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Saturday, March 28, 2015, 6:45:33 PM-
I walked in the woods, yesterday, have not been in the best of health last few days, but you just get on with it.

I was hoping the Daffodils were going to be at there best, but, they are not as good as last year, where the woods seemed alive, with them.

But still i sat and took some pictures,only took 34 pictures, now got 16 left and i am sure the number will drop again.

This place is my favourite part of the little woods, river runs below me, to just sit against a tree, is something, that i have done often.

It is where i shared a lot of tears as well, where i done a lot off thinking and also where nearly 2 years ago now, i made the big plan for change.

I still remember that day so well, July day, it was hot, all the leaves on the trees, gave me perfect shade.

I sat in near enough the same spot for all those years before, same ritual as well.

Why that day, it was all to change, i still have no great reason, but it was like the final part of a very large jigsaw, being laid in place.

So many things became clear, that day.

Year 1 plans were succesful, now well into year 2 and i am still going forward, yes, still get the odd trial of strength, but with all i have been through, these have been dealt with.

Need to start think off year 3 plan soon.

A little view of that peaceful place, the tree in the centre is a favourite to sit against, read there, slept there, wept there and now smile there.

Forgot, saw my first Bumble Bee as well,,tried to get a photo, but after a while gave up.
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"reminds me of the farm I spent a lot of time on when I was young."

Thursday, March 26, 2015, 9:46:10 PM-
End of the working week for me, glad it is, been very trying, i just like working alone to much.

Had to visit that little place , beside the old lighthouse today again, my little sanctuary.

The only other time, i seen outside was when i had to nip out to be violently sick.

Camera bag is sitting all packed, think it will sit there this weekend, time for a little break.

Looking back at some old pictures, seeing the changes in them.

I am looking forward, to taking pictures off the wild orchids, that grow a few miles from me. Still a long way off.

The first of the new Daffodils i planted for my Mums birthday is in flower, one happy Mum today.

I will need to try and get a few photographs off them.

My woods will be walked in the rain probably on Saturday, just fancy sitting below a trees, listening to falling rain and the river running by.

Such a simple pleasure, that i enjoy, but i am all about the simple pleasures in life.

After, getting the pictures i wanted, i like to take a few as i walk off a shore.
Can remember, how cold my hands were as i was walking off, stopped to put some gloves on and took, this picture.
But the sun draws me back always, that chasing off the sunset, gets into your blood, when the forecast looks right, you are hoping it stays good, but most of the times, it just never happens, so when it does, we chase the light...
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"What a sight to beautiful. Sometimes Mother Nature is very kind to you...maybe the rain will stay away for your walk into the woods?...mwah xxx"
- boredmum74

Tuesday, March 24, 2015, 7:46:17 PM-
Been working days, this week, i seriously do not like it,, but only 2 more days and then back to normal next week.

Short week as well, next week and the following, then with clocks changing at the weekends, means change is really in the air.

I like to sit and watch at work, tend to stay out off things, but still managed to piss of 5 people before 9am yesterday.

I was stuck polishing a bit of metal, time to to turn off, think of other things.

My thoughts can go all over the place, thought of Eve, yesterday, how it would have been her birthday in a short while.
Thinking how i still miss, her.
The day she died,changed so much for me, but it is life.

Thinking that it is that long since i have had some fun, that i actually forget, how long it is, find that funny.

Thinking how, i think more about photography, than sex.

I use to get told, i think to much, is there such a thing.

Today, when hiding out the road for a little while,just had to get away from it all.

I ended up watching a Robin, taking bits of nesting material, through a hole, all thoughts of work were now gone, calmness, came back to me.

I sometimes wonder why, i never pursued working outside more, how if i had been a lot younger, i might have pushed the photography a bit more, seen if i could have made a career out of that,, but sometimes life is just about ,, ifs or buts.

Now, this was taken about a hour before sunset, when i was still looking for a spot, ended up around here for most of the time.
One little thing i did notice, was i was able to bend my knees, better and stay in the position longer,, no painful joints, now that is a good thing, means i can get lower too the ground at times..
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"that is an amazing photo just love it
just love it :)"
- Ley-dd

Sunday, March 22, 2015, 9:34:34 PM-
I woke yesterday and all thoughts, were on going to the coast.

Weather was even playing ball , as i packed all the gear up, to head on my journey.

Two buses later and i am walking, down a cliff path, sun shining and for the first time,, was not even cold, still i was wrapped up well.

I noticed that the tide was well out and still 90mins to low tide, thoughts of standing in places, i might never get to again, was what i was thinking as i stared to the beach below.

The path twist a little, high hedged sides in part, last time, i saw some Primroses starting to flower.

