a new adventure, should be a lot of fun.

Walking just as much and always will, not taking as many pictures just now.

Weather is all over the place,, but the one constant is,i am happy.
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"Fantastic news, you deserve to be happy!! :) hugs my friend. xxx"
- willow01

Sunday, May 17, 2015, 11:12:40 AM-
Nice to see, at least one person missed me and took time, to pm to see if all was ok,, thanks Ley.

Over 3 weeks,, could blog so much,, but the main thing is life is great..

Holidays soon and adventures to be had. Think that covers it for now..

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"Ley is such a sweetie.
I don't get on much nowadays so don't notice if someone is missing. Nice that you haven't left though and look forward to more blogs and pics from you."
- nudiebare

Sunday, April 26, 2015, 8:43:18 PM-
Walking on the shore, find a place to sit, waiting to see, what the setting sun is going to do.

Nice spot found and had something to eat and drink.

The tide was going out and waves were breaking,, shallow here, can walk for a fair distance out with wellies on.

I can see the rocks getting uncovered and then the sand as well,seaweed showing as well.

Time to get the camera out and take pictures now, walking around taking pictures, trying to find something nice, learning more and more.

Looking for leading lines, colour and light.

Kneeling down is so much easier now, makes a difference.

Can get those lower angle shots now, makes things better.

Many times, i have taken pictures of this place, each time so different.
Photography is one thing i am not running away from, had a history off doing in my past, find success at one thing and stop doing it, yes i have thought off doing it again,, but no, not this time..
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"Amazingly beautiful"
- MissLizzie

Friday, April 24, 2015, 10:35:01 PM-
We all have moments in life, where no matter how good life is, you still want to stand in the middle off a field and scream.

Sometimes, you think, you have the weight of the world on your shoulders,that you are trying to balance so much, so many little things.

How you keep trying to do what, you think has been the right thing and you sit and think have you been, when you look back and see, that the only person, that you were never thinking about was you.

But tomorrow is another day, where things will be ok, where the things you dream about, might come true.

It is all just part of life.

I never knew these were here, how once a large cottage was here and not a ruin, stands so close to the river, when the door was open, did they listen to the river flow.

Life would have been so hard then, yet we all complain about the silliest of things at times.

Each generation see's so much change, more so now, for time flies by, me i try and slow my bit down and enjoy, my simple pleasures in life.
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"Amazing pic and Message :)"
- undisclosedid1

Thursday, April 23, 2015, 11:09:40 PM-
lucky for me history is all around, i think i will have shown a distance picture of here, but this time i walked through part of it and took 2 pictures.

This is were they made sharpening stones, some of the buildings date back 1820 and some might be even older, as i found out, that it started of a wool mill in 1700's.

On the other bank is part of an old mine, got the winding gear still there, now i have a mission to see, if i can get some pictures of that.

Also the family that owned all this had a big fancy house, which was burned down but the shell is still there..

So i might have a look at that as well, it is great i can still find new things to share.

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"Just incredible, the sharpness and the colors - outstanding photo Whokens. You sure are lucky to have such a rich history about you. Can't wait to see what other gems you find."
- OldTroubador

Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 3:20:31 PM-
Can't complain, working week is done, hoping to hit some places with the camera.

Weather is to change, but that is normal for us,be nice if it lasted longer, but oh well, we learned to adapt and go with what we get.

In the next 6 weeks, there will be a few interesting things happen.

Now a fully trained first aider, which is a good thing,so many times it can be off use.

I walk in so many places and in so many conditions.

All part of what i do, getting up early, walking in the dark at night.

Sitting in the house lying in bed, does not get me the shots i want, you have to be out there.

I get tired now, last weekend never went to bed after being up so early, from now on i will sleep for a few hours.

But when you are standing so close to a deer as i was last weekend, this makes it all so worthwhile.

Thing i keep trying to do and still just not got it worked out perfectly, but i will get there, this droplet was tiny, but focusing on it and just hoping there is no movement is all, you can do.
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"Such an amazing picture you have captured whokens...such amazing detail. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing some more wonderful pics too...mwah xxx"
- boredmum74

Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 7:16:07 PM-
When i am in the garden this time of year, i keep a camera close to hand.

Sunday was like that, heard the buzzing of a bee and well camera grabbed and the chase begins.

I have a mission, to try and catch it in flight, i know i have to have a fast speed to catch this so i have it set at 1/1000th of a second.

So i am firing like a mad man, shaking my head as i check the pictures.

Keep on firing, it is at rest now on a bit of wood, get my focus and wait, can see it turning it takes off and i fire a burst, did i get what i want, did i heck, but it was still great fun and for me that is what my photography is about.

The best shot i got,, think when the flowers are in bloom and rich with pollen, i might be more succesful.
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"Oh my goodness beautiful is this picture <3"
- safire19

Monday, April 20, 2015, 5:27:50 PM-
Spring is springing all around, fields ploughed and then seed sown, from greenfields to brown soil in what seems a matter of days.

Trees seem to be getting there leaves early this yea, last year it seemed to take for ever.

Hares boxing in a field as i travelled by bus this morning.

