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Sunday, January 25, 2015, 10:06:44 PM-

The morning, that just kept on giving,,morning nature was, in a very giving mood, this morning.
Gave thanks a few times, as i took my pictures.

I never will stop being amazed with sunrises and then sunsets, i plan places all the time, to try for these shot.

So many times it does not work out, but just practice for the times it does..
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- VTCali

Saturday, January 24, 2015, 11:09:40 PM-

This was taken over 84 seconds.

When i saw the sky, all the tiredness, went from my body, that desire within is too strong, to miss a chance like this.

Probaly, why i always have camera and tripod ready, to go and chase the light.
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"that is just so fab, oh wow. wonderful"
- Ley-dd

Thursday, January 22, 2015, 3:20:37 PM-
According to my wonderful cousin, i am the most boring person in the world, just told, her she could be right.

So why am, i so boring well,simple fact is, i am not having a party next month or doing anything for my birthday.

I am supposed to invite all my family and give them a nice evening,, when i have never been asked to any off there parties.

I am to provide them with food and drink for an evening and have her husband as a disc jockey and he will not charge me full price even.

This coming from the cousin who told me, i was a waste of breathe and when i had lost the weight i had, first thing, she asks, was if i had cancer.

The Cousin, who, has treated me like shite over the years.

SO when i told her,, i would rather die, than have a party, for them all, well guess what she was not happy lol.

I never bother with anyone, keep myself to myself and still get as much shite.

So, i am going to be quite happy in my role as the most boring person in the world.

Reflecting,, yes sums it up at the moment, been doing, a lot off that.
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"Your cousin has a bizarre definition of boring my friend are anything but ....someone who has as much beauty in the soul as you do can be anything but boring ....your adventurous nature shines through in every picture you take .... never change whokens xxxx :)"
- safire19

Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 4:37:16 PM-
Today, i have learned a valuable lesson, twice.

Eventually things, start to get a lot clearer and then i adapt.

End off, the day, just part off life.

But you got to just keep smiling, life is too good to worry.

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"the air looks so crisp when theres snow.
hope all is well!"
- nudiebare

Monday, January 19, 2015, 12:50:35 PM-
Well by for another year, which is good, nightmares will stop again, like always.

Weekend was a great one,, countryside on Saturday, chasing snow and then broke one off my rules and went too the coast on a Sunday.

Both different, but so much the same for me, tranquil, peaceful, surroundings.

Saturday, got one off my favourite pictures and then yesterday, got another.

Crazy month for taking pictures, got some nice keepers, ones i really like.

Before Christmas, i was running out off new pictures, now i have plenty, which is great, never know, when, we might get another wet spell.

Now i am around 7 weeks from a new lens,which is going to be fun,a wide angle one, i really like the lens, i use all the time,but for my landscape work, this is just better.

Takes me for ever to decide on something, a lot of research is done,but when i decide, what i want, i save and i buy it.

Next will be a new tripod.

Three weeks on Thursday, to my first holiday, got a reason, will, blog about it on that day.

Last picture, i took, on Saturday,just a last minute one, was in a hurry, to catch the bus home.

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"im sorry but did I miss something in the blog or did silky get on the wrong blog,
lush photo love the colour x"
- Ley-dd

Saturday, January 17, 2015, 10:47:07 PM-
I had a great day.

I left the house, this afternoon, decided to walk too some higher ground, about 3 miles away, where i could see, some snow.

We had some this morning here, but it melted fast, should have been out first light, but that tiredness, got me this morning and slept to long.

But i wrapped up well, welllies on and the usual 2 pair of socks, 2 pair of gloves on and i was off.

How time passes quick when you want to get somewhere, i just turn off and walk.
Miles pass and soon, i am among some snow, only a couple off inches, but i was happy.

Taking shots of distant farm on a hill, was my first picture,how it was on a hilltop and well, the woods i know well,old playgrounds,

I was glad, the local shoot was not on, for i might not have gone too where i wanted.

I had found a sheet of plastic and wanted to slide down a hill, so crossed the field, to a slope.
All excited as i sat on it,, bloody ground was to wet below me and i never budged,,i was gutted.

So onwards we go and i cross one field and then climb a fence, there is a footpath here, goes by a house, where a woman got murdered, long time ago.
House is a ruin and i have showed it before.

But i decide to go down another way, how wet it is below the snow, wonder, how it even lay in the first place.