Now, they were in full bloom,, just another off those little gems, most people walk by.

I am on the shore, sun feels warm, where will i head.

Just walk towards the sea, to where the kelp is showing, out too the furthest edges.

This beach slopes gently, mix of boulders and sandy parts.

I paddled, all over the place, feet warm inside my boots, water might be warm one day in July, but now it is cold, very cold.

So stopping and taking the odd picture.

The sun was blasting on the cliffs, lighting up the kelp and was just so good to be here.

I was standing thinking, that i had found the most peaceful place on earth,, all i could here was the waves among the rocks and a waterfall to my side,, not one person did i see in all the time, i had been there.

I shot the sunset, made an arse of so many pictures, not one off my better days, deleted loads, most of the others, still to look at.. But funny, i was still as happy as anything, when i looked back at my day.
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"Your coastline has many hidden gems Im sure, but it looks the most tranquil, peaceful place. Beautiful pictures whokens...mwah xxx"
- boredmum74

Friday, March 20, 2015, 7:14:42 PM-
I had intended to blog yesterday, but ended up doing some crazy hours at work,my nightshift was 13hrs long, i must have been tired as i thought i had been there for 15hrs.

So i never went to sleep till late afternoon, grabbed 1hr and then got up looked at phone and saw a message from work, asking if i could come back in,, so ended up there till midnight last night.

All good and the money i earned is spent as well,, got a new fleece.

The past week has passed so quick, crazy how we are close to a third of the year gone.

Todays Solar Eclipse was no use here, but have seen some very nice pictures.

I rested today, got some trekking planned for tomorrow, will go and chase the sunset over the sea, at a new spot, hopefully the weather plays ball.

But it will still be great, got a very nice low tide to coincide with the sunset, so a very large area of beach will be uncovered to see.

Found out i should be a published photographer next month, took some pictures of an event, i went too in Novemeber, that are going to be used in the story about the event.

I think now i really see, my photography improving, but i think it is, just because, i love it so much, how it is such a massive, part of life for me.

This year so far, has been good to me, i had planned to keep just one image a month for my next calander, bbut already, i have so many,that it will be hard for me to chose.

I have been told, i should think off selling them, to be honest, that thought scares me.
I have also been asked if, i would sell a picture i took,i gave it to the person in the end.

I would make a terrible buisness person that is for sure, think that is why, i am happy working for someone else.

You know, you have a problem, when you are sitting in the living room, eating dinner, and you look out the window, sit down your dinner,, rush up the stairs, open the camera bag up and took this picture out my bedroom window.
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"Nice blog Whockie and beautiful pic. It looks like its been done in pastels.

You seem to have as much bussiness acumen as i do.

I find it so hard to charge a profit making rate for anything i do, and if i know the buyer, i feel i should do things for nothing.

Its much easier to work for someone else."
- nudiebare

Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 7:44:50 PM-
Just a little information for Shotgun and anyone else interested in the history off the picture i posted last night.

The castle is called Greenan Castle,, built in the 16th century, it is really a tower house, but called a castle. They reckon, there was once a fort built on it,, this dates back to 1400,s.

We do have a lot off similar type buildings, along the coast here,, plus on the island that are around this coast line as well.

I will try and remember to show, one that is old and still in one piece, this has a lot off history as well..
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"I would love to see your country one is on my bucket list ! :)"
- flitterbee

Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 7:43:50 PM-
Just a little information for Shotgun and anyone else interested in the history off the picture i posted last night.

The castle is called Greenan Castle,, built in the 16th century, it is really a tower house, but called a castle. They reckon, there was once a fort built on it,, this dates back to 1400,s.

We do have a lot off similar type buildings, along the coast here,, plus on the island that are around this coast line as well.

I will try and remember to show, one that is old and still in one piece, this has a lot off history as well..
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 3:34:38 PM-
I took, my 1000th picture off the year over the weekend.

I have been out a few times, without the camera. It does not happen, very often.
My camera bag is sitting packed at all times, tripod beside it, my tripod is used for probably around 95% off my pictures and 100% for all sunsets and sunrises.

Sunday, i had it with me and for the first time, in ages it was just never used.
When lying on the ground shooting, i like to just shoot handheld at times,plus sometimes, with what i am shooting it is just easier.

Friday, sitting on top off a cliff, waiting for a picture, i have had in my head for ages, waiting to see if i could get it, over the weekend.

I was sat thinking, thinking about, when i would return here,how often i would blog here, my reasons to return.

Faith was a very large part,yes all my wonderful friends as well, but also, Tux, never can get used to his name he, uses now.

His blogs, are like short stories, taking me to places, i probably will never see, i read them over and over,, usually when i am sitting drinking tea.

