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Monday, November 23, 2015, 9:53:44 AM-
As the weather changes, so does my favourite time of year.

Through taking pictures, i have discovered that it just changes in how i see things.

We had our usual, what seemed like endless, rain, the large tub i had emptied, just before it started has a depth of 12" or so and it was overflowing in a couple of days, where once there was dry fields, it is over the top mud.

But i decided a few years ago, that from now till, it really dries up, i would head to the coastal regions more, but still walk, when it is dry in my normal haunts.

It has been a great decision, last week spent 3 days, at that part of the coast, that has gave me more, than even, i can imagine, yes, there is a story, there, that one day will get told.

Thursday, before heading there, i bought a new umbrella,glad i done, for i had it up soon, after arriving, when the first of many squalls passed through.
I was fine, my camera was fine, sheltered below, this,but still it was a job to keep the lens and the filters i use, dry.

I took some of the most dramtic skies, i have been out in, mother nature, gave me such fantastic light.

More pictures, that i will get too,, i read recently that one of my favourite photographers, can leave a picture for years,before, he edits it.

I had started to do this before reading this going back as far as 18 months ago, i took pictures then, knowing that in time, i might hopefully have better skills to know, what i had before me.

Through taking pictures, i have learned more about me,found things, that i never thought i would, seen the true beauty, that can be before me, at times as well.

It can take my breathe away,i can forget to click the shutter realease at times.

I had my breathe taken away in another way on Saturday night, in bed with J and well i was a in a place i had never ever been before,speechless, breatheless and so many other things as well.

She really does make me feel whole again. The missing link to life for me, one that makes me smile, laugh and so much more.

As that wise old woman in a cafe, told me so many years ago, all the ones before is just practice, till you find the real one, the one that was always meant to be.

When seeing this, you might after days of rain, wish, that was what the weather is like right now, but not for me,, the big boss, mother nature, wants my small, but expanding world taken in all weathers..

Till the next time,, Whokens out
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"Mother Nature is a glorious canvas"
- tight_wet_lips

Thursday, November 19, 2015, 10:00:21 AM-
I was asked a question, once, does anything scare me, i said nothing that i can think off and at the time, that was true,now i have discovered,there is one thing, when my mum is not well, that does.

I have been stuck inside the last few days as well, not getting out much, the rain has been bad here, but still no real reason to complain, for others get far worse, than i do, here.

I sat and waited yesterday, waiting for a window of oppertunity, then seeing it dry, it was time to make a dash for it, to escape for a couple of hours.

My wets hang in a greenhouse, gets them dry in there at this time of year, i have 3 sets of wets now, all do the job very well.

So pulling on the trousers, it started to send hailstones, big ones too, bouncing off the glass, but i was still going out and i did.

They battered me as i walked out the gate and up the road, was just climbing a fence and they stopped.

Mother Nature is a wonderful thing, she shows us beauty and she teaches us lessons.

My walk through the woods was quiet, i seen the river below, covering a path, i usually walk along, now i never go below, when the water is like this.

Through the road, that winds along the fields and i see, 2 deer in a field,, been told for about 2 years of deer, being seen in here and i have never seen them till today, everytime i met the man, who saw them, he always ask, if i have seen them, i never doubted him for a minute, they were there, now i can tell him i saw them though.

I was going to be lazy and get the bus home, missed one, as i was watching the deer and with a little time to waste, i went down too, the river.

All that i can say, was it was angry, roaring through the gorge it was, might have been 5ft higher or more, it covered, the spot, that i love to take pictures from.

I took a little video of it,keep forgetting about the video on a phone, not that mines is much good,as the battery is dead in no time, but 25seconds video was done.

I sat on a nice,bit of sandstone and just watched, listened and had some thoughts, checking my watch, better move or it will be another missed bus, not the worse, thing to happen,but i was ready for a nice cup of tea.

One from a few months ago, but, this is where i might stand this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.

Before i got the longer lens i have now, i could not take this kind of shot, where it fore shortens the distance and the island, would just have been a speck in a picture.

