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Sunday, July 05, 2015, 9:37:07 PM-
Seems to be one thing after another just now, little test all around.

A project, i was working on, from October came to an end on Friday, a lot of time and effort and money spent all for no end result.

But i handled it well to be honest, today i cleared them out and started with new ideas.

My walks are coming back, kicked my own arse and got back out, walked and seen so, much this week.

From watching a Roe Buck walk above me, as i was in the river taking pictures, to a Fox cub, walking towards me, when heading home this morning.

Then last night, crawling around in mud, to capture a butterfly, just, how i like to spend a Saturday night.

I found a new place for Orchids.

Again it was not an easy spot, kneeling in water and balancing on a clump of grass, to catch, these beautifuk flowers, this one just starting to flower, so many others now are by.

But there location is stored now, place where i seen it and date is in the book.

I had my usual battle with HAyfever as well last night, self inflicted, for being among the grassland and meadows is just stupid for me really.
But i love chasing the picture to much to stop.

I sit and think,places i have sat a lifetime, it seems, shaped to my butt, some of them by now.

Last nights was in a little patch off woods, stream to my left,running into the river in front off me, a quiet place, where yes, i have fallen asleep,

Eating an apple and drinking water, listening to what is around me.

But, it is time to head home and, as i walk along the edge of the field, a new discovery made, walked here 45yrs and Mother Nature, gives me a wonderful discovery, one i am amazed i have never noticed before.

I thought about it and my conclusion was, she knew, i have been down, so she gave me gift that, made me smile last night and for a lifetime of memories too.

A favourite tree and close to my resting spot, see more and more, just how i am so lucky to have, these places.
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Thursday, July 02, 2015, 8:42:14 PM-
It is not like being on holiday, that is for sure, for all i keep very busy, i miss going to work.

So today, i sent out my CV, see what happens.

My day starts the same way, wake around 3am, look out the window and then well it has been pretty much back to bed, i only shot the landscape once last month and no complaints there,, mother nature, let me see, her beauty, so many pictures, so much still to look at.

Then usually, head to town, get some messages for my mum and well a new wardrobe for me.

I had a clean out, started off with 85 shirts and t-shirts, was left with 12.

My weight loss is slowing down a little now, i think close to 7 stone lost now, funny as i was putting stuff out, i felt sad.

My bike is calling my name now, but not before i get a cycling helmet, like most things, it just has to be the right one.

I think i just need another way of burning energy, going to take it real easy, no need for new cycling jerseys though,, can get into the ones, i had, when i was 20, yes had them for 30yrs, joked,i had a body of a 20yr old now lol.

Well Saturday is the day, new life plan, comes into play, last 2 have been achieved, this one is a little harder.
But i will get there, it is what, i do. I have drive and great willpower.

I am not one for giving up, that nearly was the end of me once before, life is to precious to lose it before it is time too.

Talking with WHisper the other day and i had shared some horse pictures with her, she asked how i always seem to get animals looking at me.
Stand long enough and it might happen, you just get lucky sometimes.

Me i am happy with this picture, shot at distance with my Macro lens, usually it is used close for flowers and insects.
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"Congrats on the weight loss my friend! I love the picture a lot!
- guitartxn

Tuesday, June 30, 2015, 9:48:50 PM-
I am back in my stride,, walked over 12 miles the last few days, was going to try for around the 30mile mark this week.

I left the house at just after 4am, too the sound of Bruce Springstein in my ears, like how a random tune,is a favourite one, how many times, have i heard The River.

But as i walked and it was raining, but that light, it never really wets you.

The music plays and i keep walking, got thoughts in my head, they need cleared out, my way of doing it.

Then as i climb the gate, The Verve come on ,, Sonnet,love hate song, usually i end with a tear in my eye and well yesterday was no different.

I turn, the music off for now,, time to get in my mode, time to take a picture or two.

Wandering over the old pit waste heaps. searching for Orchids, 5am in the morning now and i walk all over it, searching.

I stopped, sat on the ground and just looked around me,, so many Rabbits, bird singing and i can hear a distant milking parlour.

I take a few, more pictures, nothing great, ended up with 15 pictures.

Take my MP4 player out, turn it on Amy McDonald singing This is the Life,, pretty apt, for this is my life.

A little flower growing among the trees, silly how my eyes are drawn too, these little things.
Something simple, but has great beauty.
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"beautiful pics as usual. :)

you must be getting pretty fit with all that walking! Best exercise ever."
- nudiebare

Sunday, June 28, 2015, 9:28:57 PM-
I had a day of highs and lows, way it goes sometimes.

Sat in the greenhouse, rain coming down and wondering, if summer will ever come this year.

Watching the rain run down the glass into the gutter and out the downpipe.