I walked in the field, taking pictures, stopping as i see a Hare coming out the woods and i watch, as it runs around, stopping amd eating, wishing, i had a lens to capture it, but happy to watch, even though i thought this was a poor second.

Can here a Buzzard up high somewhere, it cries carry over the woods.

The Hare stops and looks up as well, but i am not sure it had anything to worry about.

I waited, till it went back in the woods and carried on, stopped by a big old beech tree and smiled,, memories off how a long time ago, i had fun, up that very tree, how we took advantage off a shooting blind, one summer night.

Eventually, the smile goes and i walk on, need to cross a burn here,but as i climb, over one fence, the sun breaks through and it lights the hill behind me.

I moved quick and got set up, got my shot and hopefully it will be one for the next calender, it did, look good on camera.

Now as i walk, the sky is looking good, in front of me a flooded part off the field, on this the reflection off the sky showing, how great it looks as well,, brackets shot this time and still to be blended together, i am hoping there is something among these to share with you all.

But as i look at the time,, i see i can catch a bus home in the little village, by the river.

So onto the road again just over a mile to there, but i still was able to get a few more pictures.

In the end around 6miles covered,,had a wonderful time, one happy simple man.

A lot off todays, pictures, were better in black and white, this one is my favourite off the ones i have looked at so far.

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"that's lovely look like a Christmas card :)"
- Ley-dd

Friday, January 16, 2015, 9:35:19 PM-

Yes, i know, not a lot off snow, but for me, it is the first time in close too 2years, we have as much.

But tonight, back to rain, hoping for a dry day tomorrow, for i will probably walk the coast if it is.

Hope everyone, has a great weekend, with plenty of fun and smiles.
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"oh no snow"
- Ley-dd

Thursday, January 15, 2015, 6:37:03 PM-

A moody black&white, sums the day up for me today.

A day, where i was glad, i was alone, for i have been in one off those mooods, earlier in the day.
Why, well walking down, the road, getting battered by wind and rain and it all becomes clear..

Yes it was, just one off those days
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"Your castle shots are fantastic. This picture is perfect in black and white. Spectacular shot, Whokes."
- overshort2

Wednesday, January 14, 2015, 6:39:58 PM-
I fell asleep,on the chair, when i came in from work, this morning, was not through, being over exerted that was for sure, for i have only had 1 nights work in 2 weeks.

But when i woke, it was too a mini, blizzard, thoughts off grabbing the camera and getting out there, got me all awake again.

But as i walked too the road, it stopped and it was rubbish,as i got to the road, well, pretty much a waste off time.

Got 3 pictures, that well, i might not even bother looking at, just the mood, i am in tonight.

One day it will happen.

Only one month to go now, time is passing quick.

Think, i need, to find a little project for the weekend, forecast is rubbish again.

Friday, might be my day to head out, with the camera, we will see.

Can always do some window shopping on the net, might,even do some spending.

Even on the greyest of days, there is colour, the bracken lying on the ground and the yellow, of the Gorse in flower.
Then on the rock, so many colours, when you really look.

Counting down, to the spring flowers, starting to show,on the cliff tops, then time to smile as, you take, those gems, most other people, just never see.

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"Only trouble is your spring becomes my autumn and then my winter and you know how much I complain about that lol"
- Whispermyname

Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 6:41:06 PM-
Usual January nightmares return, after all the years, the visions, are still the same,looks like they will never go away now.

Still a little later, than normal and well, they usually are gone, around, the 22nd.

But life, goes, well, staying positive and making changes.

I am growing as, a person more and more, i can see it, the person, with the inner demons,is not around as much now, which is good, it appears sometimes.

But i now, at an age where i , want more, am i being greedy,i really,dont think i am.

I am just wanting to have more,happy times, will still always, be there, for everyone, that will never change.

Promises, that will never be broken there, i will always, be around, when people need me, for that is part of me.

I think, sometimes, people think i will forget about them, but all the people i have, around, never will be,, they mean to much to me, yes, sometimes, we never speak, as much, i learn, that is just the way off things.

The old castle on, the stormy Saturday, seen thousands of storms and still it stands.

Gave shelter to many, over the time, it has stood, gave me shelter, for a little, while on SAturday.

Will give shelter, to many, long after, i am gone.
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"You know I have cried on your shoulder a lot over the years about many things. You are always there for me as will always be there for you. Sometimes lives get crazy, people get busy but a true friendship endures everything. Demons are there for most of us but we need to, as you have learnt to do, don't let them destroy the people we have become xxx"
- Whispermyname

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