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Thursday, April 24, 2014, 8:34:59 PM-
I feel a little better tonight, gutted watching the sunset, that developed tonight.

I was very lucky today and a friend passed the time with me for a while.

If when i wake in the morning and i feel better again, i am going for the sunrise, it was brought home to me even more this evening why, you just have to live life.

I had too much time on my hands to think today, that is a bad thing at times, today i made some goals.

I never make big ones, just prefer to set ones, that can be done.
Maybe i just like being in a safe place.

I have a simple life and it is a good life, i treat people as i find them, never listen to what others say about people, but i can pick up on a person character with in minutes of meeting them.

I have no desire to be rich,, i have have been there, it is not who i am.
I have always made sure i have given to charity,i gave it all away, that way.
I get more inner peace working hard for a living and saving up for something, my camera is a case in point, i knew, what i wanted and i have saved, will be 6 months since i started when i get it, but i know i will appreciate it all the more.

Let me sit on a rocky shore or by the river, that is where i am happiest in life.

Let me scramble over muddy fields and walk on the beach.

Let me feel the wind and rain and then the sun as it beats down on me.

Let me see sunrise and sunset, for each make me smile, it is only now i have seen there true magic and appreciate them all.

Most of all , just let me be me, for that is what makes this simple man, who he is.

I know it is, similar to one from the other night, but this one shows more of the island.
I just like looking at all the colours in it and i see different things all the time.
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"I hope one of those plans included the movie we decided on? Lol....I adore the person you are Whokes and I love that you are comfortable in your own skin. That picture is pure art!"
- Whispermyname

Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 8:12:07 PM-
For the first time in a while, i have noticed the number of views my little blog has had and 11,640 thanks to each and everyone.

I knew it was happening and i tried to stop it, but it still got me, i am not feeling very well.

I decided to walk along the river when i was going for the bus home this morning, it was nice morning and so i walked but i never got far, my energy levels are at zero and the splitting headache i have had for a few days is not going anywhere.

SOometimes the effects of being Diabetic get me, even though i am careful.

So,i am off work and will be the rest of the week, i had planned to photo the sunset on Friday and then go and see what one of my pictures look like framed, my brother has decided, he will run me too the beach and then comeback and get me, if i go.

The more i look at the pictures, from the resovoir, the more i like the place, i have only walked one side and will need to do the other, some morning.
I could do a sunset shoot from here as well, for there is a clear view over too the island, that the sunsets behind now and i could also get the reflections of clouds in the water.

The one i posted tonight is one i like,, the colours of the pre sunrise on the water and in the sky and that slight mist rising from the water and the reflections,, all elements, that i find so nice,, now if a little trout had decided to rise as well, that would have been asking to much.
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"getw ell soon. Love the reflection and in the water and the mist above it"
- huddo67

Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 4:45:04 PM-
So back to work after so long off,, i am funny in that it does not bother me.

I went too the dentist today,, only too discover i was 3 days early, oh well, no big deal

I sat and made some plans today, a little more serious and that will become clear to whoever reads the blog over time.

Today i went and sat in the woods and for the first time in a while i cried, i know why and had no need to think about it, tears just started to roll down my cheeks and dripped off my chin.
There was a blackbird in a tree close and it singing at the top of its voice, today i missed someone so very bad, i thought these moments very going to not happen as much now, but i know now i am still going to get them.

I cried till i felt the smile coming back on my face, i shook my head at myself and talked to myself.
I re assured myself for i have no else to do that and i got up and that blackbird was still singing.

THis shot took a 10second exposure, how when it is still dark, it gathers the light and makes it look clearer and how the water, that was choppy, seems so smooth, around the little jetty.
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"we all need a cry sometimes ....I too have been, nearly every day still, slowly the days in between will get more n more...but never will they stop
awesome pics Whokes are and have been an inspiration for me and that I thank you
- flitterbee

Monday, April 21, 2014, 8:28:40 PM-
So we all change, me i have changed my profile picture, explained to someone today about that, that picture i have used for so long, was taken for someone, she was the first person to have made me smile for what seemed like ages, but she broke my heart a little as well.
Blogged that story before, first time i realized that you can meet someone on the internet and fall in love, we started of playing Wordfeud and just got talking, i think of her everyday still, part of the reason i stopped growing my flowers, were they reminded me of her too much.

Deep down i hope oneday she will get back in touch, but the realest in me knows, that will never happen.

So for a few weeks i thought of new profile picture, as soon as i took the picture of the tree, i knew i had found it, how long it will stay who knows, might start changing them more often,, might be rock the next time,, as said Hicky has said before, she thinks my pictures have meaning to me,, yes they do.