My garden is nice and tidy, some flowers about the place and these let me take pictures.

Was a week since the camera, came out my bag.

Had the macro lens on and went chasing Bee,s, it really does take me back to when i tried with a net or and empty jam jar to catch one.

I had as much luck today, as i had then, zero.

But sometimes it is more than that, sometimes it is spending time with ones you miss.

Not about pictures, but of laughter and smiles, teaching as well, pointing things out and then, they look.

Will they carry the memories of today like i will,, i hope so.

One of the seedling Lupins, that i found earlier this year and moved it to another spot, good strong young plant, that will host a lot of wildlife over the years.

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"Sometimes the company makes up for an otherwise rotten day.
And sometimes the chase is more fun than the catch.
That is a beautiful flower and so wonderfully captured. :)"
- OldTroubador

Friday, June 26, 2015, 10:20:05 AM-
The one thing that i am learning is, that not working is not like being on holiday.

I try and keep as busy, as i can, but i suppose, there has been a little bit of blah moments.

Never get blah moments on holiday, but with only a few days, before i go into life plan 3,, enough is enough.

Life, has been too good, too let it all change,that is not going to happen, i am not going to allow it too.

I am too strong to let it.

I learned this week, how to do a CV,, never done one and i learned a lot, so many little tricks you can do.

I bought a printer, should be here, today, want to start printing a few A4 pictures off and placing in a frame and hanging on my bedroom wall.

I never have printed pictures off,, yes done 2 for a very good friend and the one i sold to an ex workmate for his wifes birthday.

Decided on a new Desktop as well,, taken me a while to decide on one,, but now have,, that will be getting built for me, next month,waiting till they release Windows 10 and get it all done in one go, rather than downloading myself.

Will get this laptop looked at, as it is running warm and the fan seems to be working all the time,, repair or replace.

I need to get back walking and taking pictures, not too any in a week, i can use the weather as an excuse, but it is not really, i like just taking a few days off now and again, but usually, if there was something, that gets in my head to take, i just go.

My wild Orchids are calling now,, tomorrow morning, i can see, that early rise, set off around 4am and shoot them as the day is dawning, that is my plan.

Last time i was down, it was too sunny, tried shading them,, but was not, the answer.

I am tending to be leaning more towards taking the pictures of wildflowers, as a side line to my landscapes, love taking the shots of insects and such like, but, when thinking about, where i am wanting to take my photography, i set out, my vision..

When walking and just looking around and then something catches your eye,, down in the ground, you see the tiny thing that catches your eye,, then the next thing i am at its level, looking at it and then i set up,, focus on it and take my picture, see the things, that you can never see, with the naked eye, that is special moments for me,, hidden jewels for me.

I was asked, when was my favourite time,, this was it, one time,, next might be, at the oppostie time of day, when again, you are in a quiet place, no people around and you are waiting and seeing, if you will capture that one memory, that you will carry a lifetime.
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"thank you all, for the kind words,,just another transition in life to go through."
- whokens

Thursday, June 18, 2015, 9:24:57 PM-
As i write this, it looks more like a winters night, than a hot summers evening.

But today and yesterday, has got me thinking about some things.

The words i wrote as i ended my last blog, got me really thinking.

At 50yr old, i am doing the same things, i done as 5yr old, maybe even younger.

I stand in a river, like i did, once it was just too walk in them, then i fished in them,now i take pictures.

These were my first escapes from life, when i got a hard time for others, i ran here. lay in the long grass in the summer,, watched clouds rolling back or felt the sun heating my skin.

Winter, was still there, then it use to freeze over and i was a skater, sliding over it, got a stick and a stone and i played ice hockey after seeing it, at the Winter Olympics.

In those days, i think my in built clock started, always knew when it was time to go home, for something to eat.

Sometimes, i ended up at a farm table eating as well.

For me life has changed, but stayed the same at the same time.

In getting older, i see how lucky i have truly been, even through so much hard times, it was all about working towards this moment, where i smile, stay positive and just get on with it.

Yes drawn to water, before 6am , last week and i am here, sitting on a rock watching the world go by.
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"such a good pass time watching the world go bye :)"
- Ley-dd

Wednesday, June 17, 2015, 8:00:28 PM-
Close to 26yrs ago, i got askd if, i wanted 3 weeks work, funny how it turned into all the years, i done.

There was good times and a lot of bad times, but the one thing always, was i loved my job.

I got covered in all sorts of stuff, steel cutting and oils, then i twice got pulled into drills as well, once into a lathe, but never any real damage.

Worked in the Heat treatment with fires up at 1300 degrees and also in the forge, where out of a bit of metal we made so many things.

I moved into the machining side more and worked mills lathes and grinders, learning all the time.

Last 10 years, done a lot of polishing and repairing damaged part.

