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Saturday, January 05, 2013, 7:07:53 PM- almost there
Just about finished doing my Xmas/New Year blog.
It will be a biggie - should be up in a day or two...
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Saturday, December 29, 2012, 7:39:27 PM- update
Sorry, I've had no time to document this week! Xmas was busy (& full of sex without family around, for a change) & I've not been at the laptop much (remember, we're on holidays until 4th Jan!)
Hopefully, I'll write something about it next time...
Happy New Year!
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"Don't worry, we have patience. Your tales are well worth the wait."
- Milkman33

Sunday, December 23, 2012, 7:48:20 PM- Holidays04
Monday evening – old friends place in fairly large country town

We ended up here as my friend, Sharon, who is now a prostitute (probably thanks to me!) invited us. She works with two other girls who run a brothel together. Luckily, prostitution is legal in their state, so as long as they keep all records & pay their taxes, they get no hassle from the police. Anyway, she texted me asking if I could “fill in” for one of the girls who wanted to go see her family over the Christmas break. I texted back that we were only a few hundred km from her town, so we’d drop by…

When we got there, she said that the girl was leaving Tuesday & not coming back until the New Year. They were closing the business from Friday until the New Year anyway, so I only had to fill in on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday daytimes & nights on Tuesday & Wednesday. The rules were very strict – exact times (half hour or full hour sessions) & condoms a must. All activities had their own costings. To be honest, I didn’t really like the sound of it but as Sharon had been so nice to me in the past, I agreed to try the Tuesday before committing to the other two days. Dean & I had a good sleep Monday night ready for a walk around town early Tuesday before my first session at 2pm…


Our walk was lovely – great town, lots of parklands, friendly people. Had lunch at a local pub. Luckily, we were staying only one block away from Sharon’s business, so I walked there. I had my own room, where I showered & dressed into the lingerie supplied by Sharon (luckily, I was the same size as the girl I replaced). My first client was a bit of a surprise – it was the owner of the coffee shop where Dean & I had stopped for morning tea! We’d chatted to him & his wife for a good ten minutes about the local sights, etc. They had even invited us to dinner that night! Fortunately, it wasn’t at all awkward as his first statement to me is that Ruth (his wife) knew & approved. She was going through menopause & had lost all interest in sex & was actually the one who suggested the brothel over a year ago. She is not interested in trying hormone replacement therapy. He now goes 2pm every Tuesday! We had a great time & although he was down for just a half hour session, I gave him a full hour as the other client had cancelled as his “usual girl” wasn’t available. His session was only for a vaginal fuck but I gave him a blowjob & let him take me anally, too! I told him that it was his special Christmas present from me & insisted that he only paid his normal fee. (I’d let him have it for free but our books had to balance!) As he left, he said “See you for dinner!”…

My other two jobs that afternoon were as boring as batshit. They just wanted to fuck & go, so I let them. Dinner was great & Bill (the coffee shop owner) proudly announced to Ruth that I had been his “girl” that afternoon. She immediately wanted to know whether he’d been “a good boy”. He had & they invited us to dinner again on Thursday as my last session was that afternoon & we’d be able to stay longer. We accepted…

Tuesday evening

Four clients but nothing of any great interest...


Morning to ourselves again – Ruth & Bill had made a number of suggestions & we followed them. Had a great time. At 2pm, I was naked & waiting for my next client (he requested full nudity) in Sharon’s brothel. I was moderately surprised to find a guy coming through the door in a wheelchair! However, I was far from disappointed as his cock worked fine! He had an hour session with “all holes” & I was very pleased. Admittedly, I had to do most of the “positioning” but his cock was like a well-oiled piston – it pumped me continuously! However, I never came even though I got close a couple of times. (He thinks I came twice – I’m a very good actress & he really did feel great!) We ended up using three condoms! He was a nice guy to chat to as well. Unfortunately, it was his own fault that he was in a wheelchair as he’d fallen asleep at the wheel while driving in the country & had hit a tree head on. Luckily, it’s only his legs that don’t work! He runs a local computing business & has done so well that he now has branches in three other country towns. When he left, I even got offered a $100 tip! I asked him what his favourite charity was & he said the RSPCA. I gave him his $100 back & asked him to give it to them. He thanked me for a great time & wheeled himself away (he refuses to use an electric wheelchair as he wants to keep as fit as possible)…

I only had one other client that afternoon – another fuck & go!