Tonight i got a phone call from someone i met on the beach, when i took that sunset in March when i was on holiday, i let her take a picture, she had said it must be hard to take one, i told her to press the cable release.
So a few weeks later i met her again, she asked me about the picture and asked if she could have it, if it was anygood,, so i touched it up a little and emailed it her.
She stays a hundred yrds from the beach and she wanted to get it made into a print, she told me i would have to come see it when she had got it done, tonight she invited me to see it.

Will be nice to see it, i only see them on a computer screen, except when the WOnder, done my book and calender.
I have none for a screensaver of anything like that, i have looked at a few and thought maybe, but then i don't bother.

Now if you look above the large boulder in the picture, you will see what looks like part of a rainbow,, it is near the top of the picture, to be honest i have never seen anything like it, there was no rain and i just thought it was so nice to see.
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"I love this it so beautiful"
- Ley-dd

Sunday, April 20, 2014, 9:22:07 PM-
SO after the early start and being shattered, i had to make a decision, go for my personal challage or wimp out.

Well i have never been a quitter in life, so i could sleep on the beach, if need be.

I knew the area i wanted to go, knowing it was low tide, i had an idea, somewhere that i have only been able to stand in during the day at low tide, but i store these places away, for when i can get them.

As i walked the shore towards my place, i was surprised, how quiet the beach was, no dog walkers and only one other person around.

I was looking at the sky and i was hopeful for something, but you just never know,, how quick a sky can change.

Getting to the water edege and then walking along, little waves rolling in and out, the tide going out all the time.

I was close too my spot and there is a nice large rock to sit on, a place to sit and of course think.
My thoughts of life and how it changes and how i need goals in life,i always have, i like the challanges that i make for myslef and i like competeing them.
I can think and smile many a time, when people have called me names and how they have said so many nasty things, how they never included me in things amd thought i was strange.
I learn more and more, that i am happy with who i am, my shyness has been a good wall to build around me, i let it down when i want to and with whom i want too.

As i told someone yesterday, i am happy being single, i gave up on all thought on a permanent relationship a month or so ago, for i realized that i am truly happy in life.
One day i might meet someone, who does take a great big sledge hammer too those wallls and smash them to smithereens,, but i will not lose any sleep, if it does not happen.

But then as the sun was setting, i knew it was time to get what i have come for,, that time when i will deicide shutters speed and where i want to focus the lens,, if i want to add filters and where i am going to sit that tripod.

I decided on a few long exposures first and i am learning more and more about these and the effects it gives and how to get the best from these pictures.

Like in the morning, there is smiles and that glow, i am checking each shot as i take it, delete a few and take more, shift around a little bit and just try and get the best of what is in front of me.

So here is the first one i will share, only edited 3 pictures so far and as you see, my challange was completed, i got my picture and all thought of the lack of sleep and even food, were gone.
I share these pictures with everyone here as a thank you too each and everyone who i have came across on here.
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- his_princess

Saturday, April 19, 2014, 10:01:24 PM-
So, i think i will have to write about yesterday in 2 parts, for i could write all night.

I woke at 3am yesterday morning and i was still very tired, only had 5 hours sleep since Wednesday at 1pm, but as soon as i looked out the window, i smiled, weather looked nice, some frost on the cars.

SO i ate breakfast and had my tea, sat till 4-15am and i had to get going.

I left the house and i had 3 miles in front of me, around 2 miles of uphill.

How beautiful a morning it was the stars were twinkling in there millions, i was walking looking up, i could see the vapour trails as the planes flew over and that crisp air on my cheeks, were making them glow.

I was walking and thinking, i must be crazy, one car passed me and i bet he thought the same.

But as i walked by a farm, i was not the only one up, the sound of the cows getting milked and the farmer talking to them, i heard.

I climbed over a mile from my village and then it is down for a short while, i could see the lights of the town in the distance and in the bay, the lights from the ships anchored there.

I think so much when i walk, what will this place be like when i get there was crossing my mind.
But Who Dares Wins.

Getting to where i turned to my right and there is a shorter way, but i am, not sure of what would be in front of me, so i stuck to the road.

It was worth it, a Barn Owl flew across in front of me and i am sure it was carrying something,, close to here there once was an old building that had Barn Owls, i sat for hours waiting and hoping to catch a glimpse of them.

But i was on the last upward stretch and in the field to my left 2 Roe Deer were at the edge of the woods, stopping and watching them, but i had places to go too.

I crossed into the field then, my goal was a 100yrds or so in front of me.

I crossed from the field and i climbed the grassy wall of the dam, getting too the top, i knew as soon as i was there i had found another of those happy places for me.

I saw a seat and i sat down, set up the camera and just looked, the sky was changing and i took some shots.