When i go the next time, will take a second camera and attach, a second lens, i never like changing a lens, when i am out, so i might give this a try.

Till the next time,, Whokens out..
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Most Recent Comment:
"Beautiful photo Whokes and lovely words ...I do enjoy reading your blogs :) ...thank you for sharing your world"
- flitterbee

Sunday, November 15, 2015, 7:33:22 PM-
I enjoy the whole seven days of a week, each are different in only the way, you spell the days, all have 24hrs and for the most part, it is up to us, how we make the memories from them.

From the moment i open my eyes, till i close them at bed time, i try to embrace the day and all it brings, sure i have bad days, but i have more good days.

I might just see, things different from most people, but i try and cram as much into a day as i can, i like to go too bed tired, knowing i have been productive.

Our weather is now very wet, going out in the fields are a chore, getting covered in mud and drying the wets is what i do at this time of year.

But i spend time in the greenhouses as well, my love of these, are back to where they were, planting a seed and watching it grow is, a wonderful thing, then seeing it being ate and enjoyed is so great.

I also have 3 sheds,in one i have a few tools,so i can make a few things, not in the class of Guitar, but i try and best of all i enjoy.

I also read a lot again, me and books, have always got on, from as soon as i could actually read and well before it, with picture books as well.

Now, i have the internet, it fills the thirst of knowledge i always had, thinking off something and trying to find the answer is so much fun.

J gets to laugh so often at me, when i tell her, what i have been watching on Youtube, but then i am laughing at me as well.

The first of the winter storms hit, us this week, was called Abigail, we have now started naming them as well it seems.
3 days of rain, not long after taking this picture, i was caught in rain like i had never seen in my life,, did i moan about it or curse it,, not for one moment, for i was in awe at what Mother Nature, had shared with me..
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Most Recent Comment:
"You will come out of the storm....smile knowing nature will guide you thru tomorrow"
- By-the-Sea

Tuesday, November 10, 2015, 6:35:34 PM-
Well the change is well and truly here, the paths are mud tracks now and the fields are waterlogged.

I walked today, seen how, high the river was and decided, not going, down there.

I am getting more and more careful, people worry about me, when i wander at times and i need to keep them from doing so, plus, i love life to much now, to risk it.

I am lucky though, for i can go and walk still, this is the time, i love the coast, when there is a big storm blowing and i am on top of the cliffs, watching those large waves rolling in, the long lens, i bought will get used at times like this, that is for sure.

But best of all, it makes you feel so alive, it takes your breathe away and it batters you, but i love it.

J and me will soon be off, on a little adventure again, we will visit the special places, that we both know and we might even, get to see, some new ones.

One thing we have planned is to fly a kite, we bought one months ago and it has been in the car boot since then, but, we will be on a deserted beach somewhere, with hopefully a nice wind blowing, we will be like two children, standing there and looking to the sky, there will be smiles and laughter, but most off all, there will be the love, that neither of us, thought we would ever find again..

One i took a little while ago, it was a wonderful morning, the sky was amazing, the fog added to the beauty off, that new day dawning.
Not as, early a rise, as the ones i take during the summmer, but pictures like this, is why i am a landscape photographer.
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Most Recent Comment:
"An incredible photo Whokens - such vivid colors :)
I hope you and J have a great time on your new adventures of discovery :)
And I am very glad you both have found happiness again."
- OldTroubador

Wednesday, November 04, 2015, 8:02:33 AM-
You ever just have a need, just now, i feel the need.

My need is just to write, it is a process for me of relaxation at times, it was funny, last night, as i was talking to J about my blogs on here, i said that the writing, was more important than the pictures i post.

I am lucky, i find it easy to write the things i feel, words, were a friend before, my love of the camera.

Then for a while the camera, took over, i hid the words in a picture, but they all do the same thing, they tell the story of my life.

I woke too, the sound of rain this morning, quite heavy and my first thoughts, were get the wets on and go out in it,, yes i did.