Wednesday evening

3 more fuck & go efforts before something a bit more interesting – a woman! She wanted a 69, so I obliged. Her pussy was yummy & she obviously liked mine as she brought me to the only orgasm that I’d had for the day. Surprisingly, she was happily married but really enjoyed a weekly pussy munch! She was my last client for the evening, so I headed back to Sharon’s house...

Thursday morning

We stayed in our room trying to decide how to best get to Dean’s old boss’ house which our next destination. He’d invited us to stay with him from just before Christmas to just after the New Year. I’d fucked him before & in the presence of his wife (who was fucking Dean at the time!) We went out for a coffee when Sharon’s cleaner wanted to tidy up our room. At 2pm, I was ready for my last 3 clients…
Unfortunately, nothing interesting! Sharon thanked me for helping her out & asked if there was a favour she could do for us. I asked her to give me five minutes while I made a phone call. I rang Bill & asked him whether Sharon could come for dinner, so we could have a foursome (Ruth had previously suggested that she’d like to see her hubby fucking me). He thought it was a great idea & as Ruth was there, he got the immediate OK from her. Sharon was delighted to come as she really wanted to fuck Dean & had been busy every other night…

Thursday evening

Our evening was fantastic! Ruth might have lost interest in participating in sex but she sure enjoyed directing it! It was like being on the set of a porn movie with Ruth calling every shot. Dean, Bill, Sharon & I got together in just about every position imaginable! Cocks & pussy everywhere! No condoms were used this time. Sharon admitted that it was her first fuck of the year that she hadn’t used one! (Remember, it’s now December!) As it was a blur of fun & sex, I cannot document everything that happened but I can say that both guys visited all six available holes!! Ruth really enjoyed the girl-girl session that Sharon & I put on as I saw that she was quietly rubbing herself. Maybe Bill will get lucky again! We wound the evening up just after midnight as we had an 800km drive the next day…

Friday morning

We left just after 11am & Sharon thanked me for “filling in”. I thanked her for putting us up & for our great Thursday night. As we left, she whispered “It was good to enjoy sex again!” Maybe, she should consider another line of work…
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"I got good vibrations from"
- By-the-Sea

Friday, December 14, 2012, 7:30:27 PM- holidays 03
Wednesday evening to Saturday morning

I don't know whether there was some sort of "medicinal" help or not but Daniel's cock was unique. From Wednesday evening until Saturday morning, it was never any less than semi erect! It was bloody huge, too - 10 inches long & as thick as my wrist. His balls were also the size of small oranges! And boy, did they ever produce sperm! If we were in his penthouse suite, he & I were always naked & more than likely fucking! Part of the original deal was that he took me bareback & by Saturday morning, I was literally having trouble walking! Admittedly, his wasn't the only cock to fuck me during that time...

Daytimes were great with his sexy driver called Luke showing us the sights of the district. He also got to fuck me - in the limo four times (it had VERY dark window tinting) & twice in the suite. Each time, he wore a condom. Most of the time, it was vaginal sex, but he took my arse on two occasions. I know the numbers accurately as Dean kept a complete record of everything I did. However, he only got to fuck me once during the entire time! Don't feel sorry for him, though, as he got to fuck Daniel's beautiful 21 year old daughter several times! She & Daniel had an unusual relationship, as they were nearly always naked in each other's company. Thankfully, nothing sexual ever happened between them (at least while we were present!)...

As I said before, Dean took notes. Rather than causing this blog to blow out to multiple pages, here's a dot point summary of everything I did:
• vaginal fuck from Daniel - 9 times
• anal - five times from Daniel
• footjob - two for Daniel
• he only got one blowjob from me as his cock was too big & I couldn't get any more than the head in my mouth!
• you already have the stats for Luke, the driver
• three very enjoyable sessions with his gorgeous daughter - we both munched each other to orgasm on each occasion
• she also sucked my toes & feet on two occasions
• various male staff (always wearing condoms) took my pussy on six further times & my arse an amazing eight times
• I also gave five successful blowjobs

Weird stuff:
• anally fisted three times (twice by Daniel)
• vaginally fisted once (by Daniel)
• pissed on Daniel four times & once on one of the staff members
• on Thursday, it was hot & humid, so we spent all day in the air-conditioned comfort of the limousine. I was naked the entire time & got lots of looks & whistles when I went to the toilet block of a park that we stopped at. The driver fucked me three of his four times that day!
• one of Daniel's friends declined to fuck me but I went with them to their 4WD & took the bulbous gearstick in both my arse & pussy!

We finally left mid-morning Saturday after a "welcome back anytime" offer from Daniel.

As you can guess, I was totally spent. Luckily, we were heading for a week at one of Dean's cousin's house in a large city. He & his wife were both charming but nothing sexual ever happened with us & them. However, their 14 year old son couldn't take his eyes off my bare feet! Nobody other than me seemed to notice, so the week was relatively incident free. He took a couple of sneaky photos of them which I am sure he wanked to later...

We are still at their house, so my next blog will commence when we leave on Monday...
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"FSR was heren"
- Fred1659

Saturday, December 08, 2012, 7:49:07 PM- holidays 02
Sunday evening - motel in small country town

Was feeling very horny but no "local talent", so Dean got lucky!

Monday morning (same motel)

It had been a warm, balmy night so when the breakfast was delivered, I answered the door naked without really thinking. I'm glad I did, as a "vision of loveliness" was holding our tray. She looked a little surprised but took my nudity in her stride. I took the tray from her & put it on the table. It was pleasing to see that she was still waiting by the door. I knew it wasn't for a tip, as that isn't the norm in Australia. Sure enough, she responded with a delighted purr when my hand went under her skirt & stroked her pussy through her panties. We arranged for her to return in half an hour, after all her deliveries...

When she returned, Dean was also naked. We'd managed to have a quick shower, so we were "fresh". She liked Dean being present & we had her totally naked within a minute. It wasn't difficult, as all she was wearing was a blouse & skirt. She had showered, too & left all underwear off! For over the next half an hour or so, we totally explored each other's bodies. She let Dean bareback her & even allowed him to take her anally. After he came up her arse (a depleted load, as I had drained him the previous night), I took over...

She was an excellent pussy muncher! I had such a strong orgasm, that I flooded her face with my juices. She lapped them all up. Luckily, she responded to my munching in a similar way & she was soon squirming in her own orgasm. Dean had washed his cock (as it had been up her arse!) & she eagerly accepted it in her mouth. Amazingly, we all managed one more cum each before collapsing with exhaustion. Dean's load was eagerly swallowed. Unfortunately, she was due back at the desk, so she quickly dressed & left. We thanked each other for a great time & wished her the best for the rest of the day as she had no time to go & put her underwear back on...

Tuesday evening - really nice motel in big regional centre (spending the rest of the week here!)
We'd had a long day's drive & both crashed around 8:30pm


We had a nice, soothing spa bath after breakfast. No sex involved. As it was forecast to be 35 Celsius, I put on just a short, light summer dress & thongs (flip-flops). What I didn't read in the forecast was that it was going to be windy. I spent half my time trying to stop my dress from being blown up, exposing my bare arse & pussy! Dean thought it was highly amusing, especially when I did not succeed. We stopped in the food hall of some arcade for lunch & it was good to finally be out of the wind. About a minute after we sat down with our tray of lunch, a well-dressed, middle aged man asked us whether he could share our table. The food hall was packed, so we nodded our approval. However, we quickly found out that this was no random meeting...

He didn't take long to get to the point. My earlier dress problems had at least one avid spectator - him! In his words "I want to sample what I saw out there today & by that buttplug, you're not lacking experience!" Amazingly, even I was speechless for several moments. I also felt my pussy starting to leak juices. With the new James Bond film just out, this guy definitely reminded me of Daniel Craig & I like him! He asked us where we were staying & seemed pleased when we told him as he stated that he owned the place! It was the largest motel in town & the only one with multiple floors. The top floor was not open to the public as it was a private residence - occupied by this guy! For the purposes of this blog, I'll now call him Daniel (for obvious reasons)...

He wanted us to stay in his suite free of monetary charge for the rest of the week. Naturally, there was another sort of cost - me! I was to be his sexual partner for the rest of our stay. In return, we also got free food & drinks & our own daytime chauffeur who would take us to all of the local tourist attractions. Dean looked pleased when I suggested that we accepted Daniel's offer. A phone call was made to the motel & Daniel informed us that all of our gear would be moved to his penthouse suite for us by the time we returned...

To be continued...
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"hi everyone! thanks for the comments! however, if you are regular blog readers'\ here, you know what trouble photos have caused me. therefore, i rarely allow any these days - sorry"
- pussyforhire

Saturday, December 01, 2012, 7:43:51 PM- holidays 01
Early Sunday morning & time for a short update. As you know, we're on a long holiday until January 4th & it's by car all over the place.
We're staying at motels mainly but occasionally with friends & relatives.

Wednesday - motel in small country town

20% off our evening meal because I agreed to go barefoot to dinner. Manager/owner offered the deal when we checked in. Nothing naughty happened.

Thursday - motel in small country town
Zero, zilch, nothing

Friday - motel in slightly larger country town

First sex with a stranger on our holiday! He approached us during dinner wondering if we knew of any local attractions. Dean almost immediately quipped "Only her!" while pointing at me. The ice was well & truly broken & we finally left his motel room at around 2am Saturday morning! Dean & he spent most of the night double teaming me. He got vaginal & anal sex but I didn't get around to giving him a blowjob. Condoms were used by the stranger.

Saturday - motel in small country town

I was too tired for sex & besides, didn't see anyone I fancied!


Still at same motel but plan to head off after breakfast, showers, dressing & packing.

I will update soon...
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"You go girl! This is more exciting than The Odyssey. Hope you enjoy the road trip"
- Bernard767

Sunday, November 25, 2012, 7:49:52 PM- more quickies
Thanks for liking my last set. I'm finding it difficult to find time at the moment to document events in great detail. A few more short blogs with the last one being almost big enough to be a blog on its own. We're going on holiday tomorrow until the 4th January. We're taking Dean's tablet but not his laptop, so updates will be brief. As we'll be in motels mainly, most have wireless networks now, so I'll still be "dropping in" & giving the occasional blog...


The son of a friend LOVES my feet. He is underage at the moment but I let him paint my toenails while I was having coffee with his Mum when she last visited. She knows about his infatuation for me & realises that I'll be the one to take his virginity when he becomes "legal" next year. He's already legal in a couple of states but not ours...

Bikie run

The local motorbike riders have an annual toy run. One of the groups is a "gang" for riders over 50. As Dean is a good mate with their leader, he invited him & a few members to dinner after the run. Five of them showed up. By 2am the next morning, every one of them had visited each of my three holes. It's going to become an annual event...

$1000 for charity

Dean was buying sausages at a charity marquee outside a hardware store one Saturday morning when an elderly gentleman next to us made an unusual request. He wanted me to sell my t-shirt to him for $1000! He was willing to give it straight to the charity. I agreed & he was back in 10 minutes with ten $100 bills. That meant that I had to walk topless from there to the car. Luckily, it was close but I got lots of wolf whistles & stares on my brief journey. The charity running the sausage sizzle couldn't believe their luck!


One of Dean's mates has a son doing a diploma in media studies. One of his units was to do a photographic study. He chose me! For about 4 weeks, he followed me just about everywhere. He got hundreds of photos suitable for his presentation & a few that were not. I allowed him to keep them as there was only one that showed my face & that was of me giving him a blowjob! We had sex on numerous occasions & I thoroughly enjoyed his 20 year old cock visiting my three holes...

Girl on bus

It was super busy on the bus one day & the only seat left was right at the back next to a young "Goth chick". We started talking & I found out that she'd turned 18 only a month before. Just as I was getting ready to head for the door as my stop was approaching, she grabbed my arm & pulled me back. She then whispered in my ear that she was taking me back to her place to "taste my pussy"! By the time we got to her stop, I'd left a wet patch on the seat just thinking about it. Amazingly, she lived with her Dad & he winked at us as she led me up the stairs to her room. She had everything pierced! Tongue, nose, eyebrow, both nipples, clitty & both pussy lips (3 rings either side!) but I still had fun! We got into a 69 position & after several minutes of mutual sucking, we came within seconds of each other. I got dressed ready to go but she didn’t & followed me down the stairs naked! Her Dad didn't bat an eyelid when we approached. She then asked whether he could drive me home. He agreed & we left after she gave me a big tongue kiss goodbye...

On the drive back, her "Dad" fessed up to everything. He definitely wasn’t her father! She'd actually left home at 17 & moved in with this guy after meeting online. He's 55 & she's now 18 and they have become genuine lovers. As she is bisexual, he doesn't mind her bringing home females. He even gets to join in occasionally. She never brings home guys as her preference is definitely for her own sex. He is head over heels in love with her but realises that most people wouldn't accept the huge age gap, so she is his “niece” to all of his friends. They both know that their relationship won't last forever but they fuck 24/7 while the going is good...
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"i got a wet spot in my gym shorts just reading this sexy blog"
- willienailer50

Sunday, November 11, 2012, 6:30:30 AM- quickies
Sometimes, I have encounters that are too brief to write a whole blog about. Therefore, I'll put some together to make a decent sized read:

Walking the dog

We've had a dog now since last January but I don't mention her much in blogs as I get questions like "do you let her lick your pussy?", etc. I've never been into anything involving animals, so before anyone thinks up some gross question, the answer is "No!" Anyway, back to the story. I was giving her a walk before going into town one Friday morning. There's a really nice park about one & a half kilometres from home that we went to. When we got there, we met a young guy walking a similar sized dog. As they were sniffing each other, I reckon we were doing the human equivalent! We just naturally hit it off & 15 minutes later, he was fucking my brains out back at his place while the two dogs played in his back yard! Since then, I've met him twice more with similar outcomes...

Trolley boy

My regular "trolley boy" has unfortunately finished university & got a job interstate. Luckily, his younger brother has taken over his "duties". He takes my trolley back to my car at the start of his lunch break (11am) & I drive home him back to my placed . We fuck like rabbits for 20 minutes & I drive him back! As we're approaching summer, I've driven back naked the last twice. One of the mates that he works with saw me last time & wants to "join in"! I might let him...

Foot fan

On another of my dog walks, I met a middle aged gentleman who couldn't keep his eyes off my feet! I was wearing thongs (flip flops) & he pleaded with me to take them off. We headed to a secluded park bench where I ended up giving him a footjob! I haven't seen him since...

Favour for a friend that backfired

She wanted me to fuck her husband for his 50th birthday. He was a great fuck & took all three of my holes over a two hour session. As he's never had anal sex with her before, he's been hassling her for it ever since. She no longer talks to me & he wants to meet again. I'll definitely let him...


Dean & one of his mates fucked me one Friday night. I was part of the bridal party for an old friend the next day. Just after I'd showered & dressed the next morning, Dean & his mate wanted a "quickie" as they liked my short apricot coloured dress with stockings & no panties (I haven't worn panties for over two years now!) I let them! I cleaned up as best I could using tissues before I left. During one of the pre-wedding photos in the parklands, a big dob of cum slid down my right stocking & deposited itself on my foot! Unfortunately, the whole journey was witnessed by the bride's mother who was standing next to me! She kept her distance from me for the rest of the day & hasn't spoken to me since...

Well, that's five "quickies"! Let me know what you think...
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"Big oops that! Loved the story though"
- Bernard767

Saturday, November 03, 2012, 8:55:31 PM- retaining wall
As regular readers know, I’ve been fucking my brother-in-law, Bill for years. Therefore, I usually keep just one of Dean’s old white t-shirts on when he visits. For the last two weekends, he’s been helping Dean build a retaining wall around our shed in the back yard. Naturally, the t-shirt only lasts until their first “smoko” & I spend the rest of the day naked. That way, if they want a quick feel or a fuck, it’s easy! Bill spent the first Saturday night with us, so we spent most of the night fucking. However, when he came around the following Saturday morning, I was out shopping. It was a hot day, so all I wore was a summer dress & thongs (flip flops). When I got home, it was almost 11am, so I thought I’d give the guys a bit of a surprise by serving them their beers totally naked…

As it turned out, I was the one to get the surprise. When I approached the guys, they were working with their backs to me & chatting way, so there was no chance that they would hear me. Just as I got to within a couple of metres from them, a young guy comes out from behind the shed carrying a retaining wall brick. He was the first person to see me & he damn near dropped the brick! It’s not every day that a totally naked woman approaches you carrying two bottles of beer! Two seconds later & another guy comes out, also carrying a brick – this time, he DID drop it! All of a sudden, I had 4 sets of eyes on me. All I could do was smile…

Bill then introduced me to his next door neighbours, Tim & Dan. As I’d already figured out, they were identical twins. They were only 20 years old but had become great friends with Bill as they shared a common love – pornography, particularly photos! When they had heard that Bill was helping us, they begged to come as they’d seen all of my photos (Dean always gives Bill copies of my pics)! At least I knew that I didn’t have to cover up. The guys were very well built – both played several sports & attended the gym daily, so I was quite chuffed with their attention (& getting wetter by the minute!)…

They hung around me like flies for the rest of the day! It only took about half an hour to get my first fuck from them! They acted like a well-coordinated team & there was no doubt that there were a few lucky girls around that had experienced similar treatment. By seeing my photos, they assumed that I wouldn’t object to anal & of course, I didn’t! Dean & Bill ended up doing the retaining wall by themselves, as I took the lads inside for a bit more comfort…

All three holes got continual attention for the next couple of hours. I lost count at the number of times I came. They had great stamina, as it was well into our second session before my rectum was filled with young cum. Tim was the culprit but Dan emptied his load into my willing pussy only a few seconds later. During our short “down time”, Dan told me that they only regularly fucked one lady. Amazingly, she was a former teacher of theirs. After a bit of probing, they admitted to fucking her while they were still in year 12 & had continued for the two years since. In fact, they are seriously considering her offer of them permanently moving in with her…

Well, Saturday night was absolutely fantastic will me being “serviced” by four very keen cocks! I didn’t actually get any sleep until after 2am. Both Dean & Bill had left to spare rooms just after 11pm as they couldn’t keep up with the super eager twins. I was totally stuffed, too but I didn’t actually need to do anything, as I let myself go into “rag doll” mode & let them use my body as they wished. By the time I eventually woke up just after midday Sunday, everyone was finishing off the retaining wall in the back yard. I spent over a quarter of an hour in the shower getting caked-on cum off almost every square centimetre of my body…

To be honest, I was in no mood for fucking, so I went back to bed. I must have fallen asleep again as when I woke up, only Dean was around. All the guys had a “sneaky feel” of my body before they left. The twins had apparently volunteered to help us for anything we ever wanted to build or renovate in the future…
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"I can lay prick. That's almost the same,right?"
- Bernard767

Friday, October 26, 2012, 8:05:07 PM- blackout
About 1 am one windy night, there was a loud "crack" followed by a power blackout about 10 seconds later. As neither of us had heard any thunder or seen any lightning, Dean & I were intrigued as to what had happened. We both put on some clothes to check it out. Dean wore trakkies & t-shirt & me just one of his infamous faded white t-shirts. It was a warm night, so we both had thongs (flip flops) on our feet. Before we left, Dean quickly checked the power company's web site. No power cuts had yet been reported in our area. He therefore phoned them himself to be told that he was the fifth person in the last couple of minutes & a repair crew was on their way. We then headed outside...

The cause of the power failure was obvious. At the road junction a few houses down, there was a small branch lying across the overhead power lines. As it was alight, the electricity must have ignited it before shorting out. There were a few of our neighbours having a look as well, so we said "Hi" to them. As it was still quite windy, everyone soon dispersed. Just as we got to our driveway, I saw a white 4WD heading down the road towards us. As I thought it might be the power mob, I waited until it passed. Sure enough, it had their familiar logo on it. Dean had lost interest, so he headed inside. I, on the other hand, walked towards the vehicle which had just stopped near the affected power lines. The last thing that Dean said to me as I started walking in their direction was "I can see your arse cheeks!" I smiled as I continued on my way...

As I approached the vehicle, I noticed the road was totally deserted again. The guys’ eyes lit up when they saw me approach. About 5 metres from their 4WD, I walked underneath a street light & this enabled them to clearly see that I had nothing on under my t-shirt.
They had their windows open & when I got within talking range, the passenger stuck his head out & asked if I was coming to see them. I nodded & the passenger door opened. I climbed up inside. The console in the middle was large enough for me to sit on, so much to the passenger's delight, I slid over him to get to it. As my legs needed to go either side of the console, my t-shirt rode up & my pussy was on show for everyone to see...

For the purposes of this blog, I'll call the driver Pete & the passenger Dave. Anyway, Dave stated that they'd just been told that the "cherry-picker" that they were waiting for was over half an hour away, as it was on another job. Pete wasn't shy - his hand when straight to my now wet pussy & his middle two fingers slipped straight up. Dave wasn't about to miss out - his hand started to massage my braless boobs through the t-shirt. Before we went any further, Pete started the engine & reversed us well out of the light from the nearby pole. It wasn't until then that I realised that this side of the street still had power. Only our side of the street from the transformer on was without power. It was only a momentary distraction, as the two guys went back to work on me...

It was then that Dave suggested that we head for the back seat, as there was a lot more room. To their amazement, I took off my t-shirt, leaving me totally naked (my thongs were already on the floor). I then climbed between the front seats & made my way to the back. You've never seen two guys open their doors & make it to the back so fast! No time was wasted. I was put on all fours & found myself giving Dave head as Pete began to fuck me. (Their cocks were out by the time they got to the back seat!) Pete was an excellent fuck, as he got me squirming in orgasm before shooting his load deep inside me. On his second squirt, Dave erupted in my mouth! He was most impressed when he saw me swallow the lot...

Time was marching on, so we awkwardly managed to get Dave on his back with his cock in my pussy as Pete positioned himself to take me anally. It took a couple of minutes but we did manage to get in a more comfortable position. The good news is that we all orgasmed again; the bad news is that we saw lights from a large vehicle approaching us! Dave suggested we dressed as soon as possible as their immediate boss drove the cherry-picker. As Pete hurriedly got back into the front seat, he passed me through my thongs. I said my goodbyes, put my thongs on & headed for home. The two guys could barely believe their eyes as I left my t-shirt behind & headed down the street just wearing my thongs! As the cherry-picker passed me, I could see the look of disbelief on the driver's eyes. At least he couldn't see the cum running down my legs from my pussy & arse...
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"makes a man wish he was a lineman in your twon. love the story"
- everreadyawone11

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