Before i ever wrote a blog on here, he showed me in his writings, that there is a place on here for everyone and what they want to blog about.

Plus even then,like now, i would look everyday too, see if any fresh updates.

For me it is like your favourite author, bringing out a new book.
Would miss, that just too much.

I also, felt still i was letting people down, i know, we all have to do what is best for us, we need to make decisions, for what is best for us.

But, then just as the sky was changing, i just realized how, this place, has a place for me still.

When i was away,i did, start my own blog, it was always a plan i had, just somewhere else to write.
That is just more a photography blog, i think, still finding my feet with that one.

My sunset from Friday, again the nearly shot in many ways for me and one that was so close to going in the bin.
That weekend is the last time, when all the things, that i was looking for in the picture,, Saturday would have been perfect, tide and sunset at the same times,, me, i was hoping to get the ruins and a nice sunset reflecting on the water,, maybe asking to much.
So now, i will check for later in the year, when, the next time in Autumn, i might get my shot and if not,, weeks holiday, next year will find me chasing the picture again.

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"thank you for the mention Whokens " This is an amazing photo, with the colors of the sunset, and the setting of the old tower. Great job, thank you"
- OldTroubador

Sunday, March 15, 2015, 9:20:14 PM-
Thank you all, for the welcome back..

Weekends are pretty similar for me,, it is possible, it is a case off out with the camera, stretch those legs.

Planned to be off around 5am this morning,, the crazy time, but it is a time off day, i love.

In the summer,, i can leave home around 3am.

But looking out around 4am, seeing a cloud free, sky,thought bed was more appealing this time.

But Spring is in the air, seeing signs all over the place.
First flowers in the garden and out with the camera.
Tripod all set up and flash and diffuser and light reflector as well,,getting a better Macro set up all the time.

I planted a lot off, Crocus for Mum, she loves flowers. But i get a benefit as well, things to take pictures.

In the afternoon, a walk too, my woods, birds song is back, best radio station, i know, can sit for ages and just listen to them.

But seeing buds fattening on the trees as well.

Then a bit off fun.

Seems to have been ages, since, i have got pictures off lambs.
When seeing them and only having the Macro lens on, well it is a good portrait lens as well, so when looking on the back off camera and seeing what i got,, was very happy.

So that was sign 2 off Spring, well now, we are on too, the favourite one.

Daffodils, bright beacons on gray days, mean so much to, so many, me included.

Now more and more off my walks, will be in the woods, fields and rivers,it is just the way, my seasons work.

But the coast will feature strong as well,, will just be a great big mix off pictures, still got ones from before Christmas to share and so many more from this year.

I have plans and projects on the go, new gear to save for and new skills to learn.

The smile on my face is, not there now, when i just,take pictures, it is there a lot more.
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"The ewe with the lambs is just precious. I love this time of year, seeing all the baby livestock out and about :)"
- OldTroubador

Saturday, March 14, 2015, 9:58:29 PM-
As i said in my last blog, i was not going to delete.

I made the right decision, at the time,, now things are sorted out.

I was not made redundant, still in a job, but so many are now gone, from a shop floor off around 35, we now are down to 15.
People i have worked with, for over 20yrs are gone.

I love working, it is just me. I looked forward going to work, well until the last month, then it has been harder.

But one off the things, that kept me sane was my camera.

Getting out, standing in rivers, walking the coast.

Capturing the beauty, that mother nature gives me.

I did look in, When i seen Hicky,s blog, i knew, i was coming back, sooner than planned,, it got me thinking.

Now Faith is very special too me and i thank her, for it opened my eyes to a bigger picture.

One i had forgot about, It is not the site here, that is important, it is the people that you meet in it.

I forgot, i am where i am now, because off here, so many taught me lessons, showed me what life, should be about.

Here also, gave me the love off photography, i can see, that posting that first blog and first picture, were key moments in my life.

Yes, i have changed, but i should never forgot, where it all started.

During the days, where i was a bit down, i was lucky to be able to talk to friends, i made on here,, Whisper and Boredmum were rocks for me, each listening to me, when i needed it.

Also Flitter, talking off photography, always makes me forget, Then Red, also messaged..

FAith with the blog, yes it brought it all back, to where it should.

Yesterday, i was 5yrs a perv,hopefully i will get my 10yr.

Sorry for the length of blog,, hope a few pictures, will make up for it..

First time in . what seems like ages,i was able to stand in a river.
It felt good, moving around looking for things to share.

Then, what i think i love, best off all,, sunset or sunrise chasing, it is my drug in life.
This was taken from a new vantage point, mouth off the little harbour, one that you will see, me standing at again time and time again.
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Most Recent Comment:
"Thank you all for the welcome back,"
- whokens

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