Most of all i was just taking it all in.

There was plenty of wildfowl and i thought i was going to get hit by some geese and they flew in, i am sure i could have grabbed one.

But i had not found my spot yet and i started to wander, following the path and taking pictures, i will share over the weeks, till i got to that place,, the one i know is just right and was waiting for me.

So now it was getting close, i knew exactly where the sun was going to start to show and i waited for that moment, when it peeks over the hill,, that look at me moment and then i was lost in the world of that sunrise,, i felt the smile and the warm glow i get.

So was it worth the lack of sleep, the walk to get this shot, everytime it is, but there is a lot more to tell of that day yet.
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"Thank you for all that you go through to get these wonderful photos you share with us. And you're right - it does sound like an epic day. I can't wait to hear about the rest of it."
- OldTroubador

Friday, April 18, 2014, 9:54:36 PM-
After only having 5hrs sleep in the last 59hrs, i am beat, must be getting old.

Getting up at 3am and away for 4-30 and then tonight not getting home till just after 10pm,, but a day i will remember.

So a very short blog,, will do a proper one tomorrow.
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"Not getting old sweetheart...just tired xxxx"
- Whispermyname

Thursday, April 17, 2014, 8:43:10 PM-
So a change of plan, i have been wanting to shoot over a large pond of water for ages, i forgot just over a 2 mile from, there is such a place, how i forgot, i have no clue.
Best of all the sunrise tomorow will be in straight line running through it.

So alarm is set for just after 3am and i will be out the house for 4am.

I am actually quite excited, i know stupid, but i am just curious, what i will get here.

So a black and white conversion of the trees reflecting in the water.

I have never even spoke of that walk down the river last week much, i only took 40 pictures.

The first of the wood anenome's, being a lot more sheltered, there are a bit earlier to flower.

Best of all wild primroses, been looking for some for years and down a slope towards the river, i spied them.
Now if you had seen the trouble i had still to get them, you would have thought i was daft.
The tripod was at such a stupid angle and then i was balanced on a slope on one foot and the other on a tree root, slipped and slid once, but still got the photo's
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"The reflection shot is just superb xxx"
- Whispermyname

Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 5:03:45 PM-
I was so close to not going to work tonight, 9hrs last night and not a thing to do, drives me crazy, how some people can go too work and do very little is hard to understand.

I had exhausted all the little jobs, i have in reserve over the last few weeks and now i have nothing to do but walk around.

The only reason, i am going in toight now is, i have a training course, someone is travelling up from England to see me, so even though it is something that i am already trained on, it will pass the time.

5-45am, tomorrow morning and that is me till 8-45, Tuesday night.
I look forward to holidays, more and more these days, potatoes will be planted and best of all out with the camera.

Sunrise spot picked for Friday and will leave the house at 4am, hopefully it will be nice, but it does not really matter, if,it is not.

I am going to shoot over a valley, at this time of year, there can be a mist hanging over it, that would be different, but it is the large Beech trees that are my real attraction.

The best one is gone, stood on its own and get blown down in a storm, there is also a small pool of warer, maybe the sun will show in it,, the possibilities make me smile just now, how will this simple man be if it all comes together.

I will then come home and sleep for a few hours, then if the weather plays ball,, will go for the sunset at night.

I wish i could have showed this picture full size, for all the petals have droplets of moisture on them,, it has been cropped as small as i want to and still, now i wish, i had got a little closer, but will do that some other time.
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"Beautiful xxx"
- Whispermyname

Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 4:49:52 PM-
I have not had many dreams recently, but today i did, i was in a countryside that i have never been in and it was the most beautiful sights, i saw, there was all the things i like in life, there was trees and rivers, waterfalls cascading and birdsong, this birdsong was not my local ones.

Over by the side of a waterfall, there was a woman, taking a picture of it and she looks over too me and calls me.
I walked and she said "this is the spot you need to be in " i set up and it was so perfect, i can still see me taking the picture and how it came out.

The woman was smiling and she said to me "this is what you have been looking for your whole life and i am going to share it with you"

They say dreams mean something, now just have to wait and see if this one does.

As it gets closer i am looking forward more and more to my break this weekend, got a few things planned and also, some backups, with our weather till the day arrives, you are better waiting and seeing.
I was asked to work on Friday, but i refused, yes i have changed, usually i would, have just said yes, but not now.

Branches of a tree against the new day dawned, life is bursting from the trees now, leaves appearing and birds starting to build nests and some already have, taking pictures and sharing it.

Well another fantastic blog challange and some great imaginative pictures,, great job, that everyone done and thanks to TWL for the idea.

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"The branches look like hands reaching to the sky, trying to grab a bit of it. Another winner!"
- diderot

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