In all that time, this was my escape, a safe place for me,no matter what, i loved it, never once dreading going into work.

I was very good at what i done, no one could ever say different.

Put it before everything, family relationships and myself.

Yesterday, after all those years, i have it no more, redundant, factory is closing, possibly re locating elsewhere.

Crazy thing is, i am very very happy to get of it now, never thought i would be like that,but i truly am.

I have grown to much as a person.

What the future brings, we will see, but for now, i am going to do, what i have been doing and that is enjoying life.

But i walked out that door and i walked with my head held high.

As a child i chased them with a net, now with a camera, 40 plus years later and i am still doing the same thing.

This is what my days are going to be all about for a while, walking with my camera and taking pictures.
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"omg I do love that bee"
- Ley-dd

Saturday, June 13, 2015, 9:43:45 PM-
I sometimes, get lost in my little world, it keeps me sane and keeps me happy.

Friday morning and got up at 2am and out the door before 3am, to walk close to 3 miles to shoot the dawning of the day.

It ended up a very memorable morning, from watching the moon rising and knowing , i had no lens to do the beauty of it.

Too sitting on a rock in the middle of the river, watching a Dipper, feeding its young in front off,me, again no lens to take these pictures.

All this happening and it was just after 5am.

But that is only part of recent things, so much happening, some i have shared and some that i have not yet.

My walks are, where i plan, where i solve lifes little problems, it keeps me calm and i always end up with a smile on my face.

I wonder,what someone would think, when i am taking a picture, i am focused on the thing before me, i am trying to do the beauty before me justice, then as i click the shutter, there can be a smile as wide as a mile on my face.

So time to share some holiday stamps, when me and my little love walked in places, some that were new and some that are just so special to us.

Places, that give those smiles and gives me scenes to share.

So many times we have been here, the sea calls and i answer, old memories and recently new ones.

Somewhere new, the memories off this day is so very special to me, i got too share a new place, i also re kindled an old love, the hills and mountains off my little country.

Then she gives me this, the brightness off a flower on a day of rain, where i sat for ages in an old building , sheltering.

That holiday was the best, i have had, no foreign fields for me, for this simple man has all he wanted he wanted smiles, laughs and most off all memories, that will last a life time
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"Wow, your day started so early!!! But your description of the morning coming to life; its wonderful to read.
And thank you too for sharing the holiday pictures...such amazing memories captured of your world. The landscape, the sea, the precious beautiful. Glad you are smiling and enjoying special to see...mwah xxx"
- boredmum74

Friday, June 05, 2015, 4:19:37 PM-
Where does the time go,, half way through another year and soon coming to that time again, where i look back at my plan and see, how, i have done with it and well, look to phase 3 now.

I had my negative thoughts, when i might have been losing my job, but realized feeling sorry for myself is not me, the situation is still not good again, but this time back,, to well, just getting on with it.

Yes, i will post some holiday snaps, for some reason, i just have not been posting pictures, have i still been out taking pictures as much, well tonight will be the second time today, so the answer is very much so.

I spent the holiday around here, yes my little world, keeps me captive, she is not yet ready for me to venture into the big old world.

Me and my little lover, sure covered some miles, when i was on holiday, seen some magical sights and well sometimes, just sat and watched the world go by.

She shares all my sights with me.

Just now, i am busy lying on the ground a lot, macro time, fields and woods are like a second home.
Lost my lens hood this morning, dropped it in the grass, never realized till i came home and then went and retraced my steps and found it.

Weather is well, the weather, forecast is for an even worse summer than normal, May was bad, June has started not much better.

I am now even lighter, than the last time i mentioned this, whole new wardrobe of clothes are now needed,,jeans i have had for over 20yrs, fall from me,, only got one pair left and these i bought a little while ago..
My mum just laughs when she see,s me wearing some of the things that once fitted, i even laugh myself sometimes.

I got here, yes a lot of it by myself, but also, with some very special people, standing with me.

I met someone recently, from the past, i done voluntry work, just sitting and talking mostly, seeing how she turned her life around and her telling me of her success in life, was a really good moment. She said, she still has not met anyone that could listen like a do, she asked if i still kept her secrets, yes along with a lot more people since her.
Seeing her walk off with her husband, hand in hand, this simple man, had a tear in his eye.

Life for me is a simple thing, i have no great desire of anything but what i have, which is so very special to me.

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"You are very special"
- MissLizzie

Monday, June 01, 2015, 5:14:52 AM-
Writing this, just before,heading to work.

Holiday is over, was the best one, i have ever had, weather could have been a little better,, but, that never mattered in the end.

So many highlights,so many smiles, so much happiness in life now.

Never thought life, could have been as good as this.
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Most Recent Comment:
"Very happy for you"
- MissLizzie

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