I love having my hood up and hearing the rain hitting it, hearing all the different sounds as, you walk through a wood, or even as you walk on the roadside.

I never went far, just enough, keep saying, i should do this every morning, just now, while i have the chance.

The only bird i heard was the Robin, like me, they never seemed to mind the rain this morning.

When i was young, i would have left the house and been gone for most off, the day, i would put a few sandwiches, a tin of soup and an empty glass lemonade bottle filled with water in , that little backpack i had and been off.

As i write this, is this where, my dislike of plastic bottles, stems from the fact, that i grew up with glass ones and the liquid inside a glass bottle, just tasted better.

It is the same with Cling Film, i never can wrap something i am going to eat in that, has to be tin foil or once it was grease proof paper.

We all have some likes and dislikes.

The distractions in my little world are many, it is what keeps it, interesting and enjoyable.

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Most Recent Comment:
"Yup, sometimes i just have to put my feelings in words.

Its therapeutic.

I agree a lot of the old things were better and probably healthier.

I sometimes wonder if a lot of todays disease is caused by inadvertently consumed contaminants."
- nudiebare

Monday, November 02, 2015, 8:51:58 PM-
Weather, has been crazy here, yesterday, we had to turn off our heating, it was that warm, first time it has ever happened in November.

Autumn colours, have been nice, this year, still looking good as well.

I walked by the river today, it is running clear again, seems to be getting cleaner, all the time, as well.

I spent some quality time, with J,we walked together, we talk and we share our lifes, best of all is waking up, with her next to me, that first morning kiss and our good mornings.

I was lucky to see, a new bird the other day, a Little Egret, it is white, with yellow feet and a black bill, it was on the mud on, a river bank, all i could think was, how the mud, would show, up on its beautiful white feathers. they are quite a new bird too the UK as well, first turning up, in the mid 80's, now, they breed here as well.

Nature is a wonderful thing indeed.

Still no luck in the job front, but i am positive in life, even more now, had a little time of feeling sorry, for myself, but that can kiss my arse now.

Not my best work, but, the picture is one of meaning, but then all sunsets do, same as sunrises to me, one can mean an end, the other a fresh start.

Like when i sit beside a river and it is flowing by, just like life and time.
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"just to add, that feeling of waking up next to the one you love, those first morning kisses..I agree, the best feeling ever. xxx"
- Boredmum74

Thursday, October 29, 2015, 1:44:22 PM-
Yesterday, i spent, the time on a strange beach, been once before, shot the same scene, as i did before, but i think these ones might be better.

All day it had rained and then as J promised me, the sun would come out and we would get that sunset, we were after, How much i love that woman, there is not enough words in the world to speak or write, to truly express my love for her, yes i am truly blessed to have her, with me in life.

Today, we walked the same beach, the tide was in, i was amazed at how far and the height the tide reaches as well, was a little windy and watching it crash up the sea defences, was amazing, yes the old adage of watching all the time, needs to be remembered here, with odd big wave, maybe rolling up the beach 20ft further, than the one before.

I can only imagine, what it is like in a big winter storm, i know one thing, i would not be standing where i was today, no picture is worth, losing your life over.

So this simple man, has a simple woman in his life, who also enjoys the simple things, in life..
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Most Recent Comment:
"I have always enjoyed your gifted blog writings and pictures, I think it is only fitting that someone so blessed with the ability to see the Splendor and Beauty in all that surrounds him, has now found someone special to share the Special moments with first hand :)
Hope your tomorrows provide you with many more Wonderful Adventures :)
- undisclosedid1

Sunday, October 25, 2015, 9:56:29 PM-
Clocks changed here this morning, same as normal, takes me a day or two too adapt.

The fields i walk in, will soon be out of bounds again, they are holding water already and i just can not be bothered getting covered in mud every day.

It never use to bother, me getting coated in the stuff, but after losing a boot in it a few years ago and ending standing in it,,i got just a little peeved with it lol.