Now i seem to walk looking down ever more, looking for the tiny little gems.

Those pretty little flowers that most never see.

I lie on the ground at the slightest chance, to try and capture these, as i have said before sometimes, you lie on something nasty.

I get lost in the moments, my focus can be on something so very tiny, you get your focus using the 10x zoom in liveview, always manually focusing and yet sometimes, you still do not get it right.

How fast the ground is drying, as well not that horrible mud now, which is good.

So much happening. It is life and this simple man is embracing it all.

The sunset from the other night, the clouds reflecting on the resovoir and the sun setting over the island in the distance.

Sitting waiting for these things, is so much what i am about, quiet times, like the clouds, a time to reflect on things, to make future plans and just realize how lucky in life i really am..
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"What a wonderful quiet place to go and just sit and breath. Look around and see the beauty all around. Your pictures are breath taking"
- mrsUnderDog59

Sunday, April 19, 2015, 7:33:32 PM-
Can not believe a week has passed,, life is just going by so quick, so much,going on.

Worked days last week, same this week, well will only be at work one day, rest on a first aid training course.

I have walked a fair bit this week, took some nice pictures as well and just had so much fun.

Thursday night, i went to the resovoir once again, i really, am enjoying that place, so many possibilities for pictures there,, chased the sunset, i got it and i also, got a picture i have had in my mind, one off the bucket list for sure.

I will share these eventually got so many pictures, that have still never been looked at, some i might never look at for ages.

Last week i saw the swans mating, this week i see her sitting on her nest, a little island in the water.

But walking home and texting as i go, sure passes the time.

Saturday, well where to start,, waken up at just after 3am, yes it is crazy time of year

Sunrise is just after 6am, but i like to take my time, breakfast, then tea and biscuits.

Sandwiches made, plenty of liquids and off, from the house around 4-20am.

Stars out, how they fill the sky,i can see , for what seems like forever.

Over towards the sea, i can see the boats on the water, there lights on, can see the distant island behind them.

Where the sun rises, the sky is orange on the horizon, no clouds, so already know, that the sky will be pretty dull.

Just over 1 mile uphill and then downhill for over a mile.

But going by the houses, along the road, soon at the woods.

First thing i see, is a Roe Deer it is so close to me,, she is looking at me, but in the dark, is not sure.

Then she sense me and moves away, stops looks and then, in the woods to my side i can hear running, more Deer moving.

Walking towards the river and so peaceful, getting to my little spot and climbing down, little place, i am learning about.

I am just after one picture really, but it will be a few weeks till i get that one,, for today, i have one other planned.

So with, all the time i like, to have, i look around, taking things in.

Watching a little Treecreeper and then so many other birds around.

Then i notice a little bit of colour, the first Bluebell off the year.

I am happy that i had take the macro with me,, forgot a few things that would have helped me, but you get on with it.

I took a few pictures and i smile as i take them.

But now my time for the picture, i am wanting is close, i watch and just at the moment i am hoping for,,i press the release.

So then it is time to head home,, stopped and took a few more pictures, will get to share during the week.

So now it is the reverse, all uphill, then at the top, looking below, my little village nestles,

So another 8miles or so done, back home after 9am, when most folk might be just getting up.

Me as long as i am fit, i will be chasing these early morning pictures

This was what i was chasing, the sun hitting the the tree tops,but i got the bonus shots as well.

But like this morning, life is just so full smiles and i am just so happy with all that is going on..
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"I love your photos with the trees reflecting in the water, ty x"
- Ley-dd

Sunday, April 12, 2015, 7:08:38 PM-
How busy life has got, time of year.

In the garden a lot and camera is always at hand, macro lens fitted and already for any thing that comes my way.

Flowers are coming into blooms last of the new daffodils flowered and will share a picture or two.

But the thing that i have seen a lot off is these little beauties.

7 spot Ladybirds, were all over the garden, got a few shots, just realized my first pictures of them.

I have not walked much this week, was out on Thursday night, walked to the local resovoir and well, i was lucky, got a few nice pictures, two have been placed in the calander folder, this year is going to be even harder to pick picture, been so lucky and took some nice pictures.

But, the best bit was the peace and quiet, not a soul was on the place, me and the birds,not anything else.

Few tractors working around, but you just hear them now and again..

Seen my first Swallows, flying over the water, which is always great, plenty of ducks and i saw swans mating, for the first time and well i was shocked , how the male holds the female below the water, as if he is trying to drown her, i was just setting the camera upi as this was happening, yes swans go in for rough sex.

The shot i was going for, never really happened, i will chase it again on Thursday, weather permitting.

But the one thing that is pretty constant is life is full of highs just now.

I even had my bike out for 5mins today, inflated the tyres, went round my street a few times, boy it felt great.

I had to buy new shorts, my last pair i got were falling of me, final straw was when i nipped out too the greenhouse to open the windows and door and i reached up to open the window, i was left standing with my boxers..

For once i was glad i was not going commando.

A 2 minute exposure and it just brings out calm to me..
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Most Recent Comment:
"Ha ha, the "boxers"scene made me laugh.

great pics and i'm glad you're having a lot of high points in life."
- nudiebare

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