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Friday, July 25, 2014, 8:54:13 PM-
Walked the beach after work, very warm, so nice and just chased bees, butterflies and what ever else.

One from today, a little hover fly i think, playing around with a new flash gun, trying to get more detail all the time, need to make a few adjustments.

At that time of the day, so many dog walkers and joggers around, so much room for everyone to do there thing.
Just nice to see people out and about and just enjoying the sun.
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"Seriously I think the only way to see more detail would be under a microscope ....that pic is amazing :)"
- safire19

Thursday, July 24, 2014, 4:43:51 PM-
Summer weather has been here in all its glory, well till the weekend and then some rain is forecast,, be nice if it is during the night.

I managed out on the bike, done about 2 miles and i have admit, wanted to go farther, but slow and steady.

Might treat myself to a new pair of shoes tomorrow, pair that i can actually walk in and not slide around like i do on the ones i wear just now.

Done my usual thing of reading all blogs as i ate my breakfast, well it was nearer lunch, i slept that long,, bit of a habit now,, i like the variety of blogs you come across, see beautiful pictures and songs i would never heard and read so many interesting things.

I never done much else to be honest, plenty to do over the weekend.

Had a chat with some off my wonderful friends, that is always time very well spent.

One of the first sunflowers in bloom, these are just over 4"across,, nice looking little things, not sure, i could save the seeds to feed the birds from these ones.

Reflections in water, lead to reflections in my mind, memories of things, in the past.

I took ages to take this picture,moved around a lot,adjusted the height of the tripod, so many things, was to bright as well,, so in the end i just took a picture.
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"And what a beautiful picture it is! The water looks so calm and serene. I don't read enough blogs lately but when I do I make a bee line for yours x"
- Whispermyname

Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 8:43:39 PM-
Well, i took things easy again, back to work tomorrow night.

I sat in the sun today, got my Kindle and just sat back, feet up on a pail, now i never sit in the sun, i do not like sitting in the sun as a rule.

But today it just felt right to sit for a little while, was so warm, high of 27C, now that is warm, me i like it.
I usually would have been working away in it, doing something around the garden, i never even notice the heat then, till i stop.

I like my cup of tea even more on the hot days and i was fed up sitting and went and made one.

I sat in the shade of the back of the house and drank my tea, i was thinking, yes, i do a lot of that,it does my little brain good.

Put 2 new tyres on the bike, time for a step on the next phase in my plan.

Tomorrow i hit the road again, hoping this time, that i will be able to get some miles in, hoping my knee holds up, one last try.

If i fail this time, the bike is getting sold, no use keeping the dream alive, will be time to end that chapter.

Life can be like this path, you never know what is around the next bend.
When i was walking towards it, i was remembering the smiles and memories behind me as i walk along it with my feet soaking wet.

SO many of these butterflies around now, this one from the last week, gave me so many pictures.
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"I can't be positive but is that butterfly actually striking a pose for you? You walk so many pretty paths Whokes I envy you so x"
- Whispermyname

Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 8:49:07 PM-
Not the best of days, but still life is full of smiles,, injured my shoulder at work, but things happen like that at time.

So it really was just a day of rest, once i did get up.

So very warm and too be warmer tomorrow, so nice to be like this, we do not see it much and so it is always a case off making the best of it.

I sat tonight in the front garden, stalking bees and butterflies.

So many butterflies and i never got one too keep, but still great fun.

The bees were busy as well,, better luck here.

Just now they are favouring the Dahlias, they are flying around, ever busy doing there thing.

I was walking down the little lane , that leads to the road and on the top of the wall a cat was sitting it run off and stopped and i thought why not, so i got its picture as it was sitting looking at me.

So a nice way to end the day, posting my first pussy cat picture.
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"That cat looks so much like a stray we've adopted.

We call it pusspuss"
- nudiebare

Monday, July 21, 2014, 4:46:49 PM-
So very warm here today, well for us,, only 22c,, but it is to go a little higher over the next few days.

Time spent in the garden, busy times,, so much colour now, most of the bedding is in full bloom.

I sat and had lunch outside, below the shade off an umbrella.
Watching the birds as they ate from the feeders and bathing in the bird bath.

Thinking about how warm it will be in work tonight, but doors will be open, might even see, the fox, that roams around there.

I might have a short week this week, need to wait and see my work load first.

Still thinking of last night, so special it was,, so lucky i was.

Near the time the sun dips out of sight, last night the colours just got better and better

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"oh the colour is wonderful"
- Ley-dd

Monday, July 21, 2014, 12:13:17 AM-
I had a most wonderful day, a day shared with many wonderful friends from here.

I got so many pictures sent to me today, first i got a real pretty flower shared with me this morning, this one closer to home, but it was a beauty.

Then as i walked tonight, i got some flowers and a crazy sky sent to me from over the pond, yes everything is bigger and better in Texas.

I crawled around the ground a lot, so many ting little gems, i saw, keep finding new things to photo.

But i had decided to head home, i was looking around and was watching how the forecast was wrong, cloud was dissappearing all the time.

Time to decide, will i add another couple of mile and try for a sunset.

Sometimes, you just have to try, so i walked and i was just having my usual thoughts.

I was thinking how i am so lucky that so many wonderful people from here view and comment on my blog and how through this blog i have made the best friends i have.

Yes, i learned to smile again, from so many off you.

I never even noticed the hill, i had just walked up. so lost in my thoughts.

But as i cross the road i hear a motorcycle racing up the hill,, could have been hitting 100mph,, i watched as he flew down the hill and how he took the bends in the road.

I once watched the same, thing, but he never made the bend at the speed he was trying to take it.

But i turn and i head up another little hill and yes, the sky was looking good.

I got to where i always stand and i take a picture.

How the sun was shining on the land, its rays hitting my face, how i just clicked away. Just taking so many shots.

But still i wonder at how fast it just drops, is it really as fast as that, i wonder or do i just get lost in time.
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"You area very special person my friend. You live in a beautiful country and if it wasn't for your pictures I would never know. Your blogs are always interesting and I enjoy them always xx"
- Whispermyname

Saturday, July 19, 2014, 9:04:03 PM- Day 10
8 straight hours of sleep,, how long is it since i can say that.

It rained for most of the day, but i decided to get the wets on and go for a walk.

How easy i get into those waterproof trousers now,, broke below the 14st mark, this week, now do i go for below 13st now.
I know i could do it, this time i would, need to add something else to my routine of walking,maybe, i will just wait and see what happens.

I was the only person on the road today, not even a bird did i hear.

Watching the rain hit the many puddles and hearing it hitting the leaves.

Bay Willow Herb, gave so much colour today, great patches of it litter the ground and in the gloom of today it radiated out.

So many tiny little moths and other insects were seen,,no rest for them.

I sat in a sheltered spot, so peaceful.

I do my planning in places like this, my head has so many things running in it at one time.
I need these places to calm it down and clear it out a bit.

I made a few more little goals recently, private challanges to myself.

I always make at least one hard one, one that i might fail in,, but with failure, you learn.

I probably can sit for a hour and it only seems like 10mins.

Rain is getting heavier now and i walk home, smiling happy, just glad with life.

Another one of the castle. How bright the sun was, but the shade i was in and the angle the sun was at, meant it was hidden by the castle.
Did try and get one of the sun just as it came over the top,, but all went in the delete pile, but i will try again one day.
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"I think the castle in b&w makes it look more eerie than in colour"
- Whispermyname

Friday, July 18, 2014, 8:14:00 PM-
Work was good, nice and busy all night, was tired when i finished, but i had plans.

One bus later i was at a nice little coastal village.

These Friday morning jaunts are nice, once again ,weather was warm,,

Looking at the castle, thinking, will get a few snaps later.

Climbing down the cliffs, taking my time, even more careful as i am a little tired

But i have my macro lens on and the little insects are a little differernt here.

These tiny things are so much fun for me.

Mixed in with some flowers and it is a nice start.

Getting to the beach, time to just sit, relax, not a soul around, this place all to myself.

Can really feel the sun now, sitting having a drink and sending a text message and then a little chat this way, was so nice.

Walking and taking pictures, searching among the little rock pools.

Never seen an anenome like this, before how the five bluey purple bits stand out.

But i want the castle now, trying to find a new angle something of interest.

I had took a few from the beach area, but i just felt like lying in the grass and getting something from the front.

A black and white conversion, never sure about them, i love black and white pictures, but i need to learn, what makes a nice one.

So a start to what carried onto, being a very nice day and one with plenty of smiles.

Hope everyone has a great weekend

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"love love love the Castle."
- tight_wet_lips

Thursday, July 17, 2014, 4:57:43 PM-
What a nice day, weather was warm, yes slept through it all, well till around 2pm.

Went for a short walk, shade of the trees is so nice and sat on a bench for a few minutes as i had a drink.

My good friend and a good friend to many has a birthday on Friday.
I hope Whisper has a great day.
One of the best people to have ever come into my life.

SO happy birthday, my wonder.

LAst rays of the sun blasting through the trees,not long before the end of the day.

I wandered around the garden, seen this fly on some lupins and just started to get closer and seeing all the colour on it,, never even noticed its shadow till i had it on a big screen.

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"More great shots. I do enjoy your photography. Great stuff, Whokes."
- overshort2

Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 4:13:12 PM- Day 7
Lost my smile today, words said, never let on it bothered me. Never let someone win that way.

I know my faults in life, better than anyone, heard them said so often to me.

Coming from someone today, who thinks she is so perfect, that is a joke, but at least i am honest.

I believe in live and let live, i want to just be left to do what i enjoy in life,, it is not others idea, but it is my choice, the one i have made.

Been told from an early age i am weird,,because i am so different from most people, should have a t shirt made for me,, weird and proud.

Being told i have commitment issues,, that old chestnut as well, thrown today.

I like that one, best of all,, because i am looking for a certain woman in life, that i would be happy to commit to, seemingly that is all wrong.
That i should just be happy to even have someone, who would put up with me or i will die all alone in life.

I have heard it all before and will do so again.

SHowed the prelude, yesterday, now for the main event, the whole bush.
Walking by it every morning i come in from work and have a look, seeing how all the flowers are developing and it is taking shape, soon it will be at its very best.

Taking a picture, is my escape in life
Just looking all around me, kneeling down or lying on the ground to see the view.
Frame it up and then decide again, will i or will i not, press the shutter.
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Most Recent Comment:
"wow that is very neat but do keep smiling"
- jesy9796

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