Today, i wandered in my woods, the colour is really nice now, i saw something, i have never,noticed before, a shrub, so beautiful, it has leaves so vivid in colour, stands out among all the rest, tomorrow, i hope to go and take its picture.

I sat and watched a little Wren in the undergrowth for a while as it hopped around.

I done a little thinking as,i was watching, when was the first time i saw a Wren.
I think it was when, at a local farm i saw one flying from out a wall, it had built its nest in, there, a tiny little gap, so small, and this little bird was able to get in and out of there.
Over the years, i have saw a few nests, was like a challange to find all the nests i could in those days.

I was telling J about the time i was an eskimo, that came into my head as, i heard we might get a winter, i spent two days building an igloo, rolled snow balls and then covered in all the gaps, then with a saw and a spade, i tunneled in, shaping it as i went it.
It was just one of many dens or camps we called them, i built over the years.

Only started finding some Fungi just now, tripping over them now, this was my first one last sunday, but more than the fungi, was trying to capture the little fly on it as it darted around as well.

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Most Recent Comment:
"Had to giggle at you losing a boot in the mud...I can just imagine..lol. But another wonderful picture whokens. Thank you for sharing...mwah xxx"
- Boredmum74

Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 9:17:45 PM-

This time of year is all about the colour of the leaves, as they change, those summers greens are gone, replaced, with the wonderful colours of Autumn.

I never will tire of these, as i walk my little world.

The picture above is also the place, that is over 30yrs, since i was there, guess,it was time to pay it a visit.

Today, in the afternoon, went too the local ponds and had a great time, they are expanding again, which is great, nearly right at the river, where i had so many adventures, when i was small, from when we played curling on it, when it was frozen solid, to the time i tried using a bath as a canoe,, nice and bouyant, till you actually go, in it, yes ended up wet..

Once i had a great plan to take all the fish out of it, staked a net at the bottom and then walked, up river and then dragged a net downstream, till, i got back too the other one, expected a bumper catch, got none. yes will always love that little river.
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Most Recent Comment:
- MissLizzie

Tuesday, October 20, 2015, 12:23:52 PM-
I have been walking more and more again, not missed a day, soon the weather is going to change and it will be wet.

I need to get a new waterproof jacket,soon, the ones i have are like wearing a tent now, yes weight loss, comes at price.

For most people it might be an easy choice, for me it is like everything else, well researched and that is before i even try, the thing on, other big thing for me is the hood.

A week on Saturday, i will get one.

I am back sitting in favourite spots, when i walk, for a while, i have been walking past them, but now i sit for a few minutes or even 30mins, as was the case the other day.

I am taking this time to do some thinking, to making plans. I have too, keep doing this, but the downside off all this is,, i never really turn my mind off.

I was thinking of an old tree, the other day, as i walked by it, it has been there for so long, i think i first climbed it when i was around 7 and 43yrs later, it still stands, but much larger now than then.
Laughed thinking of the day, as i slid along a branch and fell and landed in the river below, so wet that day and it was cold, very cold, in fact.
The clothes had actually froze in places , by the time i got home, but i never cared.

My life, like everyones, is full of stories, i keep remembering, them and how the events shape your life.

I thought of my little hero and how i miss him, in so much i do, i see, his teaching, he shaped me, more than anyone. Just to have had some more time with him,but one day, i will get to spend time with him, can see him standing waiting for me, saying glad, you came, got a little job, i could do with, your help.

I visited a part of the river, that i have never been to, in over 35yrs, it has changed a lot, the path that was there is now gone, the house, beside it, seems to have claimed it.But luckily, when the water is low like now,, i am sure you can walk in the river for a good distance, i took a few pictures, for this was my aim, when i really have a look at them, will pop one or two one..

How many more hidden gems, do i have, quite a few yet to discover, that is for sure..
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Most Recent Comment:
"I have missed so many of your blogs. I am glad that I found the blog section again. Your blogs are heaven and they take me back to my own memories"
- tight_wet